BERNINA Feet Old and New

We’re celebrating BERNINA’s 125 Years Golden Anniversary with more fun feet facts. Yesterday, we shared some history behind our feet and some current favorites. Today, we’ll take a closer look at some of our oldest and newest feet and we have a fun giveaway for you as part of our celebration! One lucky WeAllSew reader will win a copy of the BERNINA Big Book of Feet, scroll down to the bottom of the post to see how you can enter for a chance to win.

BERNINA feet old and new

BERNINA has a long tradition of manufacturing innovative feet and accessories to help you with different techniques. If you can dream it, BERNINA feet can do it! You can watch a fun video that shows some of the BERNINA feet being made in our factory here. Out of our huge family of feet, several have been around since almost the beginning, while still other accessories are brand new. Take a look at some of our favorite BERNINA feet old and new.

The Darning Foot

BERNINA feet old and new

The darning foot has been around almost since the first BERNINA machines were manufactured. While the basic design of this foot has changed little, there are more ways we sew with the Darning foot #9 today than when our grandmothers first used this foot.

BERNINA feet old and new

This is an old style BERNINA darning foot pictured above from a time before feet were identified by number. The name of the foot is taken directly from its original use in darning, a repair technique to fix holes in clothing where the fabric was moved back and forth underneath the needle with feed dogs lowered. Unlike most other feet, the darning foot is not designed to come in contact with the feed dogs. The spring-loaded foot presses down on the fabric as the needle raises up to form nice, even stitches and help prevent flagging or lifting up of the fabric. The sole of the foot is a circle with one slightly straight edge at the front, supporting the fabric around the needle while still offering a good view of the sewing action.

BERNINA feet old and new

The current Darning foot #9 has been engineered to give you maximum visibility when stitching and maintain that quick spring action.

BERNINA feel old and new

The shape of the needle opening hasn’t changed since those good ol’ days, but it turns out this foot is not only ideal for free-motion quilting with straight stitches, but it also will accommodate zigzag stitches up to 5.5mm in width.

You can read about why this foot is a top favorite of BERNINA Ambassadors for all the reasons above. And you can learn tips to use this foot for free-motion stitching here! This is such a useful foot, we’re sure to see it around for many years to come.

The Zigzag Foot

3 ways to use a zigzag stitch

The first BERNINA zigzag models were manufactured in the 1940’s with exciting new decorative zigzag stitches. A new style foot was needed to help form these stitches, and the BERNINA zigzag foot was born! As BERNINA continued to incorporate new technology and innovations into machines, this foot evolved through several generations.

BERNINA zigzag feet

In the photo above you can see an early version of the BERNINA zigzag stitch foot to the left, also known as Zigzag foot #0. This first generation of the zigzag foot was designed with a smooth, flat sole to hold the fabric firmly against the feed dogs with a small indentation behind the needle opening allows the thread to form stitches as fabric passes under the foot—check it out in on the left in the photo below. The first generations of BERNINA zigzag machines formed stitches behind the needle, which is why the indentation is seen only behind the needle opening.

BERNINA zigzag feet

Exciting innovations brought a new generation of BERNINA models in the 1980’s that were equipped with decorative zigzag stitches that formed with a back-and-forth stitching motion. A new kind of foot was needed to accommodate these stitches, and the BERNINA engineers invented the Reverse pattern foot #1. This zigzag foot included an indentation in the front and the back of the needle opening to accommodate the formation of those stitches forming with a back and forth stitch motion, see this foot in the photo above and below, second foot from the left.

BERNINA zigzag feet

As BERNINA continued to engineer new technology and features into new models, the Reverse pattern foot #1 was also updated. The Reverse pattern foot #1C foot pictured above was created for models with a maximum stitch width of 9mm, so it has a much wider sole to work in conjunction with the larger feed dogs. The “C” feet are coded, and can work with machines with a sensor to engage a wider stitch.

The newest member of the zigzag foot family is the Reverse pattern foot #1D, made to work with the Dual Feed feature on select BERNINA models. The Dual Feed aids in feeding all layers through the foot at the same rate. The “D” feet have a slot in the back made to accept the Dual Feed mechanism.

BERNINA zigzag feet

Here, you can see the Reverse pattern foot #1D attached to the machine from the back. See the groove right in the center of the foot?

BERNINA zigzag feet

After attaching the foot, the Dual Feed mechanism is pulled down and engages in this slot, as you see above.

BERNINA feet old and new

With Dual Feed engaged the Reverse pattern foot #1D is ready to tackle any sewing project! We’re sure to see this versatile zigzag foot remain one of the most useful for years to come. Want to learn some of the many ways in which to use the zigzag foot? Read up on 3 Ways to Use the Zigzag Stitch here, or this Decorative Stitch Tip with Reverse pattern foot #1D,

BERNINA Stitch Regulator

BERNINA feet old and new

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (or BSR for short) is one of the newer accessories in the family, first introduced in 2005. This innovative presser foot guarantees consistent and even stitches when you are free-motion stitching, regardless of your sewing speed. The BSR was developed by BERNINA engineers to work similar to a computer mouse by detecting the movement of fabric under the foot using an optical sensor. If the fabric is moved slowly or quickly, the sewing speed of the needle adjusts accordingly to match your pace.

The BSR also has two modes that can be set for an experienced or less experienced sewist, and it can be used as a straight stitch or zig-zag to create detailed free-motion embroidery, intricate quilting, appliqué, thread painting and lace-like designs.

BERNINA darning feet

The BSR comes with 3 seperate soles; a clear sole for echo quilting, an open toe foot, and one closed toe foot that as you can see above looks just like the good old Darning foot #9. Perfect for free-motion quilting!

freemotion quilting

Learn more about using the BSR for free-motion stitching techniques in these posts. Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting, Quilt Embellishing With Decorative Stitches, and Free-Motion Quilting With the BSR.

Ruler Work Foot

BERNINA feet old and new

Welcome the newest member of the BERNINA foot family, the Adjustable Ruler foot #72! This foot was engineered to allow you to sew with longarm quilting rulers on a domestic BERNINA machine to create decorative quilt designs like lines, feathers, circles, and more. You can use any 1/4 inch thick plexiglass longarm quilting rulers with this foot, and BERNINA also offers a selection of beginning sets of rulers to get you started.

BERNINA feet old and new

The height of the foot’s sole makes it possible to quilt along all the edges of these rulers which is of utmost importance especially with circles.

To use the Adjustable Ruler work foot #72, the feed dog is lowered and the fabric with the ruler is guided by hand with the edge of the ruler resting against the foot. The adjustment dial allows you to move the height of the foot up or down to match the thickness of your quilt and still be able to move the fabric easily under the foot.

Want to learn more about this new foot and technique? Watch a series of short video tips to get the idea of how to free-motion quilt with rulerwork in the Adjustable Ruler foot #72 Tips and Tricks post.

Put your rulerwork practice squares to good use by making your samples into zippered bags with the Zippered Rulerwork Bags tutorial.

BERNINA Rulerwork Quiltalong Quilt Sampler

Make a rulerwork sampler quilt to build your skills with the BERNINA Rulerwork Quilt-along posts.

What will BERNINA think of next?

WIN a copy of the BERNINA Big Book of Feet!

BERNINA Big Book of Feet

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win a copy of the ultimate guide to BERNINA presser feet and accessories, the Big Book of Feet!

BERNINA big book of feet

This guide to BERNINA presser feet and accessories includes information on the basics of each foot, which techniques to use the foot with, and tips for getting the most out of your BERNINA feet and accessories.

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “What is your favorite presser foot, and how do you use it?” The the giveaway is open through Friday, March 30, 2018!

