BERNINA Celebrates National Sewing Month!

We’ve come to the end of our month long celebration of September as National Sewing Month! We celebrated all month long with you, learned a bit more about you and your sewing, and we are giving you one last chance to win a BERNINA backpack filled with sewing goodies. Join in the fun with our last random drawing by answering our question below as a comment to this post. You have until Thursday, October 2 at 12:00 midnight Central Time to add your comment and enter the contest. We will announce the winner about a week after the contest is closed right here within this post – so check back later to see who is our lucky winner! (We will notify the winner by email.)

 BERNINA celebrates national sewing month

This week’s question in honor of National Sewing Month is:

Who do you sew for the most, yourself or others? And what do you make?

Sweepstakes Rules: Open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Thursday, October 2, 12:00 midnight Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact us at [email protected] to claim the prize; winner will be announced on WeAllSew about one week after contest ends.

Having trouble logging in? Try logging out, closing your browser and waiting a few minutes before trying again. Still having trouble? Send us a message at [email protected].

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78 comments on “BERNINA Celebrates National Sewing Month!”

  • The majority of my sewing consist of table runners, baby quilts, lap quilts, and bed size quilts. I keep very few of my quilts, they are usually gifts. When my children were younger, I use to sew for them all of the time. The only sewing that I do on clothing is repairs and hems. Thank you for this site and Berry Patch Fabrics in Fort Worth, TX that can help me with all my Bernina needs.

  • I sew for myself mostly, primarily clothing. These days I am focusing on that ever-difficult garment, pants. There are a few exceptions to my self-sewing, such as alterations for my spouse and occasional home deco or gift items.

  • Most of my sewing is quilting and most of that goes to family, friends, or charity. Some of my sewing projects are items that I test out to have my young grandchildren sew. They love using my favorite power tool!

  • I make quilts and all things related to quilting, and anything I can embroider and quilt makes me happy! My family and friends are the receivers of my quilting and embroidering projects.


  • I am primarily a quilter, but in the past year, I have become very interested in sewing purses and tote bags.
    My quilts are primarily done for charity, or baby quilts for friends. Tote bags are for both myself and friends.

  • I usually quilt for others. I make quilts, wall hangings, stuffed toys, anything they ask for. I enjoy taking a picture of a quilt and sending it off to my critics (children). The best response is “who is that for” then the first one to ask for it gets it, unless my husband says “that one is not leaving the house. Thank you for the great tutorials, projects, etc. Most of all a big thank you for a chance at the giveaway.

  • I used to sew mostly clothes for myself. More recently, my sewing is almost exclusively gifts – taggies, baby blankets, napkins, mug rugs. Anything fast and easy.

  • I make alot of apparel and I start it mainly for me and end up “feeling” that I made it for someone else. I love making retro outfits, I will be starting on Gerties wardrobes, from her two books.

  • I sew for others, my granddaughter, friends, charities and fundraisers. I feel like sewing for others gives me a purpose. I think the last thing I made for myself was a pin cushion, but then I made 10 more to give away.
    Kathy Davis
    [email protected]

  • I enjoy sewing gifts for my family and friends. I make handbags, pincushions, embroidered kitchen towels, lanyards to hold small scissors, Christmas ornaments. I’m always on the look out for new ideas that I can make and I make these things for myself too! I have been quilting for years so it’s
    so fun to make quicker projects. Love to sew on my Bernina!

  • I sew mostly for others, but keep a few things. The majority of time is spent on quilting and machine embroidery. I quilt and longarm for customers as well. I love making specialty clothing (weddings, christenings, etc.), too. Anything connected to my studio makes me happy and in my sweet spot!

  • I am teaching myself to quilt and mostly make small quilts for myself. I’ve made a baby quilt for my daughter and a couple bigger projects. Machine quilting on my machine is difficult, so I stick to smaller projects but have a lot of fun. Lots of pretty pillows and wall hangings in the works for family Christmas gifts, though!!

  • I love to make quilts and other gift items for family and friends. I used to be a garment sewer but these days that’s mainly for my granddaughters! And of course I sew on my 2 Berninas!

