WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge: Week 3

Welcome to the third week of our WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge! You can read all about our month-long challenge (and the fabulous prizes you could win) in our post here.

Our third weekly challenge is…

WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge Week 3

Sewing Tool You Can’t Live Without

It’s all about the tools! What is the one sewing tool that you just cannot live without? Upload photos and a short description in a post to our Community Section “National Sewing Month Challenge 2018” section by Sunday, September 23, and you’ll be entered in our contest for a chance to win this week’s prize. Fans who enter all four of our weekly challenges will automatically be entered for a chance to win our grand prize! If you’re not familiar with posting in our WeAllSew Community section, click here to see all the details.

OLFA Ergonomic Rotary Cutter

Our National Sewing Month Challenge Week 3 prize is one Olfa Ergonomic 45mm Rotary Cutter! This tool is shaped perfectly for comfort when cutting.

To read the WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge contest rules, click here.

28 thoughts on “WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge: Week 3

  1. There are so many useful tools that it’s really hard to pick one. But the trio of a rotary cutter, self-healing cutting, and acrylic ruler top my list. I tried to paste a photo but it didn’t work!

  2. I cannot live without my trusty seam ripper(s). I have one stashed at different locations around the house and in my various totes that I take to sit and sews.

  3. SO many tools to choose from in the basics. Now if we talk piecing I would say fork pins are my must use item. Slows down my piecing, yes. But if your like me; over critical. Then it’s a must for those lines to meet.

  4. I consider my trusty Bernina a machine so that makes a rotary cutter my favorite tool. There is no way I could cut accurately without it. . . wide strips, squares, slivers or curves, it does it all in the exact size or shape needed.

  5. What tool can’t live without?……. one tool leads to another…. rotary cutter, mat, ruler, sewing machine, That Purple Thang, scissors, ripper(unsew tool)… it’s a chain reaction!

  6. Together with my Bernina 780, I must say that my family thinks my darning foot is THE MOST IMPORTANT sewing tool! I’m forever mending rips and tears in all of my family’s clothing using that valuable darning foot…

  7. I posted a picture and comment in the blog for the National Sewing month section but it isn’t appearing here. So, my favorite tool is the turning tool… However, I have many of them…

  8. I consider my Bernina embroidery machine a tool the same as a carpenter has his power saws, drills, etc. I have had 3 other sewing machines over the course of my life before recently getting my first Bernina. When I took my first class to learn about it all I could think was WOW…this is something else entirely It has many “tools” built in, but has the ability to do so much more than my previous machine which was also a well known brand. I am so looking forward to my Bernina experience & learning my machine thoroughly to create beautiful items.

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