National Sewing Machine Day Celebration

Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Each year, June 13th is a day to honor the invention of the sewing machine and how it has changed the way we sew. You can use your sewing machine as a way to be creative, to express your personal style, and to sew to serve others. Learn more about using your sewing machine and keeping it in tip top condition with our favorite tips.

Sewing Machine Tips & Techniques


Get to know the amazing power that drives your BERNINA sewing machine! Let’s explore what’s special about the DC motor and electronic motor control and why it’s the only type found in modern BERNINA machines in this post.

How to Clean and Oil Sewing Machines with a CB Hook - Hook Cleaning - remove the needle - remove the stitch plate - release bobbin case - bobbin case removed - dust out your machine - cleaning with a soft cloth - add the stitch plate

Regular cleaning and oiling of your machine will keep it running in tip top shape for many years. There are just a few basic things to know about caring for your BERNINA sewing machine. Read about cleaning and oiling your BERNINA Hook machine here, and your BERNINA CB Hook machine here.

Machine Maintenance FAQ

Check out our expert answers to the most frequently asked questions about BERNINA machine maintenance from our Director of Technical Education, Hans Herzog here.


How can something as small as a sewing machine needle affect your project? Learn about the basic types of sewing machine needles and when to use them in our WeAllSew tip here.

BERNINA Stitch Plates

What’s so special about a simple stitch plate? Get a closer look at why there are different types of stitch plates and when to use them in this tip.


Do you know your ABC and D’s of BERNINA Presser feet? Find out what the letters after the foot numbers mean on BERNINA presser feet in this video tip!

Difference between walking foot and dual feed at WeAllSew

Speaking of presser feet, do you know how the Walking foot #50 and a Dual Feed foot are different? Learn about what makes each of these feed systems different in this article.

National Sewing Machine Day Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed, thanks to all our WeAllSew readers who entered! Congratulations to our winner, WeAllSew reader @baliquilter!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win a fun surprise package of sewing goodies from BERNINA! All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “How does your sewing machine help you to be creative?” The the giveaway is open through .

National Sewing Machine Day Giveaway

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Sunday, June 21 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

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731 comments on “National Sewing Machine Day Celebration”

  • I doubt that I could be creative at all without my sewing machine, a Bernina 790Plus. I don’t do much handwork these days, but I love to quilt and embroider. Free-motion quilting is such fun (though I can’t draw at all with pencil and paper!), and the extra harp space gives me more flexibility on the sizes of the pieces that are comfortable to create. I only began using embroidery in order to make pretty labels for my quilts, but I’ve since branched out, and it’s amazing to watch the machine stitch out designs that I then put together into various projects and/or as gifts. Have I mentioned how much I love my 790Plus? 😉

    • I just bought a machine with embroidery capability; that opens yet another avenue for creativity.

      I love all of the stitches and combinations my Berninas have and all of the presser feet available.

    • I love to sew and have done so for many many years. I enjoy using creative stitches to do collages in fabric, & do applique gifts. I like using fabric to make a statement, whether I am sewing garments or home decor….and recently making masks–something that I never thought I would be making! And then there is embroidery–I love fonts and love making things using fonts, such as Christmas Stockings. The sewing machines of today can do so much more than the straight stitch machines I grew up with.

    • My machine allows me to experiment with a variety of stitches and fabrics using a variety of feet. I love going to classes and learning all the tricks my machine is capable of doing.

    • I love my Bernina artista 730–and there is always something new I am finding out about my machine. I like making quilts, but do a lot of clothing alterations also, Currently, I have been making masks for my family. I mend everyday items–can’t throw anything out (a sign of my age probably). I am at my machine just about every day. I call it my stress reliever.

    • I can’t imagine a world without sewing! My Bernina makes it possible for me to express my creativity through garment making, quilting, repair work and household sewing. I have been sewing for over 50 years. It is a part of my life!

    • Love love love my Bernina’s baby monitor assist me while sewing on another “B” to help me keep the flow of creativity keep going for a long time.

    • My Bernina has been a lifesaver during the pandemic I sew everyday. Have made several quilts and have gotten back into using the embroidery. Such creativity makes my day. Love my 570 really giving it a work out. Have own several Berninas still have one from the 1970s.

    • My Bernina machines (590, 790, and 830) make creating clothes, quilts and bags a dream. They make sewing so much fun and sew smooth compared to my previous machines. I’m working on mastering my
      Serger now🤗. I’m really fortunate to have a great Bernina dealer close by to take care of my “babies” as well as provide great fabric.

    • My 3 Bernina’s are like my best friends. No matter how my day is going I know at the end of the day I can work it all out by sitting in front of those machines and sew away the frustrations.

    • My Bernina is aging, but still my workhorse! I’m sewing and selling face masks now and am grateful every day for my machine! Thank you Bernina!

    • I love my Bernina. I enjoy sewing a variety of items. Lately, I have been embellishing baby onsies for my grandchildren. No matter whether it be embroidering fun clothes or an exquisite baptismal gown my Bernina is fantastic.

    • I have a Bernina 1530 sewing machine that I love, I’ve made wedding gowns, bridesmaid, flower girl dress, alterations on various garments & the quality of stitches are always perfect on everything that I’ve made, & professional looking it sews beautifully on silks, dupioni, wools Lycra etc.

    • I just found a shirt my boyfriend had cut the sleeves off for a mask. The rest of the shirt was perfect and a Carhart to boot. Because of my sewing machine I knew I could do something with this fabric so it would not have to be made into a rag but new something.
      I thought about it. The hem was great it had a cute pocket. Why not make shorts for my grandson.
      They turned out great and he loves them. I didn’t have to hem them, I used the hem of the shirt for the hem. I took off the pocket, placed it on the back of the shorts and made another pocket to match.
      It takes imagination but without the tools…my machine, the right feet, needles, thread I would have turned the rest of that shirt into a rag.
      Thank you Bernina

    • I have sewn since I was nine years old. When I purchased my Special Edition 880, I found joy in sewing, embroidery, and quilting again. It made things so easy and I got started making every grandchild a throw quilt, some of them have now received two and three. I started using the embroidery feature to make little quilt hangings for the seasons as gifts for daughter and daughter-in-laws and have now incorporated embroidery into some quilts. Just recently purchased an embroidery pattern to make a patriotic quilt for a wall hanging. I love the versatility of the machine and the ability to do different types of projects and expand my creativity. Looking forward to more projects and beautiful things to create.

    • Ny 1st sewing machine was a Bernina and I still have it. Then I replaced it with a Bernina quilters edition machine. My machines have served me well through the years. I’ve always enjoyed home decorating sewing projects, quilt making and making clothes. Creativity broke loose though once the grandchildren arrived. They had me working on so many projects that I had never dreamed of doing. They would come to me with a request and I couldn’t say “no.” So there we sat together time and time again figuring out a pattern and then pulling it all together on the sewing machine. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything in the world. The joy on their faces was all I needed to see when the project was done. I have the best memories of my Bernina machines with grandchildren sitting on my lap and helping me guide the fabric.

    • I bought my first Bernina and it arrived for pick up the day the Towers fell In NYC. I have used It so many times for volunteering and charity projects and believe it has served me and those projects well. I love and it has s continues to stand the test of time.

    • My apologies if this is posting twice. I replied and then it disappeared with the clumsiness of my fingers!
      My very first machine was a Bernina and I still have it. Years later I upgraded to a Bernina quilter’s edition and I still use it to this day. I have always enjoyed as I created home decorating projects, quilts, and clothes. My favorite moments were creating with my grandchildren. They would come to me with a request and I couldn’t tell them “no.” Many an hour we’d spend creating patterns and sewing their little (and sometimes big) projects. I will forever treasure the moments we spent creating together. When they were very little, they would sit on my lap and help guide the fabric. In later years they would sit by my side as we worked on a project and I put it together for them on my machine. Then there came the day when I would sit by their side and watch them as they sewed all by themselves. My Bernina machine has given me some of my most precious memories as I created project after project over the last fifty years or so. Thank you Bernina!

    • My sewing machine helps me be creative as a fiber artist. I enjoy abstract/random designs and my Bernina provides for a dependable/consistent stitch which then allows me to focus on the creation/design. No more stressing and wasting time on machine repairs… more fun and time for creating!

    • My Bernina 770 allows me to be creative because I know I can depend on it to keep up with me! And that’s not an easy task. I push it to new limits almost every day and it never disappoints. In fact my Bernina inspires me.

    • I have an Artista 730 which allows me to be creative with all of the decorative stitches it has. The embroidery module and all of the feet that Bernina has make creating quilts and other sewing projects fun and beautiful! I think Bernina machines are fantastic!

    • My sewing machine is my everyday best friend. I’ve used it to make money by selling my crafts. Now that I can’t do the craft shows any mor I sew for my family all year long to give them a creative Christmas presents. We have 9 children, with 6 of them with spouses. 24 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren so it really takes me all year to sew for them. I’ve made everyone at least one quilt and quite a few 2 quilts. I’ve made seasonal table runners and the jelly roll rugs. This year has been kinda hard to sew but I’ve decided on making all kinds of different things and we will have a bingo game and they have to win their presents. My husband has been sick with dealing with MRSA in his blood stream so we have spent allot of time in hospitals, skilled nursing and home health trying to get him back to his strong body. I still have to sneak in at least an hour most days to keep me from being insane along with this coved crap! I love my Bernina 580! My son bought it for me in 2013.

      • My Bernina 580 is my everyday best friend. She helps me create quilts, table runners, pillows, gowns and pajamas for my 36 grandchildren and my children. My family loves our creations.

    • I own 3 Bernina machines: Artista 630; 770QE and Q20 quilting machine. I got my first one in 2007. I love sewing, quilting and embroidering. I don’t do a lot of hand work, but, with my Berninas, all I need is inspiration!

    • I have been sewing as far back as I can remember. I vowed one day I would have a great sewing machine, and twenty years ago I bought my first Bernina, a 165. What a workhorse! Two years ago I purchased a 770QEE. Talk about smooth. This machine is a queen in my book. Thank you Bernina for such great machines!

    • “How does your sewing machine help you to be creative?” I take pictures and then print onto fabric to make eyeglass cases, masks etc. I also make photos into patterns and create landscapes using fabric to make beautiful images.

    • my husband bought me my first bernina and I still have it plus 2 more. I was going through a very hard time. When I had my first class the teacher was great and help me so much. Years later I still go to classes love everyone. I learn something new every time. I am so thankful every time I feel depress I start to sew to see what I can do with the many feet I have. I am so thankful for Robin’s sewing shop in Trussville AL. Been with her since I got my first machine. Will continue to be their. All the people their are great and have always been so helpful when I need help. I mainly so on my 780. Love it and Bernina.

    • I love working with fabric to create new things. I have been a quilter for a number of years, but would only consider myself a serious quilter for eight years. I cannot imagine any machine being better than my Bernina!

    • Bernina machines are beautifully engineered with such solid materials to last a lifetime. The smooth experience of sewing with automatic tension balance, fabric feed and endless stitch choices, has made sewing so effortless! I wish every beginner would have a Bernina. Thanks Bernina team!

    • My Bernina machine has so many different capabilities that help
      me to be creative whether I am sewing/quilting or making projects for
      my home. It just takes time to think and experiment how to create
      the outcome I want with a foot or a stitch. I know I still have to learn
      more about what it can do. My 790 Plus is my fourth Bernina and I love it!

    • I’ve really enjoyed my B560. When it misbehaves, I take it to Todd or Nolan st Cortez Quilt Shop and they threaten it and it starts behaving !

    • I have been sewing since since abou 8 YO. I am now 57, so this is almost 50 years. Machines have come a long way. Three weeks ago, I bought the 770 Tula Pink edition. She is a magical unicorn and I am having soooo much fun with her. I have made a dress, a purse for my mom, and am now stitching a book bag for a very special little girl. I’ve not retired from work yet, so my career definitely interferes with my 770 love affair. Happy sewing, everyone.

    • I love my Bernina Software 8. That is the most challenging and creative tool to use. I have so much fun creating customized designs and logos and then sewing them into special gifts. At 74 years old, I need creative projects to keep my mind challenged. I think Software 8 is my crossword puzzle and mind games all wrapped up in one. I find a new feature almost every time I try a new design. The options are endless. I hope to remain healthy and keep my mind active for many more years to come. Thanks Bernina for the challenge.

  • My machine lets me make all kinds of things from quilts to home dec items to garments to bags. It’s having the right tools (AKA feet) for the job.

  • With my sewing machine (an amazing piece of engineering!) I am able to modify clothing for my wife and children to achieve a better fit, mend household items, and create customized camping gear (hammocks, bug nets, bags, backpacking quilts, etc…).

    • I have multiple Bernina machines and love how creative they each let me be. I bought first machine at an estate sale when I was doing chemotherapy. I needed a creative outlet and a way to focus on something other than myself. I would sit and think about projects when I was too weak to sew and when I felt up to it I put those ideas into reality. I credit both God and Bernina to my recovery. Creativity and quilting put my focus on making something beautiful during a time that was so dark, lonely, and fearful.

  • I’m a quilter and I sew at least once a week but sometimes more, I work full time so have to squeeze my sewing time in where I can. I have created so many beautiful things on my Bernina for myself and others, I don’t know what I’d do without it. It helps me to be creative by allowing me to stitch clothing, quilts, and crafts; it’s my therapy!!!

    • I’ve been sewing on my Bernina 160 from 1999 so much the motherboard had to be replaced! lol
      It’s the most amazing machine for a quilter!

  • My Bernina keeps my creative juices flowing. It allows me to escape reality for minutes at a time. When I “return to Earth” I’m a better person because I feel better about pretty much everything. My salute to Sewing Machine Day!

  • It allows me to sew for fun, for grandchildren (and children), and provides a wonderful escape from the hum drum every day of life at home during Covid 19. My Bernina makes me smile each time I walk into my sewing room!

  • My machine helps me be creative by enabling me to sew my quilts. It’s safe to say I wouldn’t be making any if I had to hand piece. I’m particularly fond of the relatively new ruler foot. It works so beautifully and allows me to do much nicer quilting than I could manage with uncontrolled free motion.

  • Happy Sewing Machine Day! My Berninas (Yes, that’s plural), Chanel and Dior (Yes, they have names), help me create a wide range of multimedia projects. Of course I use my sewing machines to sew and embroider. But I most enjoy the ability of these machines to play an important role in paintings, multi-media canvases, Bible Journaling, tapestry designs, and paper crafts. Thanks Bernina for developing machines that are reliable, innovative, and flexible. TAC

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative because it lets me make anything my mind can create with needle and thread. It amazes me how many tools are available on my machine, right at my fingertips, from the variety of stitches, to array of feet. Only the sky is the limit!

  • My Bernina 770QE is a joy to use. I love the Bernina presser feet, automatic thread tension and dual feed option. My sewing time is so much more productive and fun.

  • Love my new Bernina 590! This is my first machine that can embroider and can’t wait to learn more.
    Is there a chance Bernina will be developing software that is compatable with a MAC? Don’t like the idea of having to purchase Windows for Mac in order to use Bernina Software. I have Toolbox but am wanting software that is more feature rich that runs on a MAC.

  • My sewing machine not only helps me achieve what I dream up in my head, it encourages me to stretch my mind to new ideas. Bernina machines do this by offering a plethora of ingenious feet and accessories that give rise to new ideas, and experimentation. Thanks Bernina!

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative by allowing me to sew and design quilts which can be an endless pool of techniques, but the most fun activity is sewing garments. It’s so hard to buy clothing in stores that are your style, color and price range. My Bernina makes me feel good about myself after I have created a new project so what can be better than that?

  • My Bernina helps me be creative by letting me concentrate on the design without worrying about whether it can handle the process. My Bernina machine is workhorse: It sews through multiple layers of fabric with ease; tackles delicate and sturdy fabrics equally as well; and has accessories which address construction of any project. Love my Bernina!

  • The place of creativity, to me, comes from the time I spend with my sewing machine. When I go to the room where I sew, I come up with a plan but I challenge what I know by creating a new pattern or a new design which is when the most interesting things happen. I feel like a child building sand castles giving birth to beautiful masterpieces different each time by starting from scratch and working with something I have not tried before.

  • I am new to my B880 Plus, but am so excited about ALL the things that are possible with this machine. My creative juices are flowing and I can’t wait to learn all about this incredible machine!

  • I only have a VERY VERY old Kenmore. No fancy stitches, just the old old basic machine. but it DOES help me sew! I’d hate to have to do all my sewing by hand, that’s for sure. I get it done, with the help of the machine. It’s not fancy, but it’s a sturdy thing.

  • My embroidery machines have opened up another world for me. I can embellish clothing and/or household sewing projects. I can also duplicate art work from grandchildren into lasting memories on a quilt, pillow or wall hanging. I may stray from my sewing occasionally, but always feel like I’m starting a conversation with an old friend once I start up my sewing machine.

    • how does my bernina help me to be creative?! Everything I do is centers around her! Together we create our foundations and then we embellish and refine. I have made costumes, and keepsakes, memories, and gifts. I have repaired, replaced, and restored as well as started completely anew and excited a child as well as honored a loved one. My bernina and I are well-nigh inseparable as team-mates. Our companionship has lasted most of my adult life. The only reason it hasn’t been my whole life is because my mother started me on a singer. When I was a child, i sewed as a child. Now, I sew as an adult on an appropriately adult machine. I Love My Bernina!

  • My Bernina is my foundation for creativity. The variety of stitches, it’s precision and the quality of the stitches. I couldn’t create without it!

  • Couldn’t be without my Bernina. I’m inspired every time I walk into my sewing room. I sew everything from dolls to quilts to c!othes and enjoy the ease of use of this machine. So glad I bought it!

  • My machine helps me be creative in ways that surprise me🌼 I thumb through my manual, pick up a presser foot I don’t use much and have fun. This inspires me to try new thread, maybe a heavy weight fabric, even some free motion quilting on denim! It’s fantastic🌻

  • My Bernina 830 allows me to create so many interesting things. It’s especially nice that I can create custom embroideries to decorate anything that I sew, making the items unique creations. I also like the array of decorative stitches that allow me to embellish garments without having to attach the embroidery module

  • My 790 Plus, gives me the freedom to not only create my own techniques, but, to make my errors look intended and use able! It’s my best friend.

