Organize Your Feet With the BERNINA Accessory Case

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

I’m a collector of many things including presser feet and accessories for my BERNINA 570 QE. I recently added the new BERNINA Accessory Case to my collection. Add one to your collection with a giveaway offering you a chance to win your own BERNINA Accessory Case from BERNINA! Scroll to the bottom of the post to find the giveaway.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

Here’s a sampling of the feet and accessories I’ve collected so far for my B 570 QE. It’s more that will fit in the accessory case that came with the machine, and up until now I’ve been storing it in a plastic box. Which isn’t ideal, not only because it allows the feet to bang into each other, but it’s hard to find exactly what I’m looking for.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

This case includes the perfect size cubby holes for BERNINA feet, both larger feet like the Reverse foot pattern #1D, and smaller profile feet like the Button-sew-on foot #18. The foam is stiff enough to keep the feet firmly in place. What I love best about the Accessory Case is how you have the ability to organize the feet in a way that works best for you.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

At the bottom of the case is a tray that holds a total of 18 feet and two of the large BERNINA Hook Jumbo bobbin cases. I use this space for feet that I don’t use as often.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

The second tray can hold 20 more feet including the Buttonhole foot with slide #3A and 6 jumbo bobbins. I use this tray for feet I use most often, and it’s easy to grab them when I need them.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

The lid of the case holds more feet and includes specific receptacles for Walking foot #50 (along with the 3 soles, two guides, guide holder, and screwdriver), and a space to fit the entire foam holder for the BERNINA Stitch Regulator and accessories. Also in the lid are spaces for the Adjustable rulerwork foot #72 and the additional Couching Inserts and Echo quilting clips compatible with the foot. If you think the stuff in the lid might come out, BERNINA has a fix for that.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

Included with the case is a firm foam cover for the accessories in the lid that fits snugly in the compartment and keeps everything in place.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

And in between the lid and main compartment is yet another place to store goodies in the shape of a handy flap full of pouches and zipped compartments. I store the case in my sewing space, easy to reach if I need to pull out or put away a foot.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

I’ve been sewing with a tray next to my machine for years now to hold whatever feet, accessories, and tools I am currently using on a project.

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

This system works perfectly along with my new Accessory Case, I pull out the case at the start of a new project to make sure I have everything I need to use, and place the feet in the tray within easy reach of my machine. And with how easy it is to change the feet on a BERNINA, it only takes a few seconds to switch feet mid-project! You can see the BERNINA Accessory Case and pick one up for yourself at your nearest BERNINA store.

BERNINA Accessory Case Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed, thanks to all our WeAllSew fans who entered. Congratulations to our winner, fan @dodie!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win a new BERNINA Accessory Case!

BERNINA Accessory Case for WeAllSew

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “What is your favorite BERNINA presser foot or accessory?” The the giveaway is open through Friday, October 30.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Friday, October 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

653 thoughts on “Organize Your Feet With the BERNINA Accessory Case

  1. I own two wonderful machines (580 and 740); my favorite foot is my 97 and 97D. I love how accurate my 1/4″ is on this foot. I use them daily.

      1. I love my 34D. I use it a lot. I can see through it. I love my Bernina feet. I use them all when I need them for projects I am sewing. I love quilting.

    1. I’m currently enchanted by Rulerwork and the excellent engineering that designed Bernina’s adjustable presser foot #72. What a wonderful way to add quilting designs and not have to wrestle with turning fabric or quilt on my domestic machines.

    2. I was lucky enough to be one of the first at my sewing store to purchase the 97D. It is always my go to foot for regular sewing. It is accurate, no trouble to use and installs easily and of course…
      I can use the built in walking foot on my 880+. If only everything would be this easy.

    3. I really like using my walking foot and 1/4 inch foot the most. I don’t use it that much but the gathering foot is amazing also to save you a lot of time.

    4. I have a B570QE and love using foot #97D because of the accurate 1/4 ” and how evenly it feeds through all layers across seam joints, including offset and angled seams.

    5. I only recently got my Bernina. My favorite thing so far is the walking foot as I’m trying to do some quilting. The quarter-inch foot is also a great help with my attempts at piecing.

    6. I have two Bernina 480, Bernina 770 QE in which I love 97D foot for both machines.
      I sew everyday in which my Bernina are my favorites of my five sewing machines.
      I also have over 25 different feet that are all quailty made.

    7. I have so many feet it’s hard to pick. The walking foot on my 150 was terrific, but the built in walking foot on my 720 is wonderful. Also, the new patchwork foot is pretty cool.

    8. I own a Bernina Record 930 and a Tula Pink B770QEE. There are so many accessories to choose from but the walking foot is probably my favorite-it makes quilting and sewing in problem fabrics so easy.

    9. I enjoy using my QE440 for most if not all my stitching projects. I love everything about this workhorse. My favorite foot is my stitch regulator. It’s just what I need to finish freehand quilting all my small projects.

    10. I have a B590 and I am new at quilting. As I learn that a quarter inch in sewing quilts means a quarter inch. Yes, I learned that the hard way becoming very experienced with the stitch ripper. I went to my Bernina dealer and they suggested 57D to help me with that quarter inch. Today this is my favorite foot.

    11. My first Bernina sewing machine was a 930. I LOVED it! I used it for over 25 years! I have since upgraded to the Bernina 560. I am amazed at all my machine can do! I am learning how to embroider and enjoy that so much! I would have to say that of all my feet my favorite is the clear embroidery foot #39.

    12. I have a Bernina Virtuoso 150 and the Tula Pink 570 Special Edition. I love the Tula Pink and I’ve been sewing a lot. I bought the #5 Foot and I really like it for straight top stitching. I also love the piece work foot which I’m just starting to use.

  2. My favorite foot is” Quilting Foot #29C”. I use it for thread painting and free motion quilting. the clear sole gives me great visibility of the stitching area.

  3. Today my favourite foot is #72 ruler foot…..a life saver last night as I could very easily adjust the height to accommodate what I was quilting. Early yesterday it was my Teflon foot as I was sewing curtains with backing that would not sew smoothly with a regular foot. And tomorrow, it will likely be my embroidery foot getting ready for an embroidery workshop. The message here is I love all my Bernina feet as they are well machined and feel solid while stitching.
    Thanks Bernina for my happy stitching on Berninas since 1985.

  4. Thank you Erika, I enjoyed reading your post. I need a Bernina Accessory case to organize all my accessories and feet.
    What is your favorite BERNINA presser foot or accessory? Edgestitch foot #10D, I tend to leave it by my machine, as I use it frequently. Love using all my Bernina feet and accessories.

  5. My favorite Bernina foot is the 97D. I like the dual feed action especially when sewing rows of blocks together. I like the 97D with guide to help keep my seams a at quarter inch. Best foot for us quilters.

  6. Of all of the things I have collected, my Bernina feet are at the top of the list. I love them all for their unique and practical purposes. My go to foot that I use daily is my 97D foot.

  7. Bernina sewing machines that sew, embroidery, and quilt are less expensive than prescription medications. My favorite foot is 97D with the single hole plate on my Tula Pink 770.

