National Sewing Machine Day – Love Your Machine!

Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day by showing your sewing machine some loving care. As a bonus, in celebration of our favorite day we’re giving you a chance to win a bundle of fun sewing prizes! Give your best-sewing-friend some TLC with a clean and oil, and learn how to get the most out of your sewing with these top sewing machine tips from WeAllSew. Find our National Sewing Machine Giveaway at the bottom of the post – good luck, and happy sewing!

How to Clean and Oil Sewing Machines with a CB Hook - Hook Cleaning - remove the needle - remove the stitch plate - release bobbin case

The CB hook system earned BERNINA the reputation for having excellent stitch quality. It’s the system on many of our legacy machines as current models including the BERNINA 3 Series and the B 215. It is a beloved system known for its precision and excellent stitch quality. The key to helping these machines last and have a long lifespan is taking care of them properly with the Clean and Oil your Sewing Machine tutorial here.


To a non-BERNINA machine owner, if you mention the Free Hand System they may ask “What’s the big deal?”. Yet, ask any sewist who uses it, and they will tell you (rather emphatically) that they would never sew without it! Find out more about how helpful the BERNINA Free Hand System is to your sewing here.

All about sewing machine needles

It’s amazing how something as small as a needle can make such a huge impact on your sewing project! The right needle for your sewing project can create perfectly even and beautifully made stitches. Learn all about sewing machine needles in this tip post at WeAllSew.

Sewing Machine Love and Care - clean thread catcher

Regular cleaning and oiling of your machine will keep it running in tip top shape for many years. There are just a few basic things to know about caring for your BERNINA sewing machine with the BERNINA hook, featured in our 7 and 5 Series machines. Follow along with these steps to clean and oil your sewing machine.

Heavy Duty Sewing - many layers

While there are lots of different materials that can be tricky or finicky to sew with, one of the scariest things to sew is super tough and bulky fabrics. Fear not! With the right tools, your BERNINA can tackle almost anything you try to stitch. Here are a few tips and accessories to ensure successful heavy duty stitching. Get tips for sewing bulky or thick layers here at WeAllSew.

Double threads

Do you know which type of thread spool pin on your sewing machine to use with different spools of thread? Most spools of thread are wound one of two ways, cross-wound or stacked. The thread will come off of each type of spool differently. Use these thread spool tips if your sewing machine has both vertical and horizontal spool pins.

Machine Cleaning Tip

Lint in your sewing machine is the natural consequence after hours of time spent sewing. Cleaning and removing lint the right way is a key item on your regular machine maintenance checklist. Read up on the do’s and don’ts of cleaning lint from your sewing machine here.

Tips for sewing straight seams

When sewing long runs of fabric together in a straight seam (stitching panels for curtains or joining large pieces of quilt backing for example) it can be difficult to keep a lengthy seam nice and straight. Any variation from the straight line of stitching can cause wobble or even a pucker. Follow these simple tips for sewing straight seams that can help!

Tension Testing Tutorial - even top and bottom thread

When you change fabric, batting, thread, needle size etc., it can affect the balance of your stitches. These simple tips for testing your thread tension can help you to understand how to adjust your thread tension to find the best balanced stitches.

lambs wool tool for sewing machine cleaning

Sometimes the right tool can really help you get the job done! Read all about the special tools you can use to keep your machine clean here at WeAllSew.

New Loop

From the technical point of view when your machine misses or “skips” a stitch it’s easy to think that there may be something wrong with the machine itself. What’s really happening under the needle plate is a completely different story! Find out all about troubleshooting skipped stitches in this informative post from WeAllSew.

National Sewing Machine Day Giveaway!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win this fun package featuring sewing tools and accessories! You could win one pair Tula Pink 8″ shears, one Tula Pink 45mm ergonomic rotary cutter, one Zirkel magnetic red pincushion, and one package of pink Binding Babies Dress Clips!

Tula Pink Scissors Tula Pink Rotary Cutter

Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion

Dress Clips Binding Babies PinkTula Pink Tweezers



All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “What is your favorite type of project to make with your sewing machine?” The the giveaway is open through Friday, June 21.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Friday, June 21, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

221 thoughts on “National Sewing Machine Day – Love Your Machine!

    1. I have had Bernina sewing, embroidery, and sergers for 40 years. Have them cleaned once a year! Love the way they sew. Used my serger this week with wooly nylon in Looper’s to make two table cloths. Beautiful!

  1. My favorite projects are all quilting related, especially piecing, on my 770 QEE! I love this machine and how accurately and perfectly it sews!

