Anniversary Blues – Month 2


No points were harmed in the making of these blocks!  I’ve never liked making flying geese, but these came out great using Amanda’s tips.  Using my seam guide along with my quarter inch foot and my straight stitch plate, I think I made my most accurate blocks ever.  Not a single point was pulled into the sewing machine. I’m looking forward to starting on the embroidery soon, but my embroidery module is in the Bernina hospital for a new circuit board.  I think I will use a dark blue thread for the cornerstones.  Maybe a variegated?

4 comments on “Anniversary Blues – Month 2”

  • Beautiful work! It was great seeing you at our class on Saturday… Now I know you’re the one with the blue and white quilt 🙂

    I like the idea of using a shiny dark blue thread for the cornerstones embroidery — There’s a lot of detail in the motifs and I think they will show off those details better than varigated thread. I hope you get your embroidery module home soon!

  • is there a name List, instructions, for all the blue blocks displayed in your November 8, 2018, kristinlaura, ANNIVERSARY BLUES – MONTH 2?

    many Thanks


  • I like the blue blocks! I agree that a bright blue embroidery would be best in a solid than variegated. You might lose some details. I did all mine in a bright purple and the I could see all the details of the embroidery design.

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