  8. As hard as it is to choose a favorite, I think I will go with my 10C, edgefoot. I can’t sew a straight line without it!

    I saw one of these accessory cases at the Fredericksburg Sewing and Quilt show a few weeks ago, it is excellent!!

  9. I think my favorite Bernina accessory or foot would be my Bernina Stitch Regulator. I have most recently been experimenting with it and I am learning to quilt my next quilt with it.

  10. #10 foot; Had not used it at all until I saw a youtube using it to topstitch a face mask. Suddenly, my masks had a polished finished look…almost profession, not homemade. Thanks to the you-tuber who had a Bernina for doing the demo.

  11. Love the #9 darning foot! Such a versatile foot! I’ve been using one since my 930 in 1979, my 1230, and now my 770Q. It does more than darn, and I kerp finding new uses all of the time!

  12. Finally!!!! I have been waiting for a case that will hold my feet and keep them safe. This looks wonderful and very anxious to add one to my sewing room. I own 3 berninas because of the feet. I think their feet are ingenious. The one I use the most is the 97D. I am a quilter and this works great!

  13. My favorite BERNINA presser foot is the walking foot with the stitch in the ditch sole. I use this especially for quilt binding with the needle set to the left or right of the ditch to secure the binding evenly and accurately.

  14. I now have 2 Berninas. One that is about 20 years old (Activa 130). Quite frankly I can’t remember when I bought it. I just know I bought it many years before my son was born. He is now 16. It still runs like new. I recently bought the B770. I use my Activa for general sewing and I love the walking foot. I use the 770 for my free motion quilting so of course I love the stitch regulator. GO BERNINA!

  15. I have a Bernina 780 and I’m a quilter. I have ALL the feet one can possibly have for quilting, but my favorite by far is the 97D. Being able to use this foot and engaging the Bernina 780’s Dual Feed feature has definitely upped my game. The 97D makes my quilting much more precise. Dual Feed marries the top and bottom fabric together resulting in less puckering. I really notice this when quilting finished quilt tops on my longarm. I drank the Bernina Kool Aid long ago and am firmly committed to the brand…

  16. I have 2 great machines! My 1230 I’ve had for 30 years and my new B790 Plus! I LOVE my Berninas!!! My favorite foot right now is the 97D! I say right now because I seriously love them all! I would so love this case!!!! Thank you!!!

  17. It’s hard to say which is my favorite but the three that I must have are: the 10 edge foot, the 35 for invisible zippers and the 57 for quilt piecing. I have two Berninas and love them both

  18. I have a 765SE and my go to foot for quilting is #57D, but I just got the #50 Walking Foot and I am obsessed with it! I am now able to quilt my own quilts-it’s a game changer. I am now finishing many UFO’s!

  19. I quilt so my favorite is the patchwork #37 foot. I have many of the fabulous Bernina feet but this simple unassuming foot is a real workhorse.

  20. The 97D foot is probably my favorite for accurate quilting seams. The 10D Foot is a close second for top stitching my binding on. Love my BERNINA 770 QE!❤️

  21. The foot I’m using most right now is the #1D clear foot. It has red lines that make it perfectly accurate to topstitch around a corner. But my all-time favorite is the #10D, which is so much FUN to use along an edge. I love each one of my Bernina feet and wouldn’t trade any of them for anything! Thanks for the chance to win that great accessory case.

  22. My favorite Bernina foot is my walking foot – i don’t know how I would have seen my COVID19 masks without it! I also love my 1/4 inch foot (97D). I’d love to have a storage case for all of my feet and accessories!

  23. I have two Bernina’s – a 19-year old Activa 145 and my 3 year old B770QEE; both workhorses and offer so much. Just had both cleaned and they run beautifully. Favorite feet are 37, and 20, and the stitch regulator!

  24. I agree that 97D, 10D and 72 are all great. But I do like 38 which is used when there are 2 different heights, like when attaching Velcro. I don’t do that a lot, but I’ve used the foot to accommodate different heights and it works great.

  25. Just got my second Bernina today! So looking forward to using it! I think my favorite foot is the #97D, I do a lot of 1/4” seams. Love Bernina for over 40 years now🥰
    PS just a kid when I got my first one😜

  26. 10… soon to be 10D. I just got a 570QE yesterday and ordered a 10D foot! I use this foot all the time…in addition to quilts, I make lots of bags, and the 10(D) makes it seem like I can sew in a straight line. I had about 15 feet for my 440, and I hope some work on my 570.

  27. My most used foot is #37, so it must be my favorite. There are others i love including the Stitch Regulator and the walking foot, but all Bernina feet are amazing!

  28. My favorite is the 10D, but what I really love is that Bernina has so many specialty feet that I can always find one that does just what I need! ❤️

  29. I am primarily a quilter but love to do applique as well. My favorite foot for most things, but especially for applique is the 20D. I can see exactly what is stitching with that great wide opening!

  30. I just got my first Bernina a couple of weeks ago so I’m still learning about all the feet. My favorite so far is the 97! I’m glad I got the Big Book of Feet too, it’s my new favorite book. 🧵 ❤️🧵

  31. I love all my Bernina Feet!! I have 2 granddaughters who love sewing on my B630 and my B750. This case would make it so much easier for me to keep track of all the feet I have, especially when the 9 year old and the 12 year old are using them.

  32. I love the #51 Roller Foot at the moment as it makes sewing elastic and fringe trim a much easier feat on dance costumes. This case looks amazing!! Much easier to use than the hard plastic cases I take so much care not to break.

  33. My favorite foot is the 1/4 inch foot! I bought a 570QE this summer. Still getting comfortable with it. I’ve had the 240 for years and it’s a real workhorse. I’m accumulating more feet and this case would be the bomb!!!

  34. Wow! Thanks for the great overview of the accessories case Erika – looks like an add to my Christmas list! While I have several go to feet depending on the project, it’s hard to pick just one! I love the walking foot, but honestly I think my favorite foot changes each time I learn a new technique for a foot that is designed for a different use. So, if I have to choose today’s favorite would be the lap seam foot that I’m using to sew on a quilt binding.

  35. My go to foot is the 57D. I do a lot of piecing and the Bernina 1/4” foot has made it easy to be consistently accurate. However it is very hard to choose just one foot as each one is built for accuracy and ease of use. I have tried many different ways to store my Bernina feet and am anxious to see this storage item.

  36. Definitely the Walking Foot! It was intimidating and sat in its box for several months until my sister raved about it. Now it’s on my machine 90% of the time!!

  37. My favorite foot is the 10D. From making masks to binding quilts, it makes a neat edge and professional looking seam. I have a 570QE that I love more and more each day!

  38. My favorite accessory is the PaintWork attachment. It’s fun having the machine draw on fabric, and it can be used in combination with regular embroidery and cutwork.

  39. My favorite foot is whichever one I am currently using on either my older 930 or my new 770. I am still learning which foot works best for which project on the new machine. It came with lots of feet.

  40. When I bought my 740 I bought several feet, but most recently I purchased the invisible zipper foot, #35. I sewed on my beloved 1130 for many years but never had the confidence to try invisible zippers. Now that I am sewing pants again I tried the foot on a scrap piece of fabric and the foot made the installation of the zipper so easy and perfect. I now have a number of feet that would love to live in the case!