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by Friday, March 30, 2018 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

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388 comments on “BERNINA Feet Old and New”

  • My favorite foot is the 10D Edgestitch. I LOVE to use it for top stitching, understitching, stitching in the ditch, heirloom stitching, applying lace and other techniques that require precision stitching.

    • I love the 1/4 inch foot for quilting patterns. I found the one that fits my 1976 number 830 Bernina machine and I love that I can get some of the newer feet to fit my old machine!

    • Don’t even need a split second to reply — it’s #10 Edgestitch! It was my first purchase “out of the box” (Bernina presser feet box). Very few of us can sew perfectly straight, but with this foot … everyone thinks I can. 🙂
      Not only for topstitching, but for joining two pieces of fabric together, and can be used with so many different stitches to get proper alignment. CAN NOT LIVE ( I mean “sew”) WITHOUT!!
      It’s the truth.

    • My favorite foot is the BSR. It has helped me master free motion quilting and allowed me to make all my quilts my creations from start to finish.

    • Oh how I Iove my 10D!! It is my go-to for any task that requires a small and accurate stitching line such as flawless topstitching, stitching in the ditch, or any time I need a guide to achieve accuracy. That innocent looking little guide is one big task master!

    • As am taking a free motion quilting class, the BSR foot is my favorite at present. I am intrigued with the new Adjustable Ruler work foot #72, but have not yet tried it.

    • My favorite foot is 34c and 34d. I love the clear sole feet. When your older, it’s so much easier to see your work. It helps with seeing the needle placement. I don’t wear glasses have great vision, but I like to see what I’m doing.

    • I LOVE the 97D foot! With the guide in place, my quarter inch seams are perfect! I enjoy all the Bernina feet I own. What joy it is to be able to sew different stitches with a particular foot that makes the finished project so special.

    • I also love the 10D Edgestitch foot. I use it all of the time, but especially when I am making purses and straps for purses. It is a great foot.

  • Bernina feet are the best. To choose one it would depend on what I am doing at the moment. Right now I am doing free motion quilting with the ruler foot and it is wonderful for what I am quilting. Thanks Bernina for my super sewing machine the 880 Plus and for all of the great feet and love the Ruler Foot.

    • I’m having an impossible time with metallic embroidery With instructors at my dealership we have tried it all and Yes, correct Foot, superior thread, correct needles, tried the suggestion of varying tension etc. 880 does not handle metallics. Very upset with this aspect as it was advertised to handle metallics. I can’t take the classes now and participate with apparel Sewing using these great threads. The phage and viking zoom along

      • After trying various brands of metallic thread, various unspooling techniques and trying all the tricks, I have to agree with you that the 880 does not handle metallics or the “invisible” threads. My Brother 10 needle handles these with ease. Traded in my 880 for the 790 plus. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet with these threads.

  • My favourite foot is 10 Edgestitch. I use it for stitching in the ditch, top-stitching, applying ribbon and other embellishments, joining fabric together…. It is so versatile and well made. I am relatively new to the beauty of Bernina but I am certainly smitten.
    The book looks amazing – it would save me hours on the internet 🙂

    • My favorite foot is the #20 applique foot, since I love applique. I also use it for applying bias tape for stems or stained glass. Love my Berninas.

    • My favorite foot is edge foot #10. It seems I use it for a lot of things, not just along the outside edge, but for stitching in the ditch for one.

    • I love to make little cosmetic bags, pencil cases, coupon bags, and even a little first aid kit for a cellist to keep in her cello case (after she needed a bandage at concert). So I adore my Bernina zipper foot. My zippers are perfect!

    • I agree, I LOVE the #10D edgestitch foot. I use it every chance I get and have perfect results each time. I bought the bullet and bought the book when on sale. It is a big help. When they put all the feet on sale at the end of the year, I think the book was too. Check with your shop.

  • It is with no question that the Bernina Walking Foot #50 is hands down my favorite one. I love the versatility in using it on my 880, 350 and 300 machines. When I had a 750QE, it was also great. I have used it in many of my quilting and heirloom projects when I wanted precision accuracy. Not once have I been disappointed with its performance and result.

    • I am new to the BERNINA sewing machine. The walking foot is a dream compared to my old machine. It is wider and easier to use than other models I have tried.

  • My fav is the reverse pattern foot 1D because it guides layers of fabric smoothly for great looking stitches. Always results in an awesome finished product!✂️??

  • The foot that’s almost always on my machine is the 97D. Gives me that perfect scant 1/4″ seam so accurate I don’t even use the guide!

  • I bought my B770QE eight months ago and have been purchasing quite a lot of presser feet since the machine came out of the box. I have not even had the time to try most of them out yet. The one I seem to use the most is #1D because it is so basic and I think it is beautiful. But, if I had to pick one foot that I like a lot for its specialty it would have to be #50 – the walking foot. Not only is it so different from all the rest, I am mesmerized by it as it walks. I’ve been a sewer of clothes for decades, but I am recently most interested in sewing modern, minimalistic quilts and the walking foot is key to the quilting and that’s how I use it.

  • My fave now is the button foot number 18. I have long been sewing buttons on my old machine by manually dropping the feed dogs, trying my best to place the button in just the right position on zig-zag stitch at the same time holding a pin above the button so the zig zag wasn’t too tight. All this being automatic with a true foot that actually hold the button in place well, already has a shank and a non slip costing to the button doesn’t slide is phenomenal! Thanks Bernina for this revolutionary new foot!

  • It’s so hard to pick a favorite! I have so many, depending on what I’m doing at the time. However, my newest favorite is the #72 ruler foot. That one makes using rulers in quilting *so* easy! Visibility is excellent, with markings both inside and out for easier alignment. Since it’s a standard thickness, it allows the use of a variety of 1/4″ rulers, and it’s such fun to try out different patterns with straight lines or curves. As I told my Bernina dealer, I’m in love!

  • I use #9 the most since I have been embroidering for grandkids and gifts.
    I love all the features books and hope to win, I would love to learn more.
    I love the quality of the Bernina machine and feet!

  • I LOVE all my Bernina presser feet but I wouldn’t be without #10 the edgestitch foot which I use to topstitch, stitch in the ditch, join 2 pieces of batting together and much much more.

  • The foot that I use most is the 1D, so I would say it is my favorite. Engaging the dual feed when using decorative stitches helps them to stitch flawlessly.

  • #26 Darning foot is my absolute favorite as of now – I just got my Bernina 770 for Christmas, so I’m just learning about the feet. A book of all of them would be so beneficial! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • As a quilter, my favorite is not one but all the great options for 1/4″ feet. I have had the #37 and #57 for years. Now the #97 is the best of both for 9mm stitch width machines with the seam guide removable. Now the ultimate … the #97D to use with the dual feed engaged. The truly make it easy to get the perfect 1/4″ seam.

  • I love every foot that I have tried so far, on my Bernina. Lately, though, I have been using my stitch regulator the most while working on a quilt that is all appliqued and I am sewing around the edges with it. I do want to learn how to quilt with rulers, though. I think it will be fabulous to learn how to do that!

  • Love Love all the feet but I guess my favorite has to be 10D and 97D. Love the guides that come with these and that helps me stay straight. Would love to have this book!

  • My favorite foot is the #57. I used it to get a perfect quarter inch seam when I quilted. I got it with my first Bernina 635 and fell in love with it. It made sewing east and foolproof. I love it! Your book looks amazing and so very helpful!

  • My favorite for is the buttonhole foot. It’s the reason I bought my machine. It makes my finished clothes look okay much more professional.

  • Omgosh pick only one fav that’s hard. I do use my 57d the most but also use walking foot and 10d. It really depends on what I’m working on.