  • I never knew how rewarding it would be to cut up little pieces of fabric and turn them into something so beautiful, fun and even cool. Couldn’t do any of it with out my sewing machine. Her name is “Fancy”

  • I had an old machine that fought me every step of the way. Then I got my B330 and my life changed. I started designing and making Dog coats and then I thought of dog raincoats and toys for Dogs and Cats. What ever I can dream up, my Bernina can make happen…

  • I love my Bernina 790plus. It has opened up a whole new world for me creatively. I love doing projects in the embroidery hoop and adding embroidery to the many quilted items I make. I have also started embroidery on clothing items.

  • I learned to sew by hand when I was 8 years old. A memory that does not fade is watching my mother match plaids as she made my Easter outfits. I have always been a creative and I made my clothes while in junior high, high school and college. Quilting opened a new avenue of creativity for me and art quilting sent me over the top! I now use my machine for piecing traditional quilts and as a pencil or drawing tool when working on an art quilt.

  • I use my 770 QE machine to creatively piece quilts. I enjoy making miniature quilts and the excellent stitch quality allows me to accurately stitch the small quilt patches.

  • My sewing machine enables me to be creative by sewing quilts, table runners, wall hangings, items like hot pads, totes, zippered pouches, etc. Having a machine that has features like needle down, different stitch plate, automatic threader, specific presser feet, etc., makes sewing so much easier and the results is so much more professional looking. I love my Bernina Aurora 440! Thanks for your wonderful product, Bernina.

  • my Bernina helps me in so many ways, I can not count. I couldn’t sew a quilt without it. Currently it’s sitting over beside me just waiting to create with me again as soon as we finish out renovation. I have a baby quilt, a quilt for my granddaughter and a bag for myself waiting!

  • I have been making masks to help vulnerable populations In the face of Covid 19, as well as for a fundraising project for racial justice. It is such a joy to work with my Bernina. It just keeps going and going, sewing smoothly and solidly.

  • I have always loved to sew. I find the Bernina is the best machine and very dependable. I allows me to always be able to create beautiful projects. I have been making quilts and the Bernina allows me to stitch perfectly. I also love to do embroidery on the machine. It has allowed me to be creative in my garmets.

  • I have no limitations with my Bernina sewing machine! I have the embroidery module and the Toolbox, so I can create designs, make quilt labels to add to my quilts that I piece on my machine. I love the “hover” function! I can easily chain piece or turn my projects. I am now using the BSR on a regular basis for quilting. And I’m teaching myself ruler work with my Bernina ruler set. My world is wide open for creativity!

  • I love my Bernina machines! I tend to be mostly a garment sewer, but I love to create soft animals and other fun crafty projects. One project I’m currently working on are t-shirt quilts for my sons. Love the community and love the craft of sewing!!

  • I have an older model Bernina but I feel like it has served me well. I’ve been able to make all kinds of crafts and quilts. Can’t imagine not having a Bernina. The more I sew the more ideas I come up with. Think I’ll have to live to be 150 to get it all done.

  • Not only do I quilt with my machines I have made masks for volunteer organizations. I craft with my machines, including rope bowls and trivets, holiday ornaments, bags and totes and many other items. I couldn’t live with out my Berninas!

  • I’ve learned to do a few things with my machine that I used to do by hand – hemming, applique, quilt bindings, etc. Learning to actually use different machine feet and stitches lets me do more projects.

  • Oh, I’ve been able to create so many quilts for gifts to grandkids, my sister, friends and new babies and Quilts of Valor for veterans.
    What would I ever do without my Bernina 440Q?

  • My sewing machine has helped spread the love and creativity of sewing to my 8 & 9 yr old grand daughters. We have been having weekly “ home ec lessons” during the school closures. We have continued into the summer months also. Momma gets a break from home schooling and I get the joy of working with my 2 oldest grand daughters!

  • The decorative stitches add enhanced details that I would otherwise need to hand stitch in place. It makes for an even dynamic, that allows my work to look beautiful, often times with compliments from others

  • I get lost in the process of creating when I sew and time slips away so easily. With my Bernina I feel like the possibilities are endless and I’ll never get to the point that I could ever be bored.

  • Just sitting down to sew in from of my Tula Pink 770qe makes me feel creative! The happy polka dots are so cheerful and the oil slick finish is sleek – my machine puts me in a great frame of mind before I start a project. Having quilted on a Bernina Virtuoso 153 for about 20 years, I certainly have been able to count on my workhorse to make gifts for my tribe of family and friends. Now with my 770qe and the embroidery attachment, a whole new world has opened up! The creativity to make 3-d angels to watch over my tribe or bookmarks for the readers. In this time of the corona pandemic I’ve been able to create face masks to protect my tribe. Every day is a new adventure – my 770qe is made to create!

  • I have Parkinson’s Disease and doing anything is difficult. But, my Bernina 830 has so many ways to help me get the job done. I can set the sewing speed to super slow with the slider. If I’m having a good day I can use the knee lift. Bad days I use the needle down and hover feature. And certainly I love the needle threading function! I digitize with the software and embroider with most of the hoops. I love the ratchet hoops and wish Bernina would create one for the medium hoop. They are so much easier for me to use than the original style hoops.

  • Without my BERNINA 170, I couldn’t be creative at all. I don’t have much free time, and my machine makes sewing so fast and easy that I can actually complete projects! I quilt family heirlooms as well as masks to keep us all safe and the occasional bit of clothing and lots and lots of mending! All impossible for me without my machine!

  • I started out with the newer 180 when it was the top of the line and it got me started on creating new things. I upgraded continuously and each time learned new ways of being creative. I now have the 880+, the Q20 sitdown, the 590 to travel with and the 1300MDC which I’m still learning to use in different ways Each machine gives me different ways to satisfy my creative mind.

  • Especially in these challenging times, my Bernina helps me to be creative and be green at the same time. I’ve made several zipper pouches recently using scraps from quilting projects. It’s so easy to piece the scraps together using decorative stitches. While playing with different fabric prints and colors that I may not put in a quilt, the decorative stitches give me a way to tie all those unrelated fabrics together into art that is also useful..

  • I use my Bernina to sew both garments and quilts. I love all the features available within my machine. I started out on a treadle machine 65 years ago and still enjoy sewing!!! My son likes to sew as well and in his job as a smokejumper he used heavy duty industrial machines to make parachutes and other jumper gear. What a great “tool” we have in a well made machine. I enjoy that I can do heavy duty sewing as well on my Bernina. I also appreciate the We All Sew blogs – I learn so much. Thank you.

  • My Bernina helps me showcase my creativity all through the home as well as making homemade gifts for family and friends. I’ve made wall hangings, quilts, table runners, nursery furnishings, baby & children’s clothing, purses, and embroidered t-shirts. I don’t know what I do without my Bernina 🥰

  • My beautiful 1230 has given my daughter and I creativity through her childhood, her wedding, fundraising for infertility and adoption and now clothing for her two daughters. Her four year old is learning about sewing by watching us. She is so creative it blows me away.

    I love the variety of decorative stitches. I have a Bernette serger I bought with my 1230. It is still going.

    My daughter wore clothes I made while growing up. Her veil was made with it. She made quilts to sell to raise money for adoption and infertility treatments. Now toys and clothing for her

    We are starting on the third generation on these two machines

    I am so grateful for such a good machine. When I bought it I didn’t know how much it would be part of our lives.

  • I just got a 790 Plus…I did not think I would like the embroidery unit…WRONG! I love it, so many ITH projects, jean jacket embellished and quilting in the hoop!

  • My B 550 Quilters Edition keeps me busy creating quilts and quilted projects of all kinds. Always sews beautifully and is the best machine I’ve ever owned!

  • I love to use all sorts of fabric in a design and make something beautiful from it. The items I sew and embroidery are given with love to special people & pets in my life or total strangers in need of some comfort and happiness. My Berninas allow me to be as creative as my ideas are !

  • I am loving all the creative embroidery elements I can to my home decor items. Also, with a granddaughter, I can create beautiful dress up clothes for her to role play in.
    Thanks Bernina

  • I couldn’t function without my sewing machine. I’m an art quilter and and I use it daily. In fact I have two one in my home and one on our 25′ RV. Everyone thinks I’m crazy until they see what you can create on a Bernina!! whether its embroidery, decorative stitches or free motion quilting it is the perfect creative fix.

  • My two Berninas allow me to create special items for family and friends. My 930 has done a lot through the years and isn’t going anywhere. My new 770 will do it even more. I’m looking forward to finding out all it can do.

  • My sewing machine helps me turn scraps of fabric into face masks that MIGHT save someone’s life. It also allows me to create beautiful quilts and embroidered pieces to decorate my house or my friends’ and family’s houses. That’s pretty empowering!

  • My sewing machine has been working overtime these past couple of months making masks for hospitals, prisons, family & friends!! Thanks for the chance to win 😉

  • my Bernina helps me be creative by giving me a way to express myself through thread and stitches. I make garments, abstract art, costumes, quilts, vessels and all sorts of objects both two- and three-dimensional.

  • I’ve sewn with Bernina sewing machineS since 1976, when I bought my first, an 830. Since then, I’ve been creative, making drapes, suits, men’s briefs, shirts, pants, dresses, totes, purses, pouches, and quilts, quilts, quilts. Everything has been made and quilted on : a Bernina serger; 153QE; 440QE; and now a 770QE. I am sure my creations are of higher quality and longevity because of sewing on a Bernina. Thank you for consistently building such a great product!

  • I have sewn since I was 11. Loved my first machine but after 25 years sold it and bought a different brand (not to be said) and hated it. Didn’t sew for ~4 years. My mother convinced me I needed a serger and took me to a Bernina store (where I bought one) and while I was there talked to them about Bernina machines. A couple of months later I bought my first Bernina…and have not stopped since. Took classes there, learned to quilt (had previously mostly done clothing/home decor), embroider, applique and now, of course, masks. I am on my 4th Bernina (w/embroidery module – have the 830NG and 830EM) plus a smaller Bernina for classes. Have loved them all. Taught my granddaughter to sew when she was 8 and then gave her one of my older machines. Bernina has truly changed my life. I’m retired now and am so happy to have my Bernina.

  • I have owed Bernina machine since 1971. Best machine I have ever owed. I learned to sew and make everything potholder placements all clothes as my children grew and used the scraps to make a quilt. Every time I use the machine I find something else I can do, put dazzle dazzle in the bobbin and add special stitches, sew in a round or now appliqué. I make my great grand kids doll clothes and blankets and it helps them to know who I am. We Live far away from each other. I made masks which was a new experience over 50
    I have embodied for a long time but yesterday I found the alpha letters on my 830 and used them for the first time each day is something new. Binding tools, and different was to quilt. I don’t own quilting machine but use my 440 thank you for each day and idea

  • I took up quilting after retiring. I taught school for 30 years. I taught Home Ec. (now called Consumer and Family Science). Our sewing rooms were equipped with Bernina sewing machines. If they lasted through hight school students, I knew they were great machines. I took up quilting after retiring. The dual feed is my favorite
    feature. It gives me great accuracy when piecing my quilts.

  • My Bernina machines are fantastic. As a long time Bernina owner, I’m only limited by my imagination and not my machine! Bernina machines have always been part of my family from my first Bernina, an 830 purchased 40 years ago, to my current baby, an 880 plus Anniversary Edition, and all those lovelies in between. Each has been christened and has become a family member, ready and willing to start up and purr at the flick of a switch.

  • When I get to use my sewing machine, my visions for something in fabric come to life. I get to make something lasting for my home or for a loved one that is not only useful but lovely too. The options are endless!

  • A whole new world of creativity has opened up for me with my 790 Plus. It will do anything you ask it to do and with ease. From embroidery to sewing knits with perfection. I read and learn and love in the hoop projects and free motion quilting. So many projects I would not have been able to tackle if not for this wonderful machine. ❤️

  • I don’t know what I would do without my sewing machine! My Bernini 180 has been such an amazing machine. I can do ANYTHING with it. I’ve sewn every fabric I could imagine as well as art sewing and embroidery. I’ve made clothing, dozens of quilts, home decor, and now face masks! I LOVE my Bernina!!

  • my friend gave me tons of leather scrap and right before the covid crisis I bought leather needles and leather roller foot. wow I have the Bernini B330 and it sewed 4 layers of leather with the tension moved up, the foot and the leather needle with NO problems! I made 9 pocketbooks, first time I ever put a zipper in too! I think I would have gone crazy without this machine during lockdown in the cold months, march till now. by the way it’s nice to have all my Christmas gifts all set for dec.! they came out beautiful. thank you Bernina!!!!!

  • My B880 is a dream come true. We’ve had a few hiccups but she makes me want to see every day. I love making things for others. We have to keep the sewing bug strong. Creativity is easy with a B 880. I am constantly learning new skills. Thanks

  • When I retired 5 years ago, I bought a Bernina 380. I had so much fun taking classes and sewing cute dresses for my granddaughters and summer shorts for my grandsons that I quickly wanted to do more. Within a year, I bought a Bernina 880Plus, and now I’m piecing, quilting, embroidering gifts, making free-standing lace, and still having fun with garments for my grandchildren! Each grandchild has a quilt I’ve made, and several other quilts are hanging on the walls in our home. I love my Berninas!

  • My Bernina 560 helps me be creative through its many presser feet and precision sewing since I design and construct wearable art, fun quilts for kids in my extended family and the endless number of gift items I’m able to make throughout the year for my family and friends.
    This is my 3rd Bernina. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • I am down to just 4 Bernina’s at the moment – don’t know what I would do without them.I mostly sew on the new 830 but sewing on my original 930 is still poetry in motion. I have the 220 upgraded to a 730 for embroidery mostly and my baby bernina for the classroom. Sewing is such a big part of my life because it is how I share with others – how I show love.

  • I have long been a Bernina gal. I got my first Bernina, a 930, in 1983 for my 40th birthday. I cannot tell you how much home dec stuff was sewn on that: us for our moves and stuff for three kids through college and early married life: blackout curtains, duvet covers, dust ruffles, pillows, sham covers, seat cushions and more. It repaired tattered flags for the Red Cross and do much more. I learned to quilt with this machine, piecing lots of tops. Then I added a Bernina serger, then a Bernina 780 and then my crown jewel, a Bernina Q-20. A basket full of quilt tops, one a full fifteen years as a UFO and ten more were completed during the quarantine time. I love them all! I would not own anything else for sewing and quilting! Hooray to a company who has not sold out to a conglomerate or farmed their factories to a third world nation!! You’ve maintained your high product and performance standards and I applaud you!!

  • I have 4 bernina and a serger….2 in my winter home and 2 in my summer home in alaska. I tote hoops back and forth and love that my embroidery machines use the usb sticks for patterns. I made 7 covid -quilts during my winter stay in arizona.

  • A wide variety of feet and accessories gives me the tools I need to use any fabric I choose to work with. Rather than do a traditional hem on pants, I’m able to do a professional, almost invisible blind hem. So many utilitarian and decorative stitches for designing my projects makes the end-product unique to me. From home decor, costume making, handbags and more, my sewing machine doesn’t limit what I imagine my finished piece to be.

  • I have been sewing masks non stop since March and have been very happy with my Bernina. It has been a great work horse.Looking forward to when I can get back to quilting. The Bernina LongArm sit down is my next dream machine 🙂

  • I have had my bernina for about 6 months and I LOVE it! I have learned and experimented with so many different and fun embroidery, quilting and applique projects! My new grandbaby is already well supplied and won’t even be here til December!

  • My sewing machine allows me to make clothing in lovely fabrics, items that fit me, and then I have the fun of embellishing to my hearts content. I’m especially fond of Victorian style, pin tucks, piping, bound buttonholes, elongated cuffs,and vintage-style pockets and other elements. I’ve enjoyed home decorating, free motioned tablecloths and quilts, and chenilled a couple dresser scarves.

  • Bernina allows me to be creative with fabric color and thread, embroidery, and adds class to any creation. I love learning new things and bringing a creation to life. I choose projects for family and friends that are small and simple to do but always look great. I also have made lap quilts for professional friends receiving national awards. I love picking out fabric and think about someone’s interest and color choices. I hope to keep sewing and learning until I’m 100!!

  • My mom taught me to sew and handed down her Bernina when she bought a new Bernina. We sew for everyday practical necessities like face masks, but then get more creative with kites, dog toys, ……

  • So many great comments… and I agree with all of them. My Bernina’s 790+, 350 and retired 830 Record have been my steady friends for over 40 years. This year I taught myself quilting using the embroidery module, next year I would like to teach myself free-motion. Is there a webinar on that? Recently my oldest and youngest daughter had a text discussion (knowing I was on the feed)…all about doll clothes and it was a shame that they didn’t know someone who could sew…yeah…HA! Guess what I will be doing soon…

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bernina Sewing Machines. Can’t imagine using any other machine. I have the confidence in my Bernina to accomplish any task I put under the needles. These machines help me think outside the box and change patterns, embellish, or add embroidery. Makes the project my own.

  • I have a 750 and a Q20 both of which I love. The stitch quality is great and both machines are so reliable And easy to use.! My Q20 is the sit down version and I love being able to do my own quilting with free motion and ruler work.

  • I have been sewing with a Bernina since 1971 and would not have another brand of machine. I quilt, embroidery, make clothes, window treatments,,crafts, etc. When I started a new job at college, I requested 20 Bernina for my sewing lab, even tho they were higher in the bid, I told them there would not be repair bills like we had with the other brand in the other class room and my students wouldn’t have down time with the machine. When they opened another campus 4 years later, they put the Bernina in the lab. Bernina machines makes a joy to be sewing

  • I am in love with my Bernina 830. I can quilt or embroider with the touch of my finger. No messing around changing anything. She keeps my artistic juices flowing.

  • I have been using my Bernina 200E for 19 years, then my 830, and now my 880+ for 11+ years. I have done many quilts, purses, Christmas presents, and embroidery projects. I am grateful for a machine that works so well for so many applications.

  • I think I put my first comment in the wrong place 🙁
    Here it is…

    I just bought a machine with embroidery capability; that opens yet another avenue for creativity.

    I love all of the stitches and combinations my Berninas have and all of the presser feet available.

  • I love fabric and all the things I can do with it – clothing, toys, household items, all special and individual. I upgraded to a 535 machine and have been learning the various features it offers. Creating unique masks for family and friends has occupied my stay at home time. I’ve also managed to work on several unfinished projects. As a full time caregiver, sewing keeps me happy and busy.

