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Last year my hubby wanted to move to a new house.  I had just finished organizing my sewing room, had bought shelving specifically for my fabric and I had to dismantle the whole thing.

Our new home had a walk out basement room that the previous owners had used for a workout room.  We really don’t work out nor did we want to spend the money buying equipment for a work out room.  My husband decided that he would turn into a sewing room for me.

This room is big, about 15×30.  It is about 3 times the size of my previous sewing room!

The first picture that you see is the view when you walk in the room.  From there you get  360 view of the room by going left to right.  Most of the furniture came from my previous sewing room and it is hard to believe it all fit!   I did not have the cutting table or the sofa in my previous sewing room.  And obviously it was pretty cramped in there, but there was storage room for everything.  I had purchased an old McCalls pattern drawer years ago and that is where I store all of my patterns, trims, serger thread etc. My extra machines sit on top of the pattern cabinet.  I use the extra machines when I teach 4H sewing.

We used closet shelving for my fabric storage.  I went to Joann’s and got the fabric bolt cardboard that they no longer needed and used those for fabric that I have that is larger than 1 yd.  For smaller pieces I used Comic Backboards (you can order those from Amazon).  They are the perfect size for organizing smaller peices.  Anythink that was fat quarter size I stored in shoe boxes based on color. The large cabinet mainly holds kits (and I have lots of kits) and fashion fabric.  There is a corner piece that I just love as I am able to store baskets of yarn in that space.

A few years ago a friend had an old 4H case that their kids were using for geology (rock collections).  They gave it to me thinking my kids might be interested in collecting rocks…they weren’t but luckily it’s great for storing thread!

As I said, I did not have the cutting table in my old sewing room.  That cutting table is from Ikea ( and is one of the smartest purchases I have ever made.  Because I am shorter it nice to have an adjustable table.  I have an ironing board in this room which I didn’t my other space.  It is so nice that I don’t have to go to another room to iron!  I didn’t have a sofa in my previous sewing room so it is nice to have one now for hand sewing.  The recessed lights above made this the prefect spot for the sofa.  The large mirrors were already in the room and is great for fashion sewing when you want to see how something fits on you.  The patio doors and window make for good lighting during the day.

Earlier this year I made a quilt design wall board.  I found 2×2 insulation boards at a local home store.  I bought 4 of them and created a bigger 4×4 design board.  I didn’t want anything bigger and so far this has worked very well for me.

My actual sewing table is from and old IKEA desk that I got about 25 years ago.  It came with a side table which is just perfect for me.  When I work on bigger projects such as machine quilting I add another table opposite my sewing machine to handle all of the fabric.  One of the best things I have sitting on my sewing table is a utensil carousel holder.  There is space there for my scissors, small scissors, seam rippers, needles, machine oil etc.  And when I go on a quilt retreat I just have to pick that thing up and take it with me… it has all of my sewing tools in one place!

I kept the original flooring in this space as it is a rubber flooring for gyms.  It is great when you have to stand and cut out fabric.

I kept the original flooring in this space as it is a rubber flooring for gyms.  It is great when you have to stand and cut out fabric.

Finally, I decorated the space with wall hangings that I have made and dress forms that I have collected.

This is a great sewing space and I feel very, very lucky to have something like this… I had to wait 33 years to get this space but it was well worth the wait.  🙂

Thank you for letting me share my space with you!

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