National Sewing Month: Love Your Sewing Space

September is National Sewing Machine Month! Here at WeAllSew we’re celebrating all month long with sewing machine inspiration, tips, tutorials, and 4 weeks of fun giveaways. This week we’re inspiring you to love your sewing space no matter where you set up your sewing machine to sew and create. Check out our simple tips to care for your machine, tutorials to keep your sewing tools and notions organized, and projects to spruce up your space. Keep reading to the bottom of the post to find out how to enter this week’s fantastic giveaway for your chance to win our prize package!

Love Your Sewing Machine for National Sewing Machine Month

How to Clean and Oil Sewing Machines with a CB Hook - Hook Cleaning - remove the needle

You’ll find a whole list of tips, tutorials, and tricks to keep your beloved sewing machine in tip-top shape. Find our big list of Sewing Machine Love & Care tips here!

Sewing machine dust cover tutorial

Keep dirt, dust and curious hands from your machine when not in use with this simple to make cover. Quick to stitch, the Sewing Machine Dust Cover also includes a back pocket to hold your sewing table.

Sewing room lighting tips

It’s a fact that a well-lit sewing area will allow you to sew longer without fatiguing your eyes! Get our best Sewing Room Lighting Tips here at WeAllSew.

It’s amazing how many different stitches can be made with a sewing machine! To get better acquainted with the stitches in your machine make a Quick Stitch Sampler Book with this tutorial, and keep it near your sewing machine for reference.

Sewing machine mat tutorial

This quilted sewing machine mat does double-duty, acting as a protective layer between your machine and table top and keeping all of your tools organize within finger’s reach. Learn how to make a Sewing Machine Mat with this tutorial.

Organize Your Sewing Space for National Sewing Machine Month

Clever sewing organization tips

The more you sew, the more notions, tools, bits, and bobbins you end up with! Find some of our favorite Clever Sewing Organization Tips here to inspire you to find a method to keep all of your bits and bobbins easy to find.

If you have pegboard near your sewing space you can make and hang any number of these totally adorable Embroidery Hoop Hanging Baskets! So handy for holding any little tools or notions in style.

Free-motion couching with rulerwork from WeAllSew

Did you ever wish you had an organizer to keep pattern pieces and small notions organized for your project? Or a large zipper organizer to help you tote supplies to sewing class? This free pattern is the perfect project! Find a link to the free pattern in the Free Motion Couching With Rulerwork tutorial.

Embroidered Fabric Baskets Finished

Create fabric baskets to hold tools, notions, or supplies in your sewing space with this free tutorial (and bonus, get a free embroidery design to download and stitch). Click here for the Embroidered Fabric Basket Tutorial.

home for feet

Need help keeping track of all those BERNINA presser feet and accessories? Check out this Presser Feet Storage Tip!

Mini Scissors Case Tutorial

Keep track of pins, needles, and snips with this handy little needle and scissors case. It’s the perfect project for using up small bits of scrap fabrics! Learn how to make a Mini Scissors Case With Needle Minder here.

Thread catcher tool caddy tutorial

Use this thread catcher and tool organizer at your sewing machine, ironing board, or over the arm of a chair to help keep small tools and scraps in order. Find the Tool Caddy Thread Catcher tutorial here.

These rope bowls stitch together quickly and are so fun to make! Use them as catch-all’s near your sewing machine to hold thread, bobbins, notions, or additional presser feet. Click here to find the Rope Bowl tutorial.

Decorate Your Sewing Space for National Sewing Machine Month

Diary in Stitches Pillow Cover

Create a fun sewing themed pillow to help decorate your sewing space! Use favorite fabrics, create your own patchwork, or make a fun appliqué for your pillow. Find out how you can make an Invisible Zipper Pillow Cover with this tutorial.

We can’t think of a better way to add a bit of fun and personality to your sewing space than creating your own pincushion! Find a plethora of pincushion projects in our Pincushion Party post here.

Turning Triangles Mini Quilt Pattern

Make a mini-quilt to add color and personality to your space! Use this fun and easy to make Turning Triangles Mini-Quilt tutorial, or finish-off any of your orphan blocks into a mini.

Get Happy Pillow Finished

Could your sewing room use a little pick-me-up? How about this little pillow that’s big on exclamations! You can learn how to make the Get Happy! pillow in this tutorial.

Sew up a little framed artwork with this fun technique! Learn How to Wrap Fabric on a Frame, and how to create this pretty little mini patchwork here.

National Sewing Month Week 1 Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed to comments. Congratulations to our Week 1 WeAllSew winner, fan @dlashof!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win this fun package featuring sewing tools and accessories! You could win one BERNINA branded red waste basket, one big BERNINA branded tote bag, one Zirkel red magnetic pincushion, and one pair of Tula Pink Hardware 6″ straight scissors!

National Sewing Month Giveaway at WeAllSew

Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion

Handmade Holiday Projects and Giveaway

Tula Pink - 6-inch-Shears

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “Where do you sew? Do you have your own sewing corner, closet, room, or temporary sewing space?” The the giveaway is open for comments through Sunday, September 8.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

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426 comments on “National Sewing Month: Love Your Sewing Space”

  • I am SO blessed to have a large sewing room that houses my beautiful Bernina 830. It’s a comfy and well lit place where I spend the biggest part of everyday. I’m always considering better ways to organize. I love the ideas you provide to help with the “little” things. I’m sure I will try several. -Marie Kozma

    • I use an old “Chicken Coop”, cleaned of course and a window added.
      I holds my Great Grandmother’s Singer 221 and Mom’s 230 Bernina.
      I call it my playhouse. I can see the beautiful birds when they come in to feed
      outside the door.Love it!

    • I sew in our front bedroom, we placed a murphy bed and shelving for future guests but always seem to have them stay in the other bedroom (so I don’t have to move all of my things) Proud to have two Bernina machines, best things I have ever bought! Our one rescue cat, with the most attitude, loves this room and sleeps on my sewing table keeping me company.

    • I am using a spare bedroom and love it, but now I need to convince my husband to take out the wall between my room and the other bedroom to create nice sewing suite!

    • I took over my husband’s boat room – oversized garage – when he built a larger man cave at my suggestion. Still arranging it and getting tackle moved but it will be a great space when finished. Win win for both of us!

    • I am so excited to be setting up my first ever dedicated sewing room! I am lucky enought to have a spare bedroom that has become my sewing retreat — I started with a retirement gift from my husband, a Bernina 770 QE machine and built on it with a horn quilter’s dream desk and caddie. I come here for inspiration on storage and decor ideas and can’t wait to start on several blog projects! –

    • I feel fortunate to have a room of my own for my sewing area. Of course it could always be bigger, but then I’m afraid I would fill that one too! I have an older mechanical Bernina and love working with it.

    • My sewing space is a geodesic dome that is built over a two car garage. It has a bathroom, 360 degrees of windows and a fantastic view of the high desert in southern New Mexico. The dome shape makes wall organizing a challenge but I have a huge cutting table and lots of lower cabinet storage. As a working artist, having a space where I can just leave and shut the door, knowing I can pick up where I left off makes all the difference. Next week I will be getting my own heating and cooling system….can’t wait!

    • Lucky me…..I have my own sewing room. It was my son’s room. He’s now an adult and out on his own. Converting his room to my sewing space was the only good thing about having him go. It really is a space I enjoy!

  • I have a room dedicated to sewing with my Bernina 880, my bernina Q20, and my small portable Bernina 330. I love these machines and even talked my neighbor into buying a Bernina 590 machine. I have made five table runners and quilted them on the Q20 uninb Bernina Rulers for the designs. Also three large quilts on the Q20 also using my rulers for the designs. The quality of Bernina is stellar. My quilting room is organized with shelves a chest for material a chest for accessories.

  • I had a big room built on to the end of our house, in that room is my computers, camera, tv, my massage chair, cut out table & my Bernina 880 plus with all the goodies. LOVE MY BERNINA!

    • I would love to add an addition onto my house in the future when sewing in the basement is no longer easy for me. How did you decide on a contractor? Did you design it first then hired a contractor or did he consult and suggest features to be added like closet space, shelving, and lighting?

  • I have a bedroom at the back of the house with nice large windows that overlook my yard and garden, it is a happy place. It’s painted a sunny yellow with white cabinets and nice counter space thanks to my Husband. I do sometimes have to take larger projects to the dinning room which also has a lot of natural light. My Husband has gotten used to my invading other parts of the house.

  • With a bit of work and reorganization, my office desk (an old ikea table) converts into my sewing desk. I wish the machine had its own space, but that’s a future investment of resources.

  • I have a dedicated sewing/painting room. My house has a living room and family room, so I took over the family room once my kids moved out. It’s wonderful to not have to pack up and reset up mid-project .

  • Although I don’t have a separate sewing room,, I do have a very nice area set up in our guest room. I have a 730e my husband surprised me with 2 YRS ago. I’m loving my new hobby in retirement.

