Alternative use of BERNINA Blindstitch Foot #5 for Crisp Seams Without Bulk


I love my BERNINA 880! Although it is only three months new, I am delighted with each new project and finding alternative ways to use the accessories that came with the machine. What I don’t have are a lot of feet! But with a little creativity, I have found a good use for the BERNINA Blindstitch foot #5. In my prior machine life I would have used the edgestitching foot with an off-center needle to stitch a crisp seam without encasing the edge of fusible fleece. But I don’t have the edgestitching foot, so here is an alternative use for the Blindstitch foot #5 in unquilted fabric.

I am making several custom bags, adhering fusible fleece to the fabric and quilting the large sections. The bags have a wide bottom, so the side panels also have fusible fleece. Rather than have ungainly, bulky seams because the fleece and fabric are the same size, I have cut the fusible fleece pieces just a hair-width shy of 5/8″seam edge. I do NOT steam down the side & bottom edges at this point. As you can see from the video, I right adjust the needle to the 4 spot, and start sewing the seam just catching the blade of the BERNINA Blindstitch foot #5 under the fusible fleece edge. After the seams are complete, I adhere the fusible fleece to the fabric using the wool/steam iron setting and then have a beautiful straight seam without any bulk, ensuring the bag looks handmade, not homemade.

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