Sew Heaven


I bought my first sewing machine in 1973 and it came with a cabinet.  I have been spoiled ever since and can not sew with a machine sitting on a table top.  This cabinet was made by a friend.  I worked as a Radiologic Technologist and after regular work hours we had to take “call”.  When we were called in to x-ray patients we got paid “call money”.  I saved my call money for six months to pay for this cabinet.  I love the cabinet.  I can put my machine down into the cabinet when I am not using it.  When I use it I can open it up, bring the machine up, and  I have 3 leafs that I can open up that enlarge my sewing area, one on the left, one on the front and a larger one on the back.   I have plenty of room to do larger projects.  It was well worth the money I spent having it made.   Lydia Daigle      

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  • An additional comment about my post. My sewing room is pretty small but I am able to have a 2nd small cabinet for my Featherweight and if I want to use a small Janome I just put it on the left leaf of my Bernina table. I also have a 40″ square cutting table with drawers on two sides that my husband made for me. I am a bit obsessively neat but I manage to keep my small room neat and picked up. Having the big cabinet, cutting table with drawers, and the peg board helps to keep stuff neat and in its place.

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