  • I have a room over my garage that acts as my sewing room, and when extra company comes, I have a Day/ trundle bed that I can pull out to sleep two more people. The majority of the time, by far, is my sewing room. I love my new Bernina 770QE. My husband purchased my first Bernina 930 back in 1984. I was still sewing on it until a month ago when he decided a new machine was in order. I couldn’t get all the parts to fix my 930. I still have it – still works, can’t bear to part with it because it is still usable, but showing the wear. The number of hours I have sewn on that 930 – well, I have no idea. Bernina, in my opinion, is just the best and I have confidence in the machine.

  • I am fortunate to have a spare room which is now my sewing room. It’s wonderful. I bought the 790+ and sewing table while taking my first quilting class at the Bernina dealer shop. After sewing on a Bernina in another sewing class, I fell in love with the Brand. Thank you for the chance to win a gift.

  • I use my livingroom. I have another craftroom that “poses” as a sewing room, however the livingroom allows me to share time with my 2 loves (my dog and sewing) via a pet gate with more access to both♡♡♡.

  • Unfortunately, I do not have a space dedicated to sewing, so my machine and I float around to wherever there’s space. The’s space in my mother’s entertainment room, but I’d rather not set up shop there, as the floor is carpeted.

  • I have a 10′ x 10′ size room with a window facing west. I have 3 sewing machines, an Innovis 4000D, Brother Esante and a 6 needle Babylock. I love my sewing room, I retired two years ago and I am trying to learn how to quilt. Thank you for doing this.

  • I share my sewing space with our guest room. When we don’t have guests, the Murphy-style bed goes up and I get the space to myself (with some added shelving) and when we have guests, my stuff hangs out on my desk in the corner. It works well for us!

  • Being I live full time in a motor coach, during the summer I sew at the dining room table, the rest of the year I have a small she shed to sew in. My 790 + goes with me every where.

    • I have a small room for quilting that holds my craft table with my 770 QE and I have a some book shelves that have my fabric wrapped around cardboard and posted in as books so ai can see all fabrics. The space is small but best I can do right now, and I am great full to not have to use the dinning room table ny more.

  • Hubby and I share a basement room. Part office/Part sewing space. (Who am I kidding ….. fabric takes up 3/4 of the room. Husband and I share the rest! ?

  • Currently i sew in my daughters bedroom. when they were younger they refused to sleep in separate bedrooms, so i slowly took it over. so nice to have a dedicated space. now that they are older they wish that they had it back, or at least had chosen the bigger room for themselves!!! i find it so hard to downsize….i may move it into my bedroom soon….maybe

  • It’s not an enormous space, but I’m lucky that the previous owner of our home was a sewist. She had the wide hallway to our attic door built to be a sewing space complete with a counter long enough for a cutting table and a machine, along with a built in machine storage cabinet and full-size closet with storage for fabric. It’s cozy and sunny!

  • I have my own sewing room, which was the master bedroom, complete with my B880 PLUS on a Horn cabinet, 4′ x 8′ cutting table on top of kitchen-base cabinets for storage, ironing board, a wall cabinet, and a closet full of stuff. I really hope to win the prizes…would be fun!

  • When we downsized to our two bedroom townhouse, I insisted to take the second bedroom while he could take the basement for his model trains. HA. My 770 and my 475 sit upstairs in a lovely decorated room and I sew to my hearts content there. I just HAD to “borrow” a small 7’x15′ corner of the basement for my Q24 which I originally had no intention to purchase until I tried it! OH MY! I get a lot of exercise up and down the stairs, happily sewing in my two spaces of paradise. And the trains don’t bother me! 🙂

  • I am so fortunate to have a second bedroom that is all mine. I have a old dining table on risers for a cutting table/pressing area. A desk and of course my Bernina 770 available to me 24/7. I converted the closet to hold my stash and them some. Love my “room”. All it needs is a Q24. sigh.

  • My sewing space is in a spare bedroom. It is small but I have my sewing machine and serger, and computer. The closet is filled with notions and fabric. I use the dining room table to cut out patterns, the ironing board is in the family room. Getting up to press gives me a few extra steps and time to stretch when sewing.

  • I sew in my sewing room. It is a converted bedroom in our new home. It is new for me to be able to sew in natural daylight. I have sewn in an attic, a basement, in an enclosed room, at a kitchen table, etc.

  • I am lucky to have a large sewing room in a loft overlooking my open plan living dining room. It’s a U shape space and I have the large end, which is about 20 by 21′ and the middle of the U has bookcases and my fabric closet. as well as my landscape design studio. . It’s a lovely space with 4 windows on the east end and a sky light. Great lighting too.

  • I’m lucky enough to have two rooms one for my 780 which I use for sewing. A corner of my living room is where my 700 Emb only Machine lives. We rarely use living room and there is nice private corner for me to embroiderer.screen helps to hide it from view.
    I hope I win red wastebasket my previous one split and was held together by stretchy cord. I miss it.

  • Love my sewing room that works as a guest room for company when needed. And then there’s sewing that goes on at my dining room table, my kitchen table, and in my family room….have Bernina, will travel with it throughout the house!

  • I have my own sewing studio in the spare bedroom in our basement. It’s cooler than the rest of the house, has a window, and is a great spot for me to get creative!

  • I turned one bedroom into my creative space and painted the walls yellow. I’m surrounded by my Bernina 880 plus, Serger L 460, and my 3 fur-babies. I want to take out the bathroom between my craft room and office to expand into one big area so I can have a bigger cutting table.

    My husband retired a year ago Sept 1st. Should have done it before he moved into our retirement home when I was here by myself for a year. Now, TOO LATE! He may come around yet.

    At least he doesn’t object to all my happy toys and machines. Smart man.

  • When we moved into our new smaller home — the kids are all gone, the first place I organized was a spare bedroom for my sewing room. I’ve waited a long time to have a dedicated sewing room. It is my happy place.

  • I have a corner of my bedroom sectioned off with shelving. The cutting table is in the mud room, but so Is my closet! It works so that is all that matters.

  • My wonderful husband combined two upstairs bedrooms into a glorious quilting studio for me, complete with 15 overhead lights and large windows for outside lighting, design wall, pegboard wall, cutting table, and ironing station……plus two sewing stations for two of my Berninas. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  • I am fortunate to sew in the small bedroom which was just reorganized over labor day weekend to accommodate my new Bernina B480, alongside of a 45 year old Viking and older serger. It was time!
    The twin bed on the opposite wall is a great space to lay out my projects.
    I still use the dining room table as a cutting table and run downstairs to press things.

  • I (finally!) have a sewing room large enough to work in at our new house. And it even encourages me to go up and down the stairs to sew (my exercise for the day!)

  • We have a bonus room on the second floor of our house. We used to use it as a tv room but I slowly moved all of the tv stuff downstairs. Now, I have a dedicated room. Yay! Love my space.

  • I converted my small spare bedroom into my craft space and this is where I sew. I have everything from cookbooks, yarn, cake decorating supplies stored in there, but fabric seems to take up the most space.

  • I have a bedroom in the basement that is all mine for sewing! Thankfully the room has an egress window for natural light. Needs more organizing so I’m enjoying the articles in this issue very much.

  • I took over a small bedroom once the kids moved out. No longer has a bed but there’s a 590 Bernina that occupies the room, which is much more important than a bed lol.❤️

  • When our last child left home my husband let me take the open room upstairs and make it into a sewing studio of my own. I love the space! It has plenty of sunlight to make sewing extra wonderful 🙂

  • We moved into a new house 6 years ago with a large finished basement space that has 4 large windows making it very light. It now contains my Bernina (740 and 440QE) sewing machines plus 2 small machines on 1 table for my 2 grand daughters. My husband has nick named the table “Grandma’s sweat shop”. My biggest problem is that many items have arrived over 6 years and the space really lacks organization. I am hoping some of your tips will help. My guess is that I need much more help.

  • I sew in what was our daughter’s bedroom. I am in the process of transitioning this room into my very own space. My husband is trying to make this the best space ever.

  • I recently relocated my sewing room to the mudroom/walkway upstairs since the wet summer brought all the water into the basement a.k.a. my previous sewing room. Sometimes projects tend to take over the dining room table as well, but otherwise my sewing room is a small albeit useful space!

  • I have a large family room in the upstairs of our house. I am in the process of making this my sewing space since I now have an empty nest. Just finished painting the trim and will begin to gather all of my sewing stuff and move it upstairs into one dedicated space!

  • I sew in a large converted upstairs bedroom that originally was our son’s. It has plenty of storage, decent lighting, two cutting surfaces (to save my back). I made sure to equip it before I retired recently. I currently hang out with my 3 sewing BFF’s….Bernie (770QE), Bernice (B590E), and Birdie (1300MDC serger), and a red Bernina chair, after starting with a 150QE, then 440QE. Yes, I’m a Bernina fan! A toilet, a refrigerator, and I’d never need to leave…except to buy fabric! I’m thankful for a convenient space to unleash my sewing creativity.

