Introducing the New BERNINA 4 Series

Starting this fall, all of us at BERNINA are so thrilled to bring a new entry level machine to all of you—the BERNINA 4 Series! This series of machines includes three models: the BERNINA 480, 475 QE, and 435.BERNINA-4_Series_all_modelsThe obvious upgrade here for our entry level is the interface. The overall design of the 4 Series falls right in line with the existing 7 Series and the 5 Series we launched last year. They have a 4.3” capacitive touch screen and the same navigation to match our all our other touch screen machines. The B 435 and 475 QE have a sleek, glossy white face plate while the B 480 shines in metallic silver.


These machines have 7” to the right of the needle and tons of features we’ve come to know and love on our upper series models. The B 435 and 475 QE have a 5.5 mm maximum stitch width while the B 480 has a whopping 9 mm stitch width. All models also have adjustable presser foot pressure to help you stitch through any material your heart desires.


Maybe my favorite thing about these little guys is the jumbo bobbin! That bobbin can hold up to 70% more thread than your standard bobbin—that’s a huge upgrade. If we have the jumbo bobbin, that means we’re also upgrading to the BERNINA Hook system. Did you know that BERNINA is the only company that’s engineered a new hook system in the last 40 years? We’re constantly trying to make our machines more efficient and deliver higher quality. This hook is the purest evidence of that.


Since we have that beautiful, all-metal, solid hook some of you may be wondering about a thread cutter. I am thrilled to tell you that yes, the B 475 QE and 480 have that beloved automatic thread cutter!


These two models are also, if you can believe it, BERNINA Stitch Regulator compatible. For those of you who might be looking at a 4 Series model as a new travel machine, you can take all your top-of-the-line comforts with you on the road.


Welcome the new 4 Series to the BERNINA family. Are you ready to make magic?! Visit your local BERNINA dealer for more information—be sure to ask if they’re hosting a D.I.Y. Day to celebrate!

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