  • I have been sewing for over 50 years, but just purchased my first Bernina (590) last Christmas. What a wonderful machine! I love the precision – it has given me the confidence to be even more creative without the worry of whether or not my machine will be able to “keep up with me.” It has been up to every challenge and I so enjoy the embroidery unit – machine embroidery is a new skill I’m acquiring. I’ve made and embellished clothes for my granddaughter and have made several quilts, wall quilts and now face masks.

  • My 770 is my go to machine because it can do everything I want it to do and things I didn’t know I could do. It has an embroidery module, it has a BSR for free motion quilting, and it has the best bobbin and hook system ever. It has enhanced my creativity in all directions.

  • My 770 QE helps me be creative by removing the boundaries of daily life. Spending time piecing, quilting, and creating has been something that has helped me process through many past experiences and struggles (veteran of the U.S. Army). Having the ability to create without limitations is heavily supported by having such a powerful (and fun) machine right by my side on any adventure I choose to jump into.

  • My first Bernina a 570 QEE came to live at my house two years ago. It has been a great machine! I want to get my kids hooked on Bernina’s now.

  • The Bernina 770 with embroidery attachment is my very first Bernina and I absolutely love what I can do with this machine! After some one on one instruction from my dealer and an all day OESD class I got hooked on embroidering designs. I’ve learned to use the walking foot to quilt small quilts. Once the Bernina club resumes I will continue to learn to make other projects using different feet with my machine. Thanks for all the fun Bernina with your we all sew site too. ❤️

  • I love the support and education that Bernina gives too its users. There is always a way to find an answer to your questions no matter what the question is. Quo dos!

  • I love to “adjust” patterns to meet my needs. Or to make my own patterns to meet my needs. I love to make things for others. I have been sewing since I was 9. I am now 69 and feel I have always sewed, starting with my clothes throughout my life. I still use my original machine purchased in 1968….still works, but I’m thinking of replacing soon.

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative by faithfully stitching embroidery designs, decorative stitches, and straight lines when I ask it too. It does all I ask of it while asking for very little in return; an occasional brushing and oiling, and a new needle for each big project. This world would be a much sadder place without our sewing machines humming happily along creating magical costumes, fancy dresses, durable slipcovers, incredible quilts, and more.

  • I love my Bernina 570! And I must give credit to my dealer – they are a wonderful family who all work at the shop. They asked what type of sewing I was interested in and showed me the perfect machine. I wasn’t sure about the embroidery but I wanted to try – I feel like that is just SO creative!!! The sky is the limit. After making my first quilt I created an awesome label using my Toolbox embroidery software. My setup gives me a chance to try so many different things – creative – YES!!! I am because of my wonderful Bernina machine! Thank you!

  • I was finally able to move up to a 590 with an embroidery module. It has opened up new avenues of creativity for me since I can now use the embroidery module to quilt or enhance my quilts and wall hangings. My biggest problem now is what project to try to tackle next! Thank you for the wonderful support and educational short videos. I live over two hours from my Bernina support shop so they are invaluable in helping me make the most of my machine.

  • I am so very fortunate to have a beautiful Bernina sewing machine. Sewing is my creative outlet where I can make fabric come to life. Whether is a stuffed animist for a little one or a comfort lap quilt for someone in need. It’s such a gift to be able to create.

  • My sewing machine allows me to make pretty one of a kind curtains and quilts for my home. Also, clothes that fit me in fabrics I like. I can be as creative as I like and enjoy the process and items when I’m finished.

  • I love my 770! My sewing machine lets me create by piecing, appliquing, thread painting, quilting and more. So many ways to create that it is hard to know what to choose.

  • I have everything I need to sew a quilt top, embroider and design and end with long arming. I have all the tools needed to have unlimited creativity. I am building my tools so when I finally get to retire I will have plenty to keep busy and be able to have even more creativity full time.

  • I have owned a Bernina since 1985, doing garment sewing and mending, but started quilting 5 years ago. Upgraded my 830 to a used 550QE for piecing. I wanted to be a start-to-finish quilter, so mastered the walking foot and BSR for quilting my quilts. My mom helped me add a Q20 to my collection and I am in love with “Suzy Q”! My happy spot in our home is my quilting loft, using my Bernina machines. I love making quilts for family, friends and the Caring Ministry at my church. Using a Bernina sewing machine is a delight!

  • Knowing I can rely on accurate stitching, my 440QE is the best tool in my creative box. She sews like a dream, whether I’m creating garments, quilts, or projects my husband dreams up for outdoors, boating, and RV adventures. The online sewing/quilting world provides creative sparks but my best tool is my 440QE.

  • I have a Bernina Artista 185 and a Bernina 580. They help to inspire me to try new skills and projects. I garment sew as well as embroidery. Now I am considering quilting. I have made one quilt about 10 years ago. I had a sewing and alterations business for a little while. Recently I made my first leather purse.
    During this “Shelter in” command I made masks for organizations and for our family and a new cover for my 580. I could go on. Thank you

  • It all started with my Grandmother’s treadle machine. I was 10 and wanted to create clothing for my dolls. After 50 some years have passed, the treadle is still with me, but my Bernina enables me to create whatever my mind envisions. From quilts to masks to superhero capes, my machine is the tool that lets me do what I love.

  • I have the BERNINA Q20 sit down quilting machine. Having previously quilted on another brand, I can emphatically say BERNINA is the BEST! I can be very precise with the laser and the machine runs smooth and fast when I want it to. The stitch regulator is very precise. My quilts have stepped up a notch using this machine and I can be more creative with the quilted designs now. Did I mention I LOVE this machine?

  • Sewing and quilting is my creative outlet. I couldn’t do either without my BERNINA sewing machine. It is so reliable, it is there waiting when I have time to get creative!

  • My Berninas’ help me to be creative and really enjoy fabrics and their fibers. I can take flat pieces of material and mold and fold them into wonderful fabrics that represent Spanish dancing with expressive lace or tuck and pin a baby blanket. Applying different feet I can embroider monograms or silly little bugs that can startle people into swishing the bug off my shoulder. I can be creatively efficient in restyling skirts from the 40s or peasant blouses from the 60s and put a shine in a little girl’s eyes. I can make personalized Christmas ornaments or fun turkey tablerunners. I’m limited only by my imagination – but never by my Berninas…

  • My Bernina 880 and Artista 200 help me give the handmade gifts my family and friends treasure. I love the detailed and inspirational patterns available for embroidery. On the quilting side the Bernina machine gives me the confidence to try more advanced projects. Bernina owner for life!

  • When I have quality equipment, the frustration level is reduced significantly—so I can just have fun, My Bernina 790b was the last gift from my husband, who passed away Feb 2020, so my creative time takes on special meaning.

  • “How does my sewing machine help me to be creative?” Well, I have a Bernina 770 QE, this sewing machine has given me the opportunity to be more creative than I ever thought I could be. With all the functions that it has like the build in stitches, and the ability to also do embroidery. I have been able to create beautiful projects like quilts, table runners, coasters, masks, heirloom baby clothes, embroidered items of all kinds and so much more. The possibilities are endless with all the different combinations of feet and stitches. I love every time I get a chance to sit down and sew. I feel like it is my way of making something beautiful for others, when I use my Bernina. Angela

  • My Bernina 640 allows me to complete quilts for military veterans who have served in combat. The Quilts of Honor program has recognized the service and sacrifice of many veterans. I don’t always work from a pattern, but even the blending of selected fabrics allows for creativity even when a pattern is used. Great program for very selfless men and women who sacrifice for so many of us.

  • My Bernina lets me take something ordinary and make it mine. Using a combination of feet, stitches and techniques, i make the ordinary… extraordinary!

  • “How does your sewing machine help you to be creative?”
    Oh my, in so many ways… from sewing, to quilting to embroidery!
    I feel as if I am painting with a new medium!
    As a self-taught sewer I always thought BERNINA was out of my league! Not true, it is my BERNINA 790 plus AE that has not only sparked my creativity but given me a new found confidence as I now say, “I can make that”.
    Thank you BERNINA!

  • I sew and create daily with my b770QE !!! It seems one project leads to another. From tailored garments to home decor, I sew everything. I’ve especially enjoyed embroidering for my grand children and making quilts for friends and family (& myself). I’m always discovering different techniques, and presser feet, that without my Berninas I’d never have even thought of.

  • My 770 QEE just offers endless possibilities! From mending to quilt making to embroidery; the list just goes on and on. And if that wasn’t enough, I love all the Bernina how-to videos showing how to use the presser feet and attachments I have, which opens up even more possibilities.

  • Got my first Bernina 35 years ago and would not sew on anything else! Bought a new one 3 years ago and love it even more. Love the fact that you can slow it down which helps with teaching grandchildren how to sew. Best investment ever. Celebrate creating.

  • Totally love my 440 QE sewing machine and I do all my quilt piecing and free motion on it. Just love the machine and can’t imagine life without it!!! Thank you Bernina for creating such a wonderful machine..

  • There is so much to do with my Bernina 740. I have made things from my daughters doll clothes, to clothes for us, embroidered hats, to awnings for the house, and even a fire pit cover. I am amazed at what my Bernina can make! I am always learning more. I love my BERNINA!

  • My Bernina is my little workhorse and we do fun and exciting projects. This last winter I made over 200 masks for family, friends, and members of our community. It was a labor of love that did help pass the days held up. Now we are onto projects that got put on the back burner doing free flying butterflies, free standing lace necklaces, and now a butterfly leather purse . It’s a butterfly summer! Hope I win your prize. Thanks for the chance!

  • I get so excited with all the fun features that my 880 has that its a endless surprise what I can do. We all sew always has such great patterns and hints that I’m never at a loss for inspiration.

  • My Bernina 1260 Quilter’s Platinum Edition helps me be creative with all the different stitches and feet. I can sew clothes, quilts, home dec, bags and do them all with details to make them unique. I love it!

  • I am on my 3rd Bernina sewing machine. I can’t imagine creating with out it. I love all the ideas you share and I love being able to create without all the fuss.

  • My childhood was filled with music and sewing (my mother was a pianist). My mother made all sorts of things on her sewing machine, and I have wonderful memories as a young child watching her mesmerized by her creations of clothes, curtains, bedding, furniture upholstery, so many many different things. When I was old enough, she taught me to make my own clothes – that was my jumping off point in the world of sewing. For the past 55+ years, I’ve relived those wonder times with my mother as I’ve continued her sewing tradition. Now I have 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and many friends for whom I make things – it’s my way of showing how much they mean to me. During this pandemic and isolation, sewing is my bridge to my dear ones – my hugs and tickles! I truly cannot imagine my life without this way of expressing my love and affection, my joy – and I thank my mom every day for her patience and teachings and for the chance she gave me to explore this medium and all its possibilities!

  • My Bernina allows me to be creative with garment sewing as well as home decorative and holiday sewing. I love how it makes my hobby like a day at the spa, relaxing and putting me in a happy place, as well as bringing happiness to others!

  • My sewing machine is a 440 QE. The classes I have taken at my Bernina dealer and the many feet I have purchased have helped me make quilts and heirloom baby clothes. I have learn so much and love sewing.

  • I got ‘Babbs’ in December. She is the tula pink 770 edition. She has helped me stay and become more creative during covid 19. I have been able to finish many quilts including quilting them on here. She’s a part of my creative family and a joy to sew with and learn about.

  • My Bernina loves it when I tune into my Smooth Jazz
    Station! Together we sew away the day and create beautiful quilts, which I always give away. My Bernina is priceless, inspiring and a beautiful piece of unbelievable engineering.

  • I cannot imagine my life without sewing. I learned to hand embroider when I was old enough to hold a needle without pricking my finger and made my first dress on mama’s sewing machine when I was 9. It was my dream to have a Bernina sewing machine and was finally able to purchase a 1230 in the 90s. In 2007 I began to quilt on that 1230. Last year I was finally able to buy a Bernina 580 for embroidery and quilting. That has taken my creativity to a whole new level. I am learning to digitize my original designs and my sweet little 580 stitches my designs like a dream! Thanks for all the memories, Bernina!

  • Time has always been so precious for me as I work full time. So, working with Bernina sewing machines are an essential part of my de-stressing routine. My creativity is realized because the wonderful Bernina machines perform exemplary every time. Every project that I conceive, I complete with satisfaction, and realize it’s because of my wonderful Bernina machines. I am so grateful.

  • I Love my Bernina 770 QE Special Edition Tula Pink. I was so fortunate to be able to acquire this machine. It is by far the best machine that I have had so far. I am able to do so many things that I was not able to do with my old machine. I love doing the ITH projects and the machine applique.

  • My first Bernina was an 1130, and at the time, the mid 1980s, the contrast in performance to other machines being made at the time was immediately noticeable and appreciated. I had two small daughters and created everything but their socks on that machine. I had to — We were living overseas and they were growing. For several years I was focusing on smocking and garment construction, sewing with fine cotton fabrics and laces until the kids rebelled.

    As we moved from house to house and the kids grew up, the type of sewing changed. Other than sewing Halloween costumes annually, my sewing changed to the home dec type, because there must be a law: No curtains and drapes from a previous home can ever fit the next home. Bernina and a wonderful book by Laura Ashley helped with the construction of everything from drapes to welted cushions and slipcovers. If you ever need to justify the cost of a new Bernina, just figure out the cost of draperies per panel if constructed by a commercial studio.

    A month ago I retired. Shortly before leaving my job I treated myself to a new Bernina, a 570 QE. After a few weeks of purging closets and organizing my sewing books and equipment, I am ready to play. It will be on my own in the beginning because of the Covid-19 lockdown, but I am looking forward to having time for the first time ever in my life to participate in workshops as they become available. I went to the doctor the other day — My blood pressure is down 40 points! Part may be due to my new retirement status (I was a GED teacher in a men’s prison), but I am certain that getting back to sewing, anticipating projects as I review some of the resources I have collected over the decades, is playing a role.

    Bernina has been with me for most of my adult life. Even as my needs and interests changed, my Bernina of the moment met the demand. My family and I were never hostage to what was on offer retail. I wish more people could be taught to appreciate the value of personal creativity and self sufficiency, and the role that quality equipment plays.

  • I have taken my Bernina, (alias Bernie) to a very creative venture following the 200 masks I made, I have now stared customizing them with embroidery to suit each and every person. With the masks continuing to be a very important part of our new world, felt Bernie and I could make it a little more fun and exciting. Now I have told you how Bernie and I are a creative team . Hope I win your surprise! Thanks!

  • I teach sewing and the reason, that I do is my undying LOVE for sewing. I tell my students that when I sit at my machine. I am in my zen zone. Sewing has helped me through so many crises. The latest has been the coronavirus! I have made over 200 masks that, I have handed out randomly to people in need. I have sewn numerous quilts for Charities and pillowcases for cases for smiles. Sewing has kept me SANE these last few months in quarantine. THANK GOD for sewing machines!!!! Sewing is my therapy.

  • I began sewing as a child on an old Necchi machine which was quite a beast! It restricted my creativity because I was limited in what it could do and what fabrics it would work on. Nonetheless I perservered, doing much by hand. In my late teens, my grandmother bought me a Kenmore machine- amazing! It could do button holes and didn’t eat my fabric! I used it to make all my clothes and some for others during my college days. Later, in my professional life, there wasn’t always the time for sewing but I could and did still buy fabric and dreamt of all the wonderful things I could make. Then a Bernina 1090 came into my life, wow! So much I could do! Mostly garments and a little home dec, but any fabric! So many stitches! Then a B200E, OMG – sewing and embroidery, and then adding a 1300MDC serger, I could do anything. I took classes at my local Bernina dealership, tailoring, couture handstitching, sewing with knits and silks. Now I express myself through the garments I make using my B710, which sews anything with precision and combined with all the different stitches and pressure feet, there are no bounds, except I do not have embroidery capability. I intentionally decided not to go there when I bought the B710 to focus on sewing until I have more time to spend on embroidery. Now, thinking about retirement, I am hoping for a new Bernina with all the capabilities in my future.

  • I create and stitch my art quilts, many of which have been exhibited nationally and internationally. I still own the 1230 I used until I recently got the wonderful 770 QE. The wide area for machine quilting and the stitch regulator make all the difference! I love Bernina and could not have been as creative with anything else! I briefly tried out another brand and quickly returned to Bernina.

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative because I know what is capable on my machine and when a need arises my machine and I show everyone what we can do. Like making covid masks for all my friends before they could find them in the stores. Thank you for your giveaway!

  • My sewing machine helps me create beautiful quilts and bags! It also helps me do mending and is great for teaching my grandchildren how to sew.

  • I recently started using my Bernina B590 embroidery module to do the quilting on my pieced quilt tops. It makes it easy to be creative because I can use so many of the embroidery motifs. So each of my quilts is a unique creative work.

  • My Bernina 570 helps me be creative because of the dual function of sewing and embroidery! It makes it possible for me to create beautiful quilts, baby blankets to donate, and gifts for lots of friends and family! I didn’t think I would love the embroidery unit as much as I do…the gifts that come flying off that unit make so many people happy!

  • My sewing machine is the basic component of my dreaming and creating something in fabric. A picture, a need, a friend’s suggestion, the annual Christmas make gifts for friends are all fueled with the knowledge that my sewing machine is the tool that allows me to easily create something that looks decent. I can still remember the joy I had when I realized that my tax refund would cover the purchase of my first Bernina, a metal 1001. That machine had the prettiest stitches and the go-to machine for creating clothes, curtains, kids’ costumes and early quilts. As I walk through fabric stores or search on-line, fabrics and patterns call out and I have the confidence that my trusty Bernina will sew smoothly and be part of my creative process.

  • All the beautiful Bernina stitches on my 440 inspires me to be creative💠 I also love to use all the different feet available for my sewing machine. The right tool for the job always makes my creative projects go smoothly🌸

  • Even though I have an older Bernina, I have a feeling it is more creative than me! However, it does encourage me to try things I might not have tried otherwise so that is a good thing. I am just glad that I can still buy feet/attachments and such for it. I am also thankful that I have a Bernina store not too far from where I live. Thanks for doing the give-away!

  • My Bernina 530 has let me be creative in creating unique gifts for family, friends and coworkers. I like to create gifts that maybe reflect that individual. For example my niece was into Japanese items. So for Christmas I was able to do a wall hanging of her name in Japanese. Then for her 16th birthday I made a pagoda that framed Geisha girls.
    Recently I did a table runner for a manager that was leaving. My coworkers were able to sign the back with well wishes.

  • I first learned about Berninas at a Martha Pullen school I attended in the 1980’s. It has been one if the highlights of my life sewing on my Bernina’s. During Covid 19 being able to make masks and other creative sewing projects has kept me happy and grounded. Nothing sews like a Bernina, nothing!