  • I have turned one of our empty bedrooms into my sewing room. I used to sew in a corner of the family room. This is much safer for when my grandchildren visit all the sharp objects are out of sight.

  • While I now have extra bedrooms available to turn into a sewing space since my kids have left home, I still enjoy my little corner in my bedroom to sew in. My husband is the official “pin finder”, usually with his bare feet. At the end of a long day, I find it to be a great spot to sneak in a few minutes of sewing before bedtime!

  • Growing up both my mother and granma had their own sewing room. I also have always had my own place to sew, in an extra bedroom. Over the years it’s gotten packed with my Bernina 350pe, 3 Singer Featherweights and various quilts in different stages of competition. I enjoy see where others sew, quilt or craft.

  • I have two sewing room, one is in my daughter old bedroom and I absolutely love it, this is where my Bernina longarm and Qmatic it along with my 570. I have another room downstairs that has my Bernina 880plus. Love, love, love all my machines.

  • I sew in our guest room on my 770 QE that I bought last October. It’s a great space with good light and I have made some wonderful quilts and gifts for my family. It’s my getaway space!

  • I just moved back to my home state Arkansas, from Alabama after 30 years. I now live in my family farm house where I have a whole room to sew. No more sharing the living room!

  • I’m a widow. I sew anywhere and anytime I want! I have a large hand quilting frame in the living room and baby sized frame in the guest room.
    Sewing machines in guest room, living room and bedroom.
    Although everyone thinks my treadle machine is for looks, I use it if I’m piecing and the power goes out.

  • A former 2nd bedroom which is a small room , 2 windows for good lighting. It’s partially organized (old tv cabinet for fabrics, machine storage) cutting table , and pressing area too. Doubles as a shared computer room/home office.

  • I am so fortunate to have my own sewing room-made sure when we built our house that I would have my HAPPY ROOM! Sewing /quilting is very important part of my life and as others have stated love my Bernina -have the 770 and 530 -great machines!

  • i have my daughters old bedroom for my sewing room but unfortunately it is too small. i try and keep it organized but i keep starting new projects or quilt alongs which i love to do. i love doing Amanda Murphys patterns and having her give great advice on sewing.

  • My seeing space is in part of my family room. I call it “my sewing room” even though it is only part of the room. I have several lights and there is a fireplace in the the family room so when the weather is cold I turn on the gas fireplace while I see. I am so glad you are featuring “love your sewing space.” Thanks for all the great seeing room ideas!

  • I signed a sewing/craft studio in my basement. My husband and a great carpenter friend framed a workable space. I used repurposed cabinets for top and bottom I purchased at the local Restore that were installed on one wall.on the opposite wall we constructed a large quilt design wall from styrofoam panels which I covered with white flannel. My sewing machines and serger fit nicely on the cabinet I purchased. The end wall is covered with a large piece of peg board on which I hang my rulers, scissors, embroidery hoops etc. The final wall is taken up with a large flat surface on which I do most of my cutting of pattern pieces. Sewing is a wonderful hobby which consumes much of my “Mad Money” fund but keeps me busy.

  • I’m currently sewing using half of our dining room table as my husband and I work to put together my “sewing nook” that used to be the breakfast nook off of the kitchen in our condo. My Bernina 560 is my 3rd Bernina and it’s a fabulous machine!

  • I have my sewing area in my sunroom with all of my exercise equipment. It’s cramped and I could use some storage space but the natural lighting is terrific for sewing. I purchased my first Bernina machine (630) about 6 yrs ago and jumped up to an 880 about 3 yrs ago. I also upgraded the 880. I am working on making a quilt for all seven of my grandchildren (2 done, 1 in progress) and a quilt for each of my three daughters. Then maybe I can make one for myself. Would love to win those giveaway prizes! I could really use them. In addition to my quilt making, I also attend Embroidery Club, Software Inspirations Club, and a Block of the month club at my Bernina Dealership in Mifflinburg, PA.

  • My sewing space is a wonderful sunroom that gives me lots of natural light and lots of space. I can set up my 830, my 720 and my serger and have available all the time. I have a cutting space and a pressing station along with bookcases to store my wonderful collection of books and patterns. I’m a collector so I feel like I’m running out of space. I did a reorganization this summer with a new bookcase but I need to do more with my collection of fabrics. A sewing space is a progress in work

  • I don’t have a sewing room, unfortunately. So I sew in my dining/living room. I just ordered a folding table since I got rid of my larger dining table. I used it as my sewing table and to lay out my fabric.

  • My 770QE is the center of my sewing world—a gift to myself when I retired. My sewing room shares space with our home office. I am in the process of planning the layout. I want to incorporate a cutting/ironing area, enclosed fabric storage and a design wall. The organizing tips will come in handy!

  • I’m so excited to be able to have a sewing studio in the lower level of the condo that I recently moved to. It will be my get away for the long Wisconsin winters!

  • We live in a 1 1/2 story farm house built about 1890, two bedrooms and one built in closet. I currently sew in the “multi-purpose” room upstairs. Its not convenient, I have to put things away every time one of the kids comes to spend any time. We are adding a garage, new wiring, and a SEWING ROOM! I’m so excited! It’s fun imagining and designing the new space. I can hardly wait until we finish it!

  • I have a large sewing room over my garage that houses my BERNINA 830; a mid range long arm and a serger. Quilting is my passion, but I also embroider. Some peg board is my next purchase to organize.

  • I am so lucky that, thanks to my wonderful husband, I have a very large sewing studio that my beautiful Bernina 880 Anniversary Edition lives in. I have lots of work and cutting space, with shelving and pegboards, and a heated floor! I try to spend at least an hour a day being creative in my studio, and it really feeds my soul.

  • I am very fortunate to have a great sewing area! I have graduated from a space on the kitchen table when I first started sewing 50 years ago to a bright room. We moved to Florida and my dear husband turned the TV room into my sewing area! I have a $10 table that doesn’t vibrate with my machine going that I purchased at a surplus store. My husband my me a cutting counter. I have storage space in sewing area and a whole closet in the bedroom shelved with fabric..I am forever grateful.

  • I have a large dedicated sewing room where I have a Bernina 1200 serger and my new Bernina 530 that I just bought yesterday. (I traded in a 19 year old Bernina 140 that had 28 million stitches on it!) I’m looking forward to creating beautiful quilts with my new machine. Love my Bernina!

  • I have a large sewing room where I have a Bernina 1200 serger and my new Bernina 530 that I just bought yesterday. (I traded in a 19 year old Bernina 140 that had 28 million stitches on it!) I’m looking forward to creating beautiful quilts with my new machine. Love my Bernina!

  • I have a tiny little room to sew in. But t fits my 740 and my serger. I have to cut out on the kitchen table. It works and I’m happy to have my little room.

  • I have one of our bedrooms turned into my sewing room. That’s were I keep all my supplies. But I take my sewing with me were ever I go. I have even had my machine on our boat to sew the cover!

  • I’m setting up a un-used walk-in closet for my sewing it’s going to be beautiful and tranquil .my husband passed away last week and this is the only thing that makes me smile and not cry so I’m pretty blessed to be able to focus on something I love .

  • I am retired now for one year and turned my spare bedroom into a sewing room. I quilt with my BERNINA 590 & 770QE. My adult children are all in their 40’s and so I enjoy lots of sewing.

  • My sewing room seems to relocate itself whenever the room it’s in is needed. It went from a dining room, to a closet, to a bigger closet, to a large room with two beautiful windows, and currently resides in a small bedroom – very small bedroom. Which is much better than the closet !!!
    The wonderful thing about my BERNINA is no matter where it goes I can sew, and so very well. However I must admit having a permanent room beats having boxes to move place to place!

  • I sew in my breakfast nook by the bay window taking over the kitchen island and dining table as deemed necessary. I inherited my love of Bernina from my mom who taught me to sew on her 830 and then passed down her 1630. 🙂

  • When I first started sewing, it was at the dining room table. When the kids grew up and moved out, I took over one of their bedrooms. After moving to a new state, I have a lovely sunny sewing room in our walk-out basement. I couldn’t ask for a better space!

  • When we added on to our house my husband created a really nice space for me to have for my sewing room. Before the kids grew up and moved out it was a shared space. In fact my cutting table used to be the foosball table. ;o)

  • I converted a guest room in the basement into my sewing room and I love it. I have a very demanding and stressful full-time job so I sew at night and on the weekends into the wee hours of the morning. It is my happy place!

  • for the longest time, I had my sewing machine set up in my bedroom! Yuck! NO room… then… when the first child of mine moved out…oh boy I did not wait a week to take over that room and turn it into my sewing room! How nice it is to have a room of my own. Room for a cutting table even and shelves.

