BERNINA Presser Feet: For All of Your Sewing Needs

The BERNINA accessory line includes over 60 presser feet, not included coded and dual feed versions of certain feet in our line. No matter the project you tackle, there is a BERNINA accessory designed for whatever task you need to accomplish. Being equipped with the right tools will instantly improve the quality of your handmade projects! Be sure to read all the way through this post to see our new favorite way to store BERNINA presser feet and to enter for the chance to win!

Easy On, Easy Off BERNINA Presser Feet


The BERNINA exclusive one-piece presser feet are the easiest to attach to and remove from the machine.  This makes it simple to always have the right foot for the technique you’re working with. No need for a screwdriver when you want to change the presser foot. See just how easy it is to use BERNINA presser feet!

Why So Many Presser Feet?

What's in your kit: presser feete

Why are there so many different presser feet? There’s more than one reason why you should consider exploring the many presser feet and accessories available to you as a BERNINA sewist, and you can learn more here.

Five Reasons to Use Specialty Presser Feet for Sewing Projects

What's in your sewing kit from WeAllSew

Every BERNINA sewing machine comes with several presser feet. These presser feet are used for most general sewing tasks such as seaming, hemming, buttonholes, zippers, and more. Many sewists use these presser feet for all of their sewing tasks and never look into specialty presser feet, thinking they don’t need them. And maybe they don’t, but we have five reasons that specialty feet can be useful and fun in your sewing space.

BERNINA Patchwork Feet


There are specific applications where a precisely sewn quarter-inch seam is necessary, such as patchwork or some crafts. BERNINA offers six different patchwork quarter-inch seam feet to fit the needs of any sewist or quilter and suit your work style. Let’s walk through a brief history of BERNINA Patchwork Feet in this post!

Stitch in the Ditch with BERNINA Walking Foot #50

Stitch in the Ditch with Walking foot #50

Stitch in the Ditch with Walking Foot #50 for perfectly placed stitches sewn directly in a patchwork seam.

A Guide to BERNINA Non-stick Presser Feet

BERNINA Zigzag foot with non-stick sole #52C

Nothing is more frustrating than struggling with a fabric that just won’t feed smoothly under the needle. Plastic, vinyl, and leather are materials that can present this problem as you try to stitch them. Metal presser feet often stick to them and drag across the surface, sometimes not feeding at all. There’s an easy solution to this problem that will let you make projects from any form of plastic or leather.

Decorative Stitches with Embroidery Foot #39/39C

Decorative stitch tips with Embroidery foot with clear sole #39/#39C

Embroidery Foot #39/#39C gives you a crystal clear view of the stitching area at all times, and red marks around the foot opening mark the center needlepoint, making it the perfect tool for sewing decorative stitches.

Sewing with Appliqué Foot #23

Sewing with Appliqué foot #23 by Erika Mulvenna

When sewing appliqué shapes with a narrow zigzag stitch, it’s important to have a clear view of where the needle is forming the stitches. That’s where Appliqué Foot #23 comes in. It has a simple design that allows for smooth feeding when sewing dense stitches, and can also be used for sewing mini-piping or couching with ribbon or cording – it’s so much more than just an appliqué tool!

Invisible Applique with Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D

Invisible applique-stitching

Try this machine applique technique that resembles hand stitching. The finished look is similar to hand-sewn applique where stitches are barely visible along the edges of the appliqué shapes.

Straight Stitching with BERNINA Jeans Foot #8/8D

MTC_Jeans_Foot_#8_08_Uneven_Layers_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog 1080x1080px

There is a variety of BERNINA presser feet that qualify as straight stitch feet. All of them help optimize conditions for an impeccable straight stitch. Some incorporate elements to facilitate the sewing process (e.g. the D version of such feet) while others assist in precision sewing, like the patchwork feet. One foot stands out among the selection for its ability to sew a perfect straight stitch through thick or thin materials: the BERNINA Jeans Foot #8/8D.

BERNINA Presser Foot Mountain Giveaway

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Congratulations to our winner(s):

  1. scarlett1963

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1,791 thoughts on “BERNINA Presser Feet: For All of Your Sewing Needs

  1. Straight stitch foot with non-stick sole – For Christmas 2019 I made cutlery pockets for the family dinner I was hosting. They had vinyl pockets on the front, and the non-stick foot helped with sewing them on.

