Bernina Joy of Sewing


My First Bernina Short version: Boyfriend bought me a sewing machine (different brand) on credit. Made 2 payments. Married him. Fast forward, old machine stopped working. Husband surprised me with a new Bernina Artista 730 for our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. At the time it was the top of the line. Sewing machine is a keeper, so is he. Long version: When my boyfriend was over one night while I was sewing, my machine jammed like it always did. I said that I wanted one that really worked. He told me to go looking the next day. Well, I found one, but I was a college student without a job and no money. He said “I’ll buy it and you can pay me back.” A friend and I drew up payment papers. Looking back on the papers I only made two payments; I married him instead. After many years of heavy use, this machine started having major issues when I was sewing a last minute entry for the Minnesota State Fair.  Luckily, I had a friend who recently purchased a Bernina and I was able to finish the project on her machine just in the nick of time.  Because of how impressed I was with her machine, my husband encouraged me to look at a Bernina.  Since I was busy preparing to go the state fair the next day, I didn’t feel looking that night.  I checked out some of the booths at the fair, but not many companies were represented.  School had begun the day after Labor Day and I hadn’t acted on buying a new machine…  A few days later, after coming home from work as a paraprofessional at a middle school, I found a rose and a cup of tea on the table by the couch.  Since it was our anniversary, I was appreciative of the gesture.  After dinner, my husband gave me a little box.  I was expecting it to be some wonderful chocolates, but instead saw something with two red lines on it.  As I dug deeper into the box I soon discovered it was a walking foot for a Bernina sewing machine.  Shocked, I said, “You didn’t?!?!” My husband replied, “Do what?”  I said, “Which one did you get?” Walking out the door he said “Get what?” He returned with the top of the line Bernina Artista 730. For our thirty-third Wedding Anniversary, I was now the proud owner of my dream Bernina sewing machine.  Everyone at Bear Patch Sewing Center had known about my husband’s big purchase and had almost ruined the surprise many times.  Luckily, they didn’t and I was completely stunned with this fabulous gift. I have put this machine to use by altering wedding and bridesmaid dresses, making quilts and purses, and embroidering towels and countless other items.  I even hemmed a pair of pants for a work friend assuming that I wouldn’t be able to get the leg to look as nice as the original leg.  Boy, was I wrong!  It turned out absolutely perfect!  I would have never been able to accomplish this with my old machine.  Another project I like to do every year is make an outfit for one of my granddaughter’s dolls to be entered in the Minnesota State Fair.  My latest challenge was a doll-sized letter jacket for my granddaughter’s doll.  It was a replica of my daughter’s from many years ago.  I embroidered her graduation year on the sleeve, the letter W, and hockey sticks and a puck.  I made the jacket ribbing by embroidering the edge of a polo shirt collar.  It ended up winning the blue ribbon.      These numerous projects would have never been possible without my Bernina.  This machine has afforded me with the opportunity to create in ways I hadn’t previously thought possible.  I’m so appreciative that I get to do something that I love.

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