Cheryls finished 125th Aneversary quilt quilted and binded


I finally quilted the quilt on my friends long arm. Sharon gave me some lessons on how to long arm with her Juki long arm. What a learning curve, I have to give her the biggest cudos for support and inspiration, support and guidance with an open mind, what a great teacher. So I was happy with my practicing on the long arm but then the fear facture weighed in when I put the whole quilt on the frame and started to quilt the whole quilt on my own. I was fearful of every stich at first and we had lots of thread breaking issues but once past that the use of the rulers for strait stitching on the long arm was easier as I went. So after 3 days of standing and free form long arm or what is it custom stitching I was done. I did this whole quilt custom long arm, even all the straight lines and the border, I used a paisley free form design around the corner stones and then used a heart motif from the border to the side medallion larger embroidery motifs, then circled those with some free form halos and then the swirling motifs around the larger blocks outside of the black border. The inner gold paisleys were quilted as halos and the blocks were quilted mostly with use of the circle ruler, stone fill in the centers and line work such as squiggly lines (not sure how to describe these). the squiggly lines within the ruler work border were done by free form also. So my first long arm quilt with a custom design that I created from my painting practice. I hope you can see the quilting form these pictures. Please zoom in to see the detail. I have been so intense on getting this quilt done since I joined so late and learned how to use my new 770 QE while completing this quilt, this was a very stressful journey but how else was I to learn so quickly all of this.

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