      1. It’s impossible to choose just ONE foot!!
        I can’t!!!
        My top 5 feet 😳😂😂😂 are 3A, 10, 12, 20, & 37 but then we have those D-feet that are marvelous…

        1. Yes, it is hard to choose just one foot, they all make each project so much easier and fun to do. #10 makes my stitching look great. Can’t beat that!!

      1. Awwww…it’s like trying to pick your favorite child….not fair!….But I do love my 97D. It’s the one that’s always on my machine…unless I need another one for a specific project!

      2. Where are you all seeing the spot to post your own original comment? I can only reply to other’s comments. My favorite can’t live without foot is also 97D – fabulous for quilt piecing.

          1. Oh my, just the thought of only having 1 foot has my head spinning and looking for the aspirin. My favorite is 20 D because it is so versatile . Do not try to come and take all of my feed except 20 D or you will have a HUGE fight on your hands…don’t make me do it!

          2. I’m having the same problem trying to post an original comment. My favorite foot is 97D.

      3. My favorite foot is 97D. It stays on my machine most for piecing quilt tops. Love the idea of the foot tree. Handy and accessible when switching back and forth with your feet.

      1. I agree stitch in the ditch or just plain ole top stitching is where this foot shines!

        I appreciate the 10D because it keeps me honest choosing stitch widths… which in saves me from picking a stitch too wide for the foot and breaking a needle! Nobody likes that!

        Love love love my Bernina 770 QEE! 🥰

        1. I completely agree that I love my Bernina 770QE. I have so much more to explore with the machine after looking that all these available presser feet. One that catches my I would be 23 with the clear foot and can achieve tight appliqué. Also the feet with the non-stick soles. I would love to try the 52D.

    1. Oh my heavens, this is an easy question for me. I’m a quilter and I LOVE the 97D. Helps me keep that seam allowance just right. Thank you for the chance to win, I really love this cute little Matterhorn! It would look so so so cute next to my beautiful Bernina sewing machine.

    2. The 37D foot is my go to for precise 1/4 inch seams for quilting. I also use it when I turn something inside out and want to topstitch next to the edge, it shows the fabric in the middle just where I want to topstitch. It also is good for stitch in the ditch work on top of a quilt. I love the walking foot and the BSR as well for my quilts.

    3. I can’t live without the foot I need for the project I’m currently working on! I love all the feet – patchwork 97d, walking foot 50, BSR 72 and then all the non-stick and right now 10d is my new best friend!

    4. My favorite is #8 foot. It’s a great help when I’m hemming jeans. I used to hate having to go over the seams on each side, but the No. 8 foot makes it so smooth.

      1. Right now, I agree that my walking foot is the most used. I’m using it both on my 790 and on my 350, not only for straight line quilting, but on the 350 whenever I have fabric layers that tend to slip. I can still figure out a 1/4 inch and 1/8th inch seam when needed. So useful when it works well on both machines 🙂

    5. Ordinarily I’d say my walking foot is my favorite, but being a brand spanking new owner of a Bernina 790 Plus, I do believe any foot with the letter D will probably be a new favorite of mine.

    6. Edge stitch door #10D.keeps my stitching straight without any effort at all. I really love all of my Bernina presser feet. Each has its own purpose and all are very helpful. Love them all!!!

    7. The #50 walking foot is so versatile. But the foot I could absolutely not live without is 37D. The dual feed, especially when piecing long strips, is invaluable. Since I am almost strictly a quilter, that patchwork piecing foot helps me achieve perfect points and precision.

    8. I cannot survive without the 39C foot. I accidentally bumped mine in the trash ( I assume that’s what happened to it) and didn’t notice until too late. After finding it IMPOSSIBLE to get along without it I purchased another. Thank goodness it was in stock.

    9. I have been making quilt as you go quilts for each of my grandsons and couldn’t live without my #50 walking foot!! Just love my new Bernina (retirement gift to myself)!

    10. I have just purchased a Bernina after many years of sewing on a Janome. It sews beautifully! Just like butter. I am a quilter as well as a garment seamstress. I just finished a quilt with the 97D. It is a must for quilting. I would like to try the stitch in the ditch foot as well as a few others. I am having fun

    11. It’s hard to choose just one, but I put many button holes in garments and could not do without the buttonhole attachment. I hope this counts. I especially like the rolling foot as well. It has helped me with several new fabrics.