  • I have down sized and am now setting a place in my closet, it’s a challenge. I had a 20X30 sewing room with my 2 Bernina’s 730 and 830 and serger in the places with all my sewing need at hand. My 830 is still in storage.I now have a 5ft table but I will manage. I love sewing and embroidering.

  • I took over the unused living room. The view is great. I leave things out I am working on. My stash is upstairs in a bedroom. I get my exercise going up and down!

  • Recently purchased a 770 QEE anniversary machine. I sew in my small sunroom and love every minute, not only the light brings joy, but the fantastic Bernina machine and all it can do.

  • We just moved and the one thing I wanted in the new house was my own room for sewing. And I got it! Now whenever I’m in the middle of a project and don’t want to clean everything up, I just shut the door!

  • I am fortunate to have made our guest bedroom into my sewing room. My dad made a huge table for the space and I love creating quilts there and sewing them on my Bernina that I got for my last birthday. Pam Bultmann

  • I am so blessed to have my own quilting and sewing studio, converted from one stall in an oversize attached garage. Lots of light with several windows, loads of storage space, room for my various machines, and a view of the Rocky Mountains!

  • I used to sew in the dining room. Now I actually have a dedicated sewing room! It is so nice to sew in my own sewing room. I have to get it organized but I love it!

  • My husband converted a storage area we used for our catering equipment into a beautiful sewing studio… located near our family room in the basement. It has rows of recessed LED lighting, deep opening egress windows with screens, and a ceiling fan. It has radiant heat in the tile floor with a lit inspiration board on the wall and an antique 30 drawer organized cabinet. I have my 790+ in a cabinet facing the window for natural lighting and the Q24 with Q-Magic on another wall. There are two walls for threads with TV and surround stereo piped in the walls. Inside the room is a closet for easy visibility to organize material. I use several tall oak benches at several stations throughout the room with all equipment organized at a bench height design.

  • My sewing room is the room that was formerly a dining room; love that I can have all my supplies handy with sufficient lighting plus it’s right in the “heart” of our home!

  • I could sew anywhere, but am blessed to have a room dedicated to sewing and crafts and my Bernina is not only the centerpiece of the room, but also the inspiration behind all kinds of wonderful creations!!!?

  • I have a second livingroom downstairs. I turned half into my sewing area when I received my longarm. I have a separate storage room where I keep my extra supplies close by. Love having a sewing area I can spread out in.

  • I am fortunate to have my own sewing room decorated how I like. Sometimes though, I will take a machine out to the common areas to sew while my family does other things

  • I have a bedroom that is used as a dressing area and sewing room. I have a great sewing machine cabinet so I have a large surface to support whatever I’m sewing, and a sewing table that opens up to a large work surface when I am cutting out and hooping. I love to sew in my sewing room. Now if I could find the perfect way to store all my embroidery threads…

  • I have an upstairs craft room where I store everything except my sewing machines. I keep them in a spare bedroom downstairs and that’s where I sew. Karen

  • Happy to have a third bedroom set up as a sewing studio. For many years I sewed along one well of the master bedroom in a small home, so I appreciate having a dedicated room.

  • Mostly I sew in my studio and love having this dedicated space. My 790 and 880 with embroidery are set up in the living room of a duplex apartment one block from our home. The 2 bedrooms contain fabric, UFO’s, a design wall and sometimes a twin bed for naps. (Sometimes its in our Airbnb that is the other side of the duplex.) Whenever I feel too fortunate, I just remember that I’m retired and old and have earned my play time.

  • My sewing space is at one end of a game room. My Bernina and cabinet face out into the room with two large armoires behind for storage. I also have a desk and two-drawer file cabinet beside the machine cabinet. A board on top of a pool table is my cutting table and a built-in ironing board is at the end. The space is new, so I can’t wait to really get organized and give it a workout.

  • If you ask my husband, he will say we have a sewing house! I have machines and fabric, et al in two rooms; my primary sewing and cutting space is the den in the front corner of our home with three, six over nine windows with great light and view. I especially enjoy sewing there when it’s snowing! I love my Bernina 790 Plus, 700, and 880Plus—350SE Tula holds her own as well.

  • I sew at our local quilt shop/BERNINA dealer, RainTree Quilting, for a number of reasons. I have a sewing room here at home, but I also have three furry inspectors. The last time I sewed at home was over four years ago when one of the two kittens reached for the moving sewing machine needle, and I decided I was done.

    I recently ordered a Q20 which is going into my living room, and I also hope to move my 880 and cabinet into the living room so I can “watch” tv as I sew and quilt. I love my BERNINAs! ALL of them!

  • My sewing space is in a spare bedroom. I wish I were more organized in my space to make it more functional, but it’s a space dedicated to sewing/crafting and for that, I’m grateful.

  • I’ve finished a previously unused space over the garage, now named the Maeve Cave! It’s my favorite room in the house. Enough space for my 635, 880, serger and cover stitch machines. And my red Bernina rolling chair! My back says thank you to whoever designed this chair!

  • I started sewing in a small bedroom with a Bernina 440QE but recently outgrew that room. My husband agreed to convert a larger bedroom to accommodate my new Tula 770QE which I eagerly await the arrival. New flooring was installed and a new sewing cabinet arrived last week. Hopefully I get out of my non weight bearing cast about the same time the machine arrives. I’m so anxious to get back to sewing and learning how to embroider. Any new items would look great in my new sewing space. Trying to keep it neat and organized. Thank you!

  • I sew in my unfinished basement which has lots of room to spread out and lots of natural light. My dream space will be a finished area with a large cutting table and a wall off cabinets for storage.

  • When I became a gramma, my sewing room became a place for my daughters to nurse and my grand babies to sleep. I share space in another room with my husband. Good trade!
    Thank you Bernina for all of the amazing tutorials!

  • I am grateful to have a dedicated bedroom in our house to call my sewing studio. My supportive husband often comes in here to hang out with me when I am sewing and admires what I have done to create the space.

  • I’m fortunate to have a dedicated space to hold my longarm, sewing machine, and serger: plus all of my fabric and supplies! I can walk away in the middle of a project and continue where I left off when time permits.

  • I have a large space in a finished basement. Sunlight comes in during the day and it is a perfect space. I also have natural daylight bulbs in the lighting fixtures. I have all three Bernina machines set up – 790, 590 and 475 machines. I love all three machines. Most of the time I use the 475 machine for the bias binder attachments. It is also a great piecing machine, loving the 5mm stitch width which allows more control for a scant 1/4″ seam. I have an ironing station and a cutting table. It is a true delight to spend hours away stitching!

  • At home I sew in my small bedroom which I converted to a sewing room a couple of years ago. It is a work in progress. I also sew occasionally on the go at my local Bernina shop, church, local senior citizens, a friends house, workshops, or anywhere else I need to go. In the past I have sewn at picnic shelters in a park, my late mother’s home, both of my late grandmothers homes, my sisters house, a local school theater and once on a gym floor (no table).

  • I am so blessed to have a husband who when asked if he would build me a sewing space in the basement, set out to make me a large room in one corner. I have plenty of room for 2 sewing tables and a cutting table and lost of cabinets to store my stash of fabric. My dream come true

  • I have a large corner of our family room where I can cut, sew and press fabric while still being with my husband while he watches a football game, or watch with him when we rent a movie.

  • When did remodeling years ago, we had the former small back porch converted to my sewing room which at the time I thought would be large enough forever; however, not the case today but I make it work. My Bernina 880 Anniversary Edition is very happy in the space.

  • I have an average-sized room in the basement, but it is beginning to “spill out” into other areas of the house. I have two Bernina’s, but really think I could use at least one or two more. Most, if not all, of my sewing projects, are given away.

  • I have a small sewing room right off of our kitchen so I can bake and sew at the same time–doesn’t work as I get engrossed in one or the other!!! Sewing also occurs/utilizes other rooms!

  • I have my bernina sewing machine sitting on the sewing table and cabinet my husband made. I love it. A window gives a view of the country road as I look down the mountain side. It is truly my place to go for those zen moments.

  • I have a lovely roomy sewing room. Two machines Bernina 1130 and an 880. I have many of my Mom’s and great Aunt’s sewing notions that add to the creativity.

  • I have a small room off of the game room for my B790plus and all my fabric, etc. I purchased a q24 last year and that is now in the back half of the game room

  • My little corner of the world of sewing is in my dining room. My patient husband has helped me move it around until the right place was settled into. I love my Berninas and I am so glad my sewing buddy introduced me to the best sewing machine around.

  • I currently sew on the kitchen table, but I am converting a spare room to a sewing room. Any suggestions for a sewing table that would handle large quilt yardage and a Bernina 640?

  • I have taken over what used to be considered the family room. In it I have room for 2 desks which each have a sewing machine on them, a craft table, and a computer desk. My serger has to overflow onto the dining room table. I love being in the middle of the living area of the house yet not having to move a machine off the kitchen table for meals as I did years ago. However my fabric stash is all in plastic containers in a closet in an upstairs bedroom. No room for it in the sewing room!