  • With sewing I found my inner artist. My dependable Bernina 330 has enabled me to make cool things out of my fabric stash and interesting remnants I’ve collected over the years. When a young graduate finished high school, I pulled out a fabric that featured a car similar to hers, a Mini Cooper, and whipped up a makeup bag to give her. I couldn’t have found anything in a retail store that would have suited her better. It’s satisfying to make things from scratch.

  • I have the private of having two Bernina’s an 1130 and a 790 Plus. I can’t believe how much I enjoy sewing and my Bernina’s make it “sew” easy.

  • I love my Bernina 580. I have been making so many fun projects from quilts to embroidered towels for gifts for friends and family. Soon I know I will be seeing something for my grand baby.

  • My machine helps me be creative with paper and fabric projects. I love all the options it gives me to create interest,designs, texture and structure to my quilts and books I make. I love it!! I could not have half this much fun without it. A lot of ideas I get online involve sewing so it keeps me trying new things.

  • I love my Bernina 590. I sew baby quilts for my friends and I make face mask for neighbors, friends, and family.
    The Bernina 590 is easy to use and fun to create with.

  • My sewing machine allows me the freedom to dress in my unique style. I alter the clothes I buy as well as change most patterns before I sew.

  • My sewing machine (I am on my third Bernina–currently a 570) has been my constant companion through my husband’s military career and since he retired. When you move as much as we did, you need a “friend.” I feel very blessed to be able to have a Bernina and am constantly amazed at the quality!

  • My 790 and Q20 allows me to sew for fun, for my grandsons, friends and family. I love the time I can spend in my sewing room making quilts, potholders, thread painting or whatever it is that day. My Bernina makes me smile each time I walk into my sewing room! Gotta love Bernina!

  • When I sew on my Bernina 1030 or my 880 I am never disappointed with the their performance. My creative juices start to flow and before I know it hours have pasted and my heart sing because I got to make something.

  • I was so proud of my 800 Plus when I was helping making facemarks.
    A doctor asked some of us to make masks using surgical drape fabric–stiff and slightly rubbery. My machine motored right thru the pleated material. Other sewers had broken machines and tension trouble.
    I love embroidering and regular sewing for my granddaughters, too.

  • My Bernina is first and foremost a major stress reliever in my life. When I’m relaxed and happy my mind is filled with all kinds of lovely super creative ideas and my Bernina always executes those so well that I look forward to hanging out with “her” all the time for the joy and happiness she brings to me.

  • I love my Bernina. It has allowed me to sew many different projects. It also started my journey selling items that I made with my sewing machine. The stitch quality has always been great and I’ve always been pleased with it.

  • I love my Bernina (s). I piece quilts on the 440 and also do a little quilting. Learning to use the new rulers is my latest challenge. My 770 is used mostly for embroidery but also some sewing. So many possibilities to be creative with designs.

  • My Bernina machines help me create everything from rugged outdoor gear to art quilts. I originally chose Bernina for their stitch quality and ease of changing feet. Four Berninas later, my 765SE is proving to be a terrific all-around sewing, quilting, and creative companion.

  • Love my Bernina 770qe. I do a ton of embroidering, wool appliqué and quilt making. My goal is to learn machine quilting. Watching many classes by Amanda Murphy.

  • I have a Bernina 765 (my third Bernina) that I use mainly for quilting, but it helps me be creative when my daughter asks “can you make a costume like this character” or my husband says “I need a bag that will hold x, y or z (usually very weirldy shaped)” or lately when someone asks “will you please make me a mask?” My 765 has not let me down!

  • My Bernina machines make ideas become reality with all of the stitches, Bernina feet and its embroidery options. If I have a thought of making something different, after a few minutes with my machine, I am able to develop a way to create the item because of all the tools Bernina machines provide for creativity.

  • I can use my Bernina 790 Plus to sew spinning wheel treadle covers and face masks. There is so much more creativity running through my mind. As I plan out my Grand Daughter’s new summer dresses, I am including incorporation of embroidered motifs — placed randomly on the dress elements. I am working on embroidering a hat for a friend (who made me the greatest sewing table of ALL time). My Christmas gift giving plans include pieced table runners with embroidered squares, Napkins and towels. Every day, I am dreaming of the next fun, useful item that will come from my sewing room, all because I have a machine that can do ANYTHING!

  • I have been sewing all my life, but it wasn’t until I got my first Bernina in 1996 that I realized how much you could do with a sewing machine. Started with a 140, then Artista 730, a 230 for classes, then a 570 and now a 590QEE. The interchangeable parts is a huge benefit, not to mention the workhorse nature of the machines themselves. And they just get better and better every year!

  • Ever since I got my new Tula Pink Bernina I have been so excited about sewing, I come up with reasons to sew as often as possible. There are so many cool features and stitches on my machine, I can’t wait to try them all out, to learn more and explore all the possibilities of this Unicorn of the sewing machine world! Each sewing experience is a new adventure for me and at 71, you are never too old to learn!

  • I love creating quilts, recently for new grads a new babies. I would like to expand into doing some embroidery machine. Unfortunately my 440 qe has been in the shop for over a month – end it is unknown if it can be repaired. Just stopped working “we think it is something electronic” it’s all I know

  • My 790+ helps me make beautiful paper pieced quilts and then free-motion quilt them. I love the BSR! For National Sewing Machine Day, I bought myself a new Q20. I’m just waiting on delivery. I can’t wait!

  • Sewing and quilting are great sources of personal expression. I love creating quilts, recently for new grads a new babies. I would like to expand into doing some embroidery machine. Unfortunately my 440 qe has been in the shop for over a month – end it is unknown if it can be repaired. Just stopped working “we think it is something electronic” it’s all I know

  • I have had my Bernina 535 for A little over a year. I can not stop coming up with new things to make. I have made quilts, purses, bags, wallets, stuffies for the grandkids. Potholders and bowl holders, to name a few. I would say these things would never have been made with my old machine. I am so blessed to have this wonderful machine.

  • My machine helps me be creative by always being ready to sew at my command with what ever project is on try plan for the day. I have a Tula 770 and I have to admit that those polka dots are totally creative!

  • I have been a Bernina lover since I purchased my first Bernina 931. Since then I have purchased a 1630, 440qe, and B560. These machines have helped me make tons of quilts, home decor and drapes. I have made machine embroidery projects with the embroidery hoop. Creativity would not have happened without my Berninas.

  • I am a new owner of a Tula Pink 570, and I love this machine! The endless creative possibilities this machine offers really increases my confidence to learn new sewing techniques. From quilting to embroidery to sewing for my grandchildren- I want to learn it all!

  • I have a 790 and a 590 and I am always amazed at the wonderful projects that these machines will tackle with me. I have taken my 590 to many classes and whether it is embroidery or quilting or another type of project it always performs like a champ. Knowing what these machines are capable of has helped me push out of my comfort zone and try some thread painting and free motion quilting. I am not vgood but working on those skills!

  • I have made beautiful quilts, doll clothes and even tooth fairy pillows. Halloween costumes were one of the latest creative pursuits and I am finishing a Christmas wall hanging. My Bernina is my go to for artistic endeavors and meditation. I love that I can envision a project and go right to my sewing machine and it works beautifully each and every time. What a wonderful way to spend time in pursuit of serenity and creative fulfillment. It just makes me feel happy within.

  • I been sewing for many years, quilts, making my own cloths. I have several brands of sewing machines. My go to machines are my Bernina. They never let me down.

  • My Bernina has been so critical to unleashing my sewing creativity. The reliability and precision have made piecing and sewing quilts and given me to confidence to start sewing garments too!

  • I use my machine almost every day. I use it for all kinds of projects. Each project is an expression of who I am, whether it’s garment sewing, quilting, machine embroidery or anything else that strikes my fancy.

  • My machine (1090qe, new to me!!) helps me to be creative because it has stitches and feet I wouldn’t have thought to use otherwise. With these extra helpers, I’ve been able to come up with all kinds of different things to make, learning new skills and surprising myself. And of course, everyone in the Bernina community are a great source of inspiration too!

  • I have owned every top-of-the-line Bernina since 1971, except the 1130 and 1530. Learning how to use each new machine through the years has continuously refined my skills in operating the machines, keeping up with technology, and developing new skills in sewing, quilting, embroidery and software. It also established my brand loyalty to Bernina, which inspired me to pursue and become an award-winning dealer. Now that I’m retired, I continue to advance my skills and interests on my B880 PLUS. What I’ve learned in 49 years is priceless!

  • Love WeAllSew. I’ve had a BERNINA since my 1130 but just recently joined this site. It’s a great help in learning how to best use my 440QE. I’ve learned so much in just a fez’s sessions. Thank you.

  • My sewing machine is a lifeline for me. I can quilt, sew garments, design, embroider, make art wall hangings from my grandchildren’s drawings, create pet portraits, sew masks – just about anything creative I can do on my sewing machine. Working on a project is a sanity saver and it keeps my mind sharp and active. Because of my sewing machine I am an artist!

  • Sewing as a hobby has been a wonderful gift to get through the Pandemic. “We all Sew” and Bernina tutorials have so many ideas and tips for inspiration. I love the beautiful stitches my machine can sew and the different feet I can use when sewing garments, quilting, or home decor sewing.

    I enjoyed the Zoom on Garment Sewing last week.

  • My B770 can do everything better than I used to be able to do by hand. I’m thinking of adding embroidery so I can try quilting in the hoop.

  • I love my Bernina’s. My daughter and I sew on my 770QE that was an anniversary gift to myself. Then late we got the mom a BERNINA the Q24 with the Qmatic. ☺️

  • There’s nothing more comforting to me than sewing and quilting. This creative process soothes the soul and gives great joy. Bernina is the top of the line when it comes to sewing machines. I’d truly love to win!!! 🥰❤️

  • I love to quilt and my Bernina 790+ is the perfect tool to help express my creative genius. I use the embroidery in ways I would never have imagined possible when I bought my first Bernina 10 years ago. I just learned to embroider my own design on a T-shirt, so watch out!

  • My sewing machine is a creative way to avoid housework, cooking and so many other chores. It inspires creativity in the way I love my friends. I buy small, lumbar sized, feather pillows and make beautiful soft cotton pillowcases for them. These are given to friends who are hospitalized for various reasons. I hear from people years later who tell me how much they still love and use those pillows. My sewing is a creative way to feel a sense of accomplishment. As a young mother, my house might be messy, and it would be messy again. But when that beautiful dress was finished, I was so proud. When that quilt was finished, I knew it would last for generations. Now, as a grandmother, I recently sat with two sewing machines and four grandchildren, I teaching them to thread the machine and the needle. We may have only seen straight lines, but you would have thought they had made a garment. I want to teach them the love of sewing and the sense of creativity that sewing can bring.

  • The Swiss engineering that develops the Bernina machines and all the accessories is so impressive If today feels like a quilting day, I change the stitch plate, needle, thread, and I quilt, or add the embroidery module and embroider. I could do Cutwork, Paint, or just play with the designs in the embroidery software. With Bernina, it is so easy fun and amazingly easy to create.

  • I love my 830. Never thought I’d have a machine so versatile. The embroidery part has created so many beautiful items. I’ve given away most of them and will continue to do so. The sewing part has helped in learning how to quilt. I have a long way to go in free motion. but the piecing is beautiful.

  • I consider myself a fiber artist and having a good machine allows me to do that. I don’t have to worry about the quality of my stitches or bad embroidery along the way, but can just let my creativity flow.

  • I just love my machine and it gives me the opportunity to try different feet, sewing stitches, and really cool embroideries. I love to look at fabric and patterns and then I look at how my machine will work to make my creations special and unique.

  • I love my new machine. I have begun to do my own quilting and I am intrigued to try garments again. Bernina provides so much instruction and ideas!

  • Before getting my Bernina, all I could do was basic stitches. It wasn’t enjoyable to sew at all. Now I feel like anything is possible. I’m doing things that I never thought that I would be able to do. I actually enjoy sewing now. Thank you Bernina.

  • I started sewing when I was 6 on a pedal Singer machine. My Mom upgraded to a faster Singer and I made my clothes and clothes for my two sisters. Then I married and the Army shipped us to Italy where my hubby purchased my 1st Bernina! I made my children clothes and a lot of mine with that Bernina. We transferred to California, where I purchased a cabinet for my Bernina and a Bernina Surger. I was in heaven!!! While in California, my hubby came home with a picture and lots of wool fabric so I could make a costume for him. After making his, I made me a gown to go match his outfit. I learned how to embroidery on that Bernina and without an embroidery hoop! I have been teaching my granddaughter how to sew and purchased her 1st Bernina last Christmas…she loves it! Her favorite project is pillow cases. I wanted to get her started on the perfect machine a Bernina!

  • I love sewing clothing for my kids! Experimenting with patterns, fabrics, and designs! My Bernina just makes it easier and more fun! I don’t have time for hand sewing so the machine also makes it much faster, so I can complete a project in weeks rather than years.

  • My sewing machine allows me to create, among other things, quilts for family and friends that can be reminders of my love for them after I’m gone.

  • Thank you for designing an awesome machine that is so user friendly and takes the stress out of creating beautiful items. If I had to fight with my machine it would not be such an enjoyable process.

  • My Bernina sewing machine and Bernina serger are integral to my creativity. I use them for everything from minor repairs to home decor, quilting, clothing for my grandchildren and for many years I even made my daughter’s figure skating costumes. Without my Bernina’s I wouldn’t do anything.

  • My Bernina’s allow me to explore The Endless possibilities of what I can come up with using beautiful fabrics. I see for myself, my family, and my friends; clothing And stuffed animals for grandchildren; Quilted items for loved ones. The joy of creating is what Bernina gives to me!

  • Sewing is the ultimate therapy for a quilter. I used my 1999 160 Bernina So much I had to have the motherboard replaced! lol It has made the most amazing and fun Quilts for my family and charity.

  • My Bernina sewing machine gives me the control to make my projects better. I can be creative in trying new ideas without getting frustrated by poor or skipped stitches. I can see ideas on the internet and make my own version that suits my lifestyle and needs.

  • I have an older Bernina and still love it. I can tackle any projects including re-doing a jeans waistband and belt loops, making beautiful buttonholes and topstitching. I’m currently using my machine to to straight piecing of fabric scraps making my “own fabric” and will use that in a quilt design. The stitching is perfect every time.

  • I love my 580 and currently I am making masks to donate and sell. This has kept me sewing for the last three months and has kept me from being bored with staying home during the pandemic. It’s also rewarding to know I helped the medical professionals and patients who used cloth masks for protection when they were so desperately needed!

  • I love making baby things. My sewing machine helps me be creative with decorative stitches, and different feet making perfect designs and beautiful binding for baby bibs, blankets and burp cloths.

  • Oh my goodness! Just a few months ago my husband bought me a Tula pink 770 bernina and I have been on cloud nine. It’s been amazing. I’ve been quilting for years on a Juki and loved it but this Bernina 770 is a whole new world of creativity at my hands. I’m able to free motion quilt better than I ever have on a sit down with the amazing stitch regulator foot and I’m looking forward to learning how to download an embroidery pattern to finish up the accuquilt sun bonnet sue quilt that I’ve cut out for my grand daughter. Just finished a quilt that I embroidered cowboy hats, horse shoes, a horse and cowboy boots for one of my grandsons and it turned out beautiful. I’m just overwhelmed with all the extra options that I’m going to be able to use from this beautiful machine. Thank you Bernina for this experience.

  • June 12,2020 I picked up my brand new 790 plus and am so excited to started on some new sewing adventures. With all of the new to me, sewing features I have a lot to learn. I have had a Bernina 1030 for more than 30 years and love it. My 1030 has been a work horse and a great machine. When I am sitting at my sewing machine my mind goes into a different zone and I can create beautiful things for my friends and family. I have sewn quilts, clothes, bags and just about anything I can. Thank you Bernina

  • My machine helps me with my creations because it is very dependable and by changing presser feet I can sew with precision on many projects.

  • I love my Bernina 780! I use it for all kinds of creativity, whether it be quilts, clothing, embroidery, home dec, kids busy books, everything! I recently used it to make some of the lace for my daughter’s wedding veil!

  • My Bernina sewing machine is my friend who is always here to comfort me and help me to construct the many ideas bouncing around in my brain. I love both garment sewing and quilting. My best projects are those which are original. A pattern is a beginning; the end result is a masterpiece created with Bernie and me.

  • I just have a simple machine, and a basic serger; but I have sewn clothing for my kids, holiday gifts, speedskating racing skins, ballet costumes and tutus. Halloween costumes: dragonflies, princesses, and granola bar’s to name a few. 5am making Athena’s gown for be your hero at school day. Everything from curtains for the whole house, to putting polar fleece lining in the knees of my husband’s work pants for those cold 3am call outs plowing in the snow emergencies. My machine is more than a creative helper, it has been essential tool in meeting my families needs

  • My brand new Bernina 770QE allows me to be free to create art quilts, baby quilts and garments without having to worry about the basics – always beautiful, perfect stitches and features that make sewing a dream. The 770QE replaced my Bernina 150 Virtuosa QE which I have dearly loved and sewn on for nearly 30 years. I thought that machine was the most advanced technology ever, but the 770QE has surpassed it! Bernina really knows what quilters need, before we even know we need it! Love these beautiful machines!!!!

  • My Bernina is my escape from the world. I quilt, sew and embroider and am always trying something new. I have a very stressful job in public safety and knowing I can come every night and get lost in my creativity gives me both peace and joy. My biggest problem is that sometimes I get too lost and realize it is 2 a.m. and getting up at 6 for work is a struggle. Working from home these last few months has given me lots of extra time with my Bernina. Mostly I make things for people in my life. I love to personalize things with their favorite color or embroidery. I make lots of baby gifts for friends who are having grandchildren and just finished two beautiful quilts for my new grandbaby due any day now!

  • I love to do things with my hands, especially sewing. My sewing machine helps me to create clothes, quilts and gifts. Sewing brings me great pleasure.

  • I have a Bernina 570 QE. This is my third Bernina sewing machine purchase in about 20 years. I also have a Bernina serger. My sewing machine is a great stress reliever as I get involved in whatever I am creating and I focus only on my project, shutting out problems for a time. I have learned lots of techniques over the past few years such as zipper insertion, machine embroidery, decorative stitches, and quilting, to name a few. Sewing also connects my thoughts to my late grandmother, who taught me to sew when I was about six years old. I wish she had lived long enough to see the fabulous sewing machines of today.