  • 37D! I love to use this foot for sewing exact 1/4 inch seams. I use it for quilting as well as for garment construction. It is my “go to” foot!

  • If I didn’t have the #72 ruler foot, walking foot # 50, then my favorite foot would be the 57D patchwork or the #9 darning foot or maybe the…………, obviously, my list could go on and on.

  • Bernina makes every project possible. The BSR is genius for all of us who want quality workmanship. Thank you for your supreme quality machines and feet! I don’t know how you could only pick one. The possibilities are endless with your support and commitment to those who enjoy sewing!

  • I find my go to foot is 97D for most straight sewing and the 1/4 inch seeing for quilt making . The 10D is wonderful for stitching in the ditch and sewing on the edges. The 71 is wonderful for binding ..
    I have several others as well love learning different uses for each one .

  • Number 10 edge stitch is my new favorite for stitch in the ditch. It has improved my quilting. I love my BSR foot and really want to try the new ruler foot.

  • The #72 foot is my absolute favorite! I never thought I would be able to get professional looking quilting. I love showing my quilts and telling people I did it on my Bernina.

  • I love quilt making with my #37 foot. It’s accurate giving me fantastic results. My next favorite is my walking foot. It’s a must with straight line quilting on a quilt sandwich.

  • On my first Bernina, I fell in love with the #6 Embroidery foot. I still love being able to thread a small cord through the foot and zigzag over it for easy gathering.

  • I don’t have a favorite – yet. So far, I’ve been learning to use my Bernina by making over a dozen American Girl Doll outfits for my granddaughter. I learned to sew in high school, but felt that I was fighting my old machine, so I finally bought a Bernina. I’ve just inherited my aunt’s quilting books and some sewing accessories, so I’d love a chance to learn to use different presser feet and sew for myself!

  • The whole reason I got a Bernina was for the BSR! And I was not disappointed. It works like a dream. I haven’t found a foot I didn’t like, but the BSR is my must have!

  • well, I just bought my Bernina, but it hasn’t come in yet. So, I imagine that I will love whichever foot I’m supposed to use for the embroidery machine appliques. 🙂

  • My favorite foot is 10 edge stitch. I use it for top stitching, stitching in the ditch. There are many other feet I love also. Couldn’t do without my Bernina.

  • I am just learning to use my Bernina even though I have had it several years. My favorite foot is the darning foot. I like playing with it and learning different ways to use it.

  • Although I use #34 for general sewing, I love having a variety of feet for a specific use. I do ALOT of Heirloom sewing and use the patchwork foot (#37) often along with #20, 3A and many others. I have 52 feet plus attachments, assorted plates, and other accessories! Currently I own 4 machines plus a serger.

  • My favorite is #10 (all of them from my 180 onwards) This was the foot that I was told I HAD to have when I bought my first BERNINA- it was free with the purchase. I was never disappointed! Stitch in the ditch, following next to seam lines , folds, attaching lace, heirloom. Most diverse, in my opinion.

  • The darning foot was my first introduction to free motion quilting way back when fmq was a new idea!!! I think I have worn out a couple along the way as this is my favorite way to quilt!!! I also love my Berninas for their awesome stitch quality!!!

  • I have several favorites-I use the #37 foot the most for 1/4” seams when I quilt and the #26 foot for machine embroidery. The pin tuck feet are great for heirloom sewing of which I do a lot for my granddaughters clothes. Sew many feet and sew little time. Thank you BERNINA for the great machines and I would love to learn more uses for all of the feet I have.

  • The darning foot with my 830 record is my favorite foot. I was freestyling embroidery with it long before the fancy embroidery machines were even thought of.

  • My favorite is the walking foot, because it is so versatile I can leave it on my machine most of the time. I’m currently making Angel gowns from wedding dresses and the walking foot helps to keep the fabric from slipping.

  • My favorite foot is the 10 foot. It’s always the first foot I purchase for a new machine!! Makes your edge stitching look so professional!!

  • I’m new to Bernina, so my favorite presser foot is yet to be determined. I used to sew clothes for my children on an old Sears machine. I am excited to sew clothes for my grand babies on a Bernina!

  • Being fairly new to the Bernina family I had a hard time deciding on which foot is my favorite. My first thought was the #1 Reverse pattern foot. But then I got to thinking of how much I use the #10 edgestitch foot and decided that one is my favorite foot. I make a lot of doll clothes. I also make stuffies (stuffed animals) and basic/easy quilts. The #10 foot is great for these projects I use it for embellishments, lacework, stitch in the ditch topstitching among other. #10 is a very versatile foot
    I love how the choices of feet give us so many choices in design. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing the foot to create a whole new look. The guide to BERNINA presser feet and accessories book looks like it would be such a valuable tool in picking which foot to use and what accessories you might want.

  • My most favorite foot is #20. There are several others I couldn’t live without. The edge foot, cording foot, Teflon foot, ruler foot, darning foot, zipper foot. I love my Bernina.

  • My Bernina is new and my first to own. I have not had an opportunity to use all the feet but i really like the 20 foot as i enjoy using the many decorative stitches included on my machine. Cant wait to learn more!

  • Right now I am discovering all of the wonderful things you can do with the ruler foot. I finally have straight lines and consistent curves when free motion quilting.

  • My favorite foot is the quarter inch foot (37) for accurate seams when I’m piecing my quilt blocks. It is rarely off my machine unless it’s time for the walking foot or #9 for some free motion quilting. I have just made two exciting purchases that may change this – the first is a brand new 780 with BSR and a ruler foot (72). With Bernina, I know I’ll always be adding to this favorites list.

  • I still love the more commonplace zipper foot #4. It is simple but elegant – a true example of form follows function. It’s perfect for piping and, of course, for zippers!

  • I love the Walking Foot for those modern quilting jobs that need more control than the dual feed can give me. Thanks for the quality products. Just purchased #97D for greater ease in making my 1/4″ seams with the 830.

  • So, my favorite, I do not know yet but probably everything. I just bought my first Berina 350PE last week after 37 yrs. on a Singer. My machine broke right in the middle of a pile of mending. My daughter and I started the Berina Classes last week. Wow, we are so excited with the opportunities this machine will bring us. Glad to share this machine with the next generation! She has a host of ideas that she developed this week alone. This weekend is proclaimed a sewing weekend per her. Sorry, iPhone but mommy and Berina wins! Thank you for opening the door to this new world!

  • Any of the dual feed feet I love on my Bernina 830!!!! I haven’t found a fabric/thread combination from the most delicate lace to the heaviest denims that don’t feed beautifully with these feet!

  • I have to say the 10D is a favorite of mine. Love it for stitching in the ditch, edge stitching and top stitching. However, I have to admit that all of the feet I have are awesome. Love my Bernina.

  • Free motion embroidery foot #24. It’s the foot I learned to free motion quilt with (better visibility than the darning foot). Even though I now have a machine with a BSR, I still quilt using this foot about 80% of the time.

  • How do I choose? It really depends on what I am working on – I mostly piece so I use my quarter inch foot for that. But I also regularly use the zipper foot, zigzag foot and when adding bindings I use the walking foot. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • My favorite at the moment is the Bernina walking foot. I’m currently sewing with through 4 layers of fabric and 2 layers of cotton batting and the walking foot is working like a charm.

  • The description of the feet – amazing! When you go to classes not all of the uses are discussed – the book would be just a blessing. I have my first Bernina and am loving all the new experiences.

  • My favorite is the 1/4″ foot. I never have to measure around quilt pieces when using this. I used it when working on my quilt Lattimer Farms which got 3rd place in it’s category in the Ky State Fair. I was so proud!

