My sewing space, otherwise known as my sanctuary


My sewing space isn’t much to look at. I don’t have a fancy manchine or a custom built table but I truly do love it. My machine is one that I bought when I hardly had any money and my life was a bit broken. When I use it I enjoy that I am making something new and beautiful out of scraps. It is not only the quilts that I make when I sit at my machine but I am also remaking myself from scraps. The desk that my machine sits on is one that was passed down to me from my mom. This desk and matching chair were the only think that her parents bought her growing up because as sharecroppers they had to move around and moving furniture was a luxury. So when I sit at this desk to create new memories, I’m joined by all the memories of my mother’s past as well. I love my sewing space because it embodies the past and it holds the future.

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