  • I have a sewing/computer/office/everything that doesn’t have a place room! It’s a bit cramped and sometimes really hard to move around but it works. When I quilt or work on something bigger than 16 inches I move my sewing machine to the dining room table.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win ♥

  • I have a nice room/loft overlooking my living room. I have my computer and office equipment on one side and a table set up on the other side for sewing and other artistic endeavors. I have 2 Berninas (200 and a vintage Minimatic 800) and a Pfaff. I use them all for different projects.

  • When I retired, my tiny home office with built-in cabinets became my “playroom”. I have many hobbies — but quilting/fiber art seems to be what takes up the most space!

  • I am fortunate to have a large bedroom upstairs for my sewing. My brother gave me his old dining room table and I have several cupboards for things and there are 2 windows that let in light.

  • I live in a small carriage house so my sewing room has to double as a laundry room but in my next house I plan on having a BIG dedicated sewing room! Can’t wait!

  • I am very lucky. We just moved and our new home has a NextGen suite. I have the whole NextGen suite, using the living/kichen area as my library and longarm room while the bedroom is my sewing room that includes my sewing table, my cutting table, my computer, and my AccuQuilt Studio Cutter. I also have a bathroom with storage.

  • My sewing room is so full (with a mid-arm) that my lovely Bernina sits out in an alcove in my dining room. She’s in a custom cabinet that can double as a buffet when company comes.

  • I am so lucky to have an 8 by 10 room all to myself! I can go in there and get lost in my sewing for hours. It’s on the main floor of my home so I also have quick access to my kitchen so I canker an eye on my crockpot.

  • I forfeited my guest bedroom to make a sewing room. I love it and spend a LOT of time in it. All my precious sewing items are in it. Now when I have company, they have to sleep on the couch! 🙂

  • I have a room for my sewing- with rolling racks 6 feet high- and supplies still spill out into the living room-
    It calms down after the fall show season, has to, or there is no room for the Christmas tree!

  • I am very fortunate. My wonderful husband turned our little used dining room into a sewing room for me. He made me a cutting table, ironing table and sewing table with lots of storage in all three! I sew in front of a large window with a lovely view. Definitely a relaxing and fun place to spend time!

  • It used to be my daughter’s She’s all grown up and moved away. Now I’m thrilled to have my machines always ready to go in what I fondly call my Atelier.

  • When my kids grew up and moved out I knocked out the wall between their bedrooms and had shelves built in along one wall. I used the bathroom at that end of the house for my hooping station. It’s my Woman Cave!

  • I have a beautiful 12 x 16 little house in my backyard that I call my own space. I’m still moving in (I did most of the finishing work myself), but I’m almost there. My fabulous new-to-me Bernina 830LE just moved in last Friday! I live in a forest, so I’m situated so I can see the deer when they come to the feeder and the birds and squirrels when they hop on my little front porch. Love it!

  • I am fortunate to have space in a finished basement that is my studio! I can keep my sewing set up and work for a few minutes or many hours! Totally a happy place!

  • As my children grow up and leave the nest I take over their room. I have two rooms, one for fabric and one to sew in. I love the separate spaces, I can be creative in both.

  • I have a beautiful dedicated sewing room overlooking a pond. My Bernina 880 is ready to go at the flip of the switch. Everyday that I sew is a great day.

  • My sewing room is in the basement of my home. It houses my Bernina Record 930 and my Bernina 780B. It is a medium size room with a window looking out to the front of my house. It’s my Happy Space and I love it.

  • I have a sewing room. I have my 700 Embroidery only set up on one wall. Directly behind is my sewing table that is the same height. I swivel my chair and can work on 2 projects at once.
    There is an electric adjustable height cutting table . The closet in this bedroom is fitted with IKEA roll out metal baskets with fabric stored on acid free cardstock, all lined up and sectioned by color. I can see it all at a glance.

  • I share a study with my husband. My half has my computer and my sewing machine and my serger. I have organized my supplies and tools in the drawers next to my work area.

  • I sew on the corner of a long table that I share with my daughter. She does airbrush work on tiny creatures. The lighting is poor and the room is crowded but we manage quite well. I find once I start seeing I get absorbed in it like meditation so I really could just sew anywhere. ❤️

  • I love to be where my hubby is. I started sewing in a corner of his office, but the dogs love him, too and were getting in my way. Until our daughter moves out, I’m sewing in the bedroom next to a sunny window.

  • After raising five kids, I finally have a dedicated room for my sewing and crafting. Supplies used to be scattered in different places, but now they are collected and organized into one space. I have room to leave my serger and sewing machines set up. Since my children blessed me with grandchildren, my machines get regular sewing workouts.

  • In our Flower Mound, Texas, home, I have a wonderful space that I call my “retreat.” It is two bedrooms upstairs in which I store most all of my sewing, crafting, beading, embroidery, needlework, knitting tools ,machines, notions, library of patterns and books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs, plus all that accompanies this passion. In this retreat is my Bernina 830 which I use nearly every day for garments as well as quilting and other types of sewing.

    When we purchased the home, we planned to remove the wall between the two rooms, but I have since changed my mind about that. Both rooms allow plenty of Texas sunshine to bathe the rooms with cheer and light. I purposely have the cutting and the ironing stations in the second room because it requires that I move from room to room rather then remain seated for long periods. The third bedroom and bath are reserved for guests. I do have a desk in the third bedroom that houses a smaller sewing machine for my granddaughter, but at 8 years old she has already decided that she prefers the new, big 830.

    If the day comes when I cannot climb the stairs, we will need to install one of those electric stair chair elevators because this is the space in our home where I find rejuvenation, mind-clearing, and inner joy.

  • I recently retired, bought my first Bernina – June 27th- 790 Plus- and am loving everything about it. I have a ME room where I have all my sewing STUFF, my desktop computer, a sewing cabinet area, a cutting table area, storage, shelves, plastic totes, etc. I have a great support at Glory Bees Sewing Center in Fallston where the owner and staff provide multiple opportunities to create things using new features. My daughter stopped by on Tuesday and saw how much fun I was having and sent me a post saying how lucky I was to have a hobby and great friends. Thanks Bernina. I am very blessed. Debbie

  • I have my sewing room set up in a room over the double car garage. Yes, it’s a big room, but never seems to be big enough to hold all my projects. I love the large space because my girls can come up with me and just hang out or work on their own project.

  • Since my children are grown and moved away, I have the whole upstairs (3 rooms) to use for my sewing and quilting and crafting, etc. When the kids are coming home for a visit, I just clean up and run the sweeper and there you have it. I even have a bathroom upstairs. Lucky me.

  • I feel blessed to graduate from a dining room table, to a desk, to an entire room as the kids grew up and moved away. The room changed as we moved; larger to accommodate my 790+, a 350 and a serger. But one of my favorite places to sew? A small corner of the family room, a comfy chair with a floor lamp lighting over my shoulder and a small table with all my supplies for hand sewing.

  • For my 60th birthday my husband built me a mini version of my Great Grandmother’s cottage. The cottage where I practiced my embroidery stitches and threaded needles for her. It is my special place where I sew sitting in her rocking chair or stitch at her little work table. It is like a big hug every time I walk in there.

  • I have a sewing room, but I find myself sewing most often in the living room so I can be with my family. My new BERNINA 790 is just like one of the family ❤️

  • My daughter and I sew at the Dining Table, though we are working on turning our third bedroom into an office and creative room where we can set up and have more space to sew and create things like turning special t-shirts her grandparents brought back from their vacations into pillows.

  • When we moved into our home last year, we had a main floor family room so I converted my living room into a work space. It is still a work in progress but I am enjoying it!!

  • I have three different sewing stations set up in my house: one with my B700 in my sewing/craft room; one with my B880 in a space in between my kitchen and my family room that also has a cutting table and my Accuquilt Go! Big; and a portable sewing table where I set up my B590, which is also my machine I take to classes, in my living room. The last two spaces are very sunny and have views of the pool. They make me very happy to sew there. The sewing/craft room could use a makeover and I usually have embroidery projects that run long periods of time on their own going in there.

  • Now that we are empty nesters, I have converted a bedroom to be my sewing room. It is probably my favorite room to spend time in. I have a large bookshelf, built in closet storage, loom, spinning wheel, serger, Bernina. I have great lighting and a fan and a favorite comfy chair. Love it!

  • I used to sew in a sewing room in the basement but I felt alone and away from life. Now I sew on my dining room table where’s there’s a lot of light plus 3 kitties and a husband to keep me amused!. It’s makes sewing more fun and I feel like I am a part of the world going on around me. Of course the straight pins that occasionally fall to the floor isn’t fun for my kitties or husband!

  • My husband created me a sewing room in our room over the garage. I can sew all day and leave a mess and no one sees it but me. It is a great place to sew with a cutting table and room for three machines and my serger. I love it.