    12. I absolutely love love my Bernina stitch regulator! I adore my Bernina and can’t live without any part of it but I purchased it for stitch regulator and never regretted the investment!

    13. With a mountain of amazing presser foot choices from Bernina that simply blow 🌬me away, I would still have to say the Bernina Stitch Regulator is my fav! 🏔🦶🌲It takes my sewing skills up such a notch that I impress myself. I look at my project and feel so proud, “I did that!” 🥰

    14. I can only narrow it down to 2 – my go to foot 1D with my duel feed for many projects that are thick or layered. It workers for zig zag, straight stitching and satin stitching for appliqué – it has so many uses for what I do. My favorite for quilting is – of course – the fabulous walking foot! This foot is amazing and the different feet make it all the more valuable to me!!

    15. I love my 97D 1/4” quilting foot. I’m a quilter and always have a quilt working on. The 97D helps make perfect 1/4” seams. I could do it with out this foot. 💕

    16. Foot 97D is always on my machine, but I change to many feet, since I do various projects, and many fabrics, since I volunteer sewing costumes for Theatre, besides my quilting and sewing home projects.

    17. A 97D is my favorite presser foot for my Q770 plus. It helps keep my 1/4” seams perfect for piecing. I’m a foot junkie, however; so it’s hard to pick just one!

    18. Only one favorite? My you make this difficult! Foot 46C is a favorite foot of mine. I makes sewing tiny piping into clothing so much easier. Thank you Bernina for all the terrific specialty feet you offer, I only wish I could have one of each foot! Maybe when I get to Heaven…surely they will have Bernina’s…right?

    19. I am a quilter and love using the 37D. I have the 37C too but I prefer any foot that has a D as part of the foot number. I like the dual foot feed because it was one of the reasons I bought my Bernina 880. I started probably 30 years ago with a 150. I learned that I can use the feet on the 880 that I have for the 150. I still prefer the built in dual foot feed on my 880 instead of using the walking foot. The love my Berninas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. My favorite is #23. The appliqué foot. It is awesome! Truthfully I’m very happy with every foot I have tried- mostly I have just the basics! I just purchased my first Bernini last year. I LOVE it!!

    21. I love Bernina pressre feet because they help me to sew more precisely. I’ve owned many other brands of sewing machines – none have had a foot like 10D. I can do some pretty perfect stitching with this foot.

    22. My all time fav Bernina foot is the 20D Open Toe Embroidery Foot w Dual Feed because I do so much ditch quilting for stabilization before all my free motion quilting. The open toe allows me to really see down into the ditch do as to hide the stitches, and the dual feed keeps the backing from puckering.

    23. If I were to pick just 1 foot it would be 57D. Actually any of the D feet. I love dual feed. My fabrics feed so smoothly and straight. Love the easy change of all the Bernina feet also.

    24. 97D. I’m a quilter with the 770. The 97D with the straight stitch plate on a machine with 9mm capability is the must have combination on this machine. I have read all over the people who are dissatisfied with their 770 because of losing their fabric down the rabbits hole. I have never had an issue with my fabric. I can hardly believe that the 97D and straight stitch plate aren’t included standard equipment on the QE editions. Hmm – this almost turned into a criticism-am I still entered??? Lol

    25. Can’t live without my #97D for piecing. It has to be the most used foot I have. But I have to say that I love my #10D foot too because it saves me the most time. It is great for sewing on binding with the machine. Then I have even more time to sew!

    26. My favorite TODAY is #12….piping for bags. It’s priceless, but so many of my others are favored for the task of the day! The new Bernina Mt makes me want to take a trip! Suisse here I come!

    27. I have 2 Bernina machines- and on my older one I cannot live without my walking foot. It is my go to foot for many projects. Having 2 machines means that when my sister comes to visit from out of the country we can sew together! We love making quilts as a team.

    28. I’m a big believer in using specialty feet. I could probably fill the Mountain half way up right now. The foot I couldn’t live without is 97D and 20D is a close 2nd.

    29. How can I possibly pick just one. My newest is the 97D as I now have a new 790 plus and just pieced my first quilt with it. It was a game changer for me. Not for everyone from what I see but it has improved my accuracy and I needed that bar you attach.

    30. My favorite presser foot is the 97D. It works well with multiple stitching purposes while piecing seams for quilting is its priority. I can memorize my sewing set up with a push of a button!

