WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge: Week 1

Welcome to the first week of our WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge! You can read all about our month-long challenge (and the fabulous prizes you could win) in our post here.

Our first weekly challenge is…

WeAllSew National Sewing Montth Challenge: Week 1

Show Us Where You Sew

You may love to sew at the kitchen table, in front of the TV, on the back porch, by the beach, or in your craft or sewing room. Upload photos and a short description in a post to our Community Section “National Sewing Month Challenge 2018” section showing us where you sew by Sunday, September 9 and you’ll be entered in our contest for a chance to win this week’s prize! If you’re not familiar with posting in our WeAllSew Community section, click here to see all the details.

Golden Anniversary Giveaway

Our National Sewing Month Challenge Week 1 prize is one limited edition BERNINA 125th Anniversary Presser Foot #1! Coated with 24K gold, the special edition Reverse pattern foot #1 is an optional accessory packaged in a beautiful commemorative tin complete with a golden spool of Mettler Thread, created in celebration of the BERNINA 125 Year Golden Anniversary.

To read the WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge contest rules, click here.

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31 comments on “WeAllSew National Sewing Month Challenge: Week 1”

  • Now I have the incentive to ding out my chosen sewing space and really create a studio in my apartment. This contest coincides with a bonus from work, I have a budget of $200 to get my basic space organized and running, I am going to Home Depot for insulation board R5 at least but may go R10 to make my design space —Will get batting from my LQS Quilt Harbor, This will be my major expense. A trip to the Habitat for Humanity Store may yield the rest of my necessary expenditures. I will take photos from start to finish. This is going to be fun.

  • Hi! After building our dream retirement home, I have a beautiful sewing studio with many cabinets, and room to hold everything! Finally, all in one room! Would love to post a picture, but can’t see how to do that. Love my sewing space! Big TV, speakers in the ceiling so I can hear it, fireplace, fast internet, separate electrical thing in the panel for iron(s). Awesome!

  • My basement is finished and I made half into my sewing room! It’s well lit, and made a nice space for quilting and sewing! The other half is my husband’s man cave.

  • I have taken over my husbands office and turned it into my sewing space. I added a wall unit from the Container Store that has 28 drawers, a large counter where I have my Silhouette Cameo and computer and 2 long shelves for books, magazines, jelly rolls etc. I am using my husband’s solid teak desk for my sewing table because I can’t part with such a beautiful and large table, that is where my Bernina 830 and Bernina 1300 MDC sit. I spend hours in that room because it is my “Happy Place”.

  • The spare bedroom is my sewing room. Of course, if we have visitors, I have to put all my stuff away since it is not a huge room. I love it and everything is on shelved by my sewing machine.

  • Now my girls are grown up and long since fled the nest, I use their two adjoining bedrooms where my husband kindly knocked an archway between the two.

  • I turned our smallest bedroom into a craft/sewing room. It’s “sew” nice to have a space that’s out of the way and where everything is at your fingertips versus all over the house.

  • I am a recently retired Surgery Registered Nurse and needed to keep busy!! I turned my second bedroom into my sewing room.
    I personally designed and installed a custom closet, painted, arranged my room and have been happily sewing projects for family and friends.
    Can I upload pictures. Would love to share what a 68 yaar old woman can do on her own.

  • When purchasing our current home, there had to be a room I could take over and make into my sewing/craft studio. My husband came through with flying colors. I have a great work space for my machines and a cutting table the size of a door. ☺️

  • In my retirement years now, our large house now gives me TWO sewing spaces! I have a former, enclosed, formal living room that is now my large sewing room for my various sewing/serging/embroidery machines, with plenty of space to have my quilting friends over for sewing days! The second space is a large bedroom that now houses my wonderful longarm! I feel sooo blessed!

  • I have an unfinished basement that I use. I put great light fixtures everywhere, have 2 large tables for two different sewing machines (love my 830 with embroidery unit)! , three 8 foot cabinets for storage, a 10 foot bernina quilt frame, and a ping pong table for cutting.
    Carpeting on the floor makes it feel finished. I included a television and a stereo, and never have to put away my projects. Also, an 8 foot by 8 foot design wall. It’s my little slice of Heaven!

  • When my husband passed away I relocated to a smaller home , but after getting there I had no room big enough for my sewing room so I enclosed my double garage I have garment sewn for my self and my children for years. And now I am trying to get into quilting! Have done some paper piecing and love it am working on ruler work and free motion! I am lucky enough to have an 880 plus BERNINA
    I also have a Baby Lock Tiria Love Both and I also have a large cutting table and am enjoying them all! Guess that i what we work for for retirement! Love it very much!!