  • I need to pay more attention to using specific feet. I am a quilter so I use 97D and the seam guide a lot. I have used the BSR but I would like to become more confident and start to do some of my own quilting .

  • I love the wonderful feet. My first ever Bernina 560…the zipper foot is wondrous! It gets me a perfect zipper every time ! I use the 1C for edge stitching the outside of the zipper for my purses. Thanks Bernina!

  • May favorite foot is the #10 edge foot. I have it for all my Berninas. I can’t imagine sewing without it. Recently purchased the new 590 and although I love my previous Berninas this is by far my favorite.

  • I just bought the ruler foot and rulers and can’t wait to get started using them. What a great innovation. Thanks Bernina for making sewing fun.

  • I’m fairly new to quilting and all these feet fantastic me !! Liking best 10 Edgestitch and #72.
    I bet I could spend hours and hours looking at the book and learning so much to help me improve my quilting.

  • My “new” favorite Bernina foot is #97D. It allows me to sew patchwork quilt blocks with an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance. Of course, I love all of my Bernina feet and accessories—each one for its specific task.

  • I can’t really tell y’all what my favorite presser foot is yet because I barely began to start using my machine. It actually sat for almost 1 1/2. I have actually been sewing on it now for about 4 months and have been participating in some of the local Bernina classes. The one presser foot that I have seen in action and currently have in small collection is the Ruffler. If I had to actually choose it would be that one. It is so amazing how it just gathers the fabric for you and moves along so nicely. I can’t wait to use it and learn about many more. Thank you Bernina of Lawton for lighting the fire once again.

  • Love all my Bernina feet but my favorite and most used foot is 1D, reverse pattern foot. Love using it for general sewing and embellishing crazy quilt blocks with the fun built-stitches on my machine!

  • My favorites are either the quarter inch foot (obviously for quilting) and the walking foot. The walking foot is the best to avoid “tucks” in your seams!

  • My favorite is foot # 10. I use it many different ways. I sew ribbons in place, edge stitch, connect pieces of lace, and stitch in the ditch are a few of them

  • I love my #57 1/4″ foot with a guide flange for my current machine. Very useful. However, my favorite feet belong to my original 35- year old Nova. The numbers of the feet are engraved into the metal.

  • My favorite foot is 34D. I am a quilter, I hardly use any of the other feet, I need to look up feet to figure out which one I need for other projects.

  • Right now my favorite is the 97D Patchwork foot. I am mostly making quilts so this foot does exactly what I need but I’m looking forward to expanding my sewing abilities and learning to use some of the other feet that I have already purchased

  • So many choices, and they all do so many different jobs. I am a quilter, so my absolute favorite is the 97D. Previously used the #37 a lot, and still use it for 1/4″ seams in tight spaces. The #20 is a virtual tie. As you can tell, it is almost impossible to pick a favorite, because all Bernina feet are so well engineered.

  • It would be hard to choose. Recently I bought a zip foot for invisible zippers and I am excited to try it. I also like my BSR foot. It sits on the edge of my sewing cabinet and rarely makes it to the rack where I keep my feet. The ruler foot #72 in next on my have to have list.Oh I can’t decide!

  • I have to agree with most of the ladies who responded so far! The edgestitch foot 10C is so versatile and a close second is one of my narrow hem feet, 63 or 66. I love the look of a tiny hem!

  • I am currently using 57 for quilting. I’m new (since high school home ec) to quilting. I’m not even sure what foot does what function. This book was be a great resource for me on this new adventure

  • I love the 97D foot. I quilt everyday and the 97D makes it so much easier with the dual feed. I also use it to actually do the quilting as the dual feed is awesome at feeding the quilt sandwich through the machine without any puckers. The 97D is my go to presser foot.

  • I just got a dual feed machine and WOW the new D feet are amazing. I really like the couching foot. I do a lot of embroidery so the 26 foot I use the most as well as the # 1 foot. I agree the 10 foot is amazing. I just used the 97 D to quilt a full size quilt. Wow what a difference it made. For my favorite I would pick the BSR foot. It is just so cool. I would love to have the big book to add ro my library. I bought 1, 2, & 3 But i do not have the big book. Bernina all the way!

  • Currently my favorite foot is #72 as I am learning just how to use it. Also #10 to apply my apply my bindings and keep my stitches looking nice and straight.

  • I’m new to Bernina machines. It’s hard to pick a favorite foot because I’ve done little sewing on my new machine. As of yesterday, the #10 edge foot is my favorite so far. I used it to sew a border on my table runner in a class I took yesterday.

  • My favorite is the 10D. I love it to help me make 1/4 seams, top stitching and stitching in the ditch. It helps me be so much more precise than I would be without it.

  • I am a new “empty nester” with a new Bernina and loving it! I love everything Bernina- I learned to sew on my mom’s Bernina in the 70s! Right now I love my 97D foot for piecing quilts and will soon tackle quilting. I have much to learn about quilting on my home machine. The books would be an awesome addition to my library of quilt books.

  • This article was AMAZING! I never appreciated the “why” of presser foot design and construction of the underneath side! As users, we only notice the features on top that we can see working to make our sewing tasks easier. I would love to be able to read more about all the design characteristics of the various feet. I do mostly quilt crafting types of sewing… piecework etc. I often gravitate to the “0” foot for many tasks because the results are usually just fine if I keep my attention on my work and don’t go too fast! I have a number of presser feet and will pay much closer attention to the real differences between them as I approach my sewing challenges going forward. That said, I’ve been using the #5 foot on my 1130 to help guide me doing stitch in the ditch but am going to begin a hunt for the #10 based on the comments in this blog piece. I really would LOVE to have the book. I am learning more and more that “having the right tool for the right job” makes everything easier!

  • My favorite foot is the walking foot. I love how it keeps my fabric layers together as they move through the feed dogs, resulting in my seam lines and fabric patterns aligning perfectly!

  • Foot #20 is my all time favorite. I am a quilter and adjust my needle to the right to stitch a perfect 1/4″ seam, great visibility doing machine applique with satin or buttonhole stitch. I make a lot of miniatures and this foot allows good viewing of the small pieces and especially need this foot when paper piecing. I have worn the finish off the bottom as I have used it so much so it is time for a new one!

  • My favorite foot is the zipper foot. The Bernina zipper foot is easier to use, sews a better looking zipper. as compared to another zipper foot for a different machine.

  • My favorite foot is 10 edgefoot. I love my straight topstitching, stitching in the ditch, and decorative stitching. The feet book looks amazing and would love a copy.

  • Ever since I purchased my Bernina 830LE with the embroidery module, I love the 1C reverse pattern foot! I have grandchildren and I love embellishing and embroidering with my Bernina. I love her so much I call her by the name “Blaise.” When I was riding in the car, on the way home from purchasing my Bernina, I was reading the booklet from the Bernina Dealer, and it stated, “this machine has blazing speed”, and thus was born my nickname for her. I sew every single day, and usually I get up 30 minutes early, just so I can sew. This book would be a nice addition to my sewing room. Thanks for having this contest.

  • I love my Bernina. Choosing one favorite foot would be difficult. It would depend on what I’m doing, on my machine. I’m using the #10 right now for a project. I’ve been wanting to get the book for a while now. It’s such s great tool for finding the perfect foot for the job.?

  • I have two favorite feet, the #37 quarter inch foot and the #20 open toe foot. I couldn’t piece quilts or applique without these two feet in my tool box. I love the #20 foot for embroidery stitches also.

  • I just got my Bernina 770QE last year so I have not acquired a lot of feet yet, but my favorite foot so far is #37D…it has helped make my quilt piecing so much easier and more accurate.

