Stardust Quilt-along: Part One

Welcome to the Stardust Quilt-Along here on WeAllSew. In this quilt along, we’ll use my new Stardust pattern in conjunction with the BERNINA-exclusive embroidery collection to make a beautiful twin-sized quilt. Along the way I’ll be sharing tips and techniques both for piecing and for incorporating optional embroidery and quilting motifs in any quilt.

What you will need to participate in the Stardust Quilt-along

  • The Stardust pattern (Available to order through your local BERNINA dealer)
  • The Celestial Lights Embroidery Collection (Optional; exclusive to BERNINA dealers)
  • Fabric and thread to complete the quilt

Stardust Quilt-along Preview

The Stardust Quilt


If you haven’t yet selected your fabrics yet, here is a coloring page to help you make decisions. Note where I used prints and blenders in this design. If you use too many busy prints they will compete with each other you won’t see the dynamic pattern that the piecing produces. Note in the pattern where I sought to incorporate busy prints and where I elected to use near-solids or blenders. Use the coloring page to help you narrow down your choices.

You can find a list of the first shops to stock the Celestial Lights fabric here.

Here are some color ideas to get you started.

Stardust Quilt - blue

The original Stardust quilt in blue.

You can find the SKUs for this version here.

Stardust Quilt - red

The original Stardust quilt in red.

You can find the SKUs for this version here.

Stardust Quilt - dark blue

A dark blue version.

Stardust Quilt - dark red

A dark red version.

Stardust Quilt - red and blue

A red and blue version with a dark background.

Stardust Quilt - red and blue with bright background

A red and blue version with a light background.


If you are incorporating embroidery, I’d recommend using solids or near-solids for Fabrics K and L to help your embroidery shine. There is a lot going on in these embroidered designs, and you don’t want the background to compete.

Stardust Quilt-along with Amanda Murphy

Stardust embroideries from the BERNINA-exclusive Celestial Lights Embroidery Collection

I’d also recommend a simple print for Fabric B, to let the overall design of the quilt shine.


If you aren’t incorporating embroidery, you can elect to use a large feature print for fabric M.

Stardust Quilt: A Celestial Lights "feature print"

A Celestial Lights “feature print”—look for an eye-catching print as a substitute if not incorporating embroidery


I fussy-cut stars from my Celestial Lights Star print from Fabric D.

Fussy-cut stars from my Celestial Lights Star print from Fabric D

They took on added dimension when I quilted around the stars in the finished quilt.

added dimension when quilted around the stars in the finished quilt

(You could also fussy-cut motifs Fabric M if you chose not to incorporate embroidery.) In this case I’m fussy-cutting 6-1/2” squares. Since most of us have 6-1/2” square rulers this is easy. When fussy-cutting I like to mark the center of my ruler with tape – this way I don’t use the wrong lines on the ruler by mistake!

Stardust Quilt by Amanda Murphy - Part One

Center the ruler on your fabric to cut the block. Note that in the case of the stars, I can also align the lines on the ruler on the lines that go through the star’s center. That won’t happen with every print, but sure is nice when it does!

Stardust Quilt- fussy cutting

So many looks are possible with fussy cutting.

Stardust Quilt - Fussy-cuts from a variety of Celestial Lights prints

Fussy-cuts from a variety of Celestial Lights prints

As I said, I used the Celestial Lights star fabric to mimic the stars in the piecing, but any feature print or a medallion print would also be an effective choice!

Stardust Quilt - Fussy-cuts from my Nightingale fabric line

Fussy-cuts from my Nightingale fabric line, shipping to stores later this month.

I hope you have fun gathering your fabrics and planning your quilt this month. In October, I’ll be back to give you some piecing tips!

In the meantime, I’ll be back on WeAllSew to give you hints on how to perfect your RIBBON CANDY QUILTING. People struggle with this design but my hints will make it easier—I promise! See you then!

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Stardust Quilt Pattern Giveaway

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win a one Stardust Quilt Pattern by Amanda Murphy!

The Stardust Quilt Pattern by Amanda Murphy

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question:

“What quilting technique are you interested in learning about?”

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck and happy quilting!


65 thoughts on “Stardust Quilt-along: Part One

  1. Oh Amanda I’m so excited to start this quilt! The only hard part will be choosing which Colorway(s) to use!

    The quilting technique I’m most interested in learning about just happens to be Ribbon Candy–seriously! Y’all make it look SOOOO easy, but I haven’t ever been able to make it look right! It leans over drunkenly and isn’t ever consistent; it always changes shape, angle and size! Ack!!! So I’m really looking forward to your tips for this one.