  2. My favorite type of project is quilting. I love the look of the antique quilts. I have a Bernina B570qe and I am determined to learn how to do free hand quilting with the Bernina Stitch Regulator.

  3. I love to make trousers/pants on my sewing machine. I need more tops right now but I just don’t get as much satisfaction from sewing tops as I do pants.

  4. My favorite projects are smaller ones that I can complete in a few days or even one afternoon! I really love making personalized baby bibs and table runners! I hope to celebrate this wonderful day with my sewing machine today! duchick at gmail dot com

  5. Quilting is my favorite project! I have sewn costumes for my grandchildren and other sewing related items. My day is not complete without sewing on my machine!

  6. I love quilting, but my Favorite is making bags!!! Big bags, small bags, hand bags, wrist bags, over the shoulder bags….. All The Bags!!! ❤️❤️

  7. Recently, I have made lots of Decorator Pillows as gifts. I use cross-hatch to quilt the fabric, then add an embroidered design to compliment the recipient’s decor. I add embellishments and decorator stitches, too. Everyone can use an extra pillow!
    P.S. I read the complete blog (cleaning, tension, needles, spool pins, etc) and found them all very informative. I clean and oil my 830 before every use and have had very few hiccups with it. I sew for hours everyday and LOVE my 1 year-old, gently used machine!

  8. I love sewing So many things! Clothes for our three grandgirls are my favorite things to sew. This week I’ve been making some new aprons for me and my daughter. Would love to win!

  9. I bought my Bernina 770 last year specifically for quilting, and it is my work horse! I enjoy the entire process from patchwork to free-motion quilting, and don’t have to send my quilts to a long-armer.

  10. I love my Bernina! I luse it to make quilts, purses and dresses for my little granddaughter! I try to keep the lint out and put a little oil in the race. I am good to my Bernina and she is good to me!

  11. I love projects that utilize my embroidery attachment… especially tshirts for my little grands using motifs and monograms which make each project personal and unique to each of them. It may be a logo from a cherished sports team for the 6 yr old, a monster truck which includes my 3 yr old`s name beneath, or a block monogram with a cute little car or animal for the 16 month old. I’m new to the whole machine embroidery world and I’m loving every minute of the learning and creative experience.

  12. My favorite type of sewing project is to make a gift for someone. Whether it’s an infinity scarf, a zip pouch or a faux mounted animal head, I smile as I make each one and look forward to sharing it with them.

  13. I love making jackets. I take my time so they’ll last. I shipped my Bernina to a week long French jacket class just so I could sew on my own machine. The quilting was smooth as glass.

  14. Sewing apparel is my key interest. I’ve been working in linen for the summer – pants, a dress. I think I need to fit in some tops. I have a 1530, two 1230’s and an 830. Older machines but still terrific!

  15. I really love making quilts…all sizes and types! I recently have been taking some classes in ruler quilting and free motion quilting. It has been real rewarding making a quilt from beginning to the finished project. I bought a new Bernina this past November and I just love it!!!

  16. That is so hard to answer! I love sewing dresses for my granddaughters and piecing quilts and using embroidery to quilt my quilts and create in-the-hoop projects.

  17. I sew clothes for the 18″ dolls that belong to my great grandaughters. The little girls do not live close enough for fittingsn but I occasionally sew for the little girls as well. I make all my own clothes (with the exception of jeans).
    Caring for my 92-yr old mom prevents projects requiring deep concentration.

  18. I love piecing for quilts, also making baby items on my 770QEE, so nice to have threader and cutter. I do love my 530 when away from home sewing in quilting groups, and my new Bernina rolling bag.

  19. Making clothing is my favorite type of project, whether it is for myself or for grandchildren. I love the changing challenges of sewing and assembly–there is always something new in each project.

  20. My favorite type of project is a quilt. I enjoy making quilts for my home, for gifts and for special occasions. Now that we have our first grandchild, I’m planning more quilts for her as she grows and sewing cute things for her to wear!

  21. My favorite project to make with my Bernina? It’s so hard to narrow it down to one project, when I have enjoyed so many using my machine, but I guess it would have to be quilting.

  22. My favorite projects are quilts for my new baby grandchildren, especially wholecloth quilts with my own center resign (drawn by a friend) for their baptisms ❤?.

  23. I love to do machine appliqued quilts and wall hangings. I’m in love with everything about my B750, but my favorite thing is the ” hover” feature. It makes it so much easier to do satin stitching or blanket stitch around small applique pieces. I had a little coordination problem trying to learn to use the knee lift, but I don’t even use it now that I discovered the great hover feature.