  • I love my Berninas (2). I’ve made everything from Xmas ornaments to aprons and potholders and many quilts. I also use them to mend and alter our garments, although that’s more of a chore than a creative undertaking. I wouldn’t trade my machines for anything.

  • I get the creative juices flowing when I use the specialty feet I have purchased like the circular foot and the needlepunch foot. There are many uses for these two feet including adding fabric and decorative stitches to the circular foot and needle felting a piece of wool and turning it into a purse. Love both of these versatile feet.

  • My Bernina is so smart, it knows what tension to select without endless fiddling with knobs or bobbins gone wild. I started out 50+ years ago on a White long bobbin sewing machine that didn’t have reverse and have worked my way up to the machine we all should have: a Bernina that lets me use the stitch regulator and free form quilt. I’m sewing everything from masks and pillowcases to suits and quilts. My fantasy is to have and use ALL the feet!

  • I always wanted a Bernina. I learned to sew on a very old Singer. I inherited my mom’s Singer and when it died, my husband got me another Singer for Christmas. I was very happy with my Singer, but it was a basic machine. When my dad passed away, I received an unexpected small inheritance. I used it to purchase a used Artista 200/730. I love to sew and I see my Bernina as a sweet gift from my dad.

  • My Bernina sewing machines help me to be creative by empowering me to try new things. Knowing that my machine is up to absolutely any sewing task imaginable gives me a leg up when I’m learning new techniques, confident that I won’t be struggling against my equipment. My 750QEE has so many possibilities, from fine garment sewing to embroidery, decorative stitching, BSR for quilting or thread painting — really, any class I want to take or new project I’m inspired to tackle, my Bernina always has the stitches and features necessary for success. I LOVE MY BERNINAS!!!

  • I have been so lucky to be able to purchase my first Bernini recently. I have dreamed of owning one for over 30 years and just recently retired and purchased a serger and an 880 embroidery sewing machine. The machines are so amazing and I am having so much fun in learning on my own and through the webinars. Beenigma certainly cares about the quality of their products but also their customers. I am learning to embroider and quilt projects and am looking forward to giving them as Xmas presents. I am also looking forward to making costumes for Halloween which I do each year for my nieces and nephews. I have so many ideas and so little time.

  • I’ve been blessed to have had 5 main sewing machines in my life but the one that lasted thru my children’s growing up years was my favorite.It spurred me on from simple garment sewing to embroidery on clothes,puppets for the kids,paper books made of their little stories (you can sew thru a lot of paper layers with a jeans needle) costumes for school and parties,alterations.Every project led to using a new stitch or technique that kept pushing me to try new things,use new feet,thread, material. I can’t draw or paint but having a sewing machine has been the “friend” that encouraged me to be artistic with fabric.I don’t know how I would get along without my machine!

  • My sewing machine helps me to be creative by allowing me to produce beautiful things. I don’t have a creative bone in my body but my machine (770QE) allows me to create embroidery projects that are beautify, something I could not do without it. I can create items of clothing that are customized just for me and I can create quilts for others to wrap themselves up in my love!

  • I have had several sewing machines over my lifetime, but my Bernina by far as been my partner for many years now. I helped my son make blackout drapes for his home. I taught him how to run the machine so he could help me out on the 18 pairs we made. He had never run a sewing machine before and by the end of the evening he wanted a Bernina!! I quilt, sew masks, make pillows and pillow cases, mug rugs, repairs on clothing…the list could go on and on. Thank you Bernina for making the most wonderful sewing machines – you make many, many people very happy!!

  • Been creating and sewing on a Bernina since 1970! So many clothes, home decor, presents and finally in 2010 quilting and machine embroidery! Love my 880 plus!!!!!

  • My sewing machine enables me to be able to honor my mom by sewing with her fabric and creating things I never knew I could. I love how it occupies my mind and the feeling of accomplishment. It also helps me with problem solving skills as a newbie you have to figure out how to correct mistakes 🙂

  • I have an Artista 185 and an 830. I love setting the embroidery machine going while I use the 185 to work on other projects–usually something for my grandchildren. I love the machines I have as they sew beautifully. I try to challenge myself with new projects–and gain inspiration from fellow Bernina owners.

  • I have a Bernina 550 Quilter’s edition–I used to sew clothing for myself and my children but when I started quilting that became a thing of the past (my children also grew up). Quilting is a joy, especially choosing the fabrics and colors (it’s sort of like getting a brand new box of crayons and reading all the wonderful names of the colors). What fun to create!!

  • I am able to create with ease because my sewing machine is a dream to use. I make quilts, bags, gifts, placemats, applique towels and free motion quilting because my sewing machine is fun to use. As I sew I think about other projects that I want to make.

  • My machine allows me to embrace my creative outlets of embroidery and quilting. I’v been embroidering almost 20 years and I never tire of watching a design stitch out – especially one I’ve digitized!!

  • Over the years, my sewing machines have provided hours of fun from making clothing and gifts to quilting and embroidery. The best part is that with my Bernina, there is always something new to learn and enjoy. Your
    “We All Sew” blog keeps me inspired and ready to try something new.

  • I love my sewing machine! I have a limited amount of time each week to work on my own projects but my sewing machine allows me to feel like I’m making progress with each item that seems to flow off the needle. I can play with color and texture while creating snuggly quilts or trying my first garments. I’ve just barely started sewing and am dreaming of all the wonderful things my sewing machine will help me create.

  • My 440 has been so helpful in creating quilts for my grandkids. I love these machines – they are reliable and can do everything I need. I would love to learn how to do more.

  • I have always heard that Bernina is top of line the Rolls Royce of sewing machines. I have owned several other brands of sewing machine but never a Bernina. I ran across a very old Bernina, an 1130, a few weeks ago. The machine looks almost new and still gas all of the accessories, books,etc., so on a whim I bought it. It sews like a dream! This 30+ year old machine is far, far superior to my much newer machines. Since I bought it I have seen every day, which is something I haven’t done in years. My little senior citizen 1130 made me love sewing again! I’m stitching EVERYTHING!

  • I am a newbie to Bernina. Went to a sewing class and bought my Bernina 770QE. Love it! I learn something new to do/try with each project! I love the Bernina videos and going to my local Bernina dealer to take classes and/or get supplies to try a new project. I also love the education videos on how my machine works and what I can do to keep it running smoothly. Another great help is being able to pull up information on the internet. I live out in the country so my local dealer is an hour away……….if I have a question, I just find a video that answers my question! I have several friends that also sew, so we get together for projects and my machine just hums compared to their machines. 🙂

  • I have always heard that Bernina is top of line, the Rolls Royce of sewing machines. I have owned several other brands of sewing machine but never a Bernina. I ran across a very old Bernina, an 1130, a few weeks ago. The machine looks almost new and still has all of the accessories, books, etc., so on a whim I bought it. It sews like a dream! This 30+ year old machine is far, far superior to my much newer machines. Since I bought it I have sewn every day, which is something I haven’t done in years. My little senior citizen 1130 made me love sewing again! I’m stitching EVERYTHING!

  • I have enjoyed my BERNINA experience for many years and am still happily sewing on my Aurora 440 QE. Everything from traditional quilting to art quilting, doll clothes for granddaughters and now face masks for family and friends. Can’t wait to introduce the “younger generation” to the joys of sewing !

  • My sewing machine helps me create so many wonderful things. I love to make gifts for others, especially my 15 grandchildren. I love to search Pinterest for ideas, then step into my sewing room and make those ideas come to life. My Bernina 790 Plus is a dream to sew on. I especially love my embroidery unit. It has opened up a whole new world to me.

  • My Bernina helps me be more creative because it takes so much of the guesswork out of sewing, so I can just concentrate on the enjoyment of the creative process!

  • I paint with fabric on my Bernina 770 QE. Complicated patterns that constantly challenge me are put together and actually work. I love the 97D foot it has helped me be precise with quilt blocks. Creativity is much easier to achieve with tools that work.

  • My Bernina helps with my creativity in making our church paraments and banners as well as in home deco and marine applications. I love the fancy stitches for making my own lace for the edges. The power of my 880 + handles sunbrella fabric with ease.

  • My sewing machine has helped me develop talents that were encouraged by my mother. The more I sew, the more creative and daring I am to create my own designs. I love my Bernina. I learned on one in Home Economics in High School and am working on wearing out my second machine. The first one lasted 40 years.

  • A few years ago I took a class from Jane Sassaman and we used the built-in decorative stitches to complete our wall hanging. It absolutely made the quilted piece pop! Now I often use decorative stitches on my small projects

  • I purchased my 590 before the pandemic and this machine has been a great companion and mental health saver. It was a perfect companion for sheltering in place. It has helped me finished many projects that I have had for years.
    I love the power to penetrate thick multilayered projects and the high presser foot area. I was able to finish a 30+yr quilt I had that for some crazy reason I used 2 layers of polyester batting (more loft?). This machine helped me sew all those quilt as you go seams with little frustration.
    My latest project was an embroidered counting book for my new grandson, I am very pleased how it turned out and the perfect placement helped.
    I enjoyed learning how to do many things with the machine. It helped to have many You tube videos and online help.

  • I bought my first Bernina, a 435 Anniversary Edition – an original 435, 17 years ago. A new world of creativity opened! I’m a quilter, seamstress, home decorator, and crafter. My Bernina inspired me to engage in all of these arts! Love my Bernina! I want to upgrade to continue to learn and create! Someday!

  • I love my Bernina 830 I could not do what I do every day without it. I have been sewing my very first quilt today all because my 830 is sew inspiring.

  • I love colors – most particularly bright and happy colors. I enjoy combining them in projects that make me and others smile. I memorialize my creative designs with my sewing machine.

  • Love my Bernina! I just updated from an Activa 140 to a new Bernina 590. Wow what a change for me. I can create one of a kind clothing clothing pieces with all the decorative stitches and all the beautiful embroidery designs. I am surprised how much I have embroidered since getting this machine. It is so easy and looks great. This machine has dramatically increase my creativity! There is no end to the things you can create with all the stitches, embroidery module and presser feet. Love my new Bernina!!!!!

  • My Tula Pink 770 helps me be creative by opening a world of possibilities I never knew were available. The embroidery module and all of the decorative stitches are so fun and easy to use -and look so good! – I’m always thinking of new ways to use them. And the 770 makes even the most complex projects so easy.

  • I have had so much fun with my brand new 770QEE Tula Pink! I have had 6 bernina machines over the past 30 years and each one has gotten better and better. I love the new even feed feature. My matchup of quilting pieces no longer slip and slide! The addition of the even feed feature on the feet makes whatever task I am doing feed evenly through the foot. I have never made such perfect fitting identical buttonholes in my life! The new embroidery unit and cutting the underneath jump threads is such a dream. This machine has just kept improving the embroidery and I’ve had a 180, 440, and a 570 and the 770 is the best so far! Thanks for manufacturing a machine that makes all sewing a joy!

  • My 830 has so many options for creativity–from a plethora stitches and ability to alter stitches to quilting and embroidery and Cut Work! I love all my options and learning new ways to use them.

  • I love my 770 QE! In addition to utilitarian, everyday sewing, I can make any idea I have for an art quilt come to life. All I have to do is dream it!

  • I never run out of new things to learn on my bernina. There are so many stitches and feet that the options enable me to always create something new and fun. I am in the process right now making fun aprons as gifts using quilting and sewing. My machine never lets me down!

  • My BERNINA 830 sewing machine helps me be creative every day with quilting, embroidery, appliqué and everyday sewing. Love to create bags, totes, quilts, baby products…oh I’ll be honest I love to create anything. Any day I can create with my BERNINA is a good day!

  • I can’t live without my sewing machine. It allows me to create anything I want in fabric. The sky is the limit. Crafts, clothes, paper, wall hangings, quilts, you name it.

  • My Bernina Aurora 440 QE has been a workhorse lately sewing masks during the covid-19 pandemic. I have also taken time to sew a quilt top lately, and also am working on the Busy Book for my granddaughter! I will add some of my own ideas to help her get the book sooner. Thanks for the fun ideas!

  • My Bernina 350 has given me the ability to create numerous items to decorate my home. I have made curtains, quilts, table cloths, table runners, mini quilts, wall hangings, hot pads, dish towels and numerous other items to decorate my home. I have also used my Bernina to create baby and wedding gifts as well as clothing items for my children and grandchildren. In addition, I have used a Bernina (I am on my second Bernina) to teach hundreds of 4-H students as well as my own children how to sew. When you own a Bernina, creativity is the name of the game.

  • As a quilting my B740 allows me to be a “precision piecer”. I love the hover setting for the presser foot, as it allows me to insert my next pair of patches up under the presser foot to start stitching right at the edge of the patches, without any other action on my part. Thanks for a wonderful machine.

  • My Bernina machines are so wonderful. I actually own 5 of them, including a serger, a cover stitch, B580, and 880. I have a workhorse 930 I purchased in the 80’s that still works great. I guess you can say I’m a fan. I find it so easy to be creative with all the stitches available and all the FEET! I’m so happy with the results because my Bernina machines are so reliable. When I get time to sew I know I’m not going to have to spend time getting my machine to work perfectly, because it does! I’m really into the embroidery, too.

  • I love both of my Berninas! As a fiberist I couldn’t do half the things I want to without my machines. From quilts to general mending my sewing machine is my favorite artistic tool.

  • I’m sorry but I have a Bernina 1090 and 440 and I
    love both my machines! They have helped me create
    many quilts! I would welcome a new Bernina!!!
    But I’m happy with my Bernina’s!

  • I love my Berninas! I have a serger, a coverstitch and a Bernina Artista, and each are so wonderful to help me create the garments I dream up in my head. I’ve made about 50 facemasks, but soon I look forward to returning to making other things that are fun to wear!

  • My sewing machine (a TP 770QEE) and all its great features frees me up to be creative. I can have design time before and during the creative process and when I do sit down at the machine, I know it will do all I ask of it, sewing perfect seams, perfect blanket stitches for my applique and great stitches when I quilt the sandwiched top. I still love and use my 350 in classes and I can count on it (and my 440 in a pinch, if either of the other two are in the shop). Even the smaller machines have such great and consistent stitches and tension, I never have to worry about such issues. Love my Berninas!

  • Husbands have their power tools while I have my power tools aka my Bernina machines. I have 5. Latest one is the 790+. There is no end to the creativity that can be accomplished with the Bernina’s. All the features included on the Bernina’s makes it so easy to embroidery, quilt, make clothes, stuffed animals, etc. Love my 790+ and all my other Bernina’s.

  • My Bernina 570QE is such a fabulous sewing machine. It is a way for me to be creative and express my own ideas.Every item I make a project I learn something new about my machine. I have surprised family and friends with unique items made just for them. There are so many projects to make, and so little time. I plan to take it with me when I leave this earth! Thanks Bernina for making a product that is so versatile and allows me to enjoy being creative.

  • I can be creative with my Bernina with the use of the decorative stitches, the many presser feet which make various techniques easy, and the embroidery. Whether piecing and quilting, garment sewing, embroidering an item or a combination of these, my Bernina allows me so many options.

  • I use my 790 more than any other of my machines. It has such great features that make sewing more enjoyable. I do more embroidery than ever before and with the BSE free motion quilting looks so pretty!

  • I love how versatile my machine is! My favorite projects are quilting and I never thought that the decorative stitching and embroidery features would be useful, but they have opened up a whole new world of creativity!

  • My 830 is my workhorse. A few drops of oil has her humming!
    My Artista 180 introduced me to new feet and computerized sewing and embroidery.
    My B880+ has given me tools that will support my creativity for a long time! I sew garments, use and create stitch patterns, embellish, appliqué, enjoy computerized help, straight-line and free motion quilting, bind, embroider, construct home dec and create gifts. My Berninas pique my creativity and the only limiting factor is the amount of time I can spend in my sewing chair. I appreciate Bernina training, classes, their blog, newsletter and continuing video reminders, support and instruction! I am a Bernina Girl! 👍🏻❤️

  • I was fortunate to get to use a Bernina in junior high, many years ago. After that experience, I knew I was going to get myself a Bernina of my own. I love the versatility of my machine and the easy threading and easy handling is a plus.

  • How does my sewing machine help me be creative? Besides sewing all the necessary things (and mending) I enjoy designing and sewing unusual stuff. The past few years, I’ve been making awesome, imaginative, recycled bags from plastic grocery bags of many colors. It’s more fun than plain sewing, easier to make fit than garment sewing, and definitely an outlet for creativity. Now I need a new machine, I want to create twice as much!

  • It’s not difficult being creative as a Bernina owner. Beginning over two decades ago with a 180E to my current 830. All the decorative stitches and the embroidery unit allow me to add a personal touch to each of my projects. Be it a quilt, home dec item or even adding a custom touch to a store-bought clothing item. I love it.

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative in making clothing and home decor. It enables me to use my imagination to put together patterns, colors and textures to express appreciation, love, and friendship. I have made many a quilt, table runner and apron to give away to family and friends. I have made quilts to honor people who have served in the military.

    I have also used my sewing machine to be creative in terms of keeping my mind engaged. I study sewing techniques and watch videos to improve my skills. Sewing on a Bernina helps me stay in touch with technology while still enjoying the art and skill of past generations.

    I am not a professional seamstress but I love the sound of sewing machine – it reminds me of my mother. I love to sew on my Bernina!

  • My sewing machine helps me to be creative in that I can choose the pattern and fabric I prefer to create a one in a million, unique article of clothing or home decor. Not only that, but I can choose any number of different stitches to embellish that item to make it even more to my taste. I can create clothing for each of my granddaughters to suit each of their unique tastes and preferences.

  • I have loved to sew for 30 years and mainly use my creativity to sew gifts, especially home decor with colors and patterns specific for the recipient. Thanks for the giveaway

  • I was gifted a 930 Record Electric and it was rarely used. I am blessed! I didn’t know there were machines that could sew heavy fabric or heavy seams (as in sewing bags)! It sews so quiet and effortlessly. I love it. As a result, I began sewing more bags, taking tutorials to learn how to sew them. I am having fun. I would love to have a newer model – but only because the needle doesn’t stop when I stop. It has to always stop UP and I wish it would stop down position Other than this, it is amazing!! So glad Bernina has stuck with its requirements to high standards and always making a metal machine !.