  • My used 1230…. my used almost daily machine… came with a bunch of feet…. most I don’t know what their use is. Lately, I’ve used #5 A LOT! (Still haven’t figured out how it differs from #10)… I use 37 a lot, and 0, 1, and 4. This book is now on my radar. It would be like a Bernina class for my feet….

  • I agree with some of the above comments. I could not get by without my edge stitch foot, 10D. It is always laying next to my machine. If I could only have one extra foot it would be this foot.

  • Currently it is the 97D foot, but not necessarily for patchwork. I do a lot of small clothing and other projects with 1/4 inch seams. On my 9 mm machine, it really works great.

  • My go to foot is #56 the non-stick open toe. I use it for almost everything when at a class or at home and don’t want to search through my tackle boxes of feet. It works beautifully while appliqueing several layers so the stitches remain uniform instead of bunching because the foot gets stuck on the edges. I purchased the original three volume feetures books several years ago when I purchased my B380. Go to them all the time. I upgraded to the Big Foot Book when it became available — would love another copy to keep with my B830. Did I mention I think I own most of the feet for the 380? Now to see what the 9mm feet will do!

  • I have the “Big Book of Feet” but still use the internet especially for ideas on other uses for the various feet. Favorites are 10, 37 and 3. The Buttonhole foot is magical! I have the ruffler and a super fun foot to use as well!

  • My favorite foot is the 10, 10C and 10D edgestitch. I have all three for my current machines as well as the “old style.” I use them for all my edgestitching on garments and accessories. When possible, i use them for topstitching as well.

  • My favorite foot is the 10 and 10D. Followed closely by the 97 foot. I used the 10D for clean neat sewing on edges of purse straps, tops of purses, in the ditch and all kinds of different uses. I quilt and I love the 97 foot. Used to use the 37 but now the 97. Thank y’all for all the wonderful feet ! I am blessed to have small boxes of feet!

  • My favorite foot is the #57D for piecing quilts. The #20D is a 2nd favorite for walking foot quilting. I would like to invest in the ruler foot for FMQ and a #10 for stitching in the ditch.

  • Hello! My favorite presser foot is the 10D Edgestitch which I use with my 750QE. What do I use the 10D for? The possibilities are endless. Obviously it makes the perfect, straight edge stitching line on garments. It also works great for ‘in the ditch’ sewing on quilts. I love using it to sew down the linings on armholes, and the tops of purses. I learned about this stitch in a Bernina mastery class and immediately made the purchase. 🙂 I use it constantly.

  • My favorite foot is the one I am using at the moment. Right now I am doing a lot of embroidery. I like being able to incorporate machine embroidery with quilting. I am looking to expand my options with trying some ruler work, so #72 is on my want list.

  • My favorite presser foot is actually the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR). I bought my 770QE last year and I can’t get over how evenly my seams comes out! I buy more feet all the time and this book will be very helpful.

  • So hard to choose my favorite foot, but I would say I use the open toe a lot. I love that I can see what I am doing and my creativity is coming out correctly. I would love to see the possibilities available to me with all the feet in the book!

  • I seem to use number 36, the patchwork foot with the single hole throat plate most. I’m just learning to quilt and love all my Bernina toys!

  • My favorite has always been #10 and is now 10D. I rarely make anything where I have not used this foot in some capacity: edge stitching, stitch in the ditch to attach a facing or for quilting, top stitching, multiple rows of top stitching using the needle positions, machine quilt binding, and edge joining. Love it!

  • I am really enjoying using the new Ruler Foot #72. I need lots of practice, but with the rulers it is giving me control over my quilting designs.

  • My favorite foot right now would have to be the ¼ inch piecing foot, #37. I’ve been making a quantity of half square triangles and I find the #37 to be invaluable.

  • Love my Bernina…specific feet for the job make projects so much easier to complete. My favorite foot is the 57D for piecing quilts because it makes that quarter inch seam easier to do. On the other hand, I use many different feet depending on the sewing I need to do.

  • My favorite Bernina foot is the Reverse pattern foot #1D because it can handle any straight stitch sewing that I need, forward and backward stitching and even quilt piecing. I make a lot of quilts and love my Bernina 830 LE Sewing and Embroidery Machine!

  • My favorite foot since purchasing my 530 Bernina is the walking foot.
    This foot has changed how I sew. I have less frustration and more enjoyment when I see even when I am sewing straight seams.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this sweepstakes.
    I wish I had purchased a Bernina when I started sewing in the mid 70’s .

  • My favorite foot is 29 Quilting Foot. I enjoy doing freehand sewing and this clear foot gives a clear view of every stitch. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win the foot book. I keep printed papers of my foot collection and a book would make the information so much more accessible!

  • It is so difficult to pick a favorite foot! Though I have a small collection of them, I am still learning how to use them and I am amazed by all of them. So well made. If I had to pick just one favorite, it would be #37D. I use her for everything, especially piecing quilts. I often use it when altering garments because I can see what I am sewing better with the thin foot of the 37D. (Gotta love that dual feed too!)

  • It depends what I’m doing. I love my 57foot since it makes so easy to do 1/4” seams! I also like #10 foot and, of course, walking foot.
    Love all the feet and their features 🙂

  • Choosing just one Bernina presser foot is like choosing a favorite child, out of all you’re children. But right now, I’m loving the Stitch-in-the-Ditch presser foot with Walking Foot feature. Traditional quilting on flannel quilts is a real breeze.

  • I have two Berninas…a 930 Record electronic and. B 380. I pretty much use the walking foot all the time on both, where was the walking foot back when I was matching plaids on wool skirts? Also, love the #10 foot for edge stitching and stitch in the ditch! Love my Berninas and their precision!

  • I love my #10/10D Edgestitch Foot! I use it constantly for heirloom sewing details, for topstitching and under stitching, and grab it whenever I want to be sure things are all nicely lined up and my stitching perfect! It’s my favorite!

  • My favorite foot is the BSR. When I saw this foot on a Fons and Porter quilting show I knew I had to have it. I ordered the Aurora Q440 before it was even in the store. I had to wait several months to get it, but it was certainly worth it.

  • Reading these comments makes me want to get ALL THE FEET!! The one I use all the time is #16 gathering foot. Simpler and easier than a ruffler foot, it makes ruffles so simple. Could not live without it!

  • I love all of Bernina’s products but my favorite foot is a tie between the 1/4 inch foot and the edge stitch foot. I use them for so many different things. I live in a small town and would make good use of the big foot book as a reference book. Thanks for offering us this opportunity.

  • I used to dearly love my #37 patchwork foot, but now the dear thing gathers dust while I sew merrily using the #97D. After all my flawless piecing thanks to this little masterpiece, I switch over to my BSR and go to town free-motion quilting. Best of both worlds! I need to note I have 3 Bernina cabinets full of Bernina feet, so that book would be a big help with figuring out what some of them do!

  • Currently my favorite one is 72 but I don’t own it yet. I change depending on which one is new for me. I have enjoyed ever one of them that I have and used so far.

  • Today I am loving the BSR!!! Each time I learn something new and use a new foot I fall in love with it so….which foot I love is always changing!!!! LOL

  • It is hard to pick one favorite foot. I use quite a few of them but I use my 1/4 inch foot the most. I do lots of quilting and this foot helps so much with keeping my seam allowances the correct size.

  • I bought my Bernina Record 830 many, many years ago and sewed alot of my daughters clothes. I put the 000 foot on and have only taken it off once and then promptly put it back on. I am planning to do some quilting in the near future so I will be trying another foot soon! Oh by the way. . .my Bernina may be an old one but she is a keeper!

