Gail is a nationally known Sewing and Serger instructor, author and embellishment enthusiast who was first drawn to sewing from her grandmother at a young age.

“My grandmother’s treadle sewing machine is the earliest memory I have of needle and thread. The last thing she ever sewed was a blue dress with a white collar and wide sashes for a bow in the back. I wore it the first day of kindergarten and would have worn it every day if allowed. Maybe this memory is what first drew me to sewing.” ~ Gail

Gail’s favorite pastime is experimenting with all types of embellishment techniques and teaching classes/workshops. Gail enjoys interacting with all levels of sewing enthusiasts which continues to be a source of inspiration and fun.

Designing patterns for beautiful clothes and bags is the heart of Gail Patrice Design and sharing her love of sewing and serging is the soul.

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