  41. The foot I use the most is 97D since I quilt a lot, but I really liked the roller foot, number 55 when I had to sew on piping and didn’t have a piping foot, it worked better than the zipper foot and I was able to get real close to the piping, Mara

  42. I love the walking foot! It makes quilt as you projects a breeze to make. Since I only know how to do straight line, diagonal line or curvy line quilting it makes this simple quilting so easy.

  43. It’s a tossup between the walking foot and 10D – I love them both and I love the looks of this case and would be thrilled to win it! Thanks for offering this drawing for it!

  44. I definitely love my #10D foot for quickly sewing hems on charity dresses I sew for girls in Africa! It makes for a very straight and perfect hem line or when I am attaching a decorative pocket. I have shared this idea with several friends and it has been a game changer.

  45. I love my Bernina and my favorite is the 57D. I am a quilter and do a lot of piecing and this foot helps me get a more accurate 1/4 inch seam. I also appreciate the metal piece that keeps the fabric in line for accurate piecing.

  46. My favorite foot is the 10D; so versatile! However, 34D is becoming my favorite piecing foot. I like that it has more foot area on top of the material than the 97D and I can see my fabric through it. Helps me be more accurate. 💜

  47. I love my Bulky Overlock Foot 12c
    I don’t use it as intended but to couch decorative thread; which I thread through the hole
    And in certain cases to control piping…which I funnel through the groove beneath the foot

  48. I love all my Bernina feet and I have lots. But my favorite is the open toed feet. Love to see the stitches and the 37 foot. Love my Berninas, have a Artista 180, Artista 730, Artista 630 and a 765SE, would love to have the 720.

  49. I love my Bernina 750 QE. I use my walking foot the most along with u-pins to make sure that my seams are dead on accurate. Whether quilting or sewing clothes, I find this foot gives me the best results. After it I love my edge foot and quarter inch foot(97D).

  50. I have two favorites, my embroidery foot and my 97D foot. Depending on which project I am currently working will be the deciding factor between which of the two feet you will find on my 880+. Nothing sews like a Bernina! 🥰

  51. My absolute favorite is the walking foot. Bernina makes an amazing walking foot! But I do have quite a collection of beautiful feet that would love to be stored in that sweet case.

  52. I recently inherited a Bernina artista 200 (with the module attached for the BSR). I got some feet to go with it but haven’t had much time to learn what they all do. I’m learning so much just reading everyone’s comments here! I’m going to take notes!

  53. I own an 880 and Tula Pink 570 and my favorite foot is the 10D foot! I love how I can adjust it to my specs of what I am sewing! 🧡 🧵 ✂️

  54. Recently retired this year and find myself sewing a lot of things besides quilting and embroidering. My current love is the Edgestitch foot #10D, I keep it out all the time, no matter what I’m working on. It has saved me and my sewing project many times.

  55. What a wonderful treasure to receive, because I own a heck of a lot of feet for my Bernina 440QE. I could not live without foot 37 for my quilt piecing. But I really adore the beauty that foot 10 allows me to create. Thanks for this opportunity.

  56. I love the embroidery function of my Bernina Artista machine. The embroidery foot is the most used of my collection. Next is the 1/4 inch guide foot – couldn’t quilt without it. I’m just learning ruler work and the ruler work foot is getting a workout.

  57. My favorite sewing foot is the quarter inch #57D. Piecing with helps it my points to be sharp and my seams match perfectly.
    Having all my feet organized together would not only be a safer option, it would save time when I am changing feet on the machine.

  58. My favourite foot is the walking foot. It makes sewing multiple layers a breeze. I was able to make a quilted jacket for my son with ease thanks to this foot.

  59. I have an 830, a 930 and an 1150(?) Bernina serger, but my favorite is my l 1934 Bernina, which still sews up a storm. It is dark green trimmed in gold with the old logo. My favorite foot is the blind hem foot, which is so versatile.

  60. My favorite Bernina foot is always the current one I have on the machine. They’re all made perfect for whatever project you’re doing at the time. 💕 💕💕💕💕my Tula 🦄

  61. I love 39C The clear embroidery foot. I make a lot of gathered skirts for my granddaughter. I feed embroidery cotton through the hole, zig zag over the thread and gathering is a cinch.

  62. I am a bit of a BERNINA fanatic! I have a total of 7 machines (between BERNINA & Bernette) so it is difficult to pick a favorite but it would be a toss up between my walking foot and 37. A case for all my goodies would be divine!!!

  63. I own a 790+ Anniversary Edition, 570QEE, and a Q20. It’s very difficult to choose just one, but my favorite foot is the 97D for the sewing machines. For the quilter, I choose the 72 foot. Thank you, Bernina, for making so many quality products!

  64. That is a difficult question to answer as I love many of them. I will say the walking foot is pretty amazing and my favorite foot. But really, love them all!

  65. What a hard question! I have many favorite feet! However, I think the first one on the list would be the circular foot # 83. Why? Well, when I use it people just marvel at how accurate it is. I just smile and say “Thank you! That’s a Bernina for you!”

  66. Love my walking foot. When I quilt it helps me not get so frustrated with puckering. So smooth how it feeds all the fabric. I have not been quilting long but it sure makes my quilts look fantastic.

  67. So many feet, so little time to explain. I love them all for different reasons as they are all equally useful. The BSR is amazing…but #97 is so handy for those 1/4” seams… I just purchased #72 to experiment with ruler work. Oh, and #29 is fabulous for the smaller quilting projects. But #1C is the one that I use the most. It’s like having a best friend, all the others are fun but it’s your go to girl when you need a shoulder to cry on…

  68. My favorite foot? Well, depends on what I am working on. I own two wonderful machines, B880 and B590. And, waiting for the arrival of the L890. I guess, if I must choose just one, it would be #97D. Because if is on my machine most of the time. Did not think it was a necessary foot, until I used it. Now, can’t live without it.

  69. I have an original Bernina 830 Record, and last year, I traded in my Bernina 830 SE on my beautiful Bernina 880 Anniversary Edition! My favorite two feet are my 10D and my 97D. I’d love to have the case for my many feet! Does anyone ever have too many feet? I don’t think so! LOL

  70. I love my 37D presser foot maybe because I use it the most. With this pandemic, I am at my machine 4-6 hours a day piecing. There are moments when I am itching to use another foot, such as my BSR or my 72 ruler work foot and get busy quilting. But definitely the 37D has it best. I even discovered how much easier it is to add zippers (wider ones of course) without changing to a zipper foot. And topstitching can be done by paying attention to the marks on the foot for 1/8 inch seams (using the inside measure). This was pointed out to me by watching a tutorial with while making one of her Soft’nStable bags. Such a versatile foot!

  71. My all time favorite foot is the 97D – so versatile as well as being a dual feed foot. I am using the walking foot and learning the benefits of it. In addition, the #8 jeans foot is wonderful for hemming jeans. Thank you Bernina!

