Creating a “Needle Minder” for a Q-Series Machine


One of the things I really love about my Bernina Q24 (and Q20) is that it uses regular sewing machine needles so I can use the right needle for the thread and the job. Needles made for longarms can leave holes in a quilt and I do not like that. But, sometimes I have a hard time remembering what size needle is in the machine…and I certainly can’t read what’s on the shank.  I’ve been spoiled by the feature in my 880 where I can tell the machine what needle is in it, and I can check when needed.  I started with sticky-notes, but that just didn’t work for me.  So, I decided to make patches using the DesignerPlus, v8.1 software and my 880 embroidery machine. If you do embroidery, you may know that you can make a patch or a stand-alone piece from just about any applique…as long as it has a satin stitch around the edge. You stitch everything as usual but you put a backing under the hoop just before the satin stitch finishes the project. Starting in the software, I drew 2 circles for each patch…one circle is a single stitch for a placement line and another one is a satin stitch. Then, I added the size numbers.  (I’d probably make the satin stitch a little wider if I do it again.) After the patches are done, add velcro to the back of each one and put a piece of sticky-back velcro on the machine and…TA-DA! Note that the size 60 is in RED. That’s to try to keep me from using the needle threader with a 60 needle. I need all the help I can get!

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  • This is a good idea!!
    I devised my own system since I have 3 different Bernina machines (530, 770QEE and Q20) and there’s no way I can remember which needle I left in each machine! I do keep a separate stash of needles with each machine so I needed to come up with a system.
    I bought a package of brightly colored dots that Avery sells for putting price stickers on your garage sale items. I just write the date and the needle I’m using, stick it on the needle pkg and voila! I know which needle is in the machine and how old it is. It works for me.

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