Our Girl “Sam”


Portrait of our dog. Raw edge appliqué with thread stitching

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  • Your” Our Girl Sam” is wonderful. We had to let our girl Freckles go in April. How was the process done? I would love to try and do this for our Freckles. Pat

    • Hi Pat, thank you
      There is a video “quilting arts workshop” Pet picture quilts made easy: Fabric collage techniques – Faith Cleary. Video by Interweave Craft on Youtube. I also looked on pinterest for “quilted dog portraits tutorial and got lots of good help. I did some reading also on understanding value and tone for better painting, that was helpful. I wanted the most realistic portrait I could make.
      I did the additional thread painting on the collage to give the different materials (colors) different values.
      Additional – I took a not very good picture of Sam to the print shop and had the size increased to the size portrait I wanted.It didn’t matter that the picture was blurry, I just needed out lines for the templates.
      An article I had read on understanding tones suggested printing a black and white picture so you see the tomes and not be side tracked by the colors. I did print one of sam in black and white and it was helpful.
      the portrait of sam, I worked on in my head for a long (year plus) time,but when I could see my direction I went into my fabrics, selected and just started. I worked away at if for a weekend and it was done. I felt it went together very fast and I had a lot of fun doing it.
      cheers, donna

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