  72. I love all of them because they work so well for what they are designed to do. But my general go to is 34D. The markings are great and I love to be able to see completely under the foot. By changing the position of the the needle it is so easy to set a perfect seam width.

  73. I love all of my feet, especially the buttonhole foot. I remember making multiple buttonholes with my older machines and it was so difficult to make each one alike. Now you make the first one and like magic you can repeat it over and over, just the same.

  74. Just finished my first quilt. My favorite so far is I think 18. The one you use to sew on a button. Love it. Can’t wait to learn what they all can do.

  75. I would have to say my favorite accessory is the stitch regulator because I am now using it to learn how to free motion quilt! Such a great thing to have! I am disappointed in myself for not buying a Bernina long ago!

  76. I just purchased my 4 th Bernina machine in my lifetime! The area in the foot case for my stitch regular is by far the best invention yet!! Now it’s right at my fingertips and ready to go!! I love the innovation!! Thank you Bernina for so many years of being in my life!!

  77. My favorite foot is the 10D. Love it for adding the finishing topstitch to potholders, bowl cozies, and binding. Hard to pick just one as so many great feet! Looking forward to a “feet” class from the Bernina Creative Center in December.

  78. My most used foot is the 37 D and 1 D. Or on the other machine # 20 C. This container for Bernina accessories looks wonderful! It would be delightful to have one to corral the feet I have for my 750 and 530!

  79. My favorite foot is the 97D. It makes a perfect 1/4 inch seam every time. I am hoping it is also my lucky foot, as lucky as a rabbit’s foot, so I win the Bernina case!

  80. Have the 770QE and l love sewing due to Bernina! My favorite foot is the 97D…. like so many other sewers! Thanks for the incredible machines and feet. ❣️

  81. I use my 97 foot more than any other. Having the 1/4 ” is wonderful for piecing making quilt tops. I am fortunate to have a Bernina 180 and 770 with the embroidery attachment.

  82. My most used foot is the 97D, although I think I own every foot available! Next fav is the walking foot #50. I love all 4 of my Berninas and use at least one of them every single day…..the glories of retirement and quilting!

  83. The cigarette tray might be even more brilliant than the foot case 😂 the accessory case looks very cool though, about time Bernina came up with a decent solution for feet!!

  84. My favorite foot is the 97D. Appreciate the accurate ¼” seam it gives. I just finished a queen sized quilt with a lot of piecing and my final measurements for it were on off ½”.

  85. My favorite foot is the 97D 1/4 inch foot and any of the dual feed feet. I have many of them and would love to have that case to continue buying a bunch more to store them in. I have the 770 and the 570. I love my Bernina

  86. I own a 570 QE sewing machine and my favorite foot is my 97D. It gives me an accurate 1/4” seam allowance for quilting. I would be thrilled to win your contest.

  87. Favorite Bernina foot?! My walking foot! I use it probably the most. (Although I could be persuaded to include the new hidden zipper foot I bought! What a game changer!)

  88. I own a 880+ and my favorite foot is the 97/97D. Honestly though, it was really hard to choose just one foot! 🙂 I am excited about the new case as I like everything (well almost) to have its place. Definitely going on the Christmas wish list!

  89. I love all my feet! Depends in what i’m working on at the time. My favorite this week is #55 leather roller foot. Making my purse is a pleasure with this foot.

  90. Oh My .. Where Has This Been Hiding! Love, love, love this new case. It is the perfect solution for those of us that collect feet for our machines. What a fabulous addition to the Bernina line! Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  91. How can you pick? I have a B770 and B780 and Q20. I absolutely depend on the consistency of the 97D for that 1/4 seam on my 770 and 780. But I love the #72 ruler foot that I can use on all 3 machines, especially with the echo-quilting clips to create exciting designs on my quilts. Right now, excitement wins out and I choose the #72 ruler foot!

  92. I love all my Bernina feet, they are jewels. The walking foot is my favorite, from putting on quilt borders, attaching binding, and quilting 3 layers, bag making, it just always does the job.

  93. My favorite foot is the walking foot. Whether it is on my 1230, 440 QE, 770 QEE or my 790+ QE AE it is always a great help. I love the dual feed on the 700 series but sometimes you need that extra help that the walking foot offers. All of the Bernina feet and accessories are a dream. Each has a task to do and these specialized feet make the job easier. Thank you Bernina. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Bernina the Dream Machine. Barbara

  94. My favorite foot is the edge stitch foot. I Love that the feet are so easy to change. Easy to have the right foot to make sewing more enjoyable! It is great that the stitch regulator has it’s own spot in this case.

  95. This is a fantastic new addition to the Bernina accessory line. Choosing just one foot is really difficult for me as I am having so much fun using all of them but if I have to choose it would be the 97D, such nice 1/4″ seams.

  96. Hands down, my favorite foot is the 97D! I have the 790 and this foot covers the full 9mm. of the feed dogs to give a full grip on your fabric, which means no wiggling fabric and a perfect 1/4″ stitch every time!

  97. I love my 1/4″ foot (97D) because my sewing is 99% quilting. My other passion is using my 570QE Tula Pink machine is embroidery. My first machine that I got for me was the 970. I sewed clothing, taught 4H sewing, Make It with Wool garments and quilts on it. When my middle daughter started sewing for her family I gave it to her. The machine is 38 years old and still going strong!

  98. I think my favorite foot for today is the , foot. I’m just learning to use it. I also love the quarter inch foot, ( the one i use the most). The case is just what Jim looking for foot my collection of feet. Thanks Bernina!!!

  99. One of my favorite feet is the #1 foot which allows me to follow a line precisely with the center line of the foot. This would be an amazing addition to my addiction!😄

  100. I really like the plate that has only one hole for the needle when piecing. It keeps the fabric from getting caught up in the bobbin. My stitches seem to be more even, too.

  101. Walking Foot to keep the fabric from shifting and sliding, great for plaids, and quilting layers and keep seams from puckering. Lots of things I can use this for.

  102. That’s a hard one, I love applique so the 20D is one of my favorites but am starting to enjoy thread painting using darning foot 9. And of course there’s the walking foot!

  103. I love my quarter inch foot for piecing and my walking foot for quilting. …and my open toe foot for free motion and my top stitch foot for stitch in the ditch and making masks…and so on. So many great useful feet!

  104. What can I say. I like all that I have. I am slowly getting more – after 30 years of not sewing, I purchased a 770QE. Having fun with it. At this time, I guess I would pick the 97D

  105. I have a 730 and an 880. I bought the walking foot for the 730 and seldom use any other on it. That machine has worked unfailingly from the day I got it and it was the floor model! I love how most of my feet are usable on both machines!

  106. I have 2 Berninas – my Mom’s old 830 Record and a year ago I bought a used Aurora 440 QE. I love these machines. My most used and favorite foot is the 1/4 inch foot (I’m a quilter) and my second favorite is the number 10 foot. Not only is it great for edging but it’s so useful for stitch in the ditch.

  107. My favorite accessory is 34D. I am able to get a more consistent quarter inch seam with this foot and moving the needle position. Because it is a clear foot I can see every stitch, straight or decorative, and the red line clearly marks the center.