  • My sewing room is quite crammed right now. I am decorating the small study for my bedroom. Then the master bedroom will be just a sewing and embroidery room. So I am sharing right now with all the sewing and embroidery supplies. Kind of tight but not for long.

  • I am blessed in that I have my very own sewing haven! After years of moving where ever the Army sent me, I have my own room, complete with three closets, one built-in set of drawers and wonderful natural lightening. I also have another full closet with shelving and also large enough for my rolling drawers that I store all kinds of goodies in. I also have my TV set-up in one corner.

    I am getting ideas as to where to mount my pegboard section after viewing these photos! I am excited about that. Also love the patterns/tutorials on all the clever as well cute storing ideas, especially the one for needles and the one for clips, scissors and such! Not to mention the great sewing mat! Whoa! Which I am finally going to make I think!

  • I have my own sewing room! That’s where I sew. I have all of my Bernina machines there and I am fortunate enough to have a place to organize my stash so that I can find what I need easily. So I could greatly use a big tote like that to hold more supplies!!!

  • When we bought our home I immediately claimed the bonus room as my sewing room. I have 2 cutting tables with cutting mats, room to leave my ironing board up, built in storage for my “stash” and room for my B880 & B580 along with their cabinets. So blessed.

  • We are in a new home and my sewing room is also a guest bedroom. The pluses are nice big window giving me natural lighting, huge closet space for my fabrics, and a built in for my machine. It’s perfect!

  • I have a small craft/sewing room. I have a work table for my paper crafting on one wall and my sewing machine cabinet on an adjacent wall. Love having all my creative things in one place!

  • I live in a small track home – have been there since 1976. Not lucky enough to have space for a sewing room Soooo…my favorite place to sew is in my upstairs family room. There is a huge amount of light which streams in during the day which makes it perfect for someone with vision issues. My sewing machine is set up in a sewing cabinet with wheels. I also have a small sewing storage unit which is also on wheel. I cut fabric out on my dinning room table and iron my sewing (as I go) on a portable ironing board. I love watching (well listening to) television as I sew so the TV is usually on. Funny but…I can’t listen to the radio as it is to distracting. When company comes, everything (machine, storage unit, ironing board) is wheeled into the master bedroom out of sight. Sewers do what they have to do to get their “sewing fix.” I have also been a 4-H leader and have taught 100’s of kids to sew in my home. When students come, I pull out every sewing machine I own (4) and space them out on my dining room table with extension cords.

  • I live in a small condo of 950 square feet so I have taken over the living room with my Bernina 200 e. It works well for me although my husband’s not thrilled about it!

  • I used to have my sewing/knitting/crafting stuff all over the house. I sewed in our extra bedroom, but with all the furniture in there, I really didn’t have enough room to do any real quilting. We used to have the TV in the family room, but the furniture was in really bad shape and needed to be replaced. My husband suggested that it would save us money if we moved the TV into the living room, and didn’t buy new family room furniture. Then I could move my sewing machine, etc. from our son’s empty bedroom to the family room. The only caveat was that I had to move ALL my sewing/knitting/crafting stuff to that room and make sure that I didn’t have things spread all over the house like I used to. TLDR: I sew in our family room!

  • As my children have grown and moved rooms and then out, I have taken over a bedroom as my sewing room. It faces the milking barn and parlor so I have a bird’s eye view of what goes on outside!

  • I have turned one of the bedrooms in my house into a sewing room. It is small but I have managed to make room for necessities. Luckily it has a double closet for storage, which helps.

  • I sew in a small space in my husband’s and my bedroom. We love antiques, so he bought me an antique table to sew, cut and store my bernina sewing machine and supplies on and in. I have an antique piano stool to sit on. It’s worked out perfectly so far.

  • I finally have my own dedicated sewing space, although I do share part of the room with my husband’s computer desk and other desk. I love, love having my own space, plus handy hubby built a beautiful oak table to house my 830E.

  • Empty nest former child’s bedroom is now a wonderful sewing room. When our adult child moved to college and work, the sewing machine and all its accouterments moved out of the closet, off the dining table and into its own room which it shares with the computer and winter closet. The sewing machine sits in front of a sunny window that shows all the action on our little street. It is a wonderful spot for creating and nesting.

  • My husband had his man cave and realized I had no real space for sewing and everything that goes with it. So we built on to the end of his man cave and now I have my sewing sanctuary. I love it!

  • I actually have two different places where I sew. At home I have a dedicated room where I sew on my 630 Artista which I dearly love.

    The. I also have a 330 at my LQS where I go to sew and take classes and get together with friends and just have friends. This is also my machine I take on my yearly quilt retreats to MSQC.

  • I live alone and have a room designated as my craft/computer room. I only moved here a couple years ago and due to some medical problems I haven’t been sewing yet. my sewing machine & serger are currently sitting in the closet of that room since the desk on which the computer sits will also eased as a sewing table..

  • I have a dedicated sewing room that I share with my adult daughter. It’s small, but cozy and just about perfect. Bonus is that you never know what you will see on the design wall!

  • I sew, quilt & embroider in our loft. My husband took out the ladder to the loft and built stairs, installed two hanging ceiling lights that have three bulbs each and replaced a round stationary window with a rectangular one that slides open. Now I can sew to my hearts content without having to put anything away when I’m done. Thank you dear hubby!

  • I’m blessed to have a room just for my sewing and quilting. I have a Bernina 630 that I love, as well as a Gammill Premier, a Singer Featherweight, a Sparrow 25, and a serger. Like I said, I am blessed and thankful to the Lord for my sewing room.

  • I sew in my “guest” bedroom. I have my sewing machine on a card table and have a small ironing board/iron on a dresser. Cutting is done in the basement. When I expect company, I move my table/machine into the basement.

  • I have a guest room that I use for sewing. The room has a trundle bed so I have more room and when guests stay, just move the machine over, pull out the trundle and they are set for the night. I have 2 machines in it one for embroidery. Not all of my supplies fit in this room so I have a room in the basement for all of that with a few items I keep in the sewing/guest room.

  • I am so lucky to be able to have a room dedicated to my sewing. It was a bedroom. It is in the front of our home and has a beautiful bay window for natural light. My husband has helped add storage and shelving or any other needs that I have. I love to spend time sewing and crafting in “My Room”!

  • I am sewing in a corner of my weaving studio/room. Being Swiss and having my Bernina ready for any kind of project as well as a wall picture of me standing in front of the Bernina in the Alps, makes my sewing space feel like home away from home. Wunderbar!

  • My husband and I built a house, and I was lucky to design my own studio. It a nice space with lots of windows and a walk-in supply closet. I feel more creative now that I have a great space to work in. Any stress goes away when I walk into the room. Thanks for the nice post and great prizes, will try some of the projects for my studio!

  • I now sew in our lovely new sunroom with great light! My husband paints lovely landscape paintings while I sew and embroider on my terrific Bernina Artista 730 and Alexa plays classical music for us!

  • I have an awesome sunroom that is my sewing, quilting…everything space!!! My bernina faces a tv, and is in a sewing desk. It quite perfect!!!
    Thank you.

  • I have my own space but it is competing with kids’ old books and old computer and old computer table and several boxes of their stuff. One of these days it will go away.

  • I am fortunate to have a sewing room with big windows and a closet filled to the brim with my stash. Of course keeping it organized so that I have space to sew is always a challenge! And I love my Bernina!

  • My sewing room is the spare bedroom. One wall, facing a window, is where my 770 sits. Other walls hold fabric, threads, stabilizers, etc. Oh, to spend more time in my sanctuary….

  • I have a new designated sewing space that is well lit and quite good size as I tend to spread like water when I sew! My husband customized the closet with shelves for books, fabric and notions. Now I just have to put everything back in it’s place.

  • I have set up a corner space in my basement as a sewing area, there is a large egress window so lots of natural light to work by. I use an old ping pong table to cut my fabrics on.

  • I purchased the Ultimate Sewing Box for my sewing space in my new home. After breaking my leg very badly and having three surgeries and many months in a wheelchair, I am finally able to climb the stairs to my studio and really enjoy sewing again. I have made many quilts and taught a cousin to sew this summer–she stayed for a week and we made two garments together–what fun to see a young adult take to sewing so readily!

  • I currently sew on my dining room table. I am going to turn a spare bed room into my next sewing space soon.
    I do love my big dining table to sew on!!! Lots of quilting space!!!

  • I have a sewing spot at the end of my bed. The rest of the house is storage for my fabric collection. My husband used to live with me, but he got tired of my collection. Maybe it was the last 150 yards that did it, I don’t know. He thought I had too many books too.

  • I turned my son’s old bedroom into my sewing studio soon after he left home. It was big enough to hold him, but it gets a little crowded with Nina and Bernie along with my cutting table and ironing board. ? Love having a dedicated space! Yea, empty nest!

