Erika’s Top 3 Presser Feet

If I could only choose 3 accessory feet to work with, you know, if I was stuck on a desert island with my sewing machine and only a handful of accessories to go with it,  these are the 3 that I just couldn’t live without!





1. The Ruffler Attachment #86, my absolute favorite Bernina foot!  The perfect stitch quality of the BERNINA sewing machine means that all the ruffles made with this attachment will be perfect, too!  I use this foot for adding ribbons and trims to garments and crafts – from heavy grosgrain ribbon to delicate strips of tulle.

Not only did I attach the tulle trim to the edge of this apron with the Ruffler Attachment, I also used it to gather the body of the apron to the band.

2. The Edgestitching Foot #10/10C is a lifesaver for finishing garments with edge stitching – even when stitching next to a seam.  The metal guide helps to keep my fabric feeding through the machine nice and straight, and even guides me when stitching in the ditch.

I used the #10 Edgestitching presser foot to stitch on the edge of this bow trim – nice and straight!


3. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator foot.  I’ve onlyl just begun to play with the BSR, as I am quilting my very first quilt ever.  I don’t know what I’d do without it, the BSR keeps all my stitches even as I move the fabric around, which is really helpful for a beginner.  And it’s not just for quilting, look here to see other project ideas for your BSR!

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5 comments on “Erika’s Top 3 Presser Feet”

  • Can the BSR be used with a Bernina Record 930 machine…will it ‘rest’ on fabric…I had purchased a Bernina foot # 29 for free motion quilting several years ago for my older machine but find that it ‘hovers’ over the fabric at least 1/8″ above fabric having no fabric contact.

    • Hi Sharon, the Bernina Stitch Regulator can only be used with newer machines that are compatable, and will not work with any of the older style machines. All of the free motion feet do “hover” above the fabric when you are not stitching, bu as you sew the spring mechanism works with the hopper mechanism in the sewing machine to keep the fabric flat. This motion helps the fabric stay flat so that you can move the fabric in any direction that you want. Learn a bit more about the #29 Free Motion foot here:

    • Hi Susan — Sorry, the BERNINA Stitch Regulartor doesn’t work with any mechanical machines. It’s controlled by the computer in the sewing machine, which reads the sensor and adjusts the speed of the machine to coordinate with the motion of the fabric. But I might have a solution for you. You probably have the all-metal Free-Motion Quilting Foot #29, which sits a little high and works really well for thick quilt batting. I have one for my old 1030, but I also have the coded Free-Motion Quiltng Foot #29C. This foot was developed to take advantage of the 9mm stitch width of the 1630, which was introduced about 20 years ago. It’s shaped a bit differently from the regular foot; the coded foot has a clear sole and hovers a bit lower. I find that it works better for me than the regular foot #29 for quilting thin quilts — I usually use Warm & Natural, which isn’t very thick. Don’t worry about it being the “wrong” foot for your machine; you just can’t take advantage of the wide needle slot with your 5mm-stitch width machine. Check for the coded Free-motion Quilting Foot #29C at your local BERNINA shop (it comes in a red package with a white BERNINA logo. If they don’t have one in stock, they can order one for you. Let me know how it works for you — I’d love to see photos! Jo

  • In the reply to Susan, you mention she can use the #29C. She was asking for a machine requiring the old style foot and I have just acquired an 1130 and would like to be able to try FMQ with it. Can you clarify if the 29C with the larger clear sole will actually work on machines with the old style feet?

    Thank you,

    • I love this foot for free-motion quilting! Yes, there is a 29C available for the older machines. I bought one right away for my 1030 when the clear foot was first available; that would’ve been in the early 1990s. Freehand Quilting Foot #29 for the older machines has a metal sole, but 29C – developed for the 1630 – has a clear sole. Even though it was designed to accommodate the wider stitch width of the 1630, it works fine with other models as well. Just be sure to get the old style foot for 1000 series machines, not the new style for current models. The one you want comes in a red package with a white BERNINA logo; the one for current models comes in a white package with a red logo. Jo

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