  24. I have purcashed two other brands before purchasing my QE700. Oh I love this machine and wish I’d found her sooner!! My favorite things to sew are quilts, table runners, and pillows! My family loves their gifts!

  25. I really enjoy using my B350 at retreats to sew blocks for quilt. At home, my B880+ anniversary edition has opened up so many doors for sewing projects!! I also no longer dread quilting finished projects. I also have found that I am so much more adventurous about trying something new – the machine is just amazing!!

  26. My favorite project is anything I can machine embroider. Right now I am creating African wildlife themed blocks to be sewn into a quilt.

  27. “What is your favorite type of project to make with your sewing machine?” Anything that involves fabric and thread! I love sewing clothes- for self and others and for charity, embroidery work, making t-shirt quilts, and quilting my own small quilt projects. Love my Bernina B590! (and my 1150 serger).

  28. Bags, Bags, Bags – are a favorite.
    I love my B770, any project I do comes out great. I am a “bag lady” at heart, my most recent Bag was a Little Poppins bag. I had to sew thru two layers of Bosal plus fabric, sewed like butter. Then there were two layers of
    rigid facings for the bottom plus fabric, sewed like butter. then there was binding on all of these item, again. sewed like butter. So any difficult, thick stuff is easy peasy. I am in love!

    I also quilt all my own Quilts, Any batting I use is a piece of cake. While I say bags are my favorite, I have to say any project I am working on is my Happy Place.

  29. I love making things for my home and gifts for the family. Quilting is my favorite thing to piece and fmq. I just started learning embroidery and enjoy making lovely designs in the blocks. Making purses is the newest item I am learning to sew and love it

  30. I am a true convert to Bernina – I was a Janome girl until I sewed on my first Bernina. I now have a serge, a 350 for taking to classes, and a Bernina 880 Plus Anniversary Edition. I have done a variety of sewing techniques on my machine. I just finished making a Growth Chart on my 880 using the embroidery features – so cute. Just to have to wait a few days until my great niece or nephew is born to make the header with their name on it. Love Bernina!

  31. I love to sew and I found that Bernina gives the best results. It does`t matter what one is sewing whether it is using fabrics like silk, or cotton etc. I just love to sew using my 750, or 930, or 230. I am never disappointed. My favorite thing at the moment is making quilts for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I do admit that my 750 is the one I use the most and love it for making quilts.

  32. My most favorite things to do on my B880 is embroider gifts for friends and family. I love this site for all the great ideas and sewing tips.

  33. I basically make utility quilts, especially scrappy ones. I make most on my 15 year old Bernina Virtuosa, but carry my inherited Featherweight to workshops and sit and sews. Wouldn’t trade either one of them.

  34. I think my favorite thing to do on my sewing machine is all the fun projects using my embroidery machine. I have made embroidered quilt banners for my church and making baptismal napkins.

  35. I truly LOVE to embroider on my Bernina. I have done denim, sweats, towels, now I am onto leather. Beautiful results and rave reviews from all that see my leather embroidered bags. Hope to win a prize from Bernina !

  36. Anything for my grandchildren. Blankets, stuffed animals, pjs or just taking in pants waistbands, sleeves, replacing zippers, buttons or making Halloween costumes.

  37. Creating pieced fabric bags on my Bernina sewing machine are my favorite projects at this time. Every time that I take a class at my local Bernina shop, I find that I find another favorite thing to sew.

  38. Ten years ago I would have said any kind of clothing. But in the last ten I discovered quilting so that took top place. But my last upgrade to a 590 with the embroidery unit makes me say embroidery added to the quilts and clothing 🙂 🙂 Bernina has opened a whole new world of possibilities to me. Thank you! — and to think that at one time my husband was worried about how I would stay busy after I retired!

  39. I like making quilts with my Bernina(s). Piecing, basting and machine quilting both free motion and using embroidered quilting designs.

  40. I enjoy making dresses for little girls. I make dresses for coworkers daughters while I await the grands. I have a 770 and a 240 and an 800DL and I really enjoy using all of them.

  41. I really enjoy all things the different feet do in assisting with different projects. The zipper foot makes zippers a breeze but I also use it in many other projects. Then #10, great top stitching close to the edge and nice and straight!! The 1/4″ foot for quilting and so many other projects. The list goes on and on. I just like the many fabrics there are with rainbows of color!! Thanks Bernina, your the reason I enjoy my time with you!!

  42. I love my Bernina 880. My favorite project is any in the hoop projects. I love to be able to start a project on my embroidery machine and have it finished. Woohoo!

