Sewing Machine Cleaning and Oiling

Regular cleaning and oiling of your machine will keep it running in tip top shape for many years. There are just a few basic things to know about caring for your BERNINA sewing machine with the BERNINA hook, featured in our 7 and 5 Series machines.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - dusting

Remove hardware

Before you start your machine cleaning, remove the needle, presser foot, stitch plate, and bobbin case from your machine. Removing these accessories will give you better visibility for cleaning and make access to certain hardware that should be maintained.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - remove needle

Clean the cutter

Many of our newer machines have an automated thread cutter. This will sometimes leave thread snip debris in the hook area and occasionally some thread gets stuck in the cutter. It is easy to clean this device.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - remove stitch plate

Go into your Setup display and select “Machine settings.”

Sewing Machine Love and Care - machine settings

Then select the “Cleaning/Update” icon.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - clean update

Now select the brush icon to clean the thread catcher.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - thread catcher icon

Touch the link to move the thread catcher out. This will open the cutter up and leave it parked open so that you can remove threads caught in the cutting mechanism.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - thread catcher link

Sewing Machine Love and Care - clean thread catcher

Once you have removed debris from the thread cutter, select the link on screen to move the thread catcher in. You can then take a soft brush to remove lint and clean the feed dog.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - brush feed dog

Oiling the Machine

Now you can turn your machine off to lubricate the hook. Be sure to use the oil that comes with your machine, as this is lighter oil specifically for this hook system.

Open up the hook area and wipe everything down with a cloth. Remove the hook and oil the two felt pads inside the hook with one drop on each.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - oil felt pads

Place one drop of oil into the hook race as shown in the illustration. Do NOT add oil to the red marked reservoir under the stitch plate, as this can lead to over-oiling the machine.

Clean and oil your BERNINA machine

Once you have finished with oiling the hook and everything is back together, sew a few seams on a little on a scrap of fabric to absorb any excess oil.

 General Tips:

  1. Microfiber cloths

Sewing Machine Love and Care - microfiber cloth

Investing in a pack of microfiber cloths is great for any sewing studio. A quick dusting with this cloth is pretty much my daily practice for any machine that I have used. They also work great for dusting off work surfaces. 

  1. Changing Needles

Changing Needles regularly and frequently is one of the least expensive ways you can keep your machine sewing a perfect stitch. Needles become dull, bent or burred with extended use. I recommend changing needles with each new project or about every 8-10 hours of sewing time. 

  1. Regular Scheduled Service

Scheduling annual maintenance and servicing with a certified BERNINA technician is as important as taking your car to the mechanic. They are able to run diagnostic tests on the machine and update the software. In addition to that they open the machine up entirely and clean out any lint that has built up. Take any concerns or stitch samples with you to share with the sales staff and technician at this time. 

  1. Keep it Covered

When you are not using your machine, it is always a good idea to keep the machine covered. This protects the machine from sunlight and dust, or your four-legged feline friends who might have a thread fetish.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - dust cover

9 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Cleaning and Oiling

  1. I liked the pictures of how to get to thread cleaner. I always forget where it is. Since they replaced the thread cutter last year I don’t have that problem very often. I took a picture of the pictures showing where to find that on my phone so I do have to spend an hour looking for it. I’m going to looks for a brush like yours. The ones I have don’t do the job.

    1. My dealer had a brush with a hole in it to hold the needle when changing it. He also had a tool to loosen and tighten the needle screw. I use them all the time. I don’t have a lot of strength in my fingers. Sure beats a pair of pliers.

  2. I really enjoy reading the tips you provide, whether it be on the machine itself or a how to tip.
    Bernina is a great machine and have owned more than one for over
    40 years. I use a 730 Arista 125 anniversary and have two sergers.

    Thanks….you do a great job for a great product.

    A Bernina friend.

  3. 1st…, love, love my Bernina!
    2nd…..yes, yes, yes to all cleaning tips & suggestions!
    I have promised myself after each project I do just that. Also, yearly checkup at Bernina dealer just to make sure she remains in perfect running order. So pleased with Bernina you ARE the BEST!

    1. Hello grammybkm, our WeAllSew blog content is posted in an open format. If you wish to print the post, you can easily print your tutorials from the WeAllSew blog. If you attempt to print directly from the screen a pdf will be generated for your convenience. Please give it a try.

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