Ruffler Foot #86

Here’s a note from Karen Donnelly, Patchwork Plus, Marcellus, NY:

This pillow is based on one in Kay Hickman’s March “All About ME” (Machine Embroidery) webinar. I was afraid the ruffle fabrics would fray away if it were cut with scalloped edges, so I cut 3 1/2 inch strips for my ruffles that I sewed, turned, pressed and ruffled for the pillow. The Gathering Foot #16 would have had a tough time working its magic with the seam allowance down the center of the fabric strip. The Ruffler #86 plowed through perfectly.

Ruffled Pillow by Karen Donnelly #DIY #sewing



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  1. I liked this about the ruffler and clicked on the word the at the end of the posting which looked like it went to the rest of the information but I got the page with “are you Lost?” I certainly would have liked to see the rest of the posting/information. ‘
    thank yoo

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