I love to sew and of course love my sewing “area.”  It’s an area because it takes up 1/2 of my living room.  Yes, I don’t care! It’s fun, bright and cheerful and in the winter I turn on the gas fireplace.  On the wall you can see my 1,980 pieces of fabric squares/rectangles that created a mosaic of my grown children, Jillian and Andrew. It really looks like them. People think it’s a painting.  Thanks to I was able to create that quilt.  I have a Bernina 880 and a Juki 1020Q.  I love them both.  I use the center glass table for my ironing board.  I made the ironing board from ceramic tiles wrapped with a quilted utility cloth made for ironing, that I got at Joann’s. Many of my supplies are kept in the draws and cabinets.  I don’t keep a huge stash of fabric.  I buy and use what I need.   I use this area to make lots of quilts.  Thanks to my son, who created my website, you can view many of my quilts at  I really like this website.  Keep up the good work.

Jackie H.

New York

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