Where’s my quilt???


I had been making charity quilts for a while when my husband walked into my sewing room and several times asked, “Where’s my quilt?” I asked him what color and what pattern, never receiving an answer. He is a computer programmer for a company creates software that allows banks to process their work. Now what do you get/do for a man that doesn’t do anything but work? Doesn’t fish, hunt or play golf anymore? That’swhen the quilt idea came up. I wanted something that kind of went along with his job. I decided to Google a QR code quilt. I found one quilt that had been made as a QR code quilt. So the challenge was on. I found a QR code creator and typed in I love you George. I didn’t like the way it looked because it had too much black in the bottom center of the quilt. I then typed in I love you George! And it was perfect. I went to Joann Fabrics and purchased 4 yards of white and 4 yards of dark blue. This was after checking the price of having fabric custom printed in binary code. Unfortunately, it was $20 per yard. I proceeded to cut out 729 3 1/2 unfinished squares. I printed out the QR code and drew lines so I could work off a grid. It took about 2 weeks to piece the 27 rows and 27 columns on my Bernina 440. Never once did I have to take out any of the squares. I checked and double-checked each row. I sew seven rows together, then another seven rows. Sewed the two sets of seven together. Then another seven rows and six rows. Sewed those 13 rows together and then sewed the 14 and 13 rows together. When I got ready to quilt it, I didn’t have a long arm so I knew my faithful Bernina 440 would be working hard with its 7-inch throat. This quilt measured approximately 83 x 83 inches. After starting to quilt it on Friday night and finishing it on Sunday evening, I was able to give it to my husband. He was quite pleased with it. George manages a group of individuals in India. He sent a photo, of the quilt, to his employees and told them the first one to tell him what it said would win a prize. He immediately began to get emails and instant messages that said I love you George! He asked the folks if they saw it on my Facebook page and they told him no. They had used the bar code scanner app on their phones! He was so surprised that they were able to scan the QR from a photo. I was so tickled to make him his own quilt. It on the back of the loveseat in our bedroom and I’m always pleased to see him using it.

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  • I love this! I’m a total geek myself, and created QR codes for our home WiFi so that guests wouldn’t have to ask for our login. I just put it on a card and leave it on the table next to the bed in the guest room. But to create one that says “I love you” is great!!

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