  108. I love the walking foot! I’ve always had so much trouble sewing on knits with stretching and skipped stitches but all of that has gone away because of the walking foot. I see that the accessory case even holds the walking foot and would really like that to be at my fingertips.
    great new product.

  109. My first Bernina was a 930 that I still have and use. I also have a 1000 and a 440 QE. I also had a 1230 at one time. I am really enjoying my B750 which I got several years ago. So far, I am getting a lot of use from the 37D, but really love the walking foot. It stays on the 440 most of the time. I love my BERNINAS and can always depend on them for quality stitching and inspiring me to do more.

  110. All of the feet are my favorite just depending on what the need is for but if I had to pick the one I use the most it would be 97d! Thanks for the opportunity to win an accessory case. Looks very useful!

  111. Which one is my favorite foot? I rely on so many of them for my piecing, quilting and sewing! Love the lap seam foot for binding…ingenious. Love the BSR for my quilting. Love the myriad of quarter inch feet and the 20D for constructing my quilt tops. Thank you Bernina staff for making my Berninas (QE770 and 1030) ultra versatile!

  112. I love my Presser Foot 10 for my 435 and 10A for my 570. I use one of them whenever I want a consistent topstitch, when I’m under stitching, or stitching in the ditch. I had always had a difficult time managing even narrow seams until I started using the 10. Now, it’s a picnic! The precision of my sewing has improved immeasurably.

  113. My favorite presser foot is the 37D. It helps me with perfect 1/8 and 1/4″ seams. My favorite accessory is the multiple spool holder. …… I love all the different presser feet for different applications. I’ve made it a goal to collect them and then try to find projects that I can do to use them. One of the greatest things about Bernina is that they have made their machines so that you can successfully accomplish the same goal with different approaches. It’s so much fun to trial different uses for the multiple feet.

  114. My favorite foot is the BSR! My free motion quilting has improved because of it! Especially using the clear foot attachment enabling me to see precisely where to travel my stitches next! I own about 19 feet…this case would keep them in good order!

  115. I just got the 570QE on October 19 for my birthday. I quickly ran out of space with the storage case, so I need this new one. My favorite foot is #10. I have used it so much that the number has almost worn off. I have a 165; but when I sell it, this foot stays with me. My edge stitching was never so perfect until this foot entered my sewing world.

  116. My 97D pressure foot is my favorite for quilting. I own a B780 and B350. I had to leave my 830 Record behind when I came to the USA because of electricity output. Absolutely love my Berninas!

  117. I spent quite a lot of time this spring and summer making masks to donate far and wide. I broke a few needles trying to put nose strips in, and I discovered the blind hem foot worked amazingly well to run my metal strip along to keep the needle clear of the nose piece. No more broken needles!

  118. Cute case – but rather pricey . . . favorite foot is the basic foot – no number on mine . . .?? Also a fan of 37 as I am a quilter and couldn’t live with out the walking foot.

  119. Wow–hard to decide between open toe embroidery, walking foot and 97D for the quarter inch. Since I use 97D the most, I’ll say that is my favorite. I LOVE all my Bernina feet!

  120. My favorite foot is the #97D. It’s my go-to foot. I love the case. I’m always looking for my feet and it would be great to have one place to look for them.

  121. Oh my goodness….I have five Bernina machines. I have many feet and accessories and picking a favorite is like picking a favorite child. I could not live without the walking foot.
    #20 open toe is another favorite and of course we always use the #37 foot ….
    Thank you for the excellent overview of the case.
    Jane Antlfinger

  122. I love my 97D foot! I’ve used it on both my 780e and 590e! I’d love an accessory case. Now I have my presser feet in multiple locations. Having the feet in one location will also help in my sewing room organization!

  123. My favorite foot at this stage in my sewing life is the #72 Ruler Foot. This has been a wonderful foot for me to finish more quilts without frustration. Thanks.

  124. I just love #18 button foot……I will never sew another button on by hand. I even use this foot to attach other items on or together. Just love, love this foot. I have an Artista 730!

  125. I purchased a Bernina 930 Record new in 1985 and love it. I also have a Bernette Serger that was the last gift from my Mother before she died in 1990. There are so many feet that I use it is hard to choose a favorite, but there are four that I use more than others my Bernina walking foot, my 1/4″ foot for my quilting, my zig zag foot and the button foot. I have 9 sewing machines and I seem to use my Bernina 930 most often. I service all of my machines myself, and treat them as one does their automobiles. I clean and oil them after a few hours of use. I guess I need to knock on wood, but I have never had to have my 930 in for repairs. That speaks volumes for the construction of the Bernina!!!

  126. I just purchased a new B475 QE to replace my 26 year old 1080 QE. My absolute favorite foot is the #37 1/4″ foot. I sew for vintange/antique dolls. Most all of the doll clothes patterns use 1/4″ and 1/8″ seams. This foot gives me perfect results for either seam allowance.

  127. I just love the Leather Roller Foot #55! It is so versatile. I can sew leather, make jumbo welting, sew chunky things together, and zip around a quilt top to outline motifs or make “free-motion” designs.

  128. I love everything that has a “D” on it! I have an Artista 730 and a B780, and I’m a raving fan of the 10 and 10D presser feet. I’m an “RV on the road quilter”, so the Accessory Box would be a fabulous addition to my collection.

  129. I use the Bernina Walking Foot as my favorite presser foot. I keep it near by in my accessory box, but would love to have the Bernina Accessory Case to keep it and my other pressure foots.

  130. I have to agree with everyone’s comments about the 97D foot. It makes piecing so easy for me since I am a newby to quilting. I own a 125th anniversary edition 790 plus and a Tula Pink 570 QE and a longarm Q20. Bernina was recommended to me by many people over the years and I’m glad I went with those recommendations. Sewing on these machines is a dream! The stitches are always perfect!

  131. I have many Bernina feet which currently require 3 of the style of case that came with my Bernina 830 and 590 machines. It is challenging to choose just one foot as my favorite, as it often depends on what I’m sewing. If I had to choose one though, my current favorite Bernina foot is 10D. I love the flexibility and precision that it provides in top stitching and stitching different widths when combined with moving the needle to the right or left of center.

  132. I have a Tula Pink 570QE and love it. Learn something new everyday. My favorite foot has to be the 57 foot. Wish I had bought the 57D instead of the 97D but live and learn! Thanks for the chance!

  133. I would have a har time choosing between my walking foot and my 1/4” patchwork foot—love them both. I have been mooning over the accessories case ever since it came out—great product! I have a 730E and a 215.

  134. So many choices of great feet for my Bernina 790 Plus. I enjoy doing applique with the 20D foot and have found other uses for that foot. And I love the 97D foot for the perfect 1/4 inch seam. I certainly need an accessory case because now I only have a drawer to store my feet in.

  135. I love my Berninas!! I have 3 sewing machines and one serger! One Embroidery machine!! A 1530, Virluosa-Quilter Edition– Alex Anderson, 200/730 sewing and embroidery Machine and 2500DCET. MY favorite feet are #37, #20, and Walking Foot!!

  136. I have a Bernina 930 and an 1130. My favorite foot is the #10 edgefoot. I use it for so many things – top stitching, stitch in the ditch, quilting, applique, you name it!!

