BERNINA Celebrates National Sewing Month!

It’s week two of our September is National Sewing Month festivities! Join BERNINA at WeAllSew as we celebrate with a month of super sewing giveaways! Come visit us each Friday in September to join us in sharing our love of sewing while entering a random drawing to win a BERNINA backpack filled with sewing goodies.

We loved reading all your comments on last week’s question, “When did you first start to sew, and what was the first project you ever made?” We’re thrilled to see how many of you are new sewists! (Who says sewing is a dying skill? No way!) It’s also fantastic to hear from all the experienced stitchers who’ve been enjoying our favorite hobby for years and years. We drew a winner last night from all your comments and will let you know who it is as soon as we contact her/him. 


To join in the fun and enter this week’s random drawing, just answer our question below as a comment to this post. You have until Thursday, September 11th at 12:00 midnight Central Time to add your comment and enter the contest. We will announce the winner about a week after the contest is closed right here within this post – so check back later to see who is our lucky winner! (We will notify the winner by email.)

This week’s question in honor of National Sewing Month is:

What kind of sewing project is your favorite?

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Our weekly winner will receive a BERNINA backpack filled with goodies!

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229 thoughts on “BERNINA Celebrates National Sewing Month!

  1. Having several projects going at once is a must. Quilts, applique, working with wool, home dec, and gifts are all favorites, but the best is something that I finish and can give to a family member or friend.

  2. My most favorite sewing project always involves making something as a gift. Surprising a friend or
    family member with a handmade item like a purse or quilt is so rewarding.

  3. Hard to name a favorite – whatever I’m currently working on is my favorite. Right now I’m trying to alter some drapes for my husband’s office and I have fabric for drapes for my mom’s entryway. I can tell you what my LEAST favorite project is: patching jeans … hahahahah. But have to admit a sense of accomplishment when they are done and able to be worn to the field for another couple seasons.

  4. I love experimenting with mixed media art quilts,… a little fabric painting, embroidery, bead work, quilting and whatever else suits my fancy. Of course my Berninas make it all happen.

  5. I like to try new things a lot. Maybe my favorite type of project is any project that allows me to use thread designs creatively like purses, totes, book covers, etc.

  6. I like to make quilts. I especially like doing them for charity fundraisers. I don’t have a lot of money but I do have time and a little talent to offer that can turn into more than I could afford to donate.

  7. My favourite project is whatever I’m currently working on, or the several things that I usually have underway at the same time. I love hand applique, piecing, working out colour combinations, yummy fabrics and prints. I love it all.

  8. I learned to embroider tea towels about age 4 and learned to sew on a Singer Machine a that had motored added for my 1st 4-H project ( tea towels, Hand towel ad apron) at age 9. Of Course I was not happy with a plain gathered apron. I wanted scalloped hem and set-in pockets. We compromised with set-in pockets and circular hem. My Maternal Grandmother was my inspiration. She made clothes without a pattern. Now I teach 4-H members to sew.

  9. I love to just piece and make a quilt–either easy or hard–it gives me peace. LOL–seriously! I also love using the embroidery module on my 780. It has been my new addiction!

  10. My favorite sewing project is making quilts. They range from wall hangings to king size quilts. At times, I will add embroidery to my quilts. I absolutely love my Bernina 730. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I love makings with my 880, inspired by projects on the Bernina web. Last one was a lingerie bag with a large embroider – really all over – for my sister’s birthday

  12. I lstarted sewwing when I was about 9 years old. Wwould cut out doll dresses by guess and sew them by hand. I still enjoy hand sewing, but machine is sometimes much faster.

  13. I can’t pick just one! I love making quilts but I also love making gifts for family or friends. It could be dresses for the grandkids, machine embroidery projects, bags, drapes, slipcovers, pillows, the list goes on. I guess I love fabric and to create something with my own hands – and my fab 780!

  14. 62 years ago when I was 8 my mother taught me to sew clothes for my doll. My first project was a skirt and top. My mother was a beautiful garment sewer. Until I took up quilting I sewed many of my own clothes. Now I sew dresses for my granddaughter and her dolls.

  15. My favorite projects are just about anything with hand appliqué and tiny Cathedral Windows pin cushions ( perfect size to carry and hold the small appliqué pins).