  2. I would most like to learn more tips about choosing and cutting recycled fabrics for quilts. I love re-using my worn-out jeans, shirts, and more to create a new quilt, but have so far always fought the fabric-cutting stage with many unusual shapes to cut from.

  3. I would like to learn how to make sure all my triangle points meet at the right spot when I join the blocks and that the seam allowances are pressed in the right direction so it doesn’t bunch up. I am so anxious to get the pattern and start working on this Stardust quilt. I have to tell you what happened. I had to put my cat, Stardust, to sleep 12 days ago. She was almost 14 years old and named after my husband’s favorite song. That evening I got on my cell phone and clicked on Google, like I do most evenings. I scroll through and click to read some of the items. That’s when I saw the Stardust Quilt-Along! How in the world could there be a quilt named after my cat? Of course, I just have to make it. Instead of shades of blue or shades of pink, I am going to match my couch. Stardust and I would curl up together and watch TV. To me, this quilt is so incredible, coming at just the perfect time.

  4. Amanda,
    Such a lovely line of fabric and colorways really standout nicely.
    I would love to learn more about how you tackle fussy cutting fabric when you need certain motifs or designs to take center stage without being cut off. Centering the designs in fabric can be a bit intimidating for the first time user of the technique.
    Your embroidered portions are stunning & could audition by themselves but with the rest of the Quilting it really pulls the quilt together.

  5. I have purchased several of your rulers. I have used some of them on my domestic machine. But, the exciting thing is that I recently purchased a long arm and I’m trying to get as much technique from your videos as possible. I have found your explanations to be very easy to understand and follow. So I guess that’s what I will be most interested in as this process continues. Thank you so much for your inspiration, tips and beautiful designs! Keep ‘em coming!!!

  6. I understand parts of quilting; building the squares and assembly. What I need help with…is the quilt sandwich: how to get the layers to remain together while working on it.

  7. This is a beautiful quilt. I’d love to learn how to sew perfect triangles… meaning the points will actually live up properly. I’ve also never done fussy cutting and would like to learn that skill.

  8. My biggest struggle seems to be deciding what quilting design to use once the quilt top is finished. I would like more instruction on ruler work as well.

  9. I would love to win this pattern!! I have been wanting to do a fussy cut quilt and use the beautiful blue fabric you used in your quilt. I purchased the embroidery cd designs. Hoping to purchase the fabric in the next month. Beautiful quilts!!

  10. I am interested in learning more about free motion quilting and ruler work. I am also excited to learn more about incorporating embroidery into a quilt and quilting a quilt with embroidery.

  11. Ruler work is my latest quilting passion. The potential seems almost limitless. It is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I love Amanda’s tutorials. Her ruler work sampler was a good introduction, but so much more to learn.

  12. I am so excited about making this quilt for my son and his fiancé. I’m choosing to embroider some of the blocks and make it into a queen size. Is there any way I can get the amount of fabric needed for that size? I’m also looking forwarding to the quilting techniques! Fun!!

  13. Just more tips for using the many quilt stitches on my 500 series Bernina to make it look like hand quilting.
    Also what is the circle for on face plate?
    Luv these tips helps sew much!

  14. The Stardust quilt is fabulous! I would like to learn how to use my embroidery module on my Bernina machine to do all-over quilting. Your free-motion quilting lessons are so helpful; I just need an extended day to practice more!

  15. This looks amazing! Took me a while to break down the blocks to figure out how simple blocks are put together to form a complex, fascinating design! I will definitely be looking into making this quilt!

  16. Beautiful quilt! I have just bought a Bernina 770 QEE and I’m excited to learn about doing machine embroidery and combining that with quilting. I’ve been a quilter for many years, but I am also just learning about quilting with rulers. I have several of your sets that I have been practicing with. Looking forward to using the ribbon candy!

  17. I am interested in starting this project. I have just finished the Jubilee quilt and love it now that it is done. Was not too interested in at at first…due to the quilt top was just hanging. But working on it and then quilting it brought the quilt to life.
    Thanks Amanda

  18. I am interested in learning how to use my rulers and have designs come out in a more uniform way – mine seem to bend where they shouldn’t or they are not consistent in size

  19. I really want more tips on which way to press seams particularly related to points and three seams coming together. I love the variety of blocks in the pattern.

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