A Lifelong Love …now passed on


These are two views of my basement sewing room. As you can see there is never a dull moment. I started seeing on a machine when I was so little my mother had to put the foot pedal on a milk carton. My first project was turning my dad’s collars and cuffs so he could wear his shirts longer. Soon I was making elastic waist skirts and then dresses from patterns. I made all my clothes through high school. I have made Halloween costumes for four kids and figure skating costumes for two. Sewing is still my favorite hobby. My daughter picked it up from me and she graduated from college with a degree in fashion design. Last year she made her cousin’s wedding dress! So, can’t have too many machines or enough room for all of it. I have never had a Bernina, but well, I have heard enough to have Bernina envy!

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