Question: How Many Sewing Machines are too Many Sewing Machines?


ANSWER: There’s no such thing as too many sewing machines.

I am the proud owner of approximately 40 sewing machines. The bulk of them are vintage Singer machines and most don’t work. (Some day…) I have assembled a cutting table in the middle from various sewing cabinets and line the walls with the rest. My husband has thrifted me sever nice Danish modern storage units where I keep my fabric stash and other supplies.

I do most of my piecing on a hand me down Bernina 1260 named Amy and my quilting on a Singer 401a. I am lucky to not have to share my sewing space with any of the other humans in the house however my cat seems to think the room filled with cushy batting, soft fabrics and loud purring machines was made just for him.

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