  137. I love all my Bernina feet. My favorite is the 1/4inch foot because my fabric moves smooth right through this foot while keeping it aligned for my 1/4 inch. It is great for quilting. Thanks Patricia. This case is beautiful.

  138. I would love to have this case. I tried to buy one but my dealer says its been on back order. I am hoping this is no longer the case. This is the coolest thing i have ever seen to store all the feet plus. My favorite foot is the 97 d, it is so acurate for the 1/4 seam allowance for quilting. All the bernina feet are my favorite really. Super easy to change and works so nice.

  139. Mostly I love there are so many choices with Bernina.
    I love # 50. The walking foot was a game changer for me when I started quilting. I have learned so much that you can do with this one foot. The three pads for the bottom give you lots of versatility for your stitches to be perfection.

  140. My favorite foot is the 97D for those 1/4″ seams and the 20D for the buttonhole stitch for appliques and decorative embroidery stitches on my Bernina 570QE. Still purchasing additional feet and the new accessory case would be a welcomed additional to my sewing room.

  141. My most often used foot is the 10D, the edge stitch foot but I use all of them. I just used the ruffler foot for the first time the other day and it worked great. On canvas!

  142. The BSR, quality workmanship, quiet, smooth sewing are a few of the reasons I purchased a Bernina 790 Plus. I am still discovering all this amazing things the Bernina is capable of, it is a new experience, has been twenty-five years between sewing machines. My favorite presser feet are the Patchwork Foot #97D, and the Open Embroidery Foot #20D. Favorite accessory is the Bernina Dual Feed System. Thank you for making a spectacular sewing/embroidery machine! Be safe and healthy.

  143. I love the way the feet extend the uses for my wonderful sewing machine. I used to hate it when someone asked me to sew a button back on, so I love the button sewing on foot! It makes that job easy and fun! But my favorite is foot 71–there is a binding technique using that foot that finishes quilt projects with a very professional binding.

  144. I have a limited supply of feet, so of the ones I own, I use my #37 most frequently for piecing. And goodness knows I need help getting organized!! And waiting for the day I can get and play with other feet!!!

  145. I have several different Bernina models… the 1/4″ patchwork feet are favorites: 97D, 37, etc. But I *love* all my Bernina feet … it would be like choosing a favorite child or grandchild!

  146. I’m a Bernina girl through and through! I started with the old 830 record. Now I have the new 570qe, a Bernina serger and a Bernina coverstitch machine. I wouldn’t even consider anything else. I just received the new walking foot and attached the stitch in the ditch sole plate. Couldn’t be easier and I couldn’t be happier. That’s my favorite foot, but I love all my machines. Thank You Bernina

  147. Wow, that is a tough one. All the feet are great, but i love decorative stitches and also fringes so, I guess I love the Tailor tack foot ‘#7 for that very reason. 🙂 But like I said all the others are wonderful too. ;D

  148. I have an 880 and a 380 and my favorite foot is 97 D. I use it more than the others on my 880. With my 380 I use the zipper foot often, but I have may feet that I use.

  149. I LOVE all the feet I have. Each one has it use. The most used is the #97 foot. Perfect seams on my quilts. I also use #20 for decorative stitching. I love the ease of changing between feet.

  150. Love my 97D foot the best! It was a game changer for piece work. My quilts turn out so nice. Of course I can’t live without 24 foot for fmq 🥰

  151. My favorite presser foot? Well I have 2 that I use all the time. #37 patchwork foot for accurate piecing is probably my most favorite but a very close behind is the walking foot. These 2 I cannot live without. They are always out on the table for easy reach.

  152. To pick one favorite foot would depend on the project I am working on at the time. Today it is my BSR as I am quilting holiday gifts. My walking foot is so critical to my sewing needs as well with the ability to change the sole to suit my techniques. Of course my 97 D helps me sew accurate 1/4” seams for my quilt piecing. I love my #72 foot for my new experience with ruler quilting. I am addicted to Bernina machines and all the feet that are available. I am constantly learning new things about my 770QE . The possibilities are endless and I will never tire of my passion for sewing and quilting!

  153. My favorite foot? Definitely whichever one I’m using at the moment since it’s the perfect tool for the job I’m doing. This is like choosing your favorite child….but If I must pick one, I’d have to go with the one I use the most, 97D.

  154. Hard choice! But, if I have to choose, it would be the 97D. I am constantly moving it between my 790 upstairs, and my 475 QE downstairs at night. Love the consistent 1/4″!

  155. All the feet are so wonderful! but if I had to choose it would be ruler foot #72, I’ve really gotten hooked on amanda murphy rulers and thankful thursday videos so am constantly trying out the techniques. She is an incredible teacher!

  156. My favorite Bernina presser foot is the Bernina Stitch Regulator. I do a lot of quilting with my Bernina 830 sewing/embroidery machine. The stitch regulator is awesome. It doesn’t take long to master and makes me a better free motion quilter. I recently bought the Big Book of Feet. Love it!

  157. Like asking which of your kids is your favorite… but I recently purchased the Bernina 10D topstitch foot and I don’t know how I ever managed without it! Right now, that one is my fave!

  158. I am just at a point in life to have the time to learn better skills, and my BELOVED 435 is teaching me. I love my 1/4foot for almost everything as I make hats for work (ICU Nurse) and my walking foot!

  159. I love every foot I try, but my go to for daily use is the 97D. I love all my Bernina’s and this storage container looks like a resolution to several problems especially when I sew in multiple locations.

  160. I own a B570 and B560 and adding the L850 to my collection here shortly. My favorite foot, if I had to choose, is currently the #10. It’s versatile and switches quickly between machines if I don’t want to switch back to the #1 foot and keep the #10 on and keep sewing away.

  161. I definitely love the 1/4′ foot and the walking foot to apply bindings. I just purchased my first Bernina this summer after being a viking girl. I heard all about the Bernina and wanted to jump into the Bernina family because everyone that has them loves them. I bought a B435 and I love it. I am just figuring out all about the different feet. I would love to get one of these cases for my feet.

  162. I love the new accessory case. Whoever designed it is a very creative and talented. I have many, many feet since I have collected them for over 30 years. The ones I have now are for my 180 and 750QE since most of them can be used on either. I guess my favorite is the 97D. Just finished a mystery quilt with Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show and that foot was invaluable.

  163. I forget to text why I love my 97D foot😔 I LOVE the notches along the left side. So so helpful to guide me when I need to know when to stop or turn my fabric 🥰

  164. My new favorite presser foot is the 2A, which I use for stitching close to the fabric edge or to add binding to difficult fabrics like a rug. It always makes the stitch look great.

  165. I probably don’t own as many feet as most but my 2 favorites would have to be the #97D because of all the projects in need of a 1/4 in. seam allowances but also the #50 walking foot, don’t know how I would have finished up my last quilt without it!!!

  166. How can I pick a favorite? I am new to Bernina and every class I take, I learn something about a new foot and buy it! But currently, I have to say the Walking foot! I am quilting my first ever blanket for my grandson and hope to have it finished by Christmas! This foot has made life extremely easy and fun to sew around the various buildings on the Speedway on the blanket. Thanks Bernina!

