My “Workhorse” Bernina 930 Record


In 1984, my sister and my mother and I were attending the San Diego State Fair while visiting my sister in San Diego.  We toured several building and finally ended at “The Sew Hut” booth.  They are an authorized Bernina dealer in San Diego.  On that day, we all three bought the Bernina 930 Record.  We paid a whopping $500 each which seems so exorbitant at the time (little did I know the future sticker shock I would eventually face in 2017 (33 years later). The Sew Hut is a small family owned shop and to this day, they still remember their mother telling them about the 3 women who came to the Fair and all 3 bought the same sewing machine.  My Bernina has been a true workhorse and has been used for everything from clothing for the entire family, costumes, quilting, and a multitude of home projects.

Over the last 6 months, my awesome 33 year old Bernina 930 Record has been having problems. The jamming issues can’t be fixed because the part is no longer supported by Bernina. Boo Hiss! So I started researching new Bernina machines….yikes, big sticker shock of course. But, after taking a Bernina class at The Sewing Room (an authorized Bernina dealer in Tucson where I recently retired) and testing 5 machines, I went to the Tucson Quilt Show and purchased a new Bernina 570 QE in October at a great show price. It finally arrived and I picked it up December 22 at the Bernina shop and had a 2 hour orientation (masters class training in February). While waiting for it to arrive, I created a new cover for my new Bernina . I can’t part with my old 930 Record and will keep it as a backup, but I am truly loving my new Bernina 570QE!  I have a small Etsy Quilt shop and I use my Bernina almost everyday.  I am truly loving the new technology and have helped a friend purchase a Bernina over the last several years. She is a true Bernina believer too!

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  • Im so excited you like your new 570 QE that is what I punched (curb side only, due to virus) I love it and have been teaching myself each day! I am brand new to BERNINA not even knowing what it was. All kept hearing from everyone I asked …. (what kind of machine the had) was : but I wish I had a Bernina . That was enough for me after about 4 or 5 friends from Instagram .

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