  • I bought my Bernina Record 830 many, many years ago and sewed alot of my daughters clothes. I put the 000 foot on and have only taken it off once and then promptly put it back on. I am planning to do some quilting in the near future so I will be trying another foot soon! Oh by the way. . .my Bernina may be an old one but she is a keeper! I think if I knew more about all of the feet I may try more of them!

  • I would think my most used foot is a favorite! 1, 1C, !D. I have the originals with the 1970’s on that came with my 830 on to the others with my 530 and 750. Very veritile. The next is the 37, 37D and 97D with the straight stitch sole plate! It is so nice to have options!

  • My favorite presser foot is the #10. The projects I make are garmets and this foot has many uses for my garmets as a sewist: topstitch, stitch in the ditch and embellishment attachment. I now know the difference between the #5 and #10 feet. Since my first Bernina in 2004, all sewing machines have the needle movement ability where the #10 foot works perfectly! Thank you Bernina Creates.

  • As a quilter, I use the 37 and 97D feet the most, but I also HAVE to have the 10 foot for each machine. I use the 10 to edge stitch consistently on all kinds of projects, including topstitching for bags. All Bernina feet are great!

  • Having two little granddaughters I am loving foot #16 to gather all those ruffles and sew in at the same time!!!! I read about the foot and went and bought it, The only problem having the Big Book of Feet would be that I may break the bank! LOL

  • Oh my, what a difficult question, my favorite presser foot! I think it would be a toss up between the 57 and the walking foot! It really depends on the project at hand. Who could do without the button foot, the zipper foot, and the gathering foot? I could go on and on, and I am sure if I had the Presser Foot book to introduce me to all the feet and there capabilities I would purchase and be using more. Thank you Bernini for the large variety of presser feet!

  • I love all of the Bernina feet! My favorites are the #52 foot for garment sewing and the #37 1/4 inch foot for quilting. I love the precision the special feet provide.

  • So hard to pick just one! Just got my Bernina 6 months again and I’ve already filled my box full of feet but the one I use most is 34d. I love the clear sole and red markings for precise guidelines.

  • Since I got my 765SE (her name is Rosey Girl or RG for short) my favorite foot is 97D. Love the duel feed.
    The BSR is amazing though for quilting. When I used my 730 exclusively my go to foot was 57. Now that I have the choice between machines I use which ever one is the best for the current project.
    I have to saw, though, that I would love to win this book so I can have all this information at my fingertips since I don’t have a computer in my sewing room.

  • I have the old style feet and have always been fascinated how they are made and the amazing things they help me do. I like the blind hem foot #016 because when my kids were little, I hemmed so many little dresses so fast with it. It’s been great anytime I need to run along an edge.

  • I would have to say that my favorite presser foot has to be the walking foot (unless I am piecing something then it is #97 so tricky question).


  • I love them all; favorite? 10D I love it for top-stitching, making this for my one-year old granddaughter. I thank you for the opportunity to win the book!

  • The #1 all purpose foot meets my needs most of the time. However, when I quilt or do creative work, I use my entire arsenal. Don’t have many feet yet, but I want to add more. Love your tutorials.

  • This week my favorite is the New #72 Ruler foot, I’m addicted to quilting with this foot not only because I can quit against rulers but I love that it’s height adjustable.

    The right foot on your machine makes creating much easier and great finished item no matter what you’re sewing feet do make a difference.

  • I am new to Bernina and am thrilled to use my 1/4 inch foot …. for now, as it’s been less than a month and I traveled for 2 weeks of that! . I’ve loved the comments about people’s preferences and liken feet to words. If there is a more perfect one that would be more precise, I would rather use it. I am looking forward to trying the ruler foot so it will probably help me venture in to free motion quilting. Would love to win this book!!!!!

  • How do you pick just one? I have used #4, zipper, and #5, blind stitch, so much that the numbers are wearing off. I also really like #1C and #20. #3C and its companion 18 are great for buttonholes and buttons. So those are my favorites.

    PS Pick me!

  • As so many others have stated it is hard to choose just one. So am going to say the 99 foot because it has so many happy memories attached to it. This is the foot with the finger guard. I used to put my children on my lap and let them sew pajamas for themselves. The 99 foot made me more confident that they would not sew over their fingers.

  • I just got my B 770 QE and I’m having so much fun trying out the different feet it came with! So far, my favorite is the #97 D foot, because it’s been a snap to get a perfect scant 1/4″ seam with piecing my first quilt on this machine. After trying the #10 D edge stitching foot at the sewing class I went to, at my Bernina dealer, I had to buy it too, because it’s going to be perfect for stitching in the ditch. I would love to win!!

  • My favorite is Edgestitch #10. I have used it on makeup bags and on walker bags to give to friends. I have received compliments on how nice the stitching is when I use that foot. I always say that when you have the right foot for the task it makes sewing easier and more fun and makes the project look more professional.

  • I love my 97D foot – it makes piecing my quilts a breeze. I don’t use the guide, and my seam allowance is always perfect! My second favorite is the newly purchased foot #24 – freehand embroidery foot. Until I get more practice with the BSR, this is my go-to foot for free motion quilting. Would love, love to win The Big Book of Feet!

  • I really like the #97D foot. I do a lot of quilting and this foot allows me to consistently sew my 1/4″ seams STRAIGHT and I don’t have to worry about wiggly seams or fabric pulling into the feed dogs any more.!!!!

  • I love the 97D Patchwork foot!! I like it because it makes my piecing so consistent!!! Also like the 10D edge stitch foot for stitch in the ditch!

  • I second the comments about the edgestitch foot #10, but I consider the #55 leather foot my “rescue” foot. Due to its unique design, it allows an unimpeded view of the work area and allows you to place a stitch exactly where you want it. It gotten me through many a challenge. It’s great when you are repairing ready-to-wear’s tiny seam allowances because it grips and feeds so well. It is my go-to foot in a tight spot where there just isn’t any room for a foot or there is an unavoidable bulky seam allowance to deal with. I’ve even used it to make a manual buttonhole beside a seam allowance on a jean waistband. #55 should come with a cape – it’s a superhero!

    • One of my favorite feet is the blind hem foot on my 830 Record Bernina and blind hem foot 5 for my Activia 130 and Artista 75E. My 4-H members and I use the feet mainly for topstitching and edge stitching. In fact, the 4-Her’s call the feet the “Favorite Foot”. The blind hem feet are great for first time sewers to stitch evenly around a casing or understitching on a facing. The 4-Hers will always pick the Bernina sewing machines and sergers to use if available to use for sewing projects. 4-H Sewing Leader for 30plus years

  • My favorite is the 10D. I use it for edge stitching and also for stitching in the ditch. If asked by a new Bernina owner I tell them it is a must have.

  • I used a #34 for piecing and seams. When I got my 790, I ordered a #34D and I love it too. Although, there are projects that when I’m finished, I may have 4 or 5 sitting by the machine. I change feet for different tasks.

  • I have so many to choose from because they all do specific jobs for me! My favorite “go to” foot is the 34D. I love its clear foot with markings with dual feed capabilities that I use everyday I sew. If I could only take one foot out of my box, I’d pick this one.

  • My all time favorite foot is the #10 edge stitch foot. I use for edge stitching around collars and other items.
    My favorite is for the use on the edge of zippers. It makes them lie nice and flat. And always straight, too, unless the operator wanders off the fabric.

  • I LOVE all of my presser feet however, the one that I currently use the most is the patchwork foot #97. No second guessing on 1/4″. The extra lines (marks) on the foot make it easy to be exactly 1/4″ from the edge of the material, especially when turning a corner. I purchased the adjustable ruler foot #72 and can’t wait to “try it out” on a quilt. GREAT feet with GREAT machines which makes sewing a lot easier. Thanks Bernina

  • My favorite is the walking foot. I use it for almost all my sewing to help everything to feed evenly. It works great! I am definitely interested in purchasing the new adjustable ruler foot #72 foot for quilting around templates. I’m happy to see Bernina has provided this.