  • We use a spare bedroom as a craft room. It’s been outfitted with a sewing table. A cutting table, and lots ad lots of Martha Stewart white crafting storage cabinets. It looks really good, and stays relatively organized.

  • I have a nice size space, 16 x 20, that is located in a walkout basement portion of my house. Currently it houses all my crafts and has been pretty much utilized for quilting only the past two years. I don’t know how to post a picture but suffice it to say I’ve become a material hoarder! Well, a machine hoarder also since I can’t seem to part with one each time I’ve upgraded…what if a machine breaks down (hasn’t happened)? What if electricity strikes the house (that has happened but my babies aren’t plugged in unless they are being used)? What IF someone breaks in – goes downstairs – turns sideways to walk through all my material – spies one of my beloveds and takes it? (First they have to make it through the gauntlet of attacking material piles, irons and ironing boards, bookcases and a cat that shows up when you don’t want it to and runs through your feet. Thank you for the opportunity to win this wonderful prize.

  • I sew in a corner of our den. I have 3 Koala sewing tables holding my 3 Bernina’s arranged in a u-formation, allowing me easy access to all machines. Although a bit tight with the other furniture in the room, I enjoy sewing in this cozy den, watching tv with my husband as I sew. Now, if only I had enough hours in my day to complete all of my projects!!!

  • HI i love my room, could use a little more help, I took over a bedroom vacated when my son got married. We used styrofoam and some marked down flannel from fabric land. My husband attached the very large peices to the wall with anchors. IT measure 2 8×10 sideways sheets. I love it My cutting table is 3 units from ikea with those buckets with lids i use for my material, stabilizers etc. and a sheet of melmine on top. This year to help me with all my rulers my husband out up a little shelf inside to hold all the rulers. I have one section open wtth a stool ( high) we got from home depot on mark down so u can sit. My thread and all my bernina tools and feet are house in an ikea roll cart with large drawers to keep everything covered. I purhcased lockable cases that fit inside from cdn tire and volia all m thread in them. No dust. Now my machines are on home made tables. I would love to get something a little nicer bu sturdy for my 780. Its heavy. Love my room. My husband did a great job.

  • Construction has begun on our 2nd floor to remove a wall between 2 bedrooms to make one long sewing/quilting room. This long room will be big enough to hold the 10′ long arm recently purchased from another quilter when I retired 6 months ago. The long arm is currently in the dining room, and we will move it upstairs when the construction is done. The new room will get painted, new lighting, new outlets, and vinyl flooring. I’m so excited – -probably just a couple more weeks away from a finished room (30′ x 11.5′). Before this I sewed where ever there was an outlet: dining room, kitchen, back entryway, front porch (lol). I didn’t sew upstairs much because in this old house, there were no outlets in the bedrooms other than the master bedroom, hall and bathroom, and I would have to run an extension cord into the room I was using – so I just sewed downstairs. It will be nice to have everything in my new sewing room upstairs! I’m so lucky to be newly retired and have all these fun things to learn how to do.

  • I do not sew at the kitchen table, but the room I sew in is off the kitchen. It was supposed to be a screened in porch, but never quite got there. I have taken it over as my sewing room. However, when we have company I have to close everything up to make it look like a sitting room, which forces me to be organized. I love it, it has great light and I do not like to be off into another room away from everyone.

  • I sew on my kitchen table, which is a challenge: every time I sew, I have to move all I need from the guest’s bedroom closet to the kitchen and back to the closet at dinner time.
    I am grateful to have a big kitchen table where I can use my sewing machine, the serger and the embroidery module.

  • I sew in a corner of our den. I can now sew at a beautiful sewing table that my husband designed and built. It is built for me to use my Bernina sewing machine and serger at the same time and to be extended for larger projects.

  • I turned a portion of my walk in closet into a nice little sewing spot for myself! Its fun because I know that nothing will get touched or moved unless I move it because no one is allowed in there but me. I am looking for to expanding to a larger room but what I’m using now is just perfect for me and what I do.

  • I sew in a small former bedroom, but when it is too hot I sew on the kitchen table. When we move into our retirement home, I will also be sewing in a small bedroom, but we have central air in that house! How I envy the sewer who will have a designated sewing room and a long arm quilt machine.

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