New to the Bernina Family!


Our journey to the Bernina family started in early April 2020 during the Corona virus outbreak. I (Brooklyn) started sewing masks to donate and sell. Before all this, I liked to sew, but never really got into it. After sewing about 800 masks, my 1950 Singer sewing machine died. I purchased a Bernina 325 from Hinkletown Sewing in Ephrata, PA with the money I earned selling masks. Around this time, I (Savannah) started helping my sister sew masks. Before all this, I could have never seen myself taking an interest in sewing. A week later, I decided I want to purchase a sewing machine, too. Hinkletown Sewing had a demo Bernina 335 sewing machine that I purchased. I (Brooklyn) was jealous my sister got a newer one than me, so I decided to upgrade to a demo Bernina 335 sewing machine, too. Another week went by and we realized we wanted to be able to embroider. So we found ourselves back at Hinkletown Sewing. I (Brooklyn) decided to purchase the Bernina 590 sewing and embroidery machine while I (Savannah) purchased the Bernina 570 QE SE Tula Pink sewing and embroidery machine. We have enjoyed learning to use the Bernina 8 Embroidery Software package. So far we have sewn over 3,100 masks. We have embroidered fun masks, aprons, shirts, a kayak seat, pillows, and are looking forward to our future in embroidery! Hinkletown Sewing has been very helpful answering our many questions and always teaching us new things! We are excited what our future is going to look like in sewing and embroidery! Brooklyn (13 years old) Savannah (15 years old)

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  • I am so impressed with what Brooklyn and Savannah have done! My mother taught me how to sew when I was around their age and I come back to it again and again. I’m so glad they were able to work with Berninas – they are great machines.

  • What an amazing accomplishment on sewing all those masks and welcome to the Bernina family. You are starting your sewing adventures with the best machines and a wonderful dealer for support. Have fun!

  • I love this story. Hinkletown is a great dealer, I have bought my Longarm there and they are so helpful. Keep up the great work girls, you will never regret your Bernina purchases and will have them for a lifetime! Enjoy!

  • Savannah and Brooklyn – enjoy the sewing process and your new Berninas! It’s wonderful to see a new generation learning and loving sewing.

  • Congratulations girls!!!! I am new to Bernina as well and picked up my machine curbside ! Never knew what a Bernina was …only that everyone wanted one so I looked into it and came home with the same TP-QE570
    Keep up the good work!

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