  43. Hum, I love to sew up easy quilts to give to charities. Right now I’m working on a “TAPS” quilt to be given next May to a son or daughter of a fallen military hero. Such satisfying sewing and going to a very good cause.

  44. I love to see cute dresses and coats for my granddaughters. I also enjoy baby quilts and others craft sewing. I love my Bernina for embroidery too

  45. It’s hard to chose a favorite. I really enjoy making quilts, handbags, wallets and clothes. But let’s not forget all of the embroidery and embellishments!

  46. I am new to quilting and have made 3 quilts. My favorite so far is making quilts which includes the piecing, sandwiching, and the quilting. Also, I have enjoyed sewing soft stuffed dolls for my granddaughter. The embroidery attachment to the 790+ is very interesting. I’ve taken a few Bernina mastery classes. My goal is to use a software pattern to quilt instead of referring to a long armer.

  47. I love using both my 475 and 770 to make rope baskets and jelly roll rugs, among many other types of gifts and quilts. The machines handle sewing so nicely, regarding on the width and thickness of the materials I use.

  48. Combining embroidery with sewing handbags are my favorite Bernina sewing projects. Will next move into combining embroidery on quilts with free motion quilting.

  49. I am obsessed with quilting and machine embroidery. It is difficult to finish one project before starting another. So many wonderful ideas to work on. I have a 560 and a 790 which I use for different projects. It is my therapy.

  50. I love to make quilt tops but I don’t love quilting them. I have a few sewing machines but I LOVE my Bernina. I just had it cleaned and checked as I was making a quilt and some how jammed the bobbin holder. It is all cleaned and fixed now and ready for fall and winter sewing.

  51. Can’t decide if I enjoy making dresses for the granddaughters or piecing quilts the most. I absolutely love my 770QE! Perfect performance at whatever I throw at it!

  52. “What is your favorite type of project to make with your sewing machine? Don’t think I have a favorite. I enjoy piecing quilt tops and making purses and just about everything else that goes under my needle.

  53. Thank you for the tips on cleaning the machine. That’s an area I’ve always felt insecure about. I just had a professional tune-up, but right away I used a linty thread that left a residue in my machine. I hate when that happens.

  54. Thanks for all of the help we get on this site. It is hard to pick a favorite. I sew a lot of clothing and home dec and some crafts. My favorite is something new in any of these areas that I haven’t done before that challenges my creativity.

  55. Everything! Clothing, purses and any kind of bag or tote, and I’m learning free-motion quilting! There is always something new to learn to do on my Bernina!

  56. My favorite project is making top with matching skirts. I used to make a lot of dresses, but then I realized that I could mix and match if the top and skirt are separate pieces.

  57. I love sewing frilly, ruffled dresses for little girls! But now with the new ballet-type dresses made from knits that the little girls love, I need to find some new patterns and try the new styles!

  58. I love making pillows! I get teased about how many I’ve made. A pillow is a great canvas for all kinds of projects. When I learn a new technique I hate to throw the sample away so I make it into a pillow as a gift or for me!

  59. I like piecing quilts on my Bernina and also doing embroidery work. I also recently taught my adult so to use my machine and we made 18 pairs of blackout drapes for his home. He absolutely loved using my machine. :0)

  60. If I have to narrow it down to my very favorite thing to sew it would be home decor items. Right now I’m working on a beautiful autumn wall hanging, and I’ve got plans and fabric for Christmas table runners and a Christmas wall hanging. My Bernina 770 is a dream to see on!

  61. i seem to be a little different to most, because I love sewing bags! whether fashion ones, or ones for tools, I don’t mind! I like the challenge of trying to design something compact and yet able to store/hold/carry everything that is likely to be needed.

  62. I love to make baby quilts on my Bernina 790. Whether it’s appliqué, or embroidery, and of course, the bsr to complete the quilt. Such fun. Made to create!

  63. I have taken the guest room as my own. No more company! Hotels are abundant and more time to sew. I have also taken most of the sunroom to embroider in this hot summer weather. I have waited for retirement and my Bernina machine with the rewards of both endless.
    I am fortunate to sew with my community’s “Sassy Stitchers” on Fridays at our clubhouse. Great group of girls and wonderful projects. We supply the Community’s welcoming committee with potholders made by us . We try to have a project for all every week. Lots of sewing and fun ! Thanks for asking

  64. Currently, my favorite things to do on my 880 Plus is “In the Hoop” gifts for friends and family. My Jumbo Hoop makes it possible to create in any size I want. I think almost everyone has something type of quilt from me, so I am enjoying the change of pace. But I love that I am always completely open to go in any new creative direction my heart guides me.

