WIP Sewing Studio


When my husband & I bought our home two years ago, we knew this long room with a slopping ceiling would make the perfect creative studio. The beautifying is still a work in progress, but the space is perfect and peaceful for long hours of planning, space to prep & sew, and a quilt design wall that needs to be moved to fit in all of my 100 Modern Quilt Blocks!

A month ago we moved our extra guest bed in here as we began working on a nursery in preparation for our upcoming adoption. We will eventually get rid of the bed, but it will be replaced with a love seat because it has been so nice to have my husband hang out and work on his own projects in a comfortable place as I sew.

This space might eventually transition to a full family playroom, but for now I am so thankful to have a designated space to sew and create. I hope to someday teach my own children to sew in this space.

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  • What a nice large space! Congrats on your forthcoming adoption! My spouse and I adopted our now 6 year old two years ago. It’s such a frustrating, crazy, and rewarding process. Best of luck to you!

    Happy Sewing!

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