Still working on the “Pro” in Procrastination


Every year, I like to try a new skill. I make a monthly list of things I need to complete, things I would like to start and optimistic future projects. This way, I start picking up stuff on sale. Hence, my stash piles continue to grow. This year, I scheduled in Bargello. So two years ago, or …quite a while ago, I mentioned my plans learn Bargello quilt method and the advice received was to buy a set of pre-cut strips. Over time, I bought the package of strips and a couple of pattern books. I picked out other material from my stash that worked with my strips. I try to get at least two different instruction sets for a self-taught skill; somewhere between one person’s description and another, lies a good, solid set of instructions (or as my spouse states “manufacturer’s opinions”). As I was working on the project, little strips kept disappearing, slipping behind the sewing machine, etc. First lesson: I didn’t buy enough material…what was I thinking? But I could build a practice piece and learn something. I started taking pictures in an attempt to keep the rows straight. Please don’t take my experience as a determent. Every day is a learning process; end every day with a prayer and a promise to do better tomorrow.  Second lesson: Instructions were great; however, my ability to interpret them took a few days.  Allow yourself time to make mistakes and fix them. I started with two “constructs” and ran out of one, which essentially ended the project….which looks like a long strip of square mess. Third lesson: Walk away, take a break, and eat chocolate. Fourth lesson: Don’t think about what it should have been, but what it will be. Fifth and final lesson: Always finish it. I put a little bit of my soul in every project, finishing it restores my soul.

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