  • I don’t know how you can have a favorite Bernina foot. They all do their respective jobs so well. I love foot 18. I use it for things other than sewing on buttons. There is no generic foot that can replace it.

  • I love foot 26 the embroidery foot. I have 2 880’s and I do embroidery on them. Have started to branch out and would love to have the book on feet. This way I can know what each foot could do. Have started buying feet to try and learn what they do, but it is hard to know what they do and which ones to try. I drive 3 hours each way to my Bernina Dealer. So I do alot of trying and experimenting on my own. P.S. wish there was a closer Bernina 880 Dealer just if nothing else but for classes. Love my machines. If you don’t win is there a way to buy the book?

  • The reason I bought my first Bernina is the #71 Flat Felled Seam foot. It is great for machine finished bindings on my quilts and Bernina has the only foot like it. I also love my #97D foot

  • I use the 34D foot for piecing. I click 4 clicks to the right to get a perfect 1/4 inch stitch with the edge of the foot. I like being able to see through the foot while piecing. I use the #9 foot for free motion work. I have a longarm so quilting for me is easier on the longarm. But, for thread painting the #9 works for me.

  • My current favorite is my 1/4 “ foot since I’m doing a lot of piecing. I’m looking forward to acquiring more feet and perhaps adding more favorites in the process

  • Since I use and enjoy every one of the feet that I have, it’s so difficult to choose just one favorite! However, since I cut and sew lots of little stuffed animals to be given to children in the hospital’s emergency room or by EMT personnel, and I need to sew accurately on the traced line, I probably use #23 (the clear embroidery foot) or #20 (the open toe embroidery foot) more than any others.

  • I love the #57 foot with the flange to keep my 1/4 inch seams perfect! I came late to the quilting game but am making up for it now and always have a quilt going on my sewing machine. I mostly make quilts for charity and when I quilt with others, I have no worries that my 1/4 inch seams will be the best!

  • My favorite today is the BSR because I am quilting. When I am hemming jeans, my favorite is #8. When I need to sew on a button, I love #18. I love to hem prom dresses with #63 because I can do such a beautiful narrow hem. The truth is, my favorite is the one I am using at that particular time. I am never disappointed or frustrated with Bernina feet!

  • Tailor Tack Foot #7 introduced me to the world of what sewing machine feet can do. Up until we met, all I knew was straight and zig zag stitching. I use this foot to make tiny fringe on antique doll clothing and on the edge of doll house size “oriental” rugs.

  • I also love all my Bernina feet, but lately I have been using the 10D foot frequently! Each foot makes one task or another easier or more accurate.

  • My favorite presser foot in the WHOLE world is #37. The quarter inch foot is a life saver when I am piecing quilt blocks. I love, Love, LoVe, LOVE this foot.

  • I absolutely love the D feet! Was delighted to have dual feed on my 830. The 57D is usually on my machine, l always get the true seams needed for exactly matching quilt elements, sharp points stay true & curves don’t waver, blocks go together matching beautifully.

  • I like both the darning foot for free motion quilting and the walking foot is one I have just started using for putting together layers. I have a 930 abd a 180E and wish there was a bsr foot for one of them.

  • I’m pretty new to quilting so I’ve found my go to foot right now is the 1/4 foot for piecing. Next I will becoming friends with the ruler foot. I think the foot and rulers will give me the confidence I need to do the quilting on my pieces.

  • I love the #72 ruler work foot and am so excited to get better with my ruler work skills. I also love the BSR stitch regulator that I can use with other feet. It improves the look of my stitches. I just love my Bernina 770 QE and the embroidery unit also!

  • My favorite depends on what I’m doing. For piecing it would be 57 so my 1/4” seams are accurate. For attaching my binding to my quilts I use #20 because I use a decorative stitch.

  • I love all my different feet. My one foot that I could not live without every again in the quarter-inch (#57) foot. It makes quilting so much easier.

  • I do a lot of embroidery, software, and CutWork…so my favorite feet are the #26 foot, #44C, and the Cutwork tool. I purchased my first Bernina 830 Record in 1971 and now use a B880, and I’ve owned every top-of-the-line machine in between except two. I LOVE keeping up with the technology and innovations of BERNINA machines, sergers, software, and accessories. I am now a retired dealer and hope to “die with my BERNINA boots on!”

  • #37 or #97D patchwork foot depending on which machine I’m using. I also use them in bag making as you can top stitch an 8th of an inch from an edge as well as the quarter inch seams. Depending on the pattern I’ve also used the #37 to sew in the zipper.

  • My favorite Bernina foot is # 10 because it allows me to finish seams that need top stitching so perfectly. I’m expecting #72D to be my favorite. I’m just learning ruler work and am fascinated with the results. I can see it can save me money for items to be quilted.

  • My favorite foot is the #37 (1/4 inch). I use it for all my quilts. Next I like the #10 edge stitch. Wish I had a Bernina model that could use the BSR . . . maybe someday.

  • I have far too many favorites! I use the #57 & 97D feet regularly for consistent 1/4 inch seams in piecing quilts depending on which machine I’m using. My new favorite is the ruler foot & I’m still learning & playing. The walking foot for quilting but on the other hand I love the BSR for the same. I also love being able to use the same feet on both my 440 & 790 Plus! Next purchase is the #55 leather foot.

  • Walking foot is my favorite. Adjustable ruler foot will be my next purchase. That will open a new field of quilting for me. Might get an overlocker foot, too, so I don’t have to set up my serger to finish a seam edge on a small project.

  • My favorite foot is the 1D. I use it for a whole bunch of things, but first and foremost is stitching in the ditch. By adjusting the needle position to where one fork ride on the top the needle goes right in the ditch. I have more control and better visibility than with the ditch foot. My second favorite is the 97D.

  • I have owned a Bernina just two years and I’m really enjoying it along with all of the feet I have acquired. I think the #20 is the one I enjoy the most. I am new to applique, and it is great to be able to see my stitching.

  • My walking foot is by far my favorite foo to use on my 440 QE. I use it on garment sewing and quilting, actually anytime my seam is longer than 2 or 3 inches. This presser foot really helps both fabrics (top and bottom) slide under the foot at the same rate, no more having one fabric seem longer than the other! I have many Bernina feet and have researched many ways to use them, I keep all this information in my notebook. None of my feet have been a waste of time or money, I use them all frequently!

  • Just started sewing; treated myself to a Bernina 350. The walking foot is my favorite so far. Working on my first quilt and everything stays together so nicely.

  • I’m a quilter, so the #37 ¼” foot gets the most use at my house. I also use the #57, with the edge guide, but the #37 allows me to sew a ¼” seam from either side of the presser foot –which, for some reason I can’t recall at present, comes in quite handy from time to time!

  • My favorite foot is the #72 rulerwork foot. I have been working on Amanda Murphy’s rulerwork quilt along tutorial and am very excited that I now will be able to quilt my own quilts. And it is so much fun!

  • My favorite foot is the 97D for my 790 recently upgraded to the Plus. It always gives me the perfect 1/4″ seam and can also allow a scant 1/4″ by moving my needle one notch over. My piercing has never been so exacting as it is now. I keep my older 57 and 37 feet for my smaller and older machines that I use for classes. Love my Berninas

  • There is not a foot that I don’t like, but the 37D is one of my favorites for piecing for quilts. Thanks Bernina for making a world of happy, satisfied sewers!

