Enter for a Chance to Win the BERNINA L 450!

 This contest did end on August 31, 2016.

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32 comments on “Enter for a Chance to Win the BERNINA L 450!”

  • Bonjour
    I have been sewing for almost 40 years and I just discover a Serger sewing machine last year on internet.
    It is a fantastic plus to have if you can effort it, since I cannot effort it, It would be a plus for me to use for my sewing for my granddaughters and nephew.

  • While using my Bernina 780, I have found many times when a Serger could be a very valuable tool to have. I have been in search of a Serger and even looked into a class to learn how to use it. I would really love to win this model, it would complete my sewing adventures.

  • I have never owned a serger and have been trying to save up my money for years!! Winning this contest would be a dream come true!! I see 8 hours a day from home and really need it!

  • I have found Bernina to be such a high quality machine, and would love to have the L450 to add to my sewing room. There is nothing like a Bernina!

  • I’d love to win this over locker. Been looking lol nightly at them. I am a full time caretaker of a husband with MS. Sewing and quilting is my sanity saver/stress reliever; the thought of my ancient sewing machine is my worst nightmare! A new machine to play with would be wonderful.

  • I LOVE my Bernina 550QE…since my hubby purchased it for me as a Christmas gift this past year, I have made at least 10 quilts this year (which I swear I would NEVER do, 🙂 as I only wanted to do garments, etc.)
    I could only imagine how much I would love owning a BERNINA L 450 and what I would be able to create or attempt to create…WOWZERS!

  • Sergers make your life easier with creating clothing, home decor, projects, and preparing fabric for quilting. Bernini has a good support system for projects, how-tos, and trouble shooting. My local Bernina Sewing Center in Florida is top notch with support with both sergers and sewing machines.

  • My Bernette isn’t working too well (doesn’t hold its tension) and the cost of repairs is more than the machine really is worth. I’ve had it for 30 years and have worked it making my clothes, my children’s clothes, home decorations, and costumes for high school plays. I have run it at top speeds for hours on end and now the poor thing needs to retire to a nice pasture. I would love to own a Bernina L 450.

  • Owning this would mean the world to me. I am teaching myself to see and all praises to God, I am being blessed with a few clients. I’m a single parent with 3 sons and can’t afford to buy it right now. I’ve read the reviews, excellent product?

  • My little old Bernina 334D is in dire need of a rest, been using her for many years, but she is still going strong. I would greatly appreciate the chance to win a new sergers, as I use one all the time in my sewing room. Just so much you can do with a serger and all my Berninas are wonderful machines.

  • I’ve never owned a Serger before but, unbelievably, my Granddaughter’s husband introduced me to all the things one can possibly do when using a Serger. He blew my mind when I watched him demonstrate some of the stitches and ever since then, I have wanted to own one for myself. I said to myself, “if a guy can do all of these things on a Serger, I could learn and show him some things too”. I would love to have the opportunity to own one myself. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • I am saving up for this (which will take quite a while) but if I can’t have a Bernina, I will wait until I can finally get one. Berninas are worth the wait!

  • I never had anything but a straight sewing machine until I got my Bernina Quilters Edition. I love it and would love to advance to a serger. It would be so nice to be able to finish some items using the serger rather than using a flat felt seam or having to go over seams with a zigzag stitch. I love quilting and have found it to be relaxing usually.
    Than you for offering this machine to your users.

  • Bernina is the only machine I use or recommend. Never has given any trouble.
    Would love this little L450 ‘Nina’!
    Thank you for the chance to own it!

  • I am so proud to be part of the Bernina family and love my Bernina equipment! There’s none better. I’ve been really wanting a serger, and would give my eye teeth for the Q20, so I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed!

  • I’ve been a Bernina fan for ages and a proud owner for over 15 years. I’d love to expand into serging so I hope I’m the lucky winner of the L450 Overlocker. Thanks!

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