  • My Bernina 801 Sport and my new B335 (It’s so exciting!) have helped me make Halloween costumes, appliqued sweatshirts, valences, pillows, window shades, quilts, new chair cushions, baby bibs, tote bags, purses, and probably dozens of other things I have forgotten. What reliable workhorses they are!

  • Love my Bernina Aurora 430 as it is a work horse. I love all the decorative stitches which I can use on sewing, scrapbook and other creative projects.

  • I tried for years to be creative or even just fix a few seams and buttons with an old singer sewing machine!! I finally gave up and didn’t sew because it was more frustrating than fun. THEN my wonderful husband bought me a BERNINA 570QE. When I can’t sew because of responsibilities, my attitude suffers. I got the embroidery attachment about a year later. I have found what relaxes me!! It is taking embroidery programs and doing my own colors. I have been able to figure out that I love to think outside the box!! I love being creative with gifts of things I have embroidered. Freestanding lace is what I really love!! I found a Christmas village that is freestanding lace and, of course I went outside the box and used many colors and fabrics. I would add a picture if I could. If I had 10 minutes to grab everything that was important to me, my sewing machine would be on the list!! Thank you for the BERNINA 570QE!! It has freed me from the pile of things to fix and opened up my creative mind!!!

  • Lately I’ve been sewing on my old 1020. It gives me a thrill to sew over pleats (for masks) so easily. Since I enjoy sewing on it I tend to sew more. I like to make craft type items such as kitchen towels & potholder, quilting, mending, whatever. I have been working on designing some kitchen towels, potholders & non-paper towels for a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen. The accent colors are turquoise and purple so it’s been fun designing using those colors! That lead me to want to make something for my kitchen too!

  • I love sewing with my Bernina! I’ve made zipper pouches, totes, table runners, wall hangings, pot holders, quilts, etc. I’ve even made greeting cards with fabric scraps that I’ve sewn on card stock. I enjoy using the variety of decorative stitches. Like so many others now, masks are coming off my Bernina production line!

  • I would be totally lost without all of my Bernina’s! I have four boys so when I have “me” time I come in to my sewing room, turn on some music and my LauraStar and all of my tension and anxiety are gone. I love to quilt, embroider and sometimes serge. I just recently also purchased the Q20 on a frame with the Q-Matic. Yes, I am so, so spoiled but I love my Bernina’s. I have made and given away more quilts than I can count and just recently started a quilt for my own bed. About time I kept one for myself! Thank you for the chance!

  • My 430 is on the blink right now. I’ve tried several of my other brand machines (44 of them) to do the same sewing projects and I have packed each one up again because they just don’t compare to a Bernina. I guess I’ll have to break down and take it to the shop. Or better yet, buy one of the newer Berninas to sew all my decorative stitch projects.

  • My creativity only comes out through my machine, which I call Bernadette. She’s a 770QE which I have had for four years. I LOVE my Bernina. Got the embroidery module a couple of years ago and love that too. So many projects, so little time. Love my creative Bernadette.

  • I can do so many things with my machine that I couldn’t or wouldn’t do without it. My Bernina is about so much more than clothing and curtains. My only problem is finding more time.

  • I don’t have a fancy model, still love my Activa 230. It allows me to piece, quilt, sew, make bags, to mend, alter clothing, etc. The projects are endless. Just have to find the time to experiment, to create!

  • I love using my machines, a Bernina 440QE and Q20 (sit-down), to create things for my home and family, especially quilts, but also table toppers, wallhangings, Christmas tree skirts and stockings. Lately, I have made about 500 face masks (mostly Disney-themed), and am currently making memory quilts for the daughters and granddaughters since my mother unexpectedly passed away in January. Quilting is my passion! 💕

  • My B535 helps me be creative by allowing me to sew garments that truly fit, & express my personal style. It also helps repair my girls’ toys after the doggo mistakes them for chew toys :-/.

  • My sewing machine is the tool that allows me to create with fabric and thread. It is the extension of my hands and vision, making it possible to express my ideas in so many beautiful ways. I can lose myself in the creative process knowing that the sewing machine will be my reliable companion, producing all the wonderful things I imagine.

  • I’ve had my Anniversary Edition 790+ for just over a year. Sewing is now pure joy, due to the quality. This spring, I also purchased my first ever overlocker (L450), to speed making clothes. This is leading to my deeper discovery of the two distinct worlds of fabrics… quilts and apparel. I work full time, but spend many evenings sewing.

  • I am really bad at singing, drawing or painting, dancing or anything else normally considered creative. My Bernina 770QE makes me look and feel creative. I like to add dashes of special stitches to items for people. I have found I like “In the Hoop” methods because I have found ways to be creative even with these items that are (fortunately) otherwise controlled by the machine and the design. I’m glad I chose a Bernina because I have tried friends’ other brands of machines, but I think my Bernina has better features and runs more smoothly, with better stitches.

  • Sitting at my Bernina 630E is my happy place. I love the perfect stitching. I might need a new serger one of these days though. Shhhhh I haven’t mentioned that to my husband yet.

  • I sew everyday on my Bernina880Plus. The machine seems like an extension of my mind….creativity just keeps flowing with the fabulous assortment capabilities of the machine from embroidery to 900+ stitches to free motion quilting. It also f eels like an extension of my body as my hands move with muscle memory in automatically changing feet, stitches, mode, etc. I love this machine! Thank you Bernina for offering such a great product.

  • I sewed a little as a child, a little more as a teen, a little more again once I had saved enough money to buy my first machine as an adult, and a little more again when my children were very young. Then came years of being “too busy” to sew as my kids grew up and active in so many different directions, and my little Singer languished in a box. Two years ago my family experienced some health crises that drove me frantic with worry. I couldn’t concentrate to read, I baked more muffins than a family can reasonably eat, I pulled every single weed in the garden, and I needed something to do to save my sanity. I wanted to go back to sewing, but my machine was broken beyond repair. My local fabric store is a Bernina dealer so I bought a little Bernette b33. I found sewing calmed me by making me concentrate, keeping me active, and giving me a creative outlet. I turned out dozens of tote bags, zipper pouches, mini quilts, pillows, pajama pants, and more. People loved their homemade gifts, but really it was me receiving the gift of healing by making and giving beautiful things. Recently I’ve been even more grateful to have the skill and means to make masks to help protect family and friends. Even though I “only” have a Bernette b33 I feel I have the greatest machine in the world for all the joy it’s given me. I have learned so much already, and I haven’t even begun to exhaust the potential of my little machine. It’s wonderful to have so much still to look forward to.

  • My BERNINA helps me be creative in making toys and clothes for my grandson. And, during these pandemic days, it has helped me make different face masks for me and my family.

  • I have been sewing on my 440qe for 10 years and never have had a problem with this great machine. I have sewn with so many different emotions throughout these years creating items to bring joy, like that of a new baby and to bring comfort, so many memory quilts, I have sewn for my home and garments to wear to feel great in for many occasions, I do hope one day soon to upgrade when I can decide which wonderful machine will be the best for my needs, they are all wonderful, thank you for these amazing tools to bring us all such joy while we create!

  • I’m so thankful that my friend suggested Bernina when I was looking for a Sewing machine that would keep up with my quilting! I just ordered my 3rd machine and am getting the 700 so I can embroider while I sew my quilts! I can’t wait to keep learning and creating!

  • I’ve been sewing all of my life and I joke with my husband that I have sewed around the world many times. I’ve enjoyed how we are limited only by our imagination in the things we can create with a sewing machine
    I have had four Berninas so far. I just upgraded to the 790 Plus and am excited to bring her along with me on my sewing journey.

  • I love creating with my new machine. I have been sewing for many years, but my Bernina has opened up a whole new world for me! My day job is not at all creative, so working with my Bernina provides a needed break and rejuvenation. Now I need to try embroidery…

  • I have loved my Bernina machines since I bought my Record 830 forty years ago, and now have a 550 QE. I have made hundreds of baby blankets for friends and family and lots of miniature to king sized quilts. I used to sew clothing for myself and kids, but that has gone mostly away now. I like to make someone unique that no one else has for gifts. It shows my love for the receiver and makes me feel good. It also is the way I feel creative in my retirement years and gives me satisfaction and pleasure.

  • I love my Berninas! Without them my daughter nor myself would have been able to make mask for family, friends and colleagues. Thank you for hanging in there with us.

  • I have been sewing for about 55 years. I know that my Bernina can handle anything I can dream up – and more.
    From quilting to embroidery and now facemarks, my 780 keeps on trucking. Thanks for a great product!

  • I was always fascinated by my mother’s sewing machine. She received a new one with a zigzag stitch when I was in high school. She did not enjoy using it. So when I went off to college she told me to take it with me. I actually sewed for others in college. I have sinced had 2 other machines. But my Bernina 350 has the best stitches of any machine I have ever used. I hope to upgrade with a 2nd Bernina soon.

  • My sewing machine helps me to be creative because I can look at all the fabrics in my stash and realize all the great and fantastic things I can make quickly and easily with my machine. And since I’m not going shopping at the mall lately, I can make my own designer styles.

  • My three Berninas have alllwed me to be creative in each of the places I hangout. In my sewing room I can design apparel suitable for my short, chubby frame and hopefully disguise little bit the fact that I’m not all that successful in dieting. At our cabin in the woods, I can put together quilts that reflect the color and serenity of my peaceful surroundings. And at my daughter’s house I can have a ball sewing what I love best: little girl’s clothes and matching doll clothes for her daughters.

  • I never in my wildest dreams thought I could sew professional looking clothing and embroider beautiful designs that I would see on designer clothing, until I got my Bernina 830! That was some years ago, and many beautiful creations ago. Now I own a 880 and have even more tools at my finger tips to continue on this wonderful adventure into sewing and embroidering.

  • I find that my sewing machine actually inspires me to be more creative because it gives me even more ideas as use it and learn more about its capabilities (Bernina 790+).

  • I love my Bernina 790! I use it everyday and make people happy with it. I sew/ alter wedding dresses. I love the many automatic setting features which is a godsend when you are trying to wrestle a giant dress. She is my baby!

  • How does my Bernina encourage me? I’ve been sewing since I was a small child. I have a Bernina 580 that I bought a couple years ago from my local shop, (wonderful, helpful place). Bernina opens a world of possibilities for creating anything I want. I’m still learning all the things it can do. With my Bernina I can make anything I can imagine. The number of stitches it has and all the presser feet available allows me to make anything I want to. I love the BSR for quilting.

  • I have been sewing since the 5th grade and am now 72. I have kept myself in stylish clothes and uniforms. I have been able to alter my husbands slacks and make play clothes for our boys. When the addition of embroidery came out, I was on the band wagon. I purchased the software and created many designs. For awhile, I did custom embroidery. I am now retired and have been making clothes for the grand-daughters American Girl dolls. I enjoy sewing gifts for family, sewing quilts, purses, and clothes for myself.

  • My Berninas allow my creativity to flow with great joy as I sew, quilt and embroider just about anything for my friends and loved ones!

  • My BERNINA sewing machine helps me to be creative by allowing me to complete any project I can dream up in a professional, easy and dependable way. It is so precise and reliable that I don’t have to spend my time and energy fighting my machine and instead I can spend that energy being creative. I love my B770 QE SE! ❤❤❤

  • I own an Artista 730 and just purchased a 590e. They are excellent machines. I sew many different things. Clothing, quilting projects, soft sculpture. Love the embroidery unit. So easy to use. The BSR has allowed me to do passable free motion stitching.

  • My Berninas…1260, 350 and 590 all serve me well. When I started sewing way back when It was on another brand, but the company did not back my constant issue of poor tension, so I tried another brand, and another until I bought a Bernina….and now 40+ years later I still love all my Berninas…Just purchased the 460 overlocker recently so I am loving these projects you are posting…also loving this lockdown as I have more time to play….Keep the videos coming…Bernina for Life!

  • I’ve had my 750 QE machine for over 5 years. I love it. It helped me grow in my quilting. The tutorials that I watch help me with maintenance on the machine. There are a lot of machines that are out there, and I think I picked the right one.

  • Rarely a day goes by without using my sewing machine. All of my creativity is expressed in fabric, mostly quilting although I do some embroidery as well. My Bernina is a workhorse! I love all the information that is shared on this site and have used many of the tips. It answers questions I haven’t asked out loud! I love having such a versatile machine that lets me explore so many new options. I have always been a hand quilter, but I recently tried machine quilting using the dual feed and may become a convert!

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative because I can make anything that I can imagine. It also has opened up a wonderful family of friends at my local Bernina Quilt shop! I love to quilt, sew clothing and make purses. Thank you for the blogs and Webnairs too, very helpful

  • I have an 790 and the I never thought I would use the embroidery unit in a creative way, but I love making Memory Pillows for Hospice clients, I also make Gadget blankets for them and weight blankets to help in the Nursing Homes. I also love making quilts, getting better at them all the time.

  • In 1980 my husband surprised me with top of line Bernina sewing machine hoping to silence the outbreaks from the sewing room as I struggled to get my sewing machine to do what I wanted. Fast forward to present day and my new best friend 880 Plus. So what happened to all those before the 880? Donate! I confess I did keep one for travelling to class, but the others found a good home. My criteria someone who would put it to good use and give back to others. My favorite choice is schools geared to teaching our next generation and those looking to start a new career, but don’t have the adequate tools to do so. Thank you Bernina for silencing those outbreaks and giving me the tools to do what I love to do.

  • I love my Bernina! When we prepare for hurricane evacuation, it is first on my list. It has been a blessing to have during this Covid-19 time. Sewing masks, finishing UFO’s, making new quilts, all have kept too busy to be bored. Thank you Bernina.

  • Recently, I’ve been sewing 3 to 4 days a week. I sew games and cute toys for my 3 grand daughters, as well as making quilts for each of them. I have a Bernina QE 720; I love my machine! Sewing is my favorite hobby.

  • I have the 570Q and live it. I have made garments again! Quilted start to finish no more paying someone to quilt my tops for me, hooray! But most importantly I made masks for family, friends and neighbors and made myself feel good about keeping people safe!

  • Anything that puts a smile on my face helps me get in the mood to create. My 770 does exactly that! Thank you, Bernina, for such a wonderfully manufactured tool in my craft room!

  • I am not an expert sewer, I failed the sewing portion of home ec! I am not a novice either, sewing cane to me… it’s in my blood. My grandma and great aunt made kilts in Scotland and we’re expert seamstresses. I bought my first machine 8 years ago a baby blue kenmore (in honor of my son) and poof I was off and running! I couldn’t believe what I could do with no real instruction (other than you tube) there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your work come to life! Oh the things I have made and now with my VERY FIRST BERNINA (330 special edition) I can’t stop thinking of new things to create!

  • My Bernina’s help me be creative by saving me money! One recent example from a trip to the Pacific Northwest—rather than purchasing expensive Pendelton wool blankets and pillows, I purchased several beautiful fabrics at a fraction of the cost to make my own! I just completed two pillows for my daughter-in-law and will be starting on a wool wall hanging for myself. So excited with what I can do with my four machines. 😊❤️🧵

  • Sewing with my machine provides happiness, clothing, quilts and at the present time, I get to stay home and create many face masks to cope with the present day situation. I hope to pass on the creative experience to my granddaughter.

  • I have learned alot with Bernina & We All Sew tips, video, webinars, etc. I am making face mask as my project for the past few months. Bernina make the best machine and it’s my go to machine just about everyday.

  • I love my Bernina. It goes everywhere I travel. I’ve made so many great memories for myself, my family, and friends. Lots of appliqué baby quilts, adult quilts, prom and wedding dresses, curtains, and clothing. The embroidery unit is a fabulous bonus itself. Bernina is such a quality machine and the only one I will own.

  • My sewing machine has risen to every occasion, whether it’s making a quilt top, stitching together six layers of fabric to make faux chenille baby blanket, thread painting, machine embroidery or making rugs. More and more when I see something I like I also see how I can make it myself and make it personal. I buy clothing and I see how I can alter it to fit my shape better or take it partially apart to add an embroidery. When good clothing gets damaged with a small hole or a stain I no longer demote them to work clothes, I hold on to them while I hunt to for the perfect way to alter the item, either with a replacement panel of fabric, an appliqué or an embroidery. And the thing I like best, I can always make the perfect gift for a birthday, graduation, special occasion or hostess gift and make that gift personal to the recipient.

  • My first Bernina was a Record 830. It still works great. I now have a B550QE. Whenever I sit down to sew I am only limited by my imagination. I have been sewing for over 60 years and it never ceases to offer joy and fulfillment.

  • I get many compliments on my sewing. All because of the tools I use to create. My Vintage Bernina 850 and my newer Bernina 180 with a walking foot helps tremendously. I am sold on Berninas and would not buy anything other than. I have also recommended them to others.

  • My sewing machine doesn’t makes me happy yet! I have a Tula Pink 770QE on order and it hasn’t arrived yet…boo hoo. 🙂 Can’t wait to get it.

  • My history with Bernina spans many years.
    The strength and versatility of the machines help me to tackle the wide variety of projects that I undertake. These machines have helped me share loving gifts and clothes through generations of family and many dear friends as well as creating Items for my home and sewing And mending clothing or other items.

  • I have a very basic BERNINA 180 sewing machine. My job does not allow much creativity (answering calls in a call center), so my sewing is my escape. I have made so many fun projects that bring joy to family and friends. My Dad’s 80th birthday quilt, my mother-in-laws birthday quilt, masks for family and friends during this pandemic – to name a few! I don’t know how I would make it without having my little BERNINA, at my side, guiding me along! Thank you BERNINA!

  • I love my Berninas…if my wonderful mother in law hadn’t left me her machine …I am sure i’d be a knittter. I thank her alot and wish we could have sewn together.

  • My Bernina 350 C&S is a dream. It is patient with me as I learn new tricks and techniques. Yesterday, I learned how to do a blind hem! I sew at minimum 5 days a week, more since on lockdown. My favorite to sew is quilts, and my machine is great for free motion quilting and sewing curves. Thank you Bernina!

  • My machines have helped me to be creative in many ways. I have an 830 and Artista 180; the embroidery on the 830 is impressive, and I have used it to embellish gifts. Currently, I quilt, and the variety of stitches and feet available have made the learning process less frustrating, opening the way to unleash my creativity. I use my 180 for classes at my local Bernina dealer, as it is so portable.
    With Bernina, there is always more to learn, and these sewing machines provide the incredible palette of stitches, functions, and feet, making my imagination run wild!

