Post 1: Cornerstone Piecing: The Downside of Chaining


I discovered the down side of chaining. One doesn’t see the finished block or sub block until done with  all those chained. Eight of mine must be re-done as the embroidered square wasn’t square.  It would have taken me less time to do each complete sub block individually, and inspect each.  I would have caught my error sooner and would not be pulling out stitching, and scrapping some fabric. I have thought out a way to check chaining as I go, but I still think the safest way is one at a time especially when the piece consists of  labor intense embroidery. It would have been helpful to have the size of the embroidered piece listed in the instructions. Because the 4 that appear to be correct are 3″ squares, I am using that measurement to re-d0 the the incorrect ones.  Knowing the size would also make checking the square easier if one does decide to chain. I would measure each before adding the next pieces to the chain. I think my original mistake was not taking into consideration the additional area on the ruler for seams, and made some sides correctly and others too wide. At least I do not have to re-do the embroidery. I will add these notes to my page of instructions: Notes to Myself The embroidered center square should be 3″ after sewing. Make sure to use the ruler correctly. Check each measurement again, while pinning in preparation to sew. Check each square as it is sewn. Consider completing each one at a time. (not chaining.)

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