Changing Feet on The BERNINA Longarm!

I am quite certain there are numerous fans of the BERNINA domestic sewing machine reading this, am I right? What’s not to love about this amazing piece of technology? I should be hearing crickets right about now because I am aware how valuable the domestic machine is with the ability to acclimate the foot to sewing needs. That incredulous feature enables the crafter to adjust the foot to whatever best suits their sewing situation. Whether one utilizes the 1/4″ foot or the zipper foot, having options is really pretty awesome. Well, BERNINA hasn’t stopped there, they have gone the extra distance and now that beautiful feature is incorporated into the BERNINA Longarm.

Being a longarm quilter since 2004, I have seen many advances made to the longarm machine, and this enhancement is by far exceptional. To some this may seem like a small step in BERNINA progress but let me remind you that back in the day, many moons ago, longarm quilters had one foot (just one!), and it was very challenging to affix or remove from the machine. If you were like me within mere moments the nearest screwdriver was in hand and used to ensure that when the foot was attached, it’s position was in correct alignment with the needle. Ugh! I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I am a lazy quilter, therefore having to eyeball whether the foot was being placed was down right painful. But as time went on, developments on the foot evolved and crafters were given choices such as couching feet, and open toe for their machines. No, this was not in reference to a DSW commercial, it really had everything to do with sewing machines!

Thank you BERNINA! There is no need to reach into a toolbox when changing the foot on the BERNINA. On the contrary this process is lickety split quick. No muss, no fuss, I might even be able to do it blindfolded (nope not trying it). Within seconds I can go from my 96 ruler foot to my 24 open toe foot. AND better, yet all of the feet that I make use of on my BERNINA domestic machine can likewise be used on my BERNINA longarm. Now granted one might not need a zipper foot on the longarm, but it doesn’t hurt to know that by Golly George it fits! I am sure that some really creative person, just not this girl, will figure a way to use it on the longarm. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my peers hasn’t done so already!

Don’t hesitate to change up your foot, and see what an asset it can be your creativity. The next best thing to a new pair of shoes just might be a new foot on your machine!

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