  2. Without a doubt…’s the No. #10. It’s always first foot I purchase. Have one for all myBerninas both coded and un coded. Couldn’t sew without it.

    1. I love all the Pintuck feet! I love Heirlom sewing so they are perfect for creating the most beautiful piece of fabric. But they can be used in many others ways as I just learned in a Mystery Make course.

  3. I have a love affair with the walking foot . I find that my quilting is much more accurate when I piece with this foot. I was happy to hear from Sylvan (sp?, sorry) that the foot can be cleaned, mine sounds like a little mouse is trapped inside when I use it ..

  4. I have to pick just *one*??? Okay, I think I can narrow it down to two: the 97D for piecing and the 72 for quilting. Yes, I know the 72 is for ruler work, but I can use it for free motion when I have to (though the 73 is really great for that). That said, there are far too many that I don’t *want* to live without!

  5. New to Bernina – just purchased a 570QE less than a month ago so just learning and playing but want to try Foot #20/20C/20D for appliqué but love my 97 foot

  6. I love my #10 foot and my #97D. Wishing I would have bought the #10D foot, but there’s no more room in my presser foot box! This is why I need the mountain!

  7. Hard to choose but I guess my most used foot is either 37 or 57. Since I’m primarily a patchwork quilter those are indispensable and when I don’t have it on but attempt 1/4” seams I definitely miss them!

  8. I know it’s a basic foot, but blind stitch foot #5 is my top go-to after the basic straight stitch foot. It’s perfect for stitch-in-the-ditch, topstitching, edgestitching; and I do those things all the time!

  9. Oh my-where to start! I love my 97d for piecing but the 55 roller foot is so much fun to quilt and sew all the little things I make. Best invention ever.

  10. I was just reading my Bernina Big Book of Feet last night! I bought foot 57 today, the 1/4” foot with the guide! I can’t wait. I’m a quilter and use foot 37 all the time, but as I have gotten older, my vision and steadiness is “not what it used to be!” Thanks Bernina!! ❤️

  11. I love my 37 foot. I use it for most every thing I sew that doesn’t require anything but a straight stitch. For satin stitching, applique stitching, and any sewing requiring other than a straight stitch, it’s a toss up between the 20 foot for the open toes or the 39 foot which is transparent with red markings so that you know exactly where your stitches are being placed.

  12. Since I’m new to Bernina products but I have currently bought at least 12 feet but I would guess the 97 would be my favorite I think winning this tree to hold all the presser feet would be so ideal water wonderful product you have brought for us don’t care much for the Barbie cases

  13. The foot on my machine right now is the 10D. It will stay until I need the 97D piecing foot,
    but I do use the 20D alternately depending on my project.

  14. Oh my I can’t pick one!!! I would say my 26 foot because I love embroidery and the pinpoint placement of my 790 plus and my 97D foot. I just love the dual feed on all of my D feet!!!

  15. 10D is amazing. I use it for garments, quilts, bags, almost every project. No sure if you count the BSR as a presser foot, but it’s the other “gotta have it” foot for me!

  16. I love every Bernina foot I’ve ever used. The 97D is usually the one found on my machine but my favorite would have to be the #10D edgestitch foot because my top-sewing looks perfect when I use it.
    It’s hard to pick a favorite since they are all so well made. I’d love to win the foot Tree to show mine off!

  17. Hands down it’s the Walking Foot, #50, for me! But there’s also no way I could thin out the herd (my collection of Bernina presser feet) without me kicking myself for giving one up! I’d much rather add a new one to the herd!!

  18. Naming my favorite Bernina foot is such a difficult question!
    There are so many that I love, but probably the 97D because I use it the most. Gives me such accurate 1/4” seams and the dual feed feature is awesome.

  19. My favorite foot is 97D. It has 1/4” marks on all sides and that assists with my precision. But then #10 is perfect for stitch in the ditch. And #72 is great for FMQ. I’d love to have a leather foot, but I don’t sew much leather or vinyl; but wouldn’t it be nice?

  20. I love my 97D patchwork foot for piecing quilt blocks. I use this foot daily. The markings on the foot allow me to sew half square triangles without having to mark the fabric with 2 lines. I just use the markings on the foot to get accurate 1/4 inch on either side of the diagonal line.

  21. There are several I could not live without, but my go to is 57D I’m a quilter. I use all the embroidery feet I have.
    I love my Bernina feet and I’m trying to collect them all.

