Serger Finished Tabula Rasa Tee with Sacked Pockets


Piecing knits is a favorite pastime of mine and using my Tabula Rasa Knit Tee pattern as the base and serged rolled exposed seams for construction makes each one unique.  With the leftovers from a French Terry cardigan I made a Tee to wear underneath.  My favorite part of the design is the pockets which are two of the knits stacked together and finished with the serger rolled edge made on my Bernina 850.

In areas where I have several fabrics being joined into the serged seam, I use my Bernina 770 to anchor the layers to test the fit and keep everything neatly aligned when I serge off the seam allowances.

This is such an effortless and fun top, a great way to use a group of extra fabrics to build a new wardrobe essential.

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  • Making a tee is pretty easy and adding the rolled edge exposed seams requires a serger with a rolled hem setting. You simple sew and serge the seams wrong sides together (instead of right sides together which is classis garment sewing techinque.) Roll each seam as it is made before moving to the next construction step. The Tabula Rasa Knit Tee and Tunic is the perfect pattern for using this technique. Because of the square armhole, side panel construction, the seams are mostly straight so rolling them is not hard. Visit the Fit for Art Patterns website and search the blog for posts about this topic.

  • Since this is my first time posting to this fun blog, I am realizing that you did not see any of the photo titles which would give you the steps to add these fun details to the project. Here are the steps in the photos, in order:
    1. Cut out the pockets in graduated sizes and serge finish the smaller set of pockets all around with the rolled edge
    2. Stack the pockets, stitch down the inner pocket using the sewing machine. Then serge finish the top and inside edge of the larger pocket.
    3. Place the pockets on the tee – the unfinished edges line up along the seams and the hem edge.
    4. Stitch these 2 sides in place on the sewing machine to anchor,
    5. Serge with the rolled edge to finish the tee’s side seams, capturing the pocket edge in the process.
    6. Pin on the hem band and stitch in place, capturing the pocket edge in the process.
    7. Serge finish the seam edge and the hem edge to finish the tee.

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