  • My favorite foot is the 97D foot. I love the wider left edge and how it holds the fabric in place. I use it for piecing quilts and just about everything else.

  • I love the #10 foot. It allows me to do perfect top stitching close to the edges of projects. Bernina feet are so exacting and make my sewing look professional!

  • My favorite presser foot is the one that I am using at the time! Really, it’s like trying to choose a favorite child!
    So, if I were pressed to choose (pun intended), it would be the ruler foot 72. I have finally conquered quilting ruler work on my DSM! I will admit to a learning curve, but I am able to fine tune the height of the ruler foot to obtain perfect stitches in any direction! This just opened se many different beautiful designs for me! I have had my Bernina 750QE for 4 years. I use it daily. I sew garments, crafts, upholstery, and quilts. My machine handles all of it with grace, finesse, & precision!

  • I love the walking foot- for quilting, the edgestitch ft- to topstitch beautifully, and the blind hem ft to hem to hem pants and all edges on curtains.

  • My favorite foot is foot # 10 – Edge-stitch – 10, 10C and 10D — whichever works best for the current project and machine. I use it whenever I want to stitch following a specific line or seam with a great deal of accuracy. It’s awesome.

  • LOVED this article on feet. My favorites are the 97 D for piecing and my absolute favorite and the reason I always wanted a Bernina, the BSR! I hope, sometime in the near future, there is a snap on foot that allows the BSR to be used for ruler work. WISH wish WiSh!

  • I love using 97D. It has improved my 1/4 inch seam tremendously! With recent Bernina foot sale, I purchased several I have never tried but….I can not wait to use them. I have thought about buying the Big Book of Feet so it is my hope I am chosen to win it. Love my new Bernina purchase which was an upgrade. Bernina is my machine choice ????

  • My favorite foot has got to be #10 Edgestitch foot. It would almost be easier to list what I don’t use this foot for, I use it so much! It is fabulous for so many thing from perfectly positioned understitching to the prettiest top stitching to perfectly spaced double rows of edge stitches to finishing off quarter inch hems. I love that I can get right up close to the edge of fold on the fabric.

  • The foot I use the most is the 34D. But a recent favorite is the 38. Great for uneven surfaces, like attaching or topstitching straps or thick trims or binding.

  • My favorite foot is #8D. I use this foot when making purses. It is sturdy and I use the single hole plate with it. I can also use the duel feed. As the seam allowance I use is 1/2”, find this foot offeres the most stability my the stitching.

  • Has to be either 37 or 37D. Keeps my seams straight, and when using the uncoded foot, I am able to do a 0.7mm zig zag for machine applique. I own lots of feet and use them all. So well made.

  • I love the freemotion embroidery foot #24 foot because is gives a clear view when doing free motion stitching on both my Bernina 790 and my Q20. GREAT for both quilting and free motion embroidery!

  • At the moment my favorite foot is the darning. I can move anywhere I want with it and that makes free motion quilting so much easier. Of course in reality, my favorite foot would be the one needed to sew what I am currently working on.

  • I have gotten into fiber art and love using the darning foot for the details for my fabrics. I am in love with sewing and truly enjoy creating works of art with my Bernina machines. I also use the free motion foot and get fantastic results. Thanks for the site and all of the information! I love it!!!

    • I must saay i love feet more thhan shoes, Bernina feet I mean. I know most all the numbers and their use . What i love most is that i can upgrade my bernina is

  • My favorite foot is the walking foot! So many different uses and has saved my sanity many times when working with velvets and other napped, difficult fabrics, in addition to quilting and attaching binding.

  • Like so many of the others, my favorite is varies depending on what I’m doing. My family members are all short so I most frequently grab the #5 foot for blind hemming. I also love the #10 (my “magic” foot — the first add-on purchase after buying my 770QE, my 2nd Bernina), the BSR, the #97D for quilt piecing, and recently got a #72 for free motion quilting with rulers (still practicing). I used my walking foot a lot on my most recent finished project, a bath robe made with a slippery fabric — I can never find one in ready-to-wear that’s the right length for me. I also used my embroidery module and #26 foot to decorate the pockets and lapels with floral designs. I just love the versatility & quality that Bernina offers and the great classes and support that my dealer provides.

  • All my Bernina feet are great but my new favorite foot is #2, the overlock foot. After many years of not even using it very much, I found that this foot does the simple task of an overlock and on sheer garment fabric, it’s the best! As a 30+ year Bernina owner I still tell people, “Nothing sews like a Bernina, nothing.”

  • My favorite foot is #01 – or any other foot that I can attach a finger guard to. So I can sew with my 7-year-old granddaughter and be sure her little fingers will be protected.

  • The edgestitch foot 10c is the best foot EVER. I used it to stitch in the ditch on a quilt at retreat. When I yelled “Wow!, it really worked”,
    everyone said,”They wouldn’t make something that doesn’t work.”

  • I must say I love feet more than shoes, Bernina feet I mean. I know most all the numbers and their use . What I love most is that I can upgrade my Bernina machine and the feet fit my new model. I have a 730 and a 780 and I’M a Bernina fan for life (my Bernina will outlive me even if I upgrade.)

  • I’m a beginer and I just bought a Bernette 38. I’ve been sewing for a couple of months, so I’m still learning about feet. 🙂
    All I can say is that, I’m in love with my machine and in love with sewing!

  • I was Bernina trained in the 80’s on the 900 series. Knowing how to use the feet prpoerly , by understanding their
    design and function and advanced techniques , my sewing improved a 100 gold. Nothing matvhes the design and stability of Bernina feet. Could never use another make of msvhine , purely because of the feet and of cuurse, the knee lifter !
    Xx Bee

  • I just purchased a 750 and my favorite is the 1Oc so far. I have a few other few but not sure what to use them with. I keep trying the Bernina website and go from there. This is so exciting I hope I have a written manual to win for the ease of side by side instruments information.

  • As strange as this may sound…it’s the one I don’t have.
    Every year, I purchase a couple new feet. I’m obsessive with new stuff; what can I do, what I try, what other things can I use the new foot for, is it available for both machines (350 and 790). And how did I live without it before? Sew…my favorite foot is the next one…so many things I don’t know, yet!

  • All the D feet!!! I’m especially in love with the 97D…so easy to get my scant ¼ “ seam. That said…the best thing about Bernina feet is the one piece construction…no screwdriver to mess with and it’s solid!

  • I love the edge stitch foot. I sew garments and that sucker helps me maintain a consistent distance from the edge of the fabric. It makes my finished garment look “store bought.”

  • My favorite foot is the 2A. I love getting a smooth and even finish around fabric edges without rolling or pinching. I use it to finish all fabric edges when I’m making garments.

  • Hard to choose one I use the most but the #1C I use quite frequently. As I was born short I use the #8 jeans foot to hem all my jeans. In reading the posts it looks as though I may be buying a 97D for my Artista 640. Thanks Bernina for making great machines.

  • Like so many others, my favorite foot is the #10 edgestitch foot and I have one for each 5 of my Bernina sewing machines. The 0 or 000 foot comes in as a close second. But hands down, it is my #10 edgestitch foot, I would be lost without it.

  • I like them all and trying to get to become familiar with them (so much to learn) but my favorite-right now- is the 37D. That is because I am also trying to learn to quilt. So many feet and so much to learn and it is all great.

  • I love the 97D! It is so nice for quilt piecing and simple line quilting – it sews so nicely I often forget I have a walking foot (which I do love as well for quilting lots of layers)!

  • As a garment sewer, my favorite foot is the 10D for edge stitching, top stitching, and stitching in the ditch. I wouldn’t want to sew without it!

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