  22. As others have said really I couldn’t live without any of them, but right now my walking foot ,it’s great for making baby quilts using minky fabric

  23. Oh my, that is a difficult thing to just pick one favorite. #97 is indispensable. But then so is #10, #72, and on and on and on. I love them all and have more than 50. 😀😀😀

  24. I couldn’t live without my 26 embroidery foot. I had never machine embroidered before I bought my 770QE.
    There was a promotion running and I got the embroidery unit free with my machine. I fell I. Love with doing machine embroidery and have made many fun projects.

  25. 37. Quarter Inch foot. My quilts would be wonky without it.

    Love my Berninas! I have three! Mostly use Artista. Granddaughter uses the older one and I have an old one in a red case! Now, if I could just get a nice foot stand, get organized and finish some of those projects that have been on hold!

  26. Its hard to choose only one because each specialized foot is so good at its job! But I guess I would have to choose the Open Embroidery Foot 20D. It has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

  27. I can’t live without #26 because I’m addicted to Machine Embroidery, and #97D for quilting and other general sewing. The 97D presser foot helped me to improve my 1/4 inch seams. Now I sew with confidence!

  28. Oh to choose a foot! I love my 97D use it everyday. I think my favorite is the Teflon foot, as it has enabled me to broaden my fabric choices and embellishments and add a bit of fun and sparkle to the things i create. All about creating 🙂 I need the foot tree! Imagine how lovely it would look with tinsel for the holidays the multi-cultural Bernina foot tree!

  29. Such a hard decision because I’m always switching up my feet for different uses. I will say that the walking foot is a real game changer, though, so I’ll pick that one as my favorite.

  30. I love the the #10 foot. I make a lot of bags and home decor stuff and I like the professional look that it gives, helping you to sew a straight line.

  31. I don’t think there’s been a project where I don’t use the #10 edge stitch foot; it makes every single project look super professional. I just got the walking foot and I’m very happy that it comes with the similar edge stitch attachment. Love, love, love the #10 foot <3

  32. First I have to say who ever invented this foot holder is a genius! I really love all my feet. I think the one I use the most is the 97 quarter inch foot. It makes sewing those smalls seems a snap.

  33. #8 I love love love the Jeans foot. I use it for denim and I am able to control going over the humps with it! I also love it for really heavy fabrics and so wish we could get this foot in a 1/8 size so that I could use it with purses and thicker areas.

  34. I use #1 the most for my sewing needs and also the walking foot. I have only a few so I would love to win all these different ones. Thank you for the chance.

  35. I love them all! With a nice variety to choose from there is a perfect foot for every project. The 1/4in foot and the walking foot are my favorite for quilting which is the sewing I do the most

  36. The 37 Foot is the one I use the most, BUT I have several that I use periodically! Bernina always gives such great advise on how to use the various feet!

  37. I can’t be without 56 Teflon open toe foot. I have been able to stitch on hard to stitch fabrics. I worry that I’ll wear it out and need to get another one. Trust me, I’ll be getting a 2nd one if that happens.

  38. I like the 1D for my 790, the C27 for the 890 and the 72 for the Q20….trying to narrow it down to one is like asking a parent which one is your favorite child. Just can’t do it!

  39. I definitely can’t live without my 34D foot. It is just wonderful and so user friendly, with a clear foot to see exactly where you’re stitching.
    But, there are many more wonderful feet that I don’t have, but would love to acquire.

  40. I love the 97 D foot for helping me sew better 1/4″ seams and being able to use the walking foot with it to sew quilts. Learning more all the time about the feet.

  41. If I had to pick just one, it would be #97D. I used a #37 foot on 9mm machines for about 23 years. I had only found out about the #97 foot about a year before I upgraded to the B770 QE. After sewing with the #37 on a 9mm machine for so long, I didn’t think I needed to change. Now I love the #97D.

  42. Over the 40 yrs of owning and sewing on 4 different Berninas (from my 930 to present day.. all of which I still own along with my mother’s 930) I have to say my walking feet are my favorite and most beneficial!
    Thank you Bernina from a very loyal fan!

  43. #37D Is my most used! I love it for good control of delicate fabrics with the straight stitch throat plate, easy topstitching, and fast narrow hems.

  44. Can I say- I don’t want to be without any of them??
    Because it’s true.

    But the ones I reach for the most often, my 97D w/ guide and my 50 walking foot.

