Sewing room extraordinaire!


Beginning at the left, a British made Singer Stylist 513 recently purchased thrift and brought back to life. The work horse in the drop leaf sewing table is a Brother PQ1500SL, a straight stitch machine with lots of throat space for my never ending quiltoramas. The desk was a freebie that had resided in a garage for many years and was covered in oil and grime. I left it covered outside until the dirt, etc. sweated out of the desktop and wiped it down every day. After that, a generous amount of teak oil was applied until it dried. Sharp-eyed seamstresses will see that I use my bright orange ironing board turned around to lessen the weight of the quilt as I am working. Dress form Sally Stand-In wears season appropriate clothing depending on my mood. My souvenir plate collection makes me smile ~

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