Brenda’s Sewing Room


One unfinished basement corner and kitchen cabinets discarded after a kitchen makeover. Added –  a coat of paint, a new countertop, new hardware, and some great lighting. The L-shape corner is the perfect place to support my work when quilting, but when I need a long countertop for cutting fabrics, I can move my machine to the short end.  Or, I have room to set up 2 machines.  Working from counter-height allows me to either sit to sew (on a tall chair with a step to raise the foot controls) or to sew from a standing position (which I like to do when I am moving around a lot, especially when paper piecing – from cutting to sewing to pressing and back to cutting) There are under-cabinet lights in addition to the bright overhead light. After years of sewing on a table, under a bare lightbulb in an unfinished basement, this sewing room makes my heart sing.


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