Introducing the New Line of bernette Machines: The 70 Series

Say hello to the new bernette 70 Series! This summer, we launched three new bernette models to stand as the flagship machines for bernette—the bernette79, the bernette 77, and the bernette 70 Deco. These machines are remarkable for quite a few reasons that I’m excited to share with you. They truly stand as the best in their class.

bernette 70 Series

The first thing you probably notice about these machines is that they feature a 5” touch screen and they utilize the user interface many BERNINA users know and love. In fact, these machines have a lot of incredible features modeled after BERNINA machines that haven’t been available on a bernette until now.


With this screen and interface, we now have incredible features like Needle and Stitch Plate Security programming, visual editing for individual stitches and in Combi Mode, saving stitches with bernette Personal Program, automatic stitch plate and hoop detection on-screen, and digital upper thread tension control.

The b70 Series stands with 9” of space to the right of the needle and 5” vertical throat space. That gives you tons of room to maneuver any craft your heart desires. Sew decorative stitches up to 7 mm in width and at speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute.


The bernette 70 Series is ready to suit whatever your needs may be. There is a sewing-only model (the b77), an embroidery only model (the b70 Deco), and a combination machine if you want the best of both worlds (the top of the bernette line, b79).

The b79 and b77 sewing models have the bernette Free Hand System and bernette Foot Control with back-kick to keep your hands free to focus on your sewing project. You can also activate Hover and customize it to raise the foot from 1 to 6 mm. Sewing models also have bernette Dual Feed—this feature is awesome for matching patterns, aligning seams, or stitching with slippery materials. Four different Dual Feed soles come with these machines.


The b70 Deco and b79 are ready to stitch up to 850 stitches per minute in embroidery and are loaded with 208 built-in designs and some awesome top of the line embroidery features. Enjoy tons of easy on-screen editing tools like rotating, mirroring, and rescaling. You can combine designs easily on screen and move them as you wish with simple drag and drop editing. New to the bernette and BERNINA family of products? Don’t worry, these machines read multiple file formats, so design files you already have are good to go.


Your embroidery will stay looking clean and tidy with the Thread-up Command and bernette Thread Away Mode. Both the embroidery bernette models come with three hoops, and the largest hoop will stitch up to 10.2” x 6.3” (260 x 160 mm). Another big bonus with these machines is that they come with Toolbox Editing and Lettering software to help you manage design editing you can’t or prefer not to tackle in the machine itself.


The b79 boasts a couple extra top of the line features that you’ll only find on this model. One of those is the Sewing Tutorial which gives you help beyond simple machine operation—this feature will help walk you through a variety of sewing and quilting techniques like an on-board sewing teacher!


The other top of the line feature that I find particularly cool is bernette Stitch Designer. This program, as you might have guessed, allows you to create your own decorative stitches within the machine. You can also edit existing stitches to fine tune them precisely to your liking. You have the ability to navigate through a stitch point by point or start from a blank slate and draw freehand.


These new bernette machines pack quite a punch! They’re sure to bring a whole new facet to the bernette line. Be on the lookout for these machines as they start appearing in your local dealer’s stores starting this month.

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  • I have a craft room where my Bernina Artista 200E shares the space with my serger, spinning wheel, weaving loom, knitting machines, knitting tools and all my various fiber stashes. It’s a cozy room with a large window where I get to watch the hummingbirds in the summer months.

  • Can someone explain about the firmware updates. My new Bernette B79 is version 1.0.
    The only version I can find is 7.56 Do I need to install 2-6 first?

    Thank you

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