Belinda Gibson

Location: Missouri

Hobbies: In-between sewing I spend my free time with my husband and our two babies, Charley and Montana (shhhh... they have four legs). I also enjoy time with my nine grandchildren and my great-granddaughter, playing in the pool and working in our garden.

Favorite Type of Sewing: I enjoy all kinds of sewing: art-towear, garment embellishment & appliqué, garment construction, and home decor, but I especially like working with my 1300MDC serger, working with all kinds of threads and creating unique looks with those threads.

I grew up watching my mother look at a ready-to-wear garment for me or my sisters, go home and cut a pattern from newspaper, and make it for us. She was amazing with the things she created. My mother and my 7th grade Home Economics teacher are the ones that influenced my sewing. Home Ec. class is where I made straight A’s. 
My sewing career started out in the Heart of the Ozarks, sewing samples for all the sewing stores in the area, teaching classes at my home, helping ladies learn to use their machines and perfect their sewing, and showing them my wonderful BERNINA 830 (the first 830). I then went on to work at my local BERNINA store, where I worked over 19 years, as manager and teaching all kinds of sewing classes. I have been published in several area newspapers.

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