Introducing the BERNINA Q 16 to the BERNINA Longarm Series

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the BERNINA Q Series!

Welcome Q 16 to the BERNINA Longarm Q Series!


The Q BERNINA 16 (Q 16) is very much like the Q 20 with all of the standard features. The Q 16 has 16 ½ inches of work space behind the needle. Like the larger Sewheads in the Q Series, the Q 16 has the multicolor touch screen that is so familiar to those of us who stitch on BERNINA domestic machines. It is also very easy to navigate.


Like the Q 20 table model, the Q 16 has the Programmable Foot Control and the Kick Start feature.

The needle system is the same across the Q Series line, so that means the domestic needle 130/705, with flat backs just like our sewing machines, works beautifully in this machine too. The needle will only go in with the flat of the shank in the back just by loosening the set screw above the needle and replacing the needle when needed. This insures that you will get the perfect BERNINA stitch and you can use many different types and sizes of needles to best fit the project.


The Q 16 also uses the M class bobbins in the rotary hook system. The BERNINA M class bobbins have a textured spindle in the center that not only grabs the thread quicker when winding a bobbin on the built in Bobbin Winder, but also helps to keep the tension on the bobbin thread all the way to the end of the thread on the bobbin. The larger bobbin and the standard BERNINA Bobbin Tension Gauge are a great pair to get you stitching like a pro from the start.

BERNINA M class bobbins

With the Q 16, any BERNINA hopping foot can be used. The foot is easy to change without using any tools. Just move the clamp on the foot, remove from cone and replace with the next foot needed and then move clamp back in position. Up to 11 different feet are available. The stitch plate removes easily with just a press on the upper right corner. There is a twin needle stitch plate that can be used with twin needles up to 4.0. Yes, that is correct even the Q 16 can stitch with twin needles.


The Q 16 is a table model and four different tables can be used with this sewhead. The folding adjustable height table would be the option for the sewing room with less floor space, or if it is going to be put away when not in use. This folding table can be adjusted to three different heights. They are 32”, 30” or 28”. There is a table height here that will fit everyone.


The next option is the Koala cabinet and it comes with a lift or without. It does come in two different colors. Both versions of the Koala tables have two leaves that can be inserted on the work space or they can be stored in the back of the table.




The last option is the Horn Lift table. It will expand out so that there is a good working surface, and as you can see, it even goes around you a little. If the quilter wants to stand while quilting the lift table is for them.


The Q 16 in the Q Series of Longarms is a table model only. This machine has so many options for accessories and tables to use that you can do anything with all of the space you have to quilt. So whether you are interested in free-motion, ruler work or art quilting all with BERNINA Stitch Regulation, you should check out the newest member in the Q Series family. Can view the brochure here. The Q 16 can be found at most BERNINA dealers. Visit one in your area soon.




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  • Denise,
    Looking forward to more virtual longarm workshops with you! I wonder if you can give me some advice. I’ve been putting off purchasing a B790Plus, thinking there might be an update in the near future. Do you have any info?

    • Thank you so much and I do really love doing the virtual longarm webinars, class and trainings. You know people are always working on new things. The B790PLUS is a great machine and that is what I piece on myself. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to have one of the greatest machine on the market.
      Happy Quilting,

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