Embroidery PLUS Upgrade for the B 880 & B 790 and the new BERNINA Midi Hoop!


Featuring the Embroidery PLUS Upgrade for the B 880 & B 790 and the new BERNINA Midi Hoop!

If you embroider with a B 880 or B 790, you already know the meaning of high performance. We at BERNINA believe that performance is never static, that it can continually be improved. It’s no surprise then, that we are taking embroidery to the next level with the Embroidery PLUS Upgrade for our top two models.

The Embroidery PLUS upgrades will add to your B 880 & B 790:

  • New practical embroidery features
  • New embroidery designs and
  • Include the new BERNINA Midi Hoop

All in one convenient package.PLUS Upgrade Package, upgrade package

Now for the goodies!

Enhanced Editing Functions

Pinpoint Placement: 

How would you like a simple way to place, orient and size a design just by pointing out where it should go on your fabric? Pinpoint placement does just that by letting you place your design on the fabric exactly where you want it. Fast and precise, even without using the hoop template.

PLUS Upgrade Package, pinpoint placement

Undo & Redo:

Undo is your friend! Have you ever touched the wrong button and ended up with an unwanted change? No problem: simply touch Undo and the booboo is fixed! You can also Redo steps while editing or combining designs to return to your previous position.

Group & Ungroup:

Combine designs to edit all at one time with Group: it’s wonderful in making sure design elements stay together! Use Ungroup to break apart designs (even breaking apart words to individual letters) to edit individually. This is great for assigning a mix of colors within a single word. Think kids’ projects and holiday decorations.

PLUS Upgrade Package, group ungroup


When we combine designs on the screen, we don’t always add the elements in exactly the order we intend to stitch them out. Sometimes we add details at the end because they have to work with the rest of the design. When you need to rearrange the stitch-out sequence, simply rearrange the design layers. You can combine Rearrange with the Group function for quick re-sequencing of your design.

PLUS Upgrade Package, rearrange

Intuitive & very easy to use

Embroidery Consultant:

Need help with a specific embroidery technique? The best machine combined with the best embroidery technique information will deliver the best embroidery results. For each embroidery technique and fabric you select, the Embroidery Consultant helps you choose the correct foot, needle, thread and stabilizer.

PLUS Upgrade Package, embroidery consultant


Select measurement system – inches or mm: 

Now your embroidery will measure up! You can now choose to have the size of an embroidery design and the dimensions of your hoops displayed in inches or mm, whichever best suits your work style.

PLUS Upgrade Package, measurement units


Your machine will now read most popular file formats: 

You won’t need to use software to convert the most common home embroidery software formats. The following formats can now be read directly by the machine: EXP, DST, PES, JEF, PCS, SEW, XXX.PLUS Upgrade Package, file formats

A Touch of Perfection

Thread Away Mode: 

With the PLUS Upgrade, your machine will now pull the threads down to the underside for clean embroidery results on the top. You can even select the length of jump stitches that will trigger thread cuts. Note that the application of this feature varies according to the stitch properties of individual embroidery designs. The left side of the picture below shows what the embroidery looks like if Thread Away is activated. The right side show what it would look like without.

PLUS Upgrade Package, thread away

Invisible & Smart Secure:

Embroiderers know that securing the beginning and end points in their designs is important so they don’t become undone. And ideally, securing stitches should go unseen. Thanks to the PLUS Upgrade, Invisible Secure will sew tie-on/tie-off stitches in the same direction as the embroidery stitches, making them invisible. Better yet, Smart Secure will add tie-on and tie-off stitches to a design if none are found in the file.

PLUS Upgrade Package, smart secure

More New Stuff!

BERNINA Midi Hoop, stitch patterns & new embroidery alphabets

BERNINA Midi Hoop: Perfect size meets super easy-to-use!

While most embroidery designs fit within a large embroidery hoop, wouldn’t it be great if such a hoop was also the easiest to use? Well, your wish has come true with the New BERNINA Midi Hoop. Thanks to its ergonomic twist-lock mechanism (a BERNINA Exclusive feature), you can easily tighten the hoop with just a minimal twist of your hand for total, even tension on the fabric. So your hooping is now easier, faster and better!

