Confessions from a Crazy Crafter Or Why I have a UFO collection


Let’s start the next week with a bit more of procrastination. I’m thinking about my unfinished projects and which one is calling to my soul. Why did I stop? Why is it so hard to push the start button? Let’s start by asking one of my inner voices; Ms. Doctorhill. (Re: name play on famous TV doctor/advisor). As Ms. Doctorhill hangs out her shingle and I hop on the recliner…add to this scene; a cup of tea, or soda or glass of wine. Also add Tillamook Cheese and crackers, because that’s where I live and what I like with my whine. After many hours of discussion, Ms. Doctorhill and I agree that I have three main areas of sewing room procrastination…thereby encouraging my UFO collection (…and it’s not hording if I can still walk around the room and see my sewing machine!)           Reason One: Out of supplies/discontinued fabrics. I have never been blessed to live in an area surrounded by multiple choices in supply stores, craft stores, fabric stores, etc. This (almost) justifies my habit of purchasing more than I need, especially on sale.  No matter how I measure out fabric cuts for projects, invariably I cut wrong, stain beyond functional use, doesn’t match when I get home or that time I dropped four yards of white in the mud. I have switched fabrics (I have enough for A cuts but used B instead), changed my mind (a women’s prerogative) about what I wanted to make (a toaster cover project /material pile will not stretch to make the four placemats) or daughter’s request of …I want a King size Quilt instead of Queen, it’s not too late, is it? So my answer is to make something else out of what you have, or have completed. Blend another similar fabric into the squares, do something to get this monkey off your back! Hey folks, I’m not producing museum quality stuff here; use it, love it, and then pass it on.     Reason Two: Lost Interest. This one took quite a bit of billable therapy hours and lots of cheese. We change, we evolve, life moves forward (add your own esoteric saying here) and I no longer “do” that craft, etc. Pack it up, donate it to thrift shops if you can’t find a family member interested. Let it go, let it go…you got the message? I have been asked many times if I was interested in piecing Auntie’s quilt squares and finishing her lifetime achievement. My sewing is emotionally driven; if I’m not “feeling” it, it doesn’t get done. This is why I am not in business or have an Etsy account. Let it go, I have to get back into the sewing room so my kids aren’t left with a pile of unfinished projects. Reason Three: Lost Momentum AKA the emotional rollercoaster we call Life. I bought everything I needed. Cutting out strips for my latest project went perfectly, assembly even better. But all momentum stopped and there it hangs, for the last few months. What went wrong? Life in general. My husband woke up in pain, several doctor appointments spread out over the next few weeks leads to surgery. Surgery leads to home care, time passes and I have other time sensitive projects that take priority. Hence how the future (but as of now unfinished) table runners have been hanging from the closet doors. I could add a list of other excuses (I don’t like the colors anymore, etc.). A little piece of my psyche thinks that if I return to the table runners, my husband may trip and fall…bad juju. More important, I truly believe that unfinished projects haunt the soul (let it go or work on it) and I really planned on finishing it early next year. For you guys, I’ll work on it this week…and a few Halloween thingies. Now back to the table runners. The last few days have gone well. I’m a little disappointed in my (lack of precise) centering. Which brings me to another of my favorite sayings: Do you want it perfect or do you want it done? It’s not a 2-for1 deal in My Shiny Place. There was one glitch, which brings on another one of my sayings: 95% of my sewing machine problems are operator errors. While working on the binding, I figured out a new way (new to me!) to machine bind and would love to share it, but again, another time. Pictures taken, uploaded, etc. and these projects are put to bed! I will leave the readers with a question. Both centers of the table runners have an embroidery pattern that can be found in two different OESD collections, which collections are they from?  

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  • I could have been writing this article myself, but I was chuckling as I read it because so many things you said applied to me and I’m sure to many of us. I have so many UFOs in one of my two sewing rooms. I was in a rut for a while because both of my rooms were such a mess I couldn’t even move in them, but after a visit to IKEA ??? and the purchase of two shelving units for my fabric, they are finally are starting to look decent again.

  • Your wall hanging is lovely. The two table runner centers are from the following collections: 1) Garden Ornaments Pack #12083 2) Efflorescence Pack #82010 Am I right?

  • Carol,
    I can hear your voice as I read your post. You speak eloquently for so many of us! And you are way too hard on yourself. Can’t wait to see your next project.
    Jan (AKA “The Enabler”)

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