BERNINA 125th Anniversary Quilt/Post #6


My quilt is all finished now! I feel a since of relief and accomplishment that it is all over and completed. I also feel some minor disappointment as there is nothing left to do. I really want to thank Bernina, Amanda Murphy, and We All Sew for giving us this opportunity to learn new skills. All my work has been completed on a domestic sewing machine and it is all my own work and mistakes that I show here. I learned that the We All Sew website gives so many instructions and tutorials that have also been a great resource and will serve as a continued resource and inspiration to me for future projects. The internet in general was helpful as you can virtually look up any technique you want to research. My new #72 foot for ruler work, straight ruler, and circle templates were invaluable. The ruler work will be helpful to quilt my future projects. Attaching the piping on a quilt was a new experience for me and I was happy with the outcome. Thank you again Bernina for this opportunity. General tips I used that helped me: 1)A multi-spool thread holder was of benefit. 2)I had gone and worked ahead of the instructions and created 3 total layers of circle batting using spray glue and iron-on shape material that were placed under ALL the metallic embroidered motifs in the quilt prior to machine quilting for it to appear extra poofy. 3)Piping was completed with use of the #12 foot and 1/4″ ruler. Pinning the piping on was a necessity before sewing. 4)Couching-placing your thread in a heavy glass container is helpful which can be moved around to different places during the process. I couched around each of the 13 blocks with Dazzle thread and Isacord thread. 5)I chose to replace the piano keys with a mirror image of the Jubilee floral design; then created my own free hand design of peacock wings in the 1″ spaces. 6)I free motion quilted the entire quilt in white Isacord to draw attention back to the 13 squares and octagons. Thanks again, Heidi

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