The size of the Midi Hoop is 10.5” tall x 6.5” wide (265 x 165 mm)

PLUS Upgrade Package, midi hoop

New Embroidery Designs:

With the PLUS Upgrade you receive a lot of new built-in embroidery designs, included monograms with frames, in-the-hoop projects, and stitch patterns for special application techniques.

PLUS Upgrade Package, new designs

New Embroidery Alphabets:

We can always use new lettering styles. The PLUS Upgrade gives you 9 new built-in alphabets. Here’s a sampling of 4 of them: Curly, Happy Times, Deco and Rounded.

PLUS Upgrade Package, new alphabets

How does it work?

See it in action:

To see the features of the Embroidery PLUS Upgrade in action watch the following video:

To Install the Embroidery PLUS Upgrade:

  1. Update: Update your B 880 or B 790 with the latest firmware. During the update process your machine ID will be generated.
  1. Register: Go to www.bernina.com/embroidery-plus/activation and fill in your machine ID and the product key from the Embroidery PLUS upgrade pack. This will generate the activation key.
  2. Upgrade: Enter your activation key into your machine to enable the embroidery features included in this upgrade.

The whole process is illustrated in the following 2 videos:

Learn how to update your B 880 & B 790

Learn how to install the Embroidery PLUS Upgrade for your B 880 & B 790

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10 comments on “Embroidery PLUS Upgrade for the B 880 & B 790 and the new BERNINA Midi Hoop!”

    • Hi Kathy,

      While the full Upgrade Plus package is not available for the B 770 the most recent free firmware update added several embroidery features to your model of machine, including:

      • Combining embroidery designs
      • Centering embroidery motifs
      • Thread away mode
      • Cutting jump stitches
      • ‘Thread-up’ command
      • Indication of embroidery motif names
      • Changing the unit of measure
      • Invisible secure in embroidery
      • Midi Hoop support
      • Hoop’N‘Buddyz- Embroidery hoop insert support
      • Easier embroidery hoop calibration
      • Stop for trimming the remaining thread
      • Thread color palette updated with most recent information

      The new Midi Hoop is available to use on your machine from your BERNINA store.

      For more details about the latest firmware for your B 770, including the full release notes and the links to download the firmware and instructions, visit the support tab of the B 700 QE product page on bernina.com at:


      I hope this helps you enjoy the new features of your B 770 QE. It’s a dream machine!

        • The update packages were all sold out relatively early so we asked… and got additional shipment! You can order the Plus Upgrade for your B 790 from your dealer as it is currently available.

          • I see this is a veeery old comment… I’m from Hungary and I’ve tried to buy this upgrade for our B790 here in Budapest and also from Brussels, Belgium…
            Unfortunately, even if the upgrade is still visible in some EU Bernina web shops, it seems that the product is out of stock and won’t be delivered anymore.
            Is there a hope to buy it from the US?

    • Hi Babs,

      my personal 8 Series machine happens to be a B 830 so I understand your wish :). The Plus upgrade will not be available for the B 830 since it requires the higher capacity electronics of the B 880. However, since you plan on updating your B 880 you will be in very good position to tag team your machines.

      To take advantage of the new design editing features of the B 880 Plus Upgrade: what I suggest is that you do your editing work on your B 880 will all the new features at your disposal and then save the resulting motif on a USB stick to take to your B 830. Some features won’t be available at stitching time however the motif will
      still benefit from the new editing features of the B 880.

      A second suggestion relates to embroidery software. If you have BERNINA Embroidery software (V8 or Toolbox) you can easily edit embroidery on your computer and send the ready-to-sew final motif to either machine. I’m a big fan of software myself as I love working on the larger monitor.

      Enjoy your 8 Series machines! Mine’s a workhorse at over 10 million stitches… and counting!

  • I have a Bernina 880 plus and Bernina Embroidery 7 software. Are there lessons available to learn how to use the software and embroidery? I have tried so hard, so many times and can’t figure it all out. I really need some help with this. Thank you.

  • Dear Hemgage,

    We recommend you look for software classes at your local BERNINA Dealer. Also, we have an extensive list of tutorial videos on YouTube on our BERNINAInternational channel.

    Look for the BERNINA Embroidery Software v7 videos at:

    While on our YouTube channel, go ahead and Subscribe to the channel so you can benefit from new videos developed by BERNINA and search the channel for B 880 Plus videos.

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