Straight Line Memories


My husband built me a sewing room in 2017 in our unfinished basement. We then added the Q-24, and upgraded my domestic sewing machine to the 790 Plus. Adjacent to the new sewing room we added a bedroom. The purpose of this quilt was for the new bedroom. Using Denise Jones, “Straight Line Quilting with Q-Matic”, from April 30, 2018 in “We All Sew”; I designed and sewed a King Size Quilt. The material selected for the quilt were left over components to each of the bedroom drapes I made years earlier for each grandchild – thus giving that room a piece of each grandchild so they might each feel the room was designed “just for them”. I was inspired to do a “Straight Line Quilt” from a similar quilt design I saw in “Crate and Barrel”.  Shortly after seeing that design (lucky for me) Denise Jones publication for ‘Straight Line Quilting with Q-Matic’ was in the April issue of “We-All-Sew”.  This was my first quilt on the Q24. Taking Denise’s quilt design and converting it to king size allowed me to learn most of the functions of the Q24 as well as the Q-Matic (especially after the several math equations and the numerous attempts to design the quilt before I took flight). Sue Courts

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