Ruler work


Before this quilt along i had never even tried ruler work . I am hooked it was hard and it took alot of time and learning but after i got the hang of it it was so much fun!! here are pictures i know i am out of sync in my months and steps but gee have i had a BLAST!!! and all done on my home domestic Bernina 830!! I knew my machine was capable of doing it but i was not capable till know!!! it stretched me that is for sure, ask my husband!!!

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  • I had started mine with the intention of giving it to my daughter for Christmas. Halfway through, my husband so “no way – you’re keeping it” and now he said it isn’t going to be tossed on the couch. He’s going to make an oak hanger for it and we’re putting it on the wall. Maybe you should do the same. It is so pretty.

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