  45. My BSR foot is my most important Bernina accessory. What a game changer. It is the reason I upgraded to a 440QE from an 830 Record. I still own both machines but my BSR has me using the 440 far more than my workhorse 830 Record. I love free motion stitching, and the BSR makes it look awesome.

  46. While there are many Feet I can not live without, I am going to choose #5. This is the foot that sold my husband on Bernina 33 years ago. I hemmed his pants on a 930 for 30 years then upgraded to a 770. Love this foot!

  47. This is such a tough question to answer but if forced I’d have to say my 97d is on my machine the most. My 10d, 4d, 52d, 20d, 39c, and 72 are my number 1a favorite feet lol. I basically love them all and adore my 790. Best purchase/investment ever!

  48. Pick just one!! That’s really hard. I love the D feet and the dual feed. I enjoy using 97D but a great foot that I can’t live without would be 34D because I like the clear sole and that I still have fabric held in place a little more with the clear coverage. I like that it can stitch out stitches that are wide or that I can move my needle position.

  49. Whoa! Maybe It’s time to break out of the 2 Barbie Boxes I have for all my feet! LOL! I’m a quilter and you know what that means? I can’t do anything without my 57D Patchwork foot with guide! Love Love Love!

  50. Love my 97 D foot, but also my 72 ruler foot. So many great choices makes it hard to choose just one. Guess that is why we need a Mt Bernina in our sewing rooms!

  51. There are many presser feet in my collection that I really enjoy having for sewing clothes for my grandchildren- the button hole foot 3A, 2A overlock foot, pintuck foot 31, piping foot 38 and so many others! But, I will have to say the work horse presser foot for me is 34D. It is usually what is on my machine most of the time.

  52. Patchwork foot hands down…I love the dual feed, and the built in guide. Piecing triangles on the bias is no problem, no stretching, no stay stitching, no wonky blocks.

  53. I cannot live without my 95C because it works specifically with the #88 Binder Attachment, which has allowed me to bind my quilts the way God intended…by machine!!

  54. I use the 20c but with all the comments I feel like I need to get a 10! Im a newbie to bernina and love the excitement to this machine. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

  55. Since I am quilting more than I have in the past the foot I can’t live without is the 57D. I rely on the guide to get more consistently reliable 1/4” seams.

  56. What a dream!
    My favorite foot would be-walking foot and for button holes. Also a divider foot, for perfect stitches. The person who will win, will be very lucky!!)

  57. There’s so many I couldn’t do without, but if I really had to pick one?? I guess it would be #10 edge stitch foot. It really gives a professional touch to my work.

  58. Just received a B570QE for my birthday and decided to give my daughter my B145S. I purchased another foot #18 as I knew she would use it to make dresses for her daughters!

  59. I can’t live without foot 97D. It is on my machine almost all the time as a quilter.I have learned how perfectly it is engineered with marking all over it to get seam allowances right and to stop a quarter inch away from the end of a seam.

  60. I have to say it’s my 97D foot. After over 50 years of sewing on Bernina machines I’ve used many different feet for many different types of projects. I’ve never met a foot I didn’t like and need. Currently I mainly make quilts and this foot is a wonderful tool to help me insure accurate piecing.

  61. Favorite one is an interesting concept….if you ask which foot I use the most it’s the 57D….but just love the 52D and the 10D….and then there’s the walking foot….decisions decisions

  62. A lot of my sewing is with the 97d foot. Recently I’ve been using the 71 foot for binding quilts on both sides – so it’s my favorite right now!

  63. I use 26 a lot because I do a lot of embroidery but I’m having fun learning about all the feet as I’m fairly new to the Bernina machine! This would be great to win.

  64. Oh how in the world could I pick just one. I’d love to have them all. Sometimes I’d pick the fancy ones like the circle one and sometimes I’d pick the more simple stitch ones. Since I do all kinds of wonderful things with my Bernina I want them all. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  65. How do you chose one? If I had to chose one it would be my 97D foot but I love all of my feet for their different purposes. I love this mountain! How convenient. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  66. 1/4 inch piecing foot but anything to do with quilting. But then there’s embroidery and garment construction, crafting and etc. Oh heck, I want them all.