  65. I like sewing clothes, robes for children. I just feel that my sewing machine is getting ready to give up any day now. Lately, I’ve had it worked on more often than the times I’m able to sew.

  66. I enjoy sewing household items (pot holders/casserole carriers, etc. ). My biggest passion at the moment is quilting. I grew up sewing my own clothes, but have gotten away from clothing.

  67. It’s hard to pick a favorite sewing project . The one I’m currently working on is usually the ‘favorite’. However, the project that is the most enjoyable is stitching out all the stitches on a new Bernina. I sew a strip of white and black Kona cotton together, add a layer of Ultra Clean and Tear underneath, write the number of the stitch on the left, and start sewing across both colors. I store the stitches in an artists portfolio album. It’s amazing how many times I’ve found the ‘perfect stitch’ in the album.

  68. I love all kinds of sewing but especially quilt making and garment sewing. Last year I had the privilege of making my daughter’s wedding dress. Truly a life time pleasure.

  69. My favorite things to make are crate pads for my local Shelter. Also Dog Coats, Squeaky Toys, Crinkle Bottles. Not forgetting cats, I make them Fleece Meece stuffed with Catnip. I couldn’t do it all without my Bernina…

  70. I love sewing everything on my Bernina. Wether it is piecing,quilting,sewing garments, repairing/altering clothing ….Nothing sews like a Bernina…Nothing….but we all know that!

  71. I love to teach my granddaughters to sew. We make anything and everything.
    The last project was a giant bean bag chair (with no pattern mind you!) She is 11.

  72. I am on my third Bernina (have a new B570) and I love each of them! My hands down favorite thing to sew is patchwork quilts! This machine is a dream machine for me. I loved my other two, but this one is amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Oh this is a tough one, I make my own clothes and hats, but I also make historical clothing reproductions and doll clothes. Add the fact that I’ve taken up quilting recently… I guess you could say I don’t have a not favourite. LOL!

  74. My favorite projects are ones that require LOTS of thought and no pattern. For example. A Scalloped short shade for a hallway…no pattern. Most recent was a request by my grandson for a gas mask so my grand son could sew it./create it himself.again no pattern….I only did a tiny bit of tiny sewing. I was amazed at how well a 17 year old boy could do!!.

  75. I love my Berninas! When my girls were younger I enjoyed making all their clothes, especially dresses. Then along came my granddaughters, and more dresses! Now I mostly sew for myself, both clothing and home decor.

  76. I think what I most enjoy sewing are quilts designed for the recipient —- especially kids who want dogs that bark and raindrops that splash! I piece and applique using basic stitches, The fun comes in bringing the story to life — free motion quilting those splashes and running dogs etc is akin to picking up a brush and painting. I enjoy mixing colors and textures –why shouldn’t one use silk here and there to please the soul?

  77. I recently purchased my first Bernina. I have a 770 QE. I am still learning, but i love the 97D patchwork foot and the BSR! So right now my favorite is completing quilts!

  78. I am rekindling my love of sewing. I have discovered a love of quality linen an have started making clothes for myself and also sew for a worldwide humanitarian organization Days for Girls.

  79. I have loved sewing for over 40 years. I use my Bernina 450, Serger and my Deco 340 as often as I can. I have enjoyed hundreds of hours on each of these machines. My favorite sewing projects have always been clothing. First for myself, then my children and now my grandchildren. I’ve also made many home décor items over the years both for my home and as gifts. I have embroidered many T shirts for the grandchildren, made baby quilts for each as they were born and now I’m spending hours making dresses, skirts and nightgowns for the granddaughters. I started teaching my 12 year old granddaughter how to sew when she was 8. She is learning to love sewing clothing for herself. Thank you Bernina for all the educational tips and sewing projects you post for your customers.

  80. My go to sewing project is something I can complete in a day. Yes, I have large piece work quilts that I enjoy working on, but there are days, when you just need to complete something to feel accomplished. My family has more potholders and shopping bags than they know what to do with On to mug rugs, endless possibilities.

  81. what i do with my machine had changed over the 60+ years that i have been sewing. some has been embarking on a new adventure and some has had to do with an upgrade in the abilities of the machine. at the present time, i am working on charity quilts and quilts for relatives( thought it was about time i included them in my endeavors).

  82. I love sewing in general, but with my 880 I think machine embroidery is my favorite. This machine is just amazing when it embroiders! It is just a work house. I love it!

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