Introducing Our 7 Series Sewing Celebrities!

As you know, we are introducing some wonderful new products this month:
– The BERNINA 7 Series machines and
– DesignWorks Software Suite

To help us, we have hand-picked 5 super-special sewing celebrities (say that five times fast!) to play with and experience our newest offerings. The B 780 E sewing and embroidery machine will spend the rest of the year traveling across the country to meet each of these lovely ladies, spend time in their sewing studios, and inspire them to create on a whole new level!

Sewing Celebrities

Over the next couple months, you will be introduced to each celebrity and get an up close and personal look a their experiences with the new machine and software.

Drum roll…our sewing celebrities are:

– Fabric Designer and Author, Tula Pink
– Fabric and Embroidery Designer, Angie Steveson
– Author and Blogger, Vanessa Christenson
– Fashion Expert and Blogger, Mimi Goodwin
– Fabric and Embroidery Designer, Amanda Murphy

Stay tuned for more…

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3 comments on “Introducing Our 7 Series Sewing Celebrities!”

  • I’m looking forward to reading what the “Sewlebrities” have to say about the new 780 machine! I’ve been going back and forth between the 830 and the new 780 or 750QE. The price point of the 830 makes me want to vomit, and the 7 series is still really hard to swallow. I’m mostly quilting these days, and my current machine (Artista 200E upgraded to 730E with BSR) has a maximum sewing field width of 5 5/8″ no matter which hoop I use. I like to quilt “in the hoop,” using my embroidery module to stitch out a perfect outline quilting design in the center of a block after I’ve layered, basted, and quilted in the ditch to anchor at the seam lines. Then I fill in with background quilting fill designs using my BSR for FMQ. So I would really, REALLY love to have more room under the harp to fit my quilts, a larger bobbin so I’m not constantly running out of thread, and the capability to stitch out an embroidery design that would fit a 10″ or 12″ block. According to the Bernina web site, the optional Jumbo hoop fits both the 830 machine AND the 780 and 750 machines, but the 7 series machines can’t go wider than 8 1/4″ max embroidery field and the 830 can stitch up to a 10 1/4″ wide embroidery design with the Jumbo hoop. But I’ve read about so many problems and glitches that early adopters of the 830s have struggled with, and there’s so much buzz now about the new bobbin design and stitch quality on the 7 series that I just don’t know which way to go. I wish they had a 7 series machine that could embroider the same width as the 830 — and I wish I’d win the lottery so I wouldn’t have to sell one of my kids to afford these machines.;-)

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