  167. My favorite Bernina foot/accessory is the #50 walking foot and it’s 3 soles, especially the one that makes stitching in the ditch a breeze. I use it regularly on my 440 QE and my 880plus.

  168. I collect tins, especially sew tins. I have the extended bed on my Bernia and Ii slide my pressure feet that are located i the tin under the acrylic bed. I have purchased more pressure feet and they barely fit in the space. The acesory bag would be perfect.

  169. My #37 has been invaluable sewing masks and paper piecing, as well as sewing accurate 1/4 seams. The overview of the accessories case sounds as if it would be wonderful for corralling all my feet!

  170. I love my Bernina 820QE. She is so reliable! My favorite foot so far is the buttonhole foot. I make small wall hangings and I use the buttonhole foot as a decorative stitch and to add mounting buttons!

  171. Love the 10D foot! Use it all the time…just for it 2 years ago and had no idea how wonderful it was. Would love to have this case to store all my feet!

  172. I have 3 Bernina machines now, first one is over 25 years old and still works fabulously. That being said I have accumulated over 20+ feet and have been “storing” them in a flimsy plastic container which drives me CRAZY! Would love to have that case. My favorite foot? That is so hard to pin down, it is a toss up between the edge foot and the walking foot. I find that it is impossible to put them away so I just keep both of them beside the machine at all times.

    I currently own 3 Bernina machines and their serger.

  173. My most used foot for garment sewing is 34C. I like the clear plastic to help me see what I’m doing. Second to that, I use 10C for edge stitching, top stitching and stitch in the ditch.

  174. Oh golly! That’s a tough one I probably use the walking foot and the 97D the most but I love that there is a foot for almost every application. It makes things sooo much easier!

  175. The #83 circular attachment has been a party of fun embroidery for me. I am always looking for more ways to use it, adding interest to projects. Truly a favorite!

  176. I love all of my Bernina feet! But my newest favorite for my 880 and 570 is the 97D. That dual feed is the reason I now have the 570. It is easier to carry that the 880 for retreats and the 200 didn’t have that function. I have two of this one because I don’t want to get somewhere and find I left the foot at home on my other machine! Now they both have one and I never leave home without it.

  177. So many great feet to choose from but leaving Reverse-pattern foot #1 or 1D lets me start off for most projects on either the 630E or B780 machine. My favorite for specialty fabrics like cork, vinyl or leather would be the Zigzag foot with non-stick sole #52 or #52D that make sewing so enjoyable. Thanks to Bernina.

  178. I recently bought a 570QE and my favorite foot is #97D. I love the precision and dual feed with this foot. This case would be really great to keep all of my feet and accessories in.

  179. My machine is still very new to me, so I am still testing which foot I like the best. 37D, 57D and now I will try the 97D. A case like that would organize me and my new feet better. Thanks

  180. My favorite foot is #97D. But I’m sure, like many other BERNINA owners, we all have many go to feet depending on what it is we are making. Many years ago I had the great pleasure of visiting BERNINA in Switzerland and got to see first hand how presser feet were made and was amazed at the time and precision that goes into each foot – this was truly an awesome and memorable trip of a life time.

  181. I have a 880 plus and an old 930. I used both the machine all the time…sometimes at the same time if I’m embroidering and sewing pieces together. It’s hard to pick a favorite but my main foot is the 57/57D for perfect 1/4″ seams.

  182. My favorite foot is the 97D with a second runner up being the BSR. I switched over to Bernina after being a lifelong fan of Singer just to get a machine with a stitch regulator. Not to mention the larger embroidery hoop options.

  183. Whether sewing on my 145, 550, or 880+, or even on my friends 750, my go to foot (if I had to pick just one) is the 10 foot. It’s super versatile for many projects!
    I sure could use a case like this to hold all the other feet that make sewing, piecing, quilting a breeze!
    Thank you!

  184. My favorite foot is the 8D, I use it all of the time when piecing that with the single foot plate has increased my accuracy with the narrow seams. The case looks amazing.

  185. Wow, it would be hard to say for sure as I love ALL the feet. #10 I could not sew without and use it as much as my #37. The Ruffler attachment is a “I can’t live without it” foot and I love my pin tuck feet. The walking foot is so useful…. I get so many compliments on my perfect edge stitching I will go with #10. I love telling my friends when they ask how I did something, “There’s a foot for that!”

  186. I have owned the 1130 model since it was introduced. It has been a really dependable work horse over these many years. Never a problem until recently when the memory module went out. There was no question about it being replaced and I look forward to many more years creating a variety of sewing projects.
    I love Bernina and would never part with mine.

  187. I have only been a Bernina owner for about 3 months. So far, I am loving the BSR, ruler foot, and 97D foot for my quilting projects. I am also a new quilter.

  188. I am fairly new to the Bernina world – about 5 years. Last year bought my first new sewing machine – 590
    I love that I can have so many different presser feet to help with the variety of sewing I do. But I think the walking foot is the one thing that you can’t hardly replace. It helps with quilting, which I don’t do often. But it’s also great for fleece, multiple layers of thick or irregular materials etc. I love the great thought put into the accessory case. Hope I win it!

  189. I love the fact that the feet are interchangeable between my two machines and I’m not having to buy double. Currently my favorite foot is #57D, Patchwork with Guide. I love that the attached guide lets me sew the perfect 1/4 in. seam. I think this is one I will be using for a long time.

  190. Without a doubt, my 97D is my go-to foot, but then I love all of the feet. They’re so useful and since enrolling in the Bernina Cosmos class – EASY to use.

  191. I use the 52D more than any other foot in my extensive collection of feet for various machines. Next would be the BSR which took me some time to master to my standards and now I couldn’t/wouldn’t do art quilts without it!!!

  192. I love the 57D quarter inch foot, love the guide and helps make the perfect quarter inch seem. I also machine sew my bindings on, using the number 10 foot to guide the binding edge next to and move the needle position over to the right 3 times. Perfect straight seem on your bindings.

    1. I love the 57d, 1/4 inch foot. Looking forward to using 97d which came with my new machines. Also the 72 for quilting with rulers.
      Would live to win this cool case!

  193. I received one of these cases as a bonus in September for purchasing additional feet for my new machine. I LOVE this case. I have never liked the plastic cases that come with the new machines. I think this case should be the case that comes with every new machine!!

  194. It’s hard to pick just one but I really, really love my walking foot. And I love the Bernina accessory case. I hope at some point us Bernina owners can purchase it!

  195. A Wonderful Give Away! I have enjoyed reading all the comments and realized I need more feet! Just purchased the D Foot Set, which includes five D feet at quite a savings.
    Thank you Bernina, for all you do!

  196. My favorite feet are the #10D edgestitch… and the 97D patchwork foot.
    Next up in my favorites are the rulerwork feet… 🙂
    (I recently added a Q-16 to my “stable” of Bernina machines – 880Plus, 770QE, 1130 and the sergers L460 and 1300MDC)

    I love how Bernina feet are so sturdy and so accurately constructed.

