National Quilting Day is March 16

Since 1991 the National Quilting Association has celebrated quilting on the third Saturday of each March as National Quilting Day. That means tomorrow is National Quilting Day! To celebrate, why not read a little about the history of quilting? Or learn how to quilt? Why not make a quilt to gift to a friend or someone in need? We’ve got some great places to help you do all of the above!



To learn more about the history of American quilts, visit and browse through the Library of Congress Quilts and Quiltmaking in America page where you can see a gallery of quilts and quiltmakers and listen to personal stories about quilts.

You can also read about the incredible history of quiltmaking in America from the very beginning to current times at Quilting in

And, visit and browse around the interesting quilting links and articles at, like this article tackling the top 10 quilting myths and the real facts!



Want to learn some new quilting tips and techniques? BERNINA has partnered with to provide over 100 episodes of learning FREE in celebration of National Quilting Day. Click here to visit TheQuiltShow’s website and get signed up for your free shows.

Brush up on your quilting fundamentals or learn the very basics if you’ve never quilted before with Mary Fons at Quilty. Browse through and view back episodes of Quilty, or view current episodes at

Learn the basics and fundamentals of how-to-quilt from City Quilter at Howcast.

Want to take a class? Why not check your local quilting or BERNINA store to see what kinds of classes are available? Or check out for tons of quilting classes of all kinds.



Make National Quilting Day a service day, and quilt for someone in need. Visit our Sew to Serve page for a list of all kinds of charities that need help from people who sew, many of which accept quilts. 

 So, now that you’re inspired it’s time to start quilting!

-Your team, Alice, Erika and Jo

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