  • For about 38 years I had my own design business and had a two-story loft in my house giving me different sewing, cutting, pressing, and design board areas to work in. This past spring we sold our family house to our daughter and her family, and moved to a 4 room cottage. Space is really limited here, so my husband set up a sewing room for me in the basement of the cottage. My Bernina B 750 QE -(my “last Bernina”) and I will make this area work but it certainly is a challenge.Unfortunately, my Bernina dealer is now 3 1/2 hours away; and there are no closer Bernina dealers near me. Once a year I will have to bring my Bernina back for a good cleaning, and I can load up on presser feet! My daughters have inherited my older machines, still in good shape, and I still have my good sewing chair. Perhaps someone will become a Bernina dealer here on Cape Cod.

  • I am very lucky to have my own sewing room. Or as things are progressing, my own sewing floor. I teach sewing to children and adults through our community parks & recreation program and offer private sewing lessons as well. Because of the private lessons, I have begun refashioning our family room into a sewing studio where I can hold classes/workshops without having to drag supplies upstairs or clean up my personal sewing space.

  • At the beginning of the new year I finally started the task of switching my master bedroom with the small spare room which I used as my sewing room. I kept saying I was going to do it and WhooHoo I did! It definitely was a challenge since I had carpet in the bedrooms. So the task of ripping out the carpet from both rooms and had Vinyl laid. I’ve been so blessed.,

  • I have my spare bedroom for my sewing space and love it!! I have a 440 and 560 also my L450 to do my projects. I definitely will be sewing featured projects for Christmas gifts this year. Thank you for these ideas and keep them coming for the future.

  • I have just started sewing again after a 20 year hiatus and I have taken over an extra bedroom in the house and to be honest I have my eye set on another. While I am grateful it is a dedicated space it is currently not as beautiful as my 790+ Gold Anniversary machine that I ADORE!

  • I have little sewing room that I share with the freezer! It is a cozy area and I have been working on it for several years to maximize the space. I do wish there was a larger window, though! I would love to have more natural light.

  • I have a “family room” kitchen, so I have a sewing area in the corner. I may have to rethink using this area, as it ends up being the catch-all if there is any unused space. Also, I notice that my flashlight, scissors, and other tools seem to disappear from time to time. But there is a TV, and easier to cook between sewing projects.

  • I have a small room upstairs dedicated to my quilting, I have my craft table in the center of the room with bookshelves surrounding to hold fabric and accessories, and all surrounding the room. I am great full for the space but finding I either need more space or to cut back on what I have packed in the space.

  • I also a very lucky person. I have a sewing room in my basement so no one sees my mess as I have fabrics laid out. I have shelves for the fabric of which I have organized by color and style. I have one machine set up to sew and my other machine set up to embroidery. S00000000 wonderful.

  • I have been married for 35 years and finally got my own sewing room just a year ago. Up until that time, my sewing machine always sat on a little table in the corner of my bedroom. Now that all the kids are gone, I turned a bedroom into a dedicated sewing room. My husband went all out and made me sweet cabinets, sewing tables, and a cutting table, along with ironing tables. It is my happy place!

  • I have a dedicated sewing room finally after 46 yrs of sewing still trying to make it efficient I have a problem with buy too much wonderful supplies and then having to find a place for them.

  • I am very fortunate to have a room of my own for quilting and all my fabric and other supplies. Sometimes, I need more space for cutting or pin basting so I go to my “Quilt Annex” which is really the little-used dining room. Two large cutting mats on the table work great for these steps – they are not chores or tasks.

  • I live in a tiny condo on the beach so I have one small corner of my bedroom for my sewing space. However, I have an inspirational view of the Gulf of Mexico while I am sewing.

  • I have a sitting area off our bedroom that I have turned into a nice sewing area. Lots of lighting, and decorated the way I like it. I feel very lucky:)

  • My sewing machine is set up on a desk in my bedroom. I have shelves mounted above the desk for some of my supplies and everything else stored in plastic bins on the balcony.

  • I have a spare bedroom that my husband and I changed into My Sewing Room. My husband just got me to upgrade to a B790 plus, A Bernina Red chair, and a beautiful Oak cabinet for my new machine. Still trying to get everything organized. (endless job) but enjoying every minute. We All Sew is great with inspiration and directions and tutorials of countless projects to help me accomplish my goals. My Bernina dealership Quilt n Sew in Prescott Valley AZ and all of the Employees are always there for me. LOVE IT

  • I have a large spare bedroom that I have turned into a sewing room. It has huge windows on two sides and I feel very fortunate to have such a nice space to sew in.

  • I have an extra bedroom that became my dedicated sewing room. I recently did a top to bottom cleaning and reorganizing. It was a lot of work and well worth it, but I find that I still don’t have enough room for all my fabric!

  • I have my own sewing area with an awesome view of our “mountains” There is room for my sewing machines, serger, embroidery machine, and a craft table, plus a day bed to pile my finished quilts on.

  • I sew in my son’s old bedroom. When he moved out, I painted, put down a laminate floor and shelves and moved Bernina 830 and all my fabric in. No more sewing on the kitchen table!

  • I finally have my sanctuary, my sewing room and I love the serenity sewing offers me hours and hours on end. I use a spare bedroom that my husband built over head shelving and a wall to wall cabinet, with plenty of lighting.

  • I usually use my spare room to sew. My husband is trying to take it over with his Computer Networking stuff. He already has the Shed in a mess with all his stuff and his Computer stuff is overflowing in the the Laundry room.

  • I have my sewing machine and my most used supplies in our family room. My fabric stash and other supplies are in our craft room in the basement. I would love to have a proper cutting table, but our kitchen or dinning room table will have to suffice.

  • I am retired and fortunate enough to have my own sewing room. I do need an organizational upgrade in my sewing room and still own and use my Bernina sewing machine and serger from the mid nineties. Best machines I’ve ever owned and would never switch to any other brand.

  • I converted our basement office into my sewing room. It has an outside entrance so have some natural light which is great. I also have an older machine and supplies in what used to be our sons bedroom on the main level for the days I have small projects to do.

  • I sew in my bedroom in one corner. I live in an apartment and space is very limited. I also use the dining room (small eat in) to do the ironing and cutting fabric. I have 2 machines 440QE and a B350. My 440 is in a sewing cabinet in the bedroom and the other travels for classes etc.

  • I sew where my youngest used to sleep before she went off to college! It’s a whole, bright bedroom with two sunny windows and a closet. She painted it kind of a sky blue when she lived here, and I like the color so much that I’ve kept it. I still struggle with storage, but that’s being worked on.

  • I very blessed. I have a very nice room to sew, quilt & embroidery. Some weeks I spend to whole,day in my room. I’ve had worked on several of the ideas y’all provide for us. Always enjoy learning something new. Just watched a video this evenin with the #72 foot , very interesting. I may need to get that foot.
    I have a 790 & 880. I sew on the 790 almost everyday, she’s a gem! I love my Bernina’s! ?

  • I sewed at the kitchen table for many years, but the children are grown now and I have a spare bedroom dedicated to sewing. I bought my first Bernina 18 years ago, a 153QE. I made room for a Q20 on a table last year, and today I bought my newest Bernina. A 770QEE- Tula Pink edition. Can’t wait to play!

  • When I had my current house built, the formal dining room, which was a part of an open floor plan, was closed off. We added a door to the kitchen side of the room, as well as a pair of French glass doors to separate the space from the formal living room. I also made sure to add in extra wall outlets as well as one floor outlet in the center of the room. I am so blessed to have this space all to myself.

  • My husband has his man cave, and I’m so grateful to have my dedicated sewing room, complete with three Berninas. It’s organized just the way I like it, and it inspires me. I just love to be in my sewing room!

  • I have a dedicated bedroom in my house right now I have outgrown and we are in the process of renovating an old small barn on the property. It is a 25 x 15 foot area that I will be able to have all my machines including my long arm all in one space and on ground level. No more stairs. Goal is to have it done by spring 2020.Just retired after 47 years of nursing so looking forward to time of sewing to my hearts content

  • I have a sewing room that I love! I have a cutting table set up next to my big embroidery machine and a sewing cabinet for my smaller machine for piecing and general sewing. I love my little fabric cave!

  • Four years ago when my son moved out of his bedroom, I decided that this would be my new sewing space. I am so fortunate to have this 11×11 room as my very own “woman cave.” My walls are painted a soft white color. I purchased insulation board to use as a design wall and attached this to my wall. I then covered it in a white flannel fabric. It works great with quilting squares–just place them on the flannel; no pins needed!

    In this sewing space, I have my Bernina 580 and my Bernina Activa 130. My Bernina 580 sits in my Horn sewingtable. My Activa has a little sewing table that I purchased from a sewing store. I also have a Horn cutting table. It’s a tight space but I am happy with it.