  16. My favorite sewing project is one that I can finish in just a few days and one that is useful. I love creating my own things and surprising friends with a special gift!

  17. I enjoy making gifts for family and friends. To wrap a new baby in a blanket I’ve made is a wonderful feeling. Even better is a two they still love that blanket!

  18. I learned to sew in 4-H (at the age of 9)and to this day I am still grateful for those 4-H sewing projects. Today, I like to make small gifts for friends and family. I also like to make quilts.

  19. I learned to sew very young as a necessity. Before I was old enough to go to school I made cotton sacks to stuff with home made sausage. My first ‘real’ project that I can remember was a blue and white gingham check apron that I sewed all by myself when I was nine years old. I submitted it as a 4-H project at the county fair. I am now in my 50s and I still have that apron.

  20. I love to sew little girl dresses. Since I don’t have any grandchildren yet I make them for my Montessori friends. I also like to repurpose and incorporate handwoven scraps.

  21. quilting, embroidery, pillow covers for living rooms, plush animals, NO Clothes…cause too difficult to fit. Anything and Everything to do with decorating the Home…craft sewing, but right now…almost finished with the little doggy in the BERNINNA Ads, for the one year old birthday party….mine is looking good…so easy also. went together quite fast.
    I actually just traced the pattern pieces from my laptop. My favorite is designing my own…whatever…it is that creativity that comes out and makes one feel that the entire world simply floats away when creating sumthing…no matter what it is.

  22. I love making baby quilts. My Nieces and Nephews are all starting their families which means I have been very busy. I love it when they call and say “Aunt Janice, can you make another baby quilt.”

  23. My favorite sewing project is making anything that is quilted. I caught the bug 30 years ago and haven’t stopped yet. I’ve made bags, place mats, mug mats, bed quilts, wall quilts, cosies, baby quilts, cushions, and more.

  24. I love to quilt. I have been known to recover window seat cushions, make pillows, purses, totes, clothes and just about anything! Even mending. Sewing is my therapy.

  25. My favorite projects are small quilts for sick children. I donate them to my local Children’s hospital. They are bright and cheerful, cuddly comfort for them.

  26. My favourite sewing project is making quilts, but I have been known to make the odd piece of clothing. Quilts allow me to be creative. I also make gifts (often they are quilts too). I use a 440QE but I learned to sew on a treadle machine. I love the innovations of the new machines and how useful they are when sewing! and the variety of stitches is endless. The short video snipits are really helpful too.

  27. In high school. I made the ‘very stylish’ and obligatory ‘skort’. A combo of shorts and a skirt. I was so thrilled to complete the first pair, I made several more in different fabric weights for all seasons. All of them went well with my Bass Tacks! 🙂

  28. My favorite sewing project is one that challenges me. I keep trying that “something” new skill or technique that I haven’t done before to push my boundary limits a bit further!

  29. My favorite sewing projects are the gifts I have made over the years for family and dear friends. The gifts range from baby quilts to unique clothes personalized with applique or embroidery for my grandchildren. Then there are the stuffed toys, kitchen accessories or personalized pillows. I have loved sewing just about anything since I took my first sewing class (home economics) in 9th grade!

  30. My favorite sewing projects are anything I make for someone else! I mostly make clothes for my kiddos, so I guess you could say that my favorite sewing projects are clothes.

  31. My favorite project is the one I’m making for someone special and I know that it is so perfect for them, the fabric, the pattern and the time thinking of how surprised they will be when they received it!

  32. I have done Garments all my life for my family. Of course I did crafts for the holidays etc. Since retiring my favorite sewing is my quilts! It is a new learning experience and I am REALLY enjoying it.

  33. I like to make wall hangings and table runners, items that can be finished fairly quickly. I also like to make quilts but I have a hard time finishing them. I am not a very good quilter but I hope to improve so I can finish the many unfinished quilt tops that I have.

  34. I just love to sew. I am just finishing a flower girl dress. Plan on making Halloween costumes next week. Always have a project or three going, I love sewing for my home, quilting, and dress making.

  35. I love taking classes and learning new techniques with great teachers and making new sewing friends. Right now it is paper piecing, mine patch and embroidered quilts. The new products for these new sewing adventures make it even more fun and amazing

  36. My favorite sewing project is making tuffets. everybody loves them and there great to give as gifts. There also fun to give to a soldier like a quilt of valor.