  67. #10 edge stitch foot! I use it for so many things. It has been my favorite since I bought my first , an 1130, 30 years ago. With my 770 I even have an extra backup. 😂

  68. I could not live without my #20 invisible embroidery foot or my #57 1/4 inch foot. I use these the very most along with my walking foot. I use all at some time but these are my favorites

  69. I love foot 34D. I use it for applique, quilting (I move the needle 4 spots to the right) and it gives me a good 1/4 inch seam. I love that it is clear so I can see where I’m going. But really, I love all of the feet, they make sewing so easy. I love the looks of this Presser Foot Mountain. It looks like a game changer for storing and finding the right foot for the job.

  70. 97D/single needle plate is my go to foot for all straight stitching, including knits, which I baste first. The single needle hole keeps my flimsy knits from being “eaten”.

  71. My 97D foot has been amazing while I’ve been doing a BOM project. I switch between it and my 20C because of the ability to see my stitches better with the 20C.

  72. My favorite two feet are the 97D and the stitch in the ditch foot. I use them both all the time. 97D is my best friend and great for piecing! Thankfully they are so easy to take on and off too. Makes sewing a delight!

  73. I can’t live without my Free Motion Couching Foot…I use it for accents on all kinds of projects, combining the couching with other types of embellishments! #43

  74. My presser foot I can not live without is the 37, or the 97D. Both of these feet help me keep my 1/4 inch seams straight. Today for the first time I put in a invisible zipper and used the 35 foot. I was great also.

  75. The 34D is my favorite patchwork foot when sewing on my B790 Plus. I’ve marked a quarter-inch seam line on both sides of center. Being able to see through the foot helps me to get perfect seams.

  76. If I could only pick one I would say my three sole walking foot which covers nearly everything except free motion quilting and zipper insertion.

  77. Oh My goodness. I dont even know. I just got my machine this week and havent had time to find out which one I cant live with out YET. I did buy the BSR and the Walking Foot. . .lets see which one will win soon.

  78. Ofcourse 1D, if I have to choose only one foot will be that, but my favorite ones are 97D and 10D to the point that they don’t go on my Barby closet, they stay right next to my machine…. lol

  79. Are you serious? Pick one? No way! I love and use every Bernina foot I have purchased. I would be lost without each one. Please I beg you do NOT make me pick ♥️ ✂️🧵♥️

  80. Edge stitch foot #10D is definitely my go-to foot! Having said that, there are several others that I love all well. AND they are all well-constructed. Nothing better than sewing with a pressure foot that doesn’t wobble around!

  81. The 97D is my favorite & go to foot for piecing! I’ve recently started using the 40C. It really doesn’t matter what foot I’m using, I love my Bernina!

  82. 1D we use on all 12 of our machines!
    Been using bernina for 3 years in our business. We have 2 710
    2 765
    6 770s and
    2 790s for embroidery
    Love each machine in its own way!

  83. There are several I can’t live without! I guess my favorite is the 37D, but I also need the 10 (regular and the D, the 52, the 3…..too many to mention! I want that presser foot tree!!!

  84. I use two all the time 57 for all my quilting and 1/4 seam and 20 for applique and a lot of other sewing. I can not put a zipper in without using 4 and my ruler foot for quilting. I do have a lot of other feet but these are the most used.

    The one I would have to have is 20 can be used for everything

  85. Hello, I cannot live without my #10D Edgefoot. This is my goto for bindings, topstitching, and for finishing fabric postcards, to name a few. I just love the new foot tree and thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  86. I use so many, I’m always surprised and appreciative to be able to switch between the 97D, the 57D, the 8D, and the zipper and Teflon foot depending on what I’m sewing. Now I’m waiting for the 72S to finally be available so I can start to learn ruler work! I love them all. Can’t possibly pick a favorite because they each do something I need.

  87. I have been a Bernina owner since 1980 at the age of 28 (you do the math). I would kill for such a tower for all the Bernina feet I have accumulated over the years. Who ever came up with this ingenious idea give him a huge hug for me. Then again if it has been around and I didn’t know about it well I guess my head has been in my Bernina doing what I love to do. Good Luck to all!

  88. My favorite foot is my #97D. I use for straight stitch garment and bag sewing as well as piecing and quilting. And most of all use this amazing foot for applying turned edge applique. It’s the perfect foot

  89. #64, the straight hemmer is the absolute favorite in my house. It was one of the first feet I bought when I upgraded from my vintage machine to a newer model and needed to start replacing feet. My partner even chose to get a Bernina machine because he liked using my hemmer so much and wanted one of his own.