    My closet is beautiful. My husband installed wire shelving. In organizing this closet I am able to better see what I have. This closet holds all of my threads, which are in ArtBin boxes, I have plastic boxes in assorted sizes to hold patterns, I use a hanging college dorm-style bag which has shelves in which I have supplies in that. I have a small bar attached on the inside of the closet. On this bar, I hang my oak tag patterns and all of my rulers. I have enough space under the shelves for a few boxes also.

    I also have two tall bookcases in this space!

    When I sew in this space, time does not exist!

  • I love sewing gifts for people. Blankets and layettes for new babies, stuffies and dolls for the nieces and nephews, home decor items for newlyweds, and my annual Christmas pajama tradition. I have so many beautiful items my grandmother sewed for me and my family, and it brings me endless joy to sew for others.

  • I made a cute little corner ,that I am quickly growing out of with fabric, that holds everything I need. When I am home for the evening alone, I have a small table I can move to the living room and listen to music or TV while I sew.

  • Now, in my 80’s, my husband gave me a 880. It is wonderful and I have a spare bedroom for my sewing room. With this new machine has me re-thinking ways to store and use all of the accessories that I now have. So much joy!

  • When we moved, I took over the master bedroom as my sew room for now. There are many construction projects to happen in the next few years that will eventually change that but I am happy where I am at the moment.

  • My sewing room is in a Sunroom in our home. We live on 5 acres and the outside views are my inspiration and my peace as I use the wonderful equipment that is mine ~ all Bernina. Thank you for making tools and machines that work ~ they do what they say they will do the first time! A sheer delight to spend time in my space with everything I could possibly need. Please submit my entry and I will proudly support Bernina in a new way!
    Diane Poehler

  • My new Sewing Studio is my sons’ former bedroom. He finally got all of his stuff out, and I was lucky enough to move my sewing ‘life’ into it! I repainted the room in ‘Swirling Water’- which is white, and I am gradually moving and organizing my materials and my Bernina 770QE upstairs! It is like a new beginning!

  • I share my sewing room with my guest room. Most family and friends live near by so I don’t have yo “share” very often. lol
    We recently moved and I have not been able to sew for awhile but now I am getting back into it. I am so excited and have so many thing that I want to do at the same time!

  • For years, my sewing space has been a tiny corner of my bedroom with poor lighting and no storage space. When I became an “empty nester” I was able to convert my daughter’s room into a sewing room. It’s still a work in progress but lots more space than the bedroom corner!

  • Hi! I have a designated sewing room/laundry room. My husband put in cabinets and counter tops for me. I have a Bernina 240 Activa and a Bernina 750QE with embroidery module. I also have a serger and a coverstitch and it all fits on the counters! I love to sew for my new grand baby!

  • I am very lucky. I have a wonderful Husband that created a sewing room and converted the closet to shelves and roll out baskets to hold everything. I even got a sewing table large enough to cut patterns on. It is on the second floor and away from everybody. I love it!

  • My sewing room is also the guest room. Fabric goes in tubs in the closet, and all the various odds and ends one needs are kept in a small two drawer chest. My sewing books are in a bookcase. My sewing machine is in a sewing cabinet that has three drawers on the side. It’s nicely laid out and organized, though I do sometimes wish the room itself were a bit larger. I’m considering replacing the double bed with a trundle day bed, but I’m not entirely sure I want to do that.

  • I have a small bedroom that is 10′ x 10′ for my Sewing Room. I have two bookcases that are actually 2 pieces from an old entertainment center and an old metal 4-drawer filing cabinet that’s inside the small closet. I keep saying to myself, “as soon as I’m finished with THIS quilt, I’m gonna pull everything out and organize it.” I’ve been saying that for over 2 years now!!! LOL So now everything is sitting on the floor in boxes, baskets and bags while half the shelves and most of the filing cabinet are empty. I’ve also bought some storage boxes and bins which also sit empty! Needless to say, I’ve run out of floor space and only the small space where I sit is clear. I have to practically climb over everything to get from the door to my chair, but as soon as I’m done with this quilt…well, you know.

  • After sewing on the kitchen table for over 40 years ~ I am blessed to have a new sewing studio that I can have my 880 and my 580 in cabinets to use on a whim. The studio opens doors for lessons and quilting with my grand babies and their friends!

  • I have a small but lovely sewing room which my wonderful husband created for me by gutting an outbuilding in our backyard and completely redoing it. I have a long built-in counter with lots of drawers and a built-in bookcase, along with big windows that open onto the flower gardens. The only thing I am really missing is a design wall.

  • I took over my son’s bedroom when he moved out – however it still has a futon in it that he uses when he comes home to visit. I love having my own space, but I’m always looking for ways to organize and clean – because there is too much stuff! I love to quilt – mainly enjoying the piecing. I also have a Bernita 700 embroidery machine, along with my two other Berninas, so love to embroider.

  • After years of moving my sewing table around the house, we built a sewing studio in the backyard. It is my favorite place to be after a stressful day at work,

  • The front room is set up as my sewing room. The only downfall is everyone walks through it to get to the kitchen and family room, so I need to keep it neat. (Or at least I try to keep it neat.) Our rescue Catahoula Louisiana Hound Dog is my sewing helper.

  • We converted a small bedroom to a sewing studio (room) when we became empty nesters. I enjoy being upstairs out of the hustle, bustle, and distractions of the household.

  • I’m very lucky to have a sewing area. My husband took the laundry machine and dryer to the garage, then he painted the little laundry room and installed one wall cabinet, I made the rest, with my table, my Bernina 780 (my 3rd one, first was 165, I loved, then 730 and now 780) and added some decorations and of course my thread. My dream is to have a room twice size, maybe when one of my 3 boys left from home, I want that time far away, even If I still forever in my little room.

  • I am extremely fortunate to have been able to take over 2 rooms in the house. I have a large room for my sewing machines and the longarm is in the dining room. That shows everyone where my priorities are. Dinner parties or sewing – no competition here! There are no clocks in either room!

  • For sew many years I used our dining room table and had to clear it when we had guests. It really was a hassle to lay out my projects only to have to put them up again. I am now blessed to have a hobby room where I can leave my projects out and return to the quickly. The natural light is wonderful and the space holds everything I need.

  • I have my own sewing sanctuary. I have my old steady Betty 1530 and a serger. A couple years ago I was fortunate to add a 790. Love playing with all the embroidery. It was a bit intimidating at first but, I’ve done several projects on my own and enjoy it now. Since that machine is rather heavy I’m getting a Tula Pink to take to class. So excited to play with this one two. I’m already thinking of all the projects I can be doing at the same time. keep on stitching.

  • I sew in my family room. It has the TV and a comfy sofa for resting when I need a break. It has the best light (almost) in the house and plenty of space for my machines and most of the mess. I just need to commit to it being a sewing space and not pretend it’s a family room.

  • My adorable husband took our old kitchen cabinets and counter-tops and made a sewing room for me down in the lower level of our home!! I absolutely love it…!! I have my ironing board set-up there as well. The counter-top provides an extended space whereby I can sew quilts and do rulerwork! Bravo hubby…!!!.

  • I am so fortunate to have a spare bedroom and loft area devoted to sewing/crafts. My husband even fashioned a wall panel into a table in the loft area which provides a nice large surface for laying out patterns and cutting them out! I call it my sheshed.

  • I have my sewing area in one of our bedrooms, but since it’s not really that big, I have things that have spilled over into 2 other rooms. Would be nice to have everything all in one place, but that might require a move, and not sure it’s worth THAT! ha!

  • Upon retirement, we moved and dedicated a small bedroom for my sewing space. I started with a bookcase, sewing table for my Bernina 440 QE and a Bernina serger. Now, 6 years later that room is overflowing (happily) and I have added the Bernina 880. I love my sewing space.

  • I created my sewing area in the basement, it was not finished but we put some cheap floor and my table, shelves and now I can spend time with my dear Bernita

  • I recently purchased a led floor lamp with daylight bulb. rather dissapointed in it. too many sharp shadows. will be re-evaluating. thanks for your comments.

  • My sewing area is on my dining room table. I cut quilt pieces out on my bed. I need to get organized but am doing well with the chaos that is my sewing place.

  • I give myself a birthday present: the Bernina 1008 and I in love =). I manage to created my Craft space in my living room, that fortunately is big enough to not looks overcrowded. I still learning how to sew, so every time is an adventure =)

  • I sew in a dedicated space that I have in my basement. I have several sewing machines and my 2 Longarm machines in one room. I spend all my time in there now that I am retired! I Love it!

  • I have a special bonus room above our garage that serves as my quilting studio with lots of windows, wall space for tables and tubs of fabric. I feel so inspired when I am in there.

  • I am very fortunate to have my own spare bedroom for sewing. My Bernina 770QE faces out towards a window, which gives me excellent lighting, in addition to what my husband calls “the operating room light” overhead. A large closet for storage for my stash, ironing board, drop leaf cutting table, Bernina L460 serger, and I’m all set to create!

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