  37. I love to sew home decor, and embroidery for towels, etc ….I made sheets for our boat, with the name of the boat embroidered on them! I Love fixing my beds now.

  38. I love projects that take advantage of the great features of my B880 sewing computer. I also chose projects that will challenge me to learn new skills in the process. I give away most of the things that I make to charity, family and friends.

  39. I’m still trying to figure that out! So far my favorites have been a welcome sign which was verticle with large appliqué letters, one in each block. It was my first project and it came out so cute! I also used Kaffe Fassett fabrics not even knowing what a following he has. They just went together beautifully.

  40. I learned to sew with my mom and her best friend. I was 8 yes old…on a bernina. Dresses and skirts have lead me to quilt and home dec…currently I am doing lots of zipper bags and totes.

  41. I love making quilts for my granddaughters, I have 6. I am enjoying adding embroidery to my quilts so I can personalize them. Now if I could just learn to digitize life would be perfect.

  42. I love making quilts. My favorite is the quilt I made for my grandson from the movie Cars. It contain 12 blocks with each main character thread painted in the center. For the remaining characters, I thread painted them in a smaller scale and appliqué one to each border corner.
    This project took 6 months to complete.

  43. My favorite projects normally include some type of quilting before I join the “bag”, “pocketbook”, “bedroom slippers” together. I love the look of quilting on homemade projects. Making grocery bags are my favorites–use them weekly, people look at the quilting, appliques and MAYBE it might spark someone to pick up that needle and enjoy it again. You never know what you might do that could inspire a person to start a craft project again. Love to share the joy of the thread and needle.

  44. Quilts, quilts, quilts; any size, color, style, pattern, etc….love choosing the pattern, the fabric, cutting out the blocks, piecing (both by hand and by machine), quilting (both by hand and by machine), binding! LOVE IT ALL!!

  45. I love sewing craft projects or household items. Latest project was a hot air balloon mobile for my son, and next is recovering a lamp shade. Whatever is needed I create!

  46. For seventy years now, I have been sewing. Over the years I have had a wonderful life with my Singer Featherweight and my Bernina machines. These days I am sewing quilts.

  47. I love any project I am working on, I especially enjoy tote bags and table runners. They are quick and rewarding. Just to be able to find time and create something is what I enjoy most.

  48. Right now I belong to a group that sews for charity once a month. Being the leader we are always hunting for ideas. Our last project we made bibs of all sizes. We have a wonderful group of ladies that give of there time and talents.

  49. i like to do a lot of things, but when i mend or alter things, as i finish them, i have a sense of accomplishment because they are usually quick to finish. i also trade sewing alterations and mending for care for our dogs when we are away. one hand washes the other.

  50. With my mom’s help, I started sewing by making Barbie doll clothes out of tissues; moved on to clothes for myself, again with Mom’s help; then on to clothes for my own children; then on to quilts and more quilts!

  51. My favorite sewing these days is in the hoop projects. They are addicting and make it hard to want to make clothes, which had always been my favorite before that.

  52. My favorite type of sewing project is any that is enjoyed by the recipient. I love making something for a family member or close friend that makes them feel so special and loved. It also warms my heart to seeing the results of my efforts being worn, displayed or enjoyed. I also like challenging myself so that my skill level improves so I sew a mix of easier and more challenging projects. Figuring out “how to” helps keep my mind sharp — and also often lets me practice my patience 🙂

  53. right now I am into toys and machine embroidery items. I am 5 months away from retirement, and then I will dive into all the quilts, kits and wonderful things I have been collecting over the years. My 440 is in for a workout soon.. 🙂

  54. My favorite sewing project is either a skirt or a blouse. I’m a teacher, and I live alone, so I don’t have a lot of extra money. For the price of one piece of moderately-priced or high-end RTW clothing I can easily make five or six.

  55. I like projects that inspire creativity. It might be a problem that needs solving or an inspiration that needs to be fulfilled. I have sewn on paper, fabric, leather and even thin metal. It has become another art tool, like a paintbrush. My favorite sewing project is the one I am working on, a project for charity, for family or for myself. I have always wanted a Bernina. Maybe this will be my chance.