  • I sew mostly for my daughters. I sew patches on their Girl Scouts uniforms and mend clothes. We also sew items for donation. Our next project is sewing colorful pillow cases for kids in hospitals. The girls raise money to purchase fabric or accept donations of fabric to make them.

  • I sew more for others than for myself. Mostly I sew for charity (wheelchair and walker bags, adult collars, small dresses for children) and then for my small business (1860’s period clothing, alterations, etc.). when I sew for myself I get frustrated… seems it never fits right. I also sew for family and friends -ie Christmas and birthday presents, new baby items etc.

  • The vast majority of my sewing is quilts that I give away. Two years ago it was a huge year for me – over 30 small quilts given away and three bed size. Most of my smaller quits have been given to breast cancer fund raisers. My family gets the bed size!! Nephews and nieces!

  • Now that I am in my senior years mostly sew quilting projects for our my home and for family. Pieced a dresden plate bed runner which is used on the foot of the bed and also on the dining table. And like to make new quilt blocks not done earlier, so have several “orphan” blocks around here. After many attempts have not mastered FMQ on my Bernina 440QE and this has been a disappointment to me. Will keep trying as do not believe in giving up.

  • I sew clothing for babies, toddlers and young children. I also sew quilts with matching pillowcases. These creations of mine are given to those in need or as special gifts.

  • I love to quilt table runners and lap quilts. I also sew most of my personal garments. With a one month old granddaughter, I can see my future sewing heading in the little girly fashions direction. Can’t wait.

  • I sew mostly for various charity projects like RotaPlast, quilts for chemo kids, police cruisers, Dyalisis Centers, KonKer Cancer, Cambodian Kids orphanages, Veterans, animal shelters and many more community projects. And then I sew many presents. So much fun!

  • I sew mostly for others. I sew a lot of stuffed toys as part of a project to provide a stuffed friend for children in foster care, called the FLUFF Project. I love making these squishy friends and imagining how they will help bring smiles to the kiddos that receive them. Thanks for this chance! 🙂

  • I sew for my two granddaughters and one that is due at Christmas. Burp clothes, receiving blankets, baby toys, quilts. As they get older different things, play aprons, pillow cases and anything they think up! Also make bed size, and lap quilts for family and friends. Started doing t-shirt quilts for other people that want them for their children. Then the usual mending of hems and pockets and such.

  • I am a disabled sewing specialist…a former Bernina sewing educator in Tulsa, OK for over 15 years and have taught all over Northeastern Oklahoma. I developed sewing classes at Tulsa Technology through the Adult Education program for over 12 years and taught; fitting, quilting, how to use your serger, lingerie, home decorating and much, much more. I continue to sew for the love of my family, my grandchildren and my former students and friends. Salute to BERNINA for the most remarkable sewing machine in the world!!!

  • I piece/quilt, started 10 months ago. Totally love it. So far I have made 7 quilts which I have given to family members. Getting ready to start on a charity quilt for a local abused women’s shelter. Thank you for all that you do, love your site.

  • I sew everything from curtains and bags to quilts, clothing and costumes… I am a doer of all and master of nothing!! When I got back into sewing I found I love making dresses, I always have one dress design or another rolling around in my head: many for my daughters, but also some for me 😉

  • I do so for myself but enjoy sewing for others much more. Since I’ve started quilting, I love making quilts for gifts…baby quilts, wedding quilts, and donation quilts. Now with a new granddaughter, making clothes for her 🙂 Since I bought a Bernina, sewing everything has been so much more enjoyable than on my old sewing machine.

  • I began sewing with a group making Little dresses for Africa last year. This past summer, we began a new group sewing shorts and skirts for Swaziland, Africa. I personally know a lady and her husband that go there on mission trips, yearly. We have donated garments to local charities and hope to continue doing so.
    We are in the process of making sleeved dresses (I have almost 50 cut out,ready to sew, now!)and shorts to continue “paying garments forward” to girls and boys, as we learn of needs! What a joy!

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