    1. Am so enjoying my new 570 qe for both quilting and clothing construction. Love, love, love the dual feed capability, so my favorite foot at this time is the 57D.

  197. It really is hard to choose only 1 favorite, but I have to say my walking foot is the one that I consider most versatile for my everyday sewing. I love the markings and the flexibility it offers for making my seams exactly what I want them to be.

  198. I’m still learning about all the wonderful Bernina feet I have. But I find my go to foot is the 97D, I use it for quilt piecing and so much more!

  199. My favorites foot is 97D for piecing patchwork. I have a Bernina 480, Bernina 770QE, in which are my go to machines. I can depend on these for sewing 7 to 8 hours of sewing each day. I have total of five machines. I have a total if 25 Bernina pressure feet. All if Bernina feet are first class quality.

  200. It really depends so much on the project I’m currently working on. I have about 8 that I use frequently but if I have to choose I’d say my 97D foot. Though it’s closely followed by the 10D foot. I own the 880.

  201. This year has been a different kind of year for me. I started out the year out making masks for the our local hospital and then for friends and family. Then I decided to learn how to make quilts and fell in love with it. Both the masks and the quilts require 1/4 in presser foot. I had never used this foot until this year and I fell in love with it. I have the Bernina 560 amd many other feet. THE BERNINA ACCESSORY CASE would be so useful.

  202. My favorite foot is #71, the Lapped seam foot. I use this to sew binding to placemats and mug rugs. The foot makes the finished seam look very precise and professional. I use a 1/4″ seam to attach 2″ strips folded wrong sides together to the perimeter of the placemat with my walking foot. Foot 71 is great for the final stitching once the binding is wrapped to the back of the placemat.

  203. Wow! To pick one foot? If I have to pick just one I will pick 39C because today it is my favorite foot. I took a class today to learn to sew with it and I am so excited to put it to use!! Wish I would have broke down and bought them last month to earn it!!
    Love Love Love Bernina!

  204. I have 2 Berninas. I have the B560 and the new 880+. My favorite foot is whatever is on the machine at the time I am sewing or embroidering. LOVE my BERNINAS

  205. I have the 580. It can do everything. It’s a hard working machine. From Jeans to Embroidery. I love my walking foot. It has the 1/4 inch and the stitch in the ditch. So for piecing or Quilting it’s great.

  206. Picking a favorite is tough! I love the #10 edge stitching foot for accuracy when topstitching. I love the #35 invisible zipper foot for making inserting zips even easier! The #5 for blind hemming is just so good and the #18 button sew on foot, love them all!

  207. I have two of the 430’s, little workhorses, and the B780! I love all 3 machines! My favorite foot is the walking foot for my 430’s and the 1/4″ foot. For the B780, my favorite accessory is the embroidery unit!

  208. I have 2 Berninas – an 830 Record and quilters edition I have a variety of feet for each. I love having a special foot for a special technique – makes things easier and efficient. What a beautiful case Bernini has created! 😊

  209. My favorite and most used foot is by far the 97D. But next in line is my 10D. I love using it to do precise top stitching along the edge of fabric.

  210. My favorite Bernina feet are 1D and 10D. I switch between these 2 feet depending on what I am stitching. I only wish there were more D feet. I also wish the accessory/feet case came in a brighter color, I would love to win the case but I will not purchase it until another color is available. LOVE my Bernina machines!!!

  211. I selfishly wanted this for myself- but my stepmom is losing my dad to dementia and is looking to resuming sewing as comfort- so I am entering for her!

  212. My first Bernina was a 930 and my current one is an Aurora 440 QE. For everyday sewing my 1/4″ foot is my all time favorite and for sewing multiple layers it has to be the walking foot. I couldn’t’t live without either one!

  213. My favorite presser foot is the BSR. I have many and it’s hard to choose, but that’s my choice now. Of course, my plan is to purchase many more from my list, so it may change! Lol!

  214. OMG! Choose a favorite? So.ooooo.oooo difficult! Like most everyone who already commented I use my 97D frequently because I spend most of my sewing time quilting. BUT, I use my 10D a lot, too. The creativity that is achievable is almost limitless when you have feet to make it possible. I own 28 different feet and accessories and use them all! Again, choose a favorite?

  215. I love my QE 150 with my #37 patchwork foot. I’ll sometimes switch because I think another foot might be better, but I always come back to my 37. Thank you for such amazing, dependable products!

  216. I am so happy my husband encouraged me to get the best machine I could find. Almost everyone I asked wished they had a Bernina or had one already. I picked mine up curb-side and couldn’t be happier! I love the D feet and the Box would be perfect for all the extras . 10D and 97D are my very favorites!

  217. I couldn’t do without my Walking Foot. It comes in handy for many projects…not just quilting a sandwich. Love the idea of an accessory case for my Bernina feet.

  218. 10D is the foot I use the most, when I’m making clothing repairs that I don’t say “no” to! Until I get done with those projects, my other feet will be resting!!

  219. Favorite presser foot? There isn’t just one, but I have the 1/4″ foot on my 153QE more often than not. Then there’s the walking foot – I make a lot of flannel raggy quilts and I don’t worry about puckering fabric sewing all those layers of flannel together.

  220. My favorite foot is the walking foot. However, I also want to add a general note about working with the newest “version” of feet. As a long-time Bernina user, I have a lot of feet. I have been upgrading to the “D” version and feel it improved foot performance.

  221. Which foot is my favorite? It’s hard to choose ….. Each foot is designed perfectly for each sewing task and is made with excellent quality and precision; I’ve owned other brands of sewing machines in the past and Bernina certainly is the top of the line! But the foot that comes to mind first is 10D – I enjoy heirloom sewing and this foot makes the job so much easier. Now I realize what I need to keep all my feet in … a foot container!

  222. I love all of my Bernina feet and accessories, but most especially my Bernina 770 QE SE itself! Each foot and accessory does such a wonderful job of making whatever technique I’m doing come out perfectly! My favorite foot is probably #10D because of the many ways it can be used and how perfectly i can do to stitching now!

  223. I love my walking foot and one of my machines is always set up with it! I have all my feet stored in a small plastic box with dividers (not enough!) and this Box would be perfect for all of them.

  224. How I do love my Bernina feet. So much so that I cannot choose. So my favorite Bernina is not an item or a foot. It is We All Sew! Everyone is packed with great ideas and information. I could not go on without the We All Sew provided by Bernina. It is part of what makes Bernina great.

  225. My favorite Bernina foot of course is the walking foot. I never thought I wanted a
    case for my feet but I have so many now, that it would be nice to have them all in one place. I like the idea of having a space for my walking foot. I keep mine in the original box.

  226. This one took a lot of thought; what am I working on? What works the best for the material or project? Right now, it’s the simple 34 clearfoot. An absolute must for Applique projects,etc.

  227. 10D Edgestitch Foot ~ I’ve been able to do magic with my machine and that foot. The close-to-the-edge, perfectly straight topstitch that it will sew, is unbelievable!

  228. Bernina Stitch Regulator is my favorite accessory. I do not know how I lived without it and I never want to!
    It has brought my machine quilting to a whole new level and made machine quilting FUN!

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