Coverstitch “Windows” Fleece Neck Gator


This gator is a double layer project. The under layer will peek through “windows” cut out of the fleece. I used fleece for the outer layer and a sweater knit for the under layer. The dimensions are variable. Cut to suit your size preference but here are the dimensions and machine settings I used. Note: Headband is from the book Polarfleece Pizzazz. Dimensions: Cut both fabrics 10-inches (lengthwise direction) x 20-inches (stretchy crosswise direction). Place the right side of the under layer against the wrong side of the fleece. Pin the corners. You can make your gator narrower, but 10-inches allows me to keep my nose warm on winter walks! Machine set-up: Narrow coverstitch  All tensions: Default settings. Stitch length: 2.2 (variable) Presser foot pressure: lower to 1 Center and right needles: serger cone thread.   Chain looper: 30 wt. or 12 wt. decorative thread Position the fleece layer against the feed dogs. Stitch through both layers in a free-form pattern. When stitching is complete, you’re ready to create the “windows.” The positions and number of “windows” you cut out is your choice. Use sharp, pointed scissors. Pinch apart the layers in each space as you go along to prevent cutting the under layer. Snip into the center area of the fleece layer. Trim away fleece to within 1/8-inch of stitching. Cut out windows until you have the desired look.  Square up the long and short edges if necessary. Finish the gator’s top and bottom (long) edges with a 2-thread blanket stitch or 3-thread overlock stitch. Right sides together, stitch the short edges with a 3-thread overlock stitch to create a tube. Tuck in the thread tails. Stay warm and cozy!

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