  • I love my dear old BERNINA. It never seems to fail me. I purchased it in 2001. I have created countless quilts on this little gem over the years. A minimum of 10 per year. Virtuoso 155. I also have a Bernette Embroidery machine. I could use a newer version I guess.🤩🤩🤩Good luck everyone.

  • Ever since Bernina came out with the BSR system I’d wanted a Bernina. I saved, saved and saved for years until I was finally able to afford an 830. I love, love, love everything this machine can do! I mainly use it for making quilts but make the occasional garment, patch/mend things and make other giftables. But what I like most about my Bernina is the ability to do pretty much anything. It is so flexible! I like embroidering blocks for use in quilts and quilting with some of the more open, built in designs and designs I’ve purchased and downloaded to the machine.

  • I love my 430 machine! I’ve been sewing clothes and embroidering shirts for her and friends for the past 8 years on this machine. Now that she’s a tween and doesn’t wear as many handmade clothes, I’m starting to make jewelry bags and other gifts for her friends!

  • Nothing sews or embroiders like a BERNINA! I have used many different Bernina models and experimented with tons of different techniques and each has been a success (some with more practice than others) on these machines. I can tell from the moment I sit with a Bernina that the machine has been well designed with the sewists comfort and convenience in mind and with the absolute best technology applied.

    To back all that up are the educators with years of experience delivering their wealth of knowledge with precise and easily understood direction! And, finally, the website is there to support it all. And, oh, did I say NOTHING sews or embroiders like a BERNINA!

    Happy National Sewing Machine Day everyone!

  • I have sewn on Bernina’s for over 40 years. During that time my creative processes have changed from making my curtains, my children’s clothes, having a sewing business in home to my present creativity of piecing quilt tops and machine quilting them. I presently sew on a 750QE and love everything about it. Bernina has been a huge part of my sewing life and has allowed me to be so creative! Thank you, Bernina!!

  • Love my Berninas Between the 880 which does everything, the 350 that goes everywhere, and the L460 I can create whatever I desire! Thanks Bernina!!!

  • I had wasted so much money on “cheaper for the same features” sewing machines for years! After I got a Bernina I knew I would never have to invest in any other brand of machine. I now have a 790 I use for all crafts and heavy duty sewing and quilting, a 700E for dedicated embroidery, and a darling red B530 I love to use for piecing my quilt blocks.

  • I use my Bernina 350 for piecing all of my quilt tops, runners and other projects.
    It is a great machine and I have recommended it to several friends….
    Starting a new Bom today!

  • I love my Bernina 570 QEE. I use it to create wall hangings for my office door, quilts for friends, masks for whoever needs them during this pandemic. It’s the one thing that is keeping me sane during these crazy times. I use the embroidery feature to make labels for my quilts.

  • My BERNINA 770 somehow takes the streams of thought..the creativity that I am working to show, and together we piece imagination to come up with creation!

  • It allows me to create and reproduce beautiful of art in the form of quilts that I would never be able to do otherwise. The embroidery machine then allows me to embellish them even further and really personalize them. They can then bring joy into family, friends, and others lives also. I really feel creative and accomplished by what I can make with it but I must say until I got my Bernina 770QE it was not as easy to accomplish! Happy birthday sewing machines.

  • My Bernina B215 helped me get back into sewing again. I learned to sew in 4-H and as I got older, the only sewing was mending. So not creative! I bought my machine and started learning how to quilt then made masks to help out area hospitals and nursing homes. It has sparked my creativity again and I want to eventually upgrade and learn how to machine embroider and applique. So many possibilities!

  • My Bernina is my workhorse of a machine that allows me to make quilts, home dec projects, lots and lots of machine embroidery. My creative juices keep flowing with ideas as the machine has such great features. With all the right tools people think I’m a professional, but it’s just knowing what foot to use. The Bernina dealership I go to is incredibly creative and offers lots of classes so I continue to learn how to put the great features to use in my projects.

  • As a brand-new Bernina owner, I am no longer limited to what my old machine would allow me to do, but rather new 570 QE machine has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities that are limitless!

  • My passions in life are reading and quilting. OK, I collect fabric. I need to use some fabric occasionally to free up more storage space.
    I live to design quilts. Finding the fabric, designing the blocks, drawing the quilt and borders, this is the most enjoyable part. I know that when I sit down at the machine I will make tangible the dream I have envisioned in my head. I can feel the fabric and sew the seams that will connect the pieces of this thought that will become the quilt.

  • When I was younger, my sewing machine helped me create clothes for myself. After I had children, I delighted in making “one of a kind” outfits for them to wear. When my children got too old to want the clothes I made, I realized that I still needed that creative outfit that my sewing provided, so I moved to quilting. During this pandemic I have been grateful every day that I could still create and drive away the depression and worry I was expericing.

  • I have been creating with my Artista 180E for over 20 years. I piece quilts, do home dec sewing, sew clothing especially for my grandchildren and myself. I love embellishing items using the embroidery unit and all the decorative stitches. I am teaching my granddaughter to sew and quilt on this machine. Bernina’s presser feet have improved the look of so many of my projects, that I don’t hesitate to buy specialized presser feet because I know it will make my project easier and make it turn out exactly as I had envisioned it. I love my Bernina and all the available accessories.

  • I use my Bernina 215 for many things. I just finished 2 quilts while on quarantine. I made a doll dress for my granddaughters doll. I repaired a hunting vest for my daughter’s father-in-law. I made place mats for my kitchen table and others from leftover rectangles from the twin-sized quilt I gave to my granddaughter for her birthday. I have made many things.

  • I am still sewing and quilting on my marvelous Bernina 450QE after sewing and creating on my wonderful Bernina 830 since 1976. They allow me to be creative every day without concern that I won’t be able to make whatever I choose. Thank you Bernina for being there through all these years of creativity.

  • My Bernina is my therapy tool. I can get lost forever when I sew. I have been sewing on a machine since age 8 but started hand sewing at my Grandma’s knees at age 4. I have made draperies and accessories for my homes each time as we have lived in 22 homes. (Trailing spouse for a large international corp.). I have made swimsuits, reupholstered, and currently still sewing garments and quilting. There is nothing that the world can throw at me that I can not make on my Berninas!

  • I got my first Bernina over 20 years ago and did not use it nearly enough. I purchased a new 590 a year ago and have used it more in that year than the entire life of my old machine. Embroidery, sewing, mending…you name it I’ve tried it and love it!!!!

  • I love my Berninas….my first Bernina was purchased in 1995 a QE 150..and is still a workhorse. With a new 580 QE I am able to get more projects completed easily and the amount of stitches is amazing!

  • There are so many things i can do with the different stitches and my embroidery unit. my Bernina is so versatile that i don’t think there is anything I can’t sew with it.

  • I bought my 1080 in 1993 after unknowingly buying a counterfeit machine from a local shop. Thankfully the guy was arrested,but I only I got back 1/10th of what I spent. I did gain a good understanding very quickly of reputable dealers. Fast foward, the 1080 is still with me, supporting me and my family financially during the Pandemic as I have not had to resort to applying for unemployment. It has most definitely paid for itself!! Thanks so much to Bernina for the wonderful resources here to help us all improve our skills through the years. Hoping for a new purchase once I’m back to work full time. Fingers crossed!!

  • My three Berninas can do almost anything between them. They hardly need me but that inspires me to use them and to try things I might not have tried otherwise. They keep my interest up, my adventurous side up and help m me find confidence to keep trying. Before Bernina I didn’t have quite the interest, now I do and now I am developing patience to solve problems. They have helped me emotionally because of it.

  • Everyday is sewing machine day for me. Looking forward to retirement soon. YEAH. I bought my first Bernina in 1973…. Proud owner of 3 more….. They are the best. Thank you Bernina.

  • My Bernina allows me to quilt, embellish, sew, embroider, mend, design and create whether it be with fabric, cork, vinyl or leather. It sews through them all, plus thicker, layered fabrics. Plus, the number of presser feet available allows me to use a multitude of techniques for the results that I want. Love my Bernina!!

  • Sewing is one of those crafts that pushes our ability beyond boundless limits. How about mending those warmups torn from a bad fall with a favorite embroidered design, maybe their elaborate initials? Watch those smiles. Whether sewing scrunchies, a full tailored attire, or sheer curtains with 7 in deep pleats, where the breeze of an open window adds to its beauty, sewing just for the joy of it, brings much satisfaction and many smiles. Each project is unique in every way! That is creativity!

  • My Bernina keeps my creativity alive — especially during this time of “lock down” due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I can “escape” not thru travel or outside adventures but thru creating masks, doll clothes, tote bags and much more on my work horse Bernina. I have been sewing gifts for friends who have helped us by getting groceries, etc. I have used my embroidery unit extensively and creatively.

  • As my grandchildren graduate high school, I have made each one a T-shirt quilt. It is a breeze with my Bernina machine. To date I have made 6 with one more grandchild to go.

  • Since I sew almost daily and am often thinking about what to sew when I’m not sewing, my Bernina 590 and 500 allow me to create whatever pops into my head whether it is clothes, quilts, bags or home decor. I love being able to sew on one project while embroidering another. WIP’s forever!

  • Creativity with my sewing machine comes through stitching a project that inspires, comforts and/or entertains others. Creativity also comes in learning how to adapt the features of my sewing machine to produce a particular design or project.

  • I have two wooden blocks above my windows in my sewing room. One says, “Sew Your Stress Away” and the other says, “You Sew Girl!!!” I am so glad sewing machines were invented and have enjoyed Berninas from my mother-in-law’s 1980 model to my 780 and 350. I count it a good day when I get to sit down and sew.

  • I have 4 Bernina machines. I couldn’t create quilts, garments, home dec projects without my Berninas. They make sewing so easy and accurate. Results look so professional.

  • I got my first Bernina 43 years ago. Now I have three Berninas. They have served me well through sewing garments for family and friends, quilting, embroidery and lately, sewing masks.

  • I love my 880! Best sewing machine ever. I use the embroidery features so much more than I ever thought I would when I purchased the 880. I thought it was a “nice extra”, but I use it all the time. I took the Bernina University course getting to Know your 880 and came home with many ideas and a few additional options to the machine.

  • I would not know how to live without my sewing machine. I use it daily from making quilts, roman shades, drapes to clothes. I taught my daughter how to sew and now am teaching my two granddaughters. I am now looking to buy a Bernina sewing machine. But, have not been able to decide yet.

  • When I bought my machine, my husband talked me into buying the embroidery unit. I love it! I use it to create clothes for my granddaughter, towels for the home, pillows from Kimberbell, and quilt creatively.

  • My Artista 730 allows me to do just about any project I attempt. It is a workhorse and has served me very well for the last 14 years.

  • I have the Bernini 350 SE. I love my baby. I feel my machine has allowed me to be more creative because the machine is so strong and durable. I try doing things now that I had always wanted to do but fear of breaking my old machine. It also helps that I have terrific support and guidance from my Bernina dealer. Peace & Applique in Rochester, IL know the Bernina products well and give you the guidance and hits to allow you to step out and go for it.

  • I get asked “Can you do this . . .? What would you do . . . ? Can you sew a ____ for me?” And my Bernina helps me answer every question! When my creative juices start to slow, there’s always someone that gets them moving again.

  • My B770 helps me be creative by allowing me to do what I call “cross-crafting”. I love to combine techniques, ideas, and materials used in other crafts (paper making, spinning, weaving, needle arts, beading, pottery, etc.) with my sewing. Unexpected techniques and approaches can lead to novel and creative results in any sewing project. My machine handles it with ease.

  • I bought my Bernina 1230 in 1989. I started at 7 on a treadle machine, used Singer machines all through school and got a brand new Good Housekeeper machine for my 19th birthday. I learned a lot from sewing my son’s garments, mine on occasion and learning to taylor to make sports jackets for my husband. However, I had no idea of the things I could do until I took possession of my Bernina. The needle down button became my go to feature, then having fun with my bobbin using cording or elastic thread or embroidery thread for special things. My purchase of the walking foot made my quilting easier and the quarter inch foot is a godsend. I do very little garment sewing now. But I fell in love with this machine and even though I eye the newer ones my 1230 and I will be together for some time yet. Thank you Bernina for the quality and craftsmanship you put into your products that make so many of us so happy.

  • I’ve had my Bernina570QE for a month and I am in love with all the features, information and ideas from my dealer, Bernini of Naperville, and the Bernina of U S A site. As a garment sewer, it is sew much fun to play with the extras, I’m making dolls and crafts. Can’t wait to try quilting and buy the embroidery unit in the future. I’ve had a Bernina for 44 years, (still have my original 830), and ran a college level fashion design department that featured Bernina. Can’t wait to see where this new machine takes me.

  • My sewing machine is my gateway creativity. It lets me design and sew clothes, bags and accessories that are unique to me! I can let my inner self shine in fun creative ways with custom me made favorites!

  • I like that when you sew, nobody has a garment just like yours. Same with a quilt or household decorations. It is unique. I have an Artiste 640.

  • My 790 Bernina is my tool for creativity. With the world going crazy in wild chaos, my machine gives me the peace and calm to rejuvenate and face another day. Creating quilts and other fun projects from this web site helps me de escalate and gives family and friends meaningful gifts.

  • I am always adapting patterns or making my own pattern for something, my Bernina is my work horse that helps me accomplish my “bright” ideas!

  • I have a 440QE and it has been wonderful! I now love to piece and quilt. I am constantly challenging myself to be creative with my machine quilting. I have also done some garment sewing and use about 15 different feet to help me be creative with tiny piping and pin tucks. Just so many techniques I have learned. With Covid 19 I find my sewing machine has been huge in my mental health…I lose myself in my sewing and that gives me a break from these trying times. Bernina keeps me mentally healthy and since Bernina makes sewing so easy I have time to take a walk, rather than just getting frustrated. Thank you Bernina for helping me to survive!

  • quilting and sewing are what I do to be creative. I use both of my Berninas, the old and the new to piece my quilts, and also for quilting them. My Berninas ARE my creativity. I couldn’t do it without them!

  • I have been sewing since I was 14. Making dresses for myself, my mother and daughters. I love the feel of fabrics and the challenge of what to do with them. I see the fabrics and look for quilt patterns that show them off. Sometimes while sewing other projects come in to my thoughts. Sewing is relaxing and allows ideas to dance across my mind.

  • I’m a quilter and recently decided to learn embroidery & making clothing. So I purchased the Tula Pink 770QEE at my local Bernina shop. Machine embroidery opens up a whole new world of art & design. It’s really quite amazing that such techniques can now be done at home. I love it!

  • I just purchased a 770QE and I am amazed at all of its capabilities. I’m still on the learning curve but so much looking forward to all it can do once I get used to it. What a fabulous sewing machine. I still haven’t even taken the embroidery unit out of the box but I will soon to make embroidered quilt blocks. There are so many quilts I want to make and I know this machine will make it a breeze.

  • My Bernina helps me be creative because it is so versatile and has so many features. I am always inspired to expand my sewing and quilting abilities. So many wonderful projects to create!

  • My sewing machine allows me to create with fabric, paper or leather. I can make clothing, bags, quilts, home dec or greeting cards. I enjoy dreaming up an idea and using my machine to make it become a reality.

  • I started sewing decades ago on a Kenmore sewing machine but soon upgraded to a Bernina. I’ve never looked back. I think I have owned 7 or 8 Bernina machines now and have never fallen out of love with how well they sew.

  • My sewing machine allows me to create quilts, wearable garments, and crafts. I’ve created garment patterns, quilts for my family and friends and crafts for my home-kitchen bedrooms, bathrooms and patio. I love my sewing machine!

  • My Bernina sewing machine is the tool I use to create artwork in the forms of quilts, handbags, clothing, dog coats, dog boots, cat collars And too many other things to list. I could not do 2/3 of what I do if I did not have my BERNINA sewing machine. Because I would probably never even try without it . My Bernina is the single most important part of my creative toolbox! And an absolute pleasure just sew with!!

  • I have a 640 that is used for quilting, mending, and embroidery. The best part is the ability to sew on buttons. Also an overlocker used for quilting and sewing & fixing. I have a lot of confidence in Bernina to give me the tools I need. Thank you

  • I would say my Bernia sewing machines are my favorite sewing accessory. I’ve had to move several times in the past few years and my machines go in my car with me as I do not trust the movers with the. My son even said they take priority over family treasures. And without them I would be limited to few creative options.

  • I purchased a Bernina 790 a few weeks ago. My first Bernina and I love it. From there I redid my sewing room. Next idea: Finish any project that I started and want to complete or donate projects to others. Now I am ready to start new! Quilting? Garment Construction? Embroidery? I am ready to go.

  • The ease and simplicity of using my 1930’s Featherweight leaves lots of space for creative juices to flow! I don’t have to worry about finding the ‘perfect’ stitch – straight stitch it is! Although I do own a more modern machine, it is used mainly for quilting.

  • My machine is always ready to bring materials together when I want to create. And just as importantly the seam ripper is always handy! Nothing is permanent, so I’m never afraid to give a new idea a try!

  • My Bernina sewing machine is my favorite gateway to creativity! My main focus is quilting and not only do I piece my tops but I do most of my quilting with my B765 also. In addition, I consider myself a maker and use my sewing machine to create a variety of other useful things like oven mitts, curtains, pillow cases and bags to name a few.

  • My Bernina helps me be creative in making various home decor items such as placemats, pot holders, table runners and quilts. My machine also sometimes keeps me from housework and cooking. It’s a true reality escape!!!

  • I am new to Bernina and learning tonnes of things to do with it. Easy to use and work with. I purchased the Bernina B770 in January 2020. Use my machine every day. Looking to learn the free motion aspect. Thank you Bernina

  • I have loved sewing since I was a child and am now the happy owner of two Bernina sewing machines. I inherited my mother’s and my husband bought me a 590 in 2018 for Christmas. I am still getting used to the electronic presser foot, but with time I hope to master it. I sewed for clients as part of my career path while my children were young and also for a friend in the summers once I finished my teaching credential to earn an extra income in the summers. If I am the winner I hope to pass on the sewing tradition to my granddaughters like my grandmothers did for me.

  • My sewing machine helps me to be creative in many ways. I use the decorative stitches to add extra impact to my quilts. The applique stitches make applique so much easier to do when I make quilts for my grand babies. I love to make quick presents, especially hand towels, with various embroidery designs.

  • I have been sewing since age 9. I’ve had fun creating all kinds of things with my sewing machine(s) and find that fabric and textiles are the perfect medium for me. Lately I h ave been quilting more than sewing garments – and there are just so many varied and beautiful opportunities! Love it! Gifts, repairs, clothing, wall hangings, table linens, the possibilities are nearly endless!