  56. My favourite sewing project is making quilts, but I have been known to make the odd piece of clothing. Quilts allow me to be creative and I keep learning to do new (to me) creations such as quilting first then appliquéing over the quilted piece. I also make gifts (often they are quilts too). The short video snipits on the internet are great teaching tools too.

  57. I love to quilt, I love to embroider, I try very hard to combine the two. I also love to make clothes with my personal touches of embroidery. I collect machines, and make as many of my babies a good home. Sewing is very important in my life. Sewing has become a little of an obsession since I am now at a point in my life where it is possible to obtain what I want.

  58. I started sewing in 7th grade, we made an apron where we tore all the material for the pieces of the pattern, it was awesome. In high school I learn clothing tailoring and made suits and formal dresses. We had a special project of making the conference banners for the conference basketball teams. After H.S.,and the years following I made kids clothes for my child of course! In the past 10 years I began quilting, first by hand and then sewing machine, then quilting software with the sewing machine. I think I like the quilting the best, no fitting of fussing required. .

  59. I love to sew just about anything. Lots of quilts, crafty things, gifts for friends, home dec, embroidery, ANYTHING! Just put me in front of a sewing machine (preferably a Bernina!) and I’m a happy camper!

  60. So glad my husband understands the need for “the right tools for the job” (his words). Even happier since he bought me a Bernina Artista all those years ago! Keep those ideas and projects coming.

  61. A project that combines embroidery and quilting is my favorite. I’m working on a quilt wallhanging now that has snowmen in a window pane design that is appliqued in the hoop (embroidery instead of applique is an option) and is surrounded by flying geese and borders.

  62. Hexies! I can prepare the hexies at home and take the pieces along wherever I go. I work on basting them and stitching them together while I wait for appointments, watch TV, ride as a passenger in the car, or other available moments of time.

  63. I learned to sew in my high school home economics class, but didn’t really start to sew until after I was married expecting my first child. I still remember the shirt I made – loved the shirt but hated the polka dot fabric it was made from.

  64. What kind of sewing project is your favorite? My favorite project to sew are totes and handbags. We are so blessed to have so many talented designers that produce wonderful patterns. I’m always on the look out for the next tote or hand bag to make. Many of the totes and hand bags I
    make are donated to local charities.

  65. My favorite sewing project is quilts and any other odds and ends that I can sew and use around the house – such as my tablet case that my husband and I made for our new computer!

  66. When I was 12 my mother, a home economics teacher, gave me a sewing machine because she informed me that I’d never be able to afford the clothes that I love. She’s right and spent the next 10 years teaching me techniques. I taught my daughter to sew and really enjoy making a couture suit.

  67. I used to sew all my daughter’s clothes. And both my children their Halloween costumes. After they grew up I stopped sewing. Just started back again 2 months ago. Man I missed it. Now I am learning to quilt too. Bought my new machine last month.

  68. I learned to sew along side my mother from a dear family friend. I have great memories of patterns and a swimsuit cover up, small pillows, and a jumpsuit! I then sewed on my own: homecoming dresses, clothes for college, and even bridesmaid dresses. Our friend Hazel gave me a lifelong love affair with all things sewing. As an art teacher, I wrote and developed a Fiber Arts Course for my 8th graders. They learned to use a machine, we repurposed denim, entered the National School Block Challenge in Paducah, KY for 3 years and even won awards. When my students saw their work in the National Quilt Museum, it was the highlight of my teaching career!

  69. My Mom started me. I made some stuffed animals in home ec but took off on my own for making clothing, my main focus. Started with Mom’s Singer 201-2 (still have) and worked my way up to an incoming Bernina 780. Pretty much self taught after Mom initially showed me how.

  70. I learned to hand sew in 4-H but my mother started teaching me on the sewing machine when I was about 10. She was also teaching my sister so the 3 of us had to share 1 machine. (!) I have taught many people to sew because I am a sewing instructor. My greatest love is to take an adult who says “I know I can’t learn to sew – I took home ec in 7th grade – but I promised my friend I’d take this class with her – but I’ll never learn!” These are my greatest challenges and they always leave my class happy with their finished projects with plans to continue sewing and make many more things. I try to make my students as passionate about sewing as I am!

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