  • My sewing machine encourages me to try new techniques and create beautiful projects. I especially enjoy machine embroidery to create free standing lace designs.

  • My sewing machine lets me tap into that part of me that wants to create but doesn’t know how. I feel confident that with my Bernina I can make useful, beautiful and helpful things for myself and others. Like face masks – oh how I detest making them but everyone loves how they look and work for them. And working on my mother’s UFOs – they are a challenge, but giving gifts to nieces and nephews from me and their grandmother makes my heart feel connected despite the miles. I’ve added to the vision begun by my mother and created art for all to touch and use and feel.

  • The limitless features on my Bernina 880 Plus give me endless possibilities – not only in the traditional sewing realm, but also in the machine embroidery features. The sewing computer will sew on almost anything with ease. The ease of changing presser feet make you want to try them all. The tutorials on the presser feet are amazing! I cannot wait to see the next creative machine Bernina comes out with. Thank you Bernina!!

  • I purchased a Bernina 880 with embroidery so that I could embroider larger designs and also because of the BSR for quilting. I have a lot of quilt tops that need finished. I’m still learning and still practicing!! This is the first Bernina I have purchased. I use my all of my machines, each one is special!!

    • I purchased a Bernina 880 Plus two years ago. I have probably put on about 6 million stitches so far. I’m truly amazed at the versatility and ruggedness of the machine. It is truly a joy to operate! I’m continuously learning new tricks and methods in using the machine. I have lately been learning about digitizing and have purchased the full version of the embroidery software. Im looking forward to becoming proficient with the software. The Bernina is truly a wonderful machine which keeps my embroidery creativeness and sewing skills sharp.

  • I love my Bernina 880! It allows me to embroider all sorts of items to give as gifts. I love that I can change/add designs right from the machine. Did I mention that I LOVE my Bernina 880? It is so easy to change the thread colors on the machine to different thread brands. I just LOVE to embroider on the 880.

  • My first Bernina was purchased about 4 years ago. It is an amazing. I enjoyed the article about presser feet and how they have stayed somewhat the same, yet the feet have been modified as each Bernina model is introduced.

  • My Bernina sewing machine makes my creativity possible. Enabling so many different techniques makes it a joy to sew, quilt, mend, and embroider. When I began sewing at the age of 7, it never occurred to me that machines would reach the current technological heights and bring me along for a heck of a ride. Bernina machines are one of the most advanced and celebrated brands in the world, and I am absolutely thrilled to own one. Thanks Bernina! You rock!

  • My stress reliever/decompression mode comes when I am sitting at one of my Berninas (630 and 790B Plus). It does not matter whether I am mending, making a garment, hemming a pair of pants or using the embroidery module. I absolutely love the feeling of setting down, cutting my machine on and just doing. I am continually learning how to use my machines to their fullest potential. I am so glad I walked into a Bernina store 13 years ago!!!!!

  • I enjoy scrappy spontaneous quilts. I can sit at me machine and just pull fabric out of my scrap back and sew fabrics together without regard to a pattern.

  • My Bernina helps me to be creative in several ways but the number one way is that I can make fun and useful things the way I see them in my mind!

  • My four Bernina machines – two vintage from the 70s and 80s – 730 Record and 830 Record and two new – 570 QE cb hook and 880 Sterling Edition – keep me very happy when I sew and if I’m happy I’m more creative.

  • I am learning how to make several gifts to go inside gift packages to the military units. I like the wide open space to use the chain method of sewing. It sure helps me keep up with each piece before flipping it around to sew the other end. I like the bright light on my new Bernina Tula Pink. I received all the pieces months apart so by the time the embroidery part came I never had a chance to get back to my sewing machine. I will need to watch a bunch of videos to help me out!

  • My 2 Berninas help me be creative by taking the hard work out of sewing/quilting — all my energy can be focused on the ‘creating’! Love my 570QEE Tula and my 770 QE 125th Anniversary edition

  • My sewing machine helps me be creative because it helps me realize that I can make things with my own two hands! During the day, I work at a job where I even though I’m creating, it’s not anything tangible. With my sewing machine, I can create things that I can give and share with others and also for myself. What used to be unimaginable to me (like creating my own clothes or something for my home) is now easily approachable because the sewing machine takes away a good portion of what I used to hand sew. And for that, I’m really thankful! 🙂

  • I feel very creative using my bernina 880 plus and 700. The variety of feet and built in stitches and designs allow many possibilities. There just isn’t enough time to do it all!

  • I have an old 1230 and I love it. I make quilts – for family, for others and some for me. Right now, I’m making masks. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t be creative!!

  • Regular sewing, no problem; In the hoop, no problem; fancy stitches, no problem; embellishment, no problem; quilting, no problem; bernina does it all!

  • My sewing machine is the beginning of creativity for me. I have more fun thinking about what I want to make and how to put it together. I love to create a design that goes with a topic and sew as I go .

  • I have owned my Bernina 1130 for over 31 years. Purchased one month before my first child was born. This machine has made costumes for my children, and believe it or not, for cats, when my son showed his cat at the 4-H Cat Show at our county fair. The mother board on this machine has been replaced and I dread the time something happens to this machine which is not fixable. I encouraged 4-Hers to use my machine, utilizing a foot that would make the task easier. Thank you for a superior product and accessories!

  • Early days of Covid my Bernina 350 and 1300MDC were next to each other as I sewed masks to send to family and friends throughout the US and overseas. The hand free lift was a great time saver while mass producing masks.

    Also sew backings for quilt tops and attach bindings to completed quilts. Taken time to participate in a few quarantine quilt alongs.

  • All I have to do is look at my Bernina and I start thinking of all the quilts I could make. One year I made 12 quilts! I even bought a second Bernina so that if my first machine had to go to its annual servicing I wouldn’t have to stop sewing!

  • My 570QE is my very first Bernina and it never disappoints! She and I are learning to quilt together and enjoying every minute! Thanks to Bernina for making it a seamless experience!

  • I got my trusty-old Bernette 330 out to sew a bunch of masks for my friends and family. As I was sewing, it reminded me that I had always coveted a Bernina since I saw my mother-in-law’s Bernina some twenty years ago. As my Bernette started making some odd noises, I decided that this was the time. I managed to find a B530 within my price range online and went for it for Mother’s Day. I’ve been learning a lot about the machine, including presser feet and other accessories. I continue to be amazed at the possibilities that my B530 offers every time I watch a Bernina video. It even stitches Hiragana!! My new Bernina has helped me learn and widen the possibilities and has gotten my creative juices flowing. And, yes, I’m still working on the “perfect” mask!

  • I have a B880, 570 and a 560! Can’t get enough! I just love to learn new techniques using sewing and embroidery to create quilts, clothes, gifts. The education you offer to owners is fantastic: webinars, ambassadors, and Bernina Academy. All just great!

  • My Bernina most recently inspired me to make scores of masks for the underserved in our area. A dependable machine that kept going when another fancier, newer machine failed me. Bernina is now family tradition-an oldie but goodie I inherited from my Dad who learned to sew from his mom who came to this country and worked in a shirt factory to support her two kids.

  • My sewing machine helps me connect the dots between creativity, technique, and material. A good tool helps, especially when it’s a Bernina :). I’ve been a long time Bernina lover since my first one, a 1080, purchased in 1993. I still have it and have added 3 more since – 750, 700, and my latest addition, 720.

  • I love using Designworks on my Bernina 880 plus. There are endless ways to be creative by combining sewing, embroidery, paintwork and crystalwork. I can make clothes, home decor, and personalized gifts.

  • My husband bought me my Bernina 770QE a lil over a year ago. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. My quilt projects have become much nicer and more enjoyable. I don’t know how I survived before. I added the embroidery unit recently and am having the time of my life creating so many gifts for my loved ones. I want to sew 24/7. Who needs to do housework? Not me lol

  • I purchased my B880+ last year and I am still learning all types of new techniques with my machine. I have started doing an embroidery quilt block – all new to me.

  • I started with a 640 and saw the Tula and couldn’t resist. They aren’t just sewing machines, but idea machines. Looking through all the stitches and embroidery options brings projects to the next level.

  • The special bonds created when helping my grandchildren sew on my Berninas. My 770 is my therapist & companion during my quarantine. Yes, I do talk to “her.” She has helped me make numeral masks & quilts.

  • Sewing is my creative outlet. I have loved sewing since I learned to sew in a 4-H club in my youth. I have two BERNINA’s that I love, a 220 and 560. I sew almost every day and when I don’t, I miss it.

  • My Bernina 790 Plus has been the best purchase I have made. It has helped me be more creative every day. I have used it to help decorate my home, make gifts for friends and family, create clothing, and add decorative designs to ordinary everyday items. It is so much fun to take classes at my local Bernina store to learn new techniques and have fun creating new designs and items.

  • I hadn’t sewn anything for 30 years. My old machine was on the blitz and a new quilt shop opened in my neighborhood a few years ago. I bought a QE770. Needless to say I have making beautiful quilts, bags, wallhangings and embroidery since I bought my 770. This sewing machine has turned on the creator in me

  • Store bought clothing has never fir me well, so my Bernina allows me to make clothes that fit both my body and my personality. I have done the same for all of my children until they grew up. Now I sew for my grandchildren also. I have an older machine, and don’t have time for quilting and a lot of crafting other than my crochet, though I think it’s beautiful, and greatly admire it.

  • I still love my first Bernina sewing machine, an 830. It was my high school graduation present from my parents. It is a workhorse, and I love it still. I also own an 880Plus. I love her too, but she is a bit more temperamental. Between them I have made dresses, suits, pants, jeans, swimsuits, underwear, down vests, winter coats, vinyl rain coats, quilts, curtains, swag valances, bicycle bags, dog jackets, and now masks. The 880 has embroidered many things, including chef jackets for my place of employment. I also have a Bernina 334DS serger that had gotten a lot of use for my sewing for the “Days for Girls” charity.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the new Bernina Sewing Machines and I hope (sergers).

  • I purchased 2 of the Bernina 350 SE, one for my house and one for my daughter’s house. My granddaughters are 13 and 17 and have enjoyed sewing with me for years. Since they live 600 miles away, this enables us to talk through how to do things when they get stuck. I don’t have to wonder if I’m picturing the machine in my mind correctly. I have the same one in front of me so I can talk them through it step by step. The older one especially loves to design her own creations and I love nurturing their creativity.

  • Every day I feel so creative with my sewing machine. I am a relative newbie to Bernina (approx 1 year!). There are so many ways I can be creative with my 570QE. I am learning that a Bernina can be so customized to any particular creative project I pursue, and as a consequence, so many options have been opened to me. I feel confident trying things that I never expected I would venture into. I have always loved my sewing machines. But, I REALLY love my Bernina. I am looking forward to many years of creativity with it.

  • Since I have been sewing since I was a child my sewing machine is a friendly tool. This makes it so I am not afraid to try new ideas or techniques with it. I’ve created everything from my wedding dress, to pillow covers, to fabric art, to clothing, to simple mending. Also, because sewing comes so naturally I can easily move into a creative zone while sewing and find that timeless space where magic happens. On occasion, I’ve been making something and an amazing new idea will pop in my head that will totally transform what I’ve started, into something even more special. That is when I feel the most creative of all.

  • I sew all the time, for our local nursing home, family, friends, the community. Enjoy every minute even more because of my wonderful Bernina machines.

  • Love my Bernina for its strength! I can sew thru several layers without problems. I just finished quilting a Christmas tree skirt!! I am not limited by my sewing machine as I know it will handle whatever project I have

  • My sewing machine is my daily therapy. My motto is sew a little bit of happiness in each day, even if just for 10, 15, or 30 minutes. Sewing allows me to go to a happy place where creativity is never ending. I often sew and gift items hand made. To make something on my Bernina is so much enjoyment and the machine makes it effortless. I mainly do quilting but it also make garments and home dec type projects. I believe in sharing my fun with others so I oftentimes host “sew-in’s” at my place where others who share the desire to be crafty, creative or social come together and share our experiences. Due to the pandemic I’ve not hosted any social sewing gatherings but have transitioned to virtual “sew-in’s” & it certainly makes sewing more fun to share project progress & Bernina machine tips. Being creative is easy on my Bernina 790+ especially during these times when most everything has been shut-down. I’ve been able to catchup on the Bernina video’s and maintenance tips from the website. I love taking classes, rather virtual or in person, and the “we all sew” blog has been a wealth of information during this time

  • There are so many ways my sewing machine helps me to be creative. The decorative stitches really look so special on my crazy quilts. The embroidery module helps me add things to my quilts that otherwise could not be there. It helps me to decorated a plain navy jacket into one the has a beautiful embroidered koi swimming on the back. All of the different feet make so many things easier than doing a lot of hand sewing that takes so much time and kills my shoulder! It is a wonderful invention. My Bernina 560 is super!

  • For the past 40 years sewing has played an important part in my life. Sewing on a machine that continues to be reliable. My projects have been wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, clothing for my children, husband, and myself, home decorating projects, and quilting. I love to sew.

  • Growing up, I used my mom’s Pfaff. It was not a pleasant experience and kind of turned me off of sewing for a good long while. As I got older, I was blessed to receive each of my grandmothers’ sewing machines. Both Singers. I was in love. The newer one had this wonderful knee peddle that I remember my grandmother sewing all my doll clothes and blankets on when I was little. The other Singer was a Featherweight which I also enjoyed and later learned that my aunts had sewn all their clothes on growing up. Each really enabled me to grow and try new craft projects with them. Eventually though, I wanted a machine with a few more features so my husband got me a Husqvarna which I have used for the last 18 years. Lots and lots of quilts and curtains, costumes, etc. I literally wore it out. This past fall I decided to give Bernina a try. I remembered using them in a sixth-grade Home Ec class (remember those?!) and has positive associations. I researched a lot and had amazing help from a wonderful lady at my local Bernina store. I purchased the 840 and it has allowed me to be SO creative! I love what a work-horse it is! I am able to do all these fancy decorative stitches as well. So far, I’ve made nine quilts and this machine has allowed the sky to be the limit for me now.

  • I love my Bernina! I’ve only been sewing with it for a couple of years but am amazed at the professional look I can get with the appropriate foot for the job. I appreciate the instructional videos that Bernina provides. I’m not afraid to try something new and have created quilts, bags, aprons, masks, pillows, wall hangings, ……..

  • As a newbie to quilting 10 years ago on a trip to the Paducah Quilt show for the first time, I saw a 770 QE E and knew it was the machine for me. It took a few years for me to finally acquire one but once I did there was no looking back. My piecing began to improve in no time flat! Every time I sit down to sew, I know that my machine will not let me down. In 2019, at the Paducah Quilt show, I took my first quilting class for domestic machines. The machine I used was the very one I owned (770 QE AE) and I was comfortable right away! I’m so grateful that Bernina has classes like the one I took. Since then I’ve been quilting my own quilts on my 770 QE AE and I know it’s all because of the wonderful sewing machine I get to use daily. No matter if I’m making pillow cases, baby quilts or mug rugs; everything comes out great because I have the right tool for the job💜

  • My sewing machine inspires me to be creative by making quilts and learning new skills whenever I find the time to sit down and sew. I enjoy coming up with different designs to embroidery and enjoy watching my machine stitch my ideas out. Truly enjoy introducing the love of sewing to all by granddaughters. They all assisted in making face masks for the community this spring. The skill of sewing is truly a blessing and a gift.

  • What haven’t I created with my sewing machine and serger? Not a lot…every kind of clothing imaginable from tiny baby clothes and bedding to clothes for my 6’7″ husband (that one was his first, and only, “liesure suit” in the 70’s), and in-between, from most of my daughter’s school clothes, “fancy” and prom dresses (still at it doing alterations for both of them), to my maid-of-honor’s gown, to a couple of coats…speaking of alterations, just about everybody, including said husband, and a girlfriend’s daughters’ dance school costumes…to very utilitarian quilting (including what I think is the first-ever old t-shirt quilt in the late 90’s which daughter #2 dragged through her entire college career, and finally died just before her doctoral dissertation was completed (gotta crow about that accomplishment of HERS))…to upholstery, again very basic, yards and yards of welting…to custom-designing marine vinyl outdoor furniture covers (my first teflon foot!) because there just weren’t any commercially made ones that would fit and a cushion to fit a trapezoidal window seat (ditto)…I couldn’t have created any of these things without my machines. And right now, I’m typing “on” my sewing machine, which is mounted into a wooden desk/table, and disappears underneath)… therefore it and my laptop are literally helping me create this posting!

  • I’ve been sewing for about 45 years and wouldn’t be able to do so without my sewing machine! I just love being creative. I love sewing clothing, machine embroidery and quilting. Sewing truly feeds my soul!!! 💕😊

  • I have been eyeing Bernini sewing machines from afar for several years now. I recently began working at our local quilt supply shop where Berninas are the machines of choice. I have had many opportunities to run up projects on the shop machine. Now that a Bernina Dealer has joined our shop space, I am working hard to save up the price of my own new machine. It will be awhile though.

  • I am creative, with my sewing machine when I make quilts. I use my machine to piece my quilts blocks/quilt top and then I use my Bernina Q20 to machine (long arm) quilt my project. I am only limited, in creativity, by my skills and imagination. The sky is the limit!

  • Without my Bernina (I call it Nina, my husband calls it Bernina!!!) I probably wouldn’t be as decent a human being as I am – as I can get my feelings out depending on my mood, by what I’m making. And now I’ve just learned I must go to one day per week at work (vs. 4) so I will be looking to supplement my income with my machine, for sure.

  • My machine helps me share love and hope. I make baby quilts for newborns in my family, quilts for wedding gifts and friends struggling with health or family problems. I love all the special techniques available on my Bernina B590. I love to applique and the blanket stitch is just beautiful for that. I’m so happy when I’m sewing, and I love the sound of the machine taking each stitch. It better than meditation!

  • I thought I would be finishing UFOs while sequestering during the COVID 19 crisis. I live in an early hotspot in NJ and found myself making hundreds of masks. I love my new 740 with its thread cutter. It made the process go so much faster. For masks with metal nose pieces I did not want to use my new machine and used my trusty 1092. I actually sewed right through three layers of thin aluminum. I can not imagine doing all this sewing without a knee lift. It makes top stitching around corners a breeze.

  • My Bernina(s) allows me to personalize my projects. I enjoy making things to